Your Philosophy Determines Your Happiness

My husband believes that your philosophy determines your happiness. This makes sense astrologically because it tracks to Jupiter.

Does your philosophy enhance or degrade your happiness?

What is your philosophy?



Your Philosophy Determines Your Happiness — 20 Comments

  1. I have Jupiter square Merc, Mars, Pluto, Uranus, Saturn & my MC.
    In the end, your philosophy does matter. If a thing happens, you can CHOOSE how you want to view it. You can take the high road, or the low. You can try your best to knock it on the chin, or you can fall in a heap.
    It’s up to you which philosophy, or “option” you go with, but falling in a heap ain’t going to get you far =)

  2. Jupiter trines about 1/2 of my chart… jupiter-ian themes have always been prominent in my life. I agree with your husband on his point of view.

    However, where jupiter shines, saturn shades… and the vice versa. The 2 planets affect my life-philosophy simultaneously.

    I wonder if jupiter squares (like McKenna’s case) also makes one upbeat and positive – because Jupiter, I have heard, is ‘positive’ no matter what the aspects?

  3. I too agree with your husband. My Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct sitting right on top of each other they trine my native moon and square my Venus and Saturn. My point of view is a bit askew possibly and my philosophy is not of the norm either.

  4. The fewer conditions I place upon my happiness, the more happiness I will experience.

    My philosophy is based on ‘How much do I love life?” Most of us have been taught to only love half of it, the ‘good’ half, the ‘positive’ half, the pleasant half. This is where I differ.

    Like Solomon said: “Straight stick, crooked stick, a stick is still a stick.” Each moment of my life is a Present, whether spent happy or sad. I’m alive to experience it, so I can be happy and grateful every moment if I so choose, simply by embracing the moment, whatever it may be.

    Jupiter conj Pluto in Leo

  5. Jupiter at 29 degrees Sag.

    My philosophy is that life’s too short to not try to have insight into yourself, to not try and find out how to make yourself happy, no matter what the cost nor what life may throw at you – ‘cuz life is hard but ain’t nobody going to make you happy but you. I intend to get happier as I get older whatever the circumstances, and so I shall.

  6. My philosophy has changed over the course of my life.

    I wish I could say that I have a strong philosophy that’s guided me no matter what the circumstances.

    But the truth is that my more positive philosophy has been replaced by a more pessimistic philosophy about the world, after I was wracked by a series of bad events.

    Jupiter/Uranus conjunct.

  7. Spontaneously I thought “live and let live”.
    Sadge rising with Jupiter in Aries
    cj moon in Aries
    opp Pluto in Libra
    trine Neptune in Sadge
    sq. Saturn in Cancer

  8. My philosophy keeps me sane, which increases my happiness exponentially.

    My philosophy is nebulous but essentially boils down to these things
    1 – take responsibility for yourself
    2 – respect others
    2a – don’t be an asshole
    3 – seize joy at every opportunity

    Sadge moon in the 7th, Jupiter in Cap in the 8th.

  9. Beliefs create realities, so the philosophy one relates to and chooses to follow is crucial. Finding philosophical ‘alignment’ with a set of beliefs or theories that make innate sense to the person does usually provide happiness (depending of course on what that philosophy is – some people’s personal philosophies on life make them exceedingly glum). However, not everyone finds that special philosophy that provides them with contentment and happiness. Most people with enquiring minds that have a degree of intelligence or awareness or just find life interesting do indeed spend a certain amount of time looking for a life philosophy that ‘fits’ them – that makes sense to them and feels right. And fortunately a lot of people find that particular philosophical pathway. But one size doesn’t fit all, and that’s alright too, because many different paths lead to the mountain top. However, not everyone finds that special philosophy – the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow so to speak. I have been lucky enough to find mine, and it isn’t astrology, although astrology does provide a lot of useful guidance on the way. Astrology doesn’t make everyone happy – especially when they fear the transits that are coming.

  10. Definitely – it’s all in the attitude.

    It’s easy to have faith when things are good. Have faith when things suck – that’s real faith!

    Edgar Cayce – Think on This…
    He who doubts that the best will come to him with doing of that which is correct is already defeated. Don’t blame others for what has happened or may happen. Do right yourself, physically, mentally and spiritually, and the best will come to you.

    Reading 5203-1

  11. I believe that we are all just guests in life, which means I try to be the kind of guest I’d want to host and, just in case I’m coming back, I’m trying to leave as little mess behind me as possible!

    Jupiter and Pluto conjunct in Leo

  12. I am naturally philosophical. Moon in the 9th house. It is conjunct Mars.

    My personal philosophy is I have every right to be here and I will fight for this right. I believe I can learn from my mistakes. I believe in freedom. This makes me happy overall.

  13. It’s not always all about the attitude, but attitude can help when things get rough or when you have a deck that might be considered, errr, stacked against you. My philosophy runs to more than one sentence (of course):

    1. People are more important than things;
    2. Do the best you can with what you have;
    3. I am good enough and that has to be “enough”;
    4. Try to practice compassion and empathy;
    5. Try to listen well;
    6. Value the simple things in life

    I have Jupiter in Scorpio in the 2nd house with a little Ceres for company. Jupiter is square Mars and Venus, trine Mercury, and doing some weird square-y thing with a left-pointed angle inside to my natal Sun in Cancer.

  14. I have a jupiter in virgo, taurus moon. The need to do the right thing is strong in my life. My philosophy is karma is a bitch and if you do something evil to somebody for no reason, it will come back to bite you… Tell the truth, to yourself and other people. Dont retaliate, negotiate.

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