Mars Square Sun In Leo – Your Worst Enemy Is Your Ego

crazy woman-with-knifeLooking ahead, Mars will finally hit Scorpio on the 25th.  He’s going to immediately clash with the Sun and Jupiter in the early degrees of Leo.

Mercury will enter Leo on July 31st. The Mars square will peak on August 1st, as he squares Jupiter, exactly, within orb of the Sun and Mercury.

This looks like an attack to me. But it’s not that simple.  Attacks come in many guises.

When Mars squares the Sun, it’s common a person act against their own life force.  Very few of us have not hacked our life up at some point.

It makes sense to look out for the other guy. But this is a situation where you can easily be your own worst enemy.

Be careful with your knife, hmm?

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Mars Square Sun In Leo – Your Worst Enemy Is Your Ego — 25 Comments

  1. Oh man, it really helps to hear these things beforehand! Wife is returning from Mex next week after a long trip. Hope I keep my ego in check and my mouth in neutral while she debriefs. Thanks, Elsa!

  2. I can see myself doing something really stupid…mars will not only conjunt natal neptune at 0 degree scorpio but also opposite natal venus. already arguing with the hubs! I better calm down and go off and read a book or something.

  3. Thank you for the warning so will do my best to not react. Mars will conjunct my natal Neptune and opposite my Sun. Mars will be conjunct my husband’s natal Neptune also. Thank Gd it won’t be on his Moon. When Saturn was on his Moon he/we imploded.

    • lol @your comment. (love the kill me softly) 😛 I hear ya. I have squares in my chart but not in personal planets, but still…square is square. And my hubby has personal planets squaring every single day – i live with it so it’s business as usual. 😀

  4. I was born with this aspect. It’s not a fun one to have. Could have been friggin’ famous by now if I wasn’t always hamstringing myself.

    This friday–the day of the square–ST will be at vocational rehab training all day, and I’ll be with him. He did this in high school about 20 years ago and it didn’t end well. He has a reason for doing this now–I just hope it doesn’t turn into another waste of time.

  5. I am leaving for two weeks, in three days. If the ocean and some sand can piss me off, well that would be sad. I wont be dealing with customers or people other than the husband and we are so happy to get out of here we are dancing around like loons.

    Where I am going there are not a lot of people. We get a house and take the dogs, fill the fridge up with food and we kayak, bike, eat and lay at the waters edge.

    I cant imagine we are going to let a whole lot get to us. But, never say never. I mean if someone is mean at the IGA I guess it could happen 🙂

    I have never been more exhausted and I need a break from work and family. I can hardly wait so whatever the clash, someone is going to have to punch me in the face for no reason to get a rise out of me.

  6. So I have trans Sun & Jupiter conjunct my 11th house natal Jupiter with trans Mars conjunct my Scorp Sun in the 2nd. Yee ha! I always assume things are getting better in life, so we’ll see. I am actually posting the initial entries on my new comedy blog. This has been a long time coming, to say the least! Have had the site for months. 😀

  7. Oh hadn’t thought about that mars square natal Uranus. I have a natal sesqui between the two. Accidents usually happen because I am moving too fast for conditions. I’m pretty good at falling down (literally) and recovering. But I am getting older now. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Just hit me today that Mars is about to hit ST’s natal Uranus (29 Libra) this week. 9th house–not sure how this will affect him, hmm. o_O

  8. Eeekk. Better stay clear of my Scorpio mom. We have been at odds lately. I’ve been feeling the sting. Power plays and jealousy. Think I’ll retreat and work on my inner mother. Rewrite some outdated tapes in my head.(Leo 3rd house.) How appropriate.

  9. Hi Elsa,

    Jupiter on my Ascendant exactly on the new Leo moon, I’m excited! On a sad note my son cut his right index finger with a large knife at work a week and a half ago. He is an Aries.
    I wish you the best and thank you for being here.


  10. Or lack of ego? You mentioned saturn transits changing things. I couldn’t really find that for myself. But scorpio ascendent makes mars my chart ruler. I’d say pluto but that has alot to do with outer events and I’m trying to get over that. I am going to take this time of squaring to find out more about my mars. Where I move from. Like moving too fast to meet external demands and fallin down. That is a problem. Answering demands all the time, where was I in all that? I guess my hidden enemy would be my guilting over not running around like a chicken with no head doing doing doing (further depleting my energy). But those that were doing doing doing and chastised me for not running as fast were always complaining about everything they ‘had to do’ (more energy depletion).

    Am practicing sinking in to my next move. That might be pluto talkin. Me likes it. It’s real. It feels right. Mars in pisces: have to believe in what I’m doing (one take on it).

  11. Elsa, what do you mean by this comment?: “When Mars squares the Sun, it’s common a person act against their own life force. Very few of us have not hacked our life up at some point.” This hits pretty close to home as tragedy hit a very close friend of mine that day. I’m just trying to make sense of it all.

    • Please feel free to use the example. This transit hit my friend pretty hard. A lot of us had no clue what he was going through emotionally and mentally but this transit reflects actions taken/acted upon him. After I received the news I immediately checked to see what transits were applying and it sort of makes sense (I don’t have his TOB).

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