Your North Node: Where Is It And What Do You Do About It

Leo gold black red lionStarlight Knight wrote about (finally) embracing his north node. The idea is you work towards expressing the north node… this is where the growth is so I thought I’d poll around and see what people thought and where they were at with this.

My north node is in Leo in the 7th house (partnership) and I definitely work my node, making a show of my relationship. The whole damned thing takes place on stage so I think I’ve got this one down.

Further, my node is conjunct Uranus which rules astrology. Planets are featured in my theater so I’ve got that down too. Jupiter is in aspect and I broadcast the thing and all it’s DRAMA. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Where is your north node and what are you doing about it?


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Your North Node: Where Is It And What Do You Do About It — 53 Comments

  1. opp sun & mc
    conj ic and lilth
    in aries in the 4th

    I try to be self-aware, take care of my family, work on inner stuff, not a scardey cat.

  2. Conjunct my Venus in the 8th
    I have been married for many years
    and we have a great relationship.
    Have done a lot of personal growth
    over the years and I have inherited
    several times from my family.

  3. No, no, and no. I am trying to ignore my NN. Feels alien to me: in Gemini in the 6th house, right near the descendant. Just like starlight says, I couldn’t imagine a more unattractive placement of the NN. And in Gemini, no less – what am I supposed to do about that? Talk myself to health? Chitchat, joke, and gossip through work?

    Anyway, I’ve got an observation about NNs, I wonder if others agree: Seems to me, from the few charts I’ve looked at, that NNs are freakishly well supported by other placements. That is, even while they may seem boring or difficult (for some) to express, there are nevertheless a ton of supports in the chart/character of the person to excel at exemplifying the north node.

    For example, one person I know has NN in the 12th house, right next to his sun, venus, and ascendant. Talk about becoming who you are supposed to be by just being who you are!

    Another person has NN in Aries with Aries ascendant and Saturn in Aries. Clearly there’s a lesson there to be mastered about self-expression… right alongside the tools with which to do it.

    Or even, I guess, in my case: Virgo sun, which means I should have all the tools I need to grow very nicely into my NN’s mercurial, workaday world of work/health/service sector, right? Huh.

  4. My North Node is in Virgo in the 8th.Keep digging, keep rolling.

    By the way Elsa, I keep thinking about the relationship between the nodes and the moon and I still not sure about how these elements relate. My moon is in sag in the 11th and my trying to put its themes together with the nodes issues. Maybe you could write something about that.


  5. my NN is in Aries in the 8th opposite my Uranus Jupiter conjunction. I am perplexed by this placement, but am aware of the following – have received inheritances from my family. Am continually forced to be on my own and to master my self. People will not help me or integrate with me. Am acutely aware of hidden worlds and the occult, like it is an instinct of mine and not foreign.
    The present NN is about to cross my sun and so I am interested in discovering more about the nodes.

  6. I’ve got N. Node in Virgo, conjunct IC from the third and sextiling Jupiter. To be quite honest, I have no clue what that means or how to “work” toward it. What I can tell you is that when I try to be cool-headed, analytical, and organized, everything blows up in my face. Could be that I lean more toward Aquarius (my moon) than Virgo, though. Hm.

  7. North node in Virgo. I try to not be a hothead sometimes, exhibiting a cool, aloof attitude towards stupid stuff. Also, I aim to be organized and prompt.

  8. My NN is at 10ยฐ44’Aries in the 3rd house making only one aspect, a wide square (5ยฐ) to my ASC.
    I went looking for any other aspect, and it’s conjunct Eris but I don’t know what that means. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I don’t know how I would “work it” either. But I am very involved in my community at all levels, especially because of my children, I don’t seem to have a choice. I’m the team mom, the class parent, the relig. ed teacher… the carpool mom, the emergency mom for my girlfriends.. ok,I think that’s what the 3rd house is all about, being there for my community. If I don’t have that right let me know.

  9. Mine is in Cap in the 9th. Take personal responsibility and do the right thing? I think I’ve got a decent handle on that. I have no problem working hard toward a goal, either. Mountain goats and all ๐Ÿ™‚

    As far as aspects, it trines my Mercury and Pluto. Not sure what to make of that …

  10. Shannon, are you a college professor? That’s the first thing I thought of that placement, including the trines … don’t know why.

  11. In Scorpio/5th, and I am up to my eyeballs in depth/psychology/sex/shit (potty training/creation/children every day… I hope I’m getting my NN right.

  12. 3rd house Scorpio, conjunct to Venus and Uranus, sextile Ascendent. Wouldn’t that be telling for someone who spends a considerable amount of her time reading and commenting (sextile ascendent interaction) astrology (Uranus) blogs (3rd house communication) in an attempt to learn something about others and herself (Scorpio) ? ;-D

    Another example: I was sang in different, mainly female, vocal groups all through my childhood and teenage years. Some kind of a Uranus/Venus contact is present in the charts of many people -I’d say at least 80 % of my favorite singers – who use their voices as a form of self expression. Both voice and interaction with women would be 3rd house. With North Node in the 3rd house, I also learnt a lot about social interaction and first met people who’ve had, over the years, a profound impact on me singing.

  13. NN Sagittarius grand trine with Sun/ASC in Leo and Vertex in Aries. Needless to say, I attract all the fire people. I do try to have at least one important person allied to me in Sagg and Aries each. I need to keep the fire alliance strong and burning to balance out the water elements in my chart. Otherwise, I’ll get drowned in a pail of water.

  14. NN Scorpio, 1st house, conjunct Moon and Asc. no other aspects, but these are enough. I think my NN screams “know yourself”. That’s what I’m trying to do through astrology, psychology, yoga. not sure if I’m doing a good job so far. I feel like I’m hiding from myself.
    SN in 7th makes me think I screwed up big time with relationships in past lives.

  15. It’s in Pisces in the 11th house. It’s been a major challenge for me to get over my South Node (Virgo, 5th house), because of the strong emphasis on Leo, Virgo, and the 5th house in my chart.

    I take this to mean using my creative gifts to benefit and serve the greater good.

    I was definitely leaning on the traits of my South Node when I was young–but I suspect most people do that. I’m not all the way “there” with cultivating my North Node, but I’ve grown into it. I noticed that quite a few of my loved ones (Hubs and littlest daughter) have Mars conjunct my North Node.

    Here’s a great blog I founf about the nodes.

  16. My north Node is in Pisces in the 8th – and makes no aspects to any planets – However Pluto is in my 2nd house – I think the theme of constantly reinventing myself, destruction and rebirth, are major themes in my life. Almost feels like a necessity to get to some other other level (Pisces NN).

  17. NN Pisces conj.MC
    Opp. Sun&Pluto
    Sq. Mars
    Tr. Nept

    I ‘die’ alot, and try to be graceful and private about it, and really, deeply come to an understanding of my necessary deaths.When I was younger though, it has not always been graceful, when I have been stubborn and refused to let go of something or someone, and everyone around me has been witness then.
    I think I have a much better grasp of it now..the past few years have been good in this area.

  18. NN in Sag, 2nd house. Working on developing my own sense of values. Trying to do this in a Sag, rather than a Gemini fashion. Gemini comes easy to me – my Mercury is there – and I have a Gemini sort of moral relativism which I think has actually been a cover for my refusal to take a stand on moral issues and what is important to me. So, more Sag, less Gemini is what I am working towards.

  19. North Node in Gemini conjunct Jupiter, Mercury and (loosely) sun. Quirky, expansive partnerships plus talking all the damn time. Got it!

  20. NN Scorpio/9th conjunct Uranus and MC.
    Study archaeology, love to visit sites abroad; dabble in metaphysical subjects and eastern religions on the side;)
    Pluto (Libra) conjunct Mercury, Mars and Venus; trine Jupiter (ruler 12th and 1st), sextile Saturn and quintile Asc. Truth and fairness, or else!;) Lots of disappointments in life in relation to these.

  21. NN in Leo, 3rd house, square Chiron rising in Taurus.
    I am not yet living my north node. I know where I need to go with it, but it’s getting there that has been the hard part. I still feel too young to really be effective in what the north node asks of me, but hopefully one day I’ll be able to really shine. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. I’m obsessed with the North Node

    I find the NN a big challenge, very hard to reach. The feeling to me is a little like Saturn: hard lessons. Also when you get it right, the benefit is enormous, like how your life was always supposed to be.

    Pisces NN in 6th House and it fits me well. And I will be “working on it” forever (so it feels) — or maybe that’s just Virgoan self-criticism.

    From what I recall, it has no major aspects, although I think you pointed out, Elsa, that it does conjunct my descendent (which is at 9 degrees Pisces)…

    Work/service/small animals/health/daily routines… I do work with small animals daily… and Pisces angle is definitely my spiritual life and the spiritual approach I try to have in work and in daily life (spiritual isn’t the best word for what I’m talking about, but the best word I can think of right now)

    One lesson for Pisces NN people is to STOP WITH THE WORRYING and the agonizing and the hand wringing and try to F L O W

    I also think the NN is not about the sun sign per se, as we would see in people… but the IDEAL. I don’t know if hanging out with Pisces folks will help me reach my NN since people are a combination of all in the chart, but reading about the NN and about Pisces principles, so to speak…. that helps.

  23. My North Node is in Taurus in the 8th house, square Jupiter in Aquarius in the 5th. About a year ago, I read some information about the North Node and it completely opened my eyes to something which up until that point had been previously subconscious. I was being very South-Node-in-Scorpio-oriented… my old “shadow” habits being overly dependent on others, sharing my energy too intensely (which scared people away) and not owning parts of myself that were dark or yucky. I tried to keep all of that stuff hidden. Now I’m learning more about putting myself first and trying to go about things in a more practically manner by straightening out my personal values and making myself very stable (financially, mentally, physically, spiritually) and in doing this am able to grow more and give more to others. The challenge (where the square to Jupiter comes in) is re-adjusting my preconceived notions on sharing vs. independence and trying to find a balance between the two.

  24. StephB I’ve never thought about your idea that the chart supports the NN but looking at my chart I think you’re right.

    My NN is in my 10th/Libra. I’m learning that my needs are not the end all be all. I’m an emotional provider for many people in my life, and weirdly I have several people close to me that have no family. As in: no parents or just one, no siblings, no grandparents, no extended family.

  25. I have to weigh in on the concept the chart supports the north node. I don’t think this is the case at all. For every chart you find where the north node is part of a stellium (which is helpful) there is a chart where the n node is opposed a stellium so I would say StephB’s sample is too small. ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. hmmm…

    more to think about!:)

    thinking about my NN which is the only thing in my chart that is unaspected (unless you count astroids, but I don’t study astroids and probably won’t until I get a handle on the planets)

    so of course i subjectively look to other placements…how does one develop objectivity when studying astrology is something i think about a lot. you hear so much of ‘i don’t like this’ or ‘i don’t like that.’ or ‘you have taurus you must be a stubborn selfish pig.’

    sorry, i’m blathering. as usual. this pluto transit to my 5th house mercury has me very blather-y!

  27. NN in Gemini in the 7th house trine Moon and widely conjunct Uranus.

    I have always been pretty good at connecting like-minded people and when I finally was able to get online (Uranus), this ability really started to click. Makes sense helping others with compatibility/synastry is my favorite part of astrology.

    Main thing is keeping the “me” (SN in 1st house) out of it. For example, when I started going by a use name or pseudonym, people responded far more favorably. Weird but true.

    Nodes make a grand cross with MC & IC too. Need to make all main areas are tended to – self, home & family, partners/other & public life/career. Drives my Libra need for balance absolutely batsh*t crazy at times!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. @ Nelly – not professionally, but kind of. I know a lot of things and I am really good at relating them to each other and making that information accessible to other people.

    For example. I am a big history nerd. LOVE it, so many awesome stories and puzzles and things. A friend of mine learned the “dates and timelines” version of history, and hates it.

    So to whet his appetite I told him the story of Henry Tudor and his three children *grin* He doesn’t hate history any more, and he asks me about events and places when they come up.

  29. I went to a seminar on the Nodes once given by Michael Lutin – the famous astrologer – and funny as heck! He said NN in the 3rd (SN in 9) are the people who never think they know enough, so they go out and get a jillion degrees, and still don’t think they know enough. Whereas NN in 9th (SN in 3) people need to just stop talking all the time! Listen more, talk less. (he said that…just the messenger here). So, Gemini SN Sag NN, listen more and talk less, and Sag SN Gemini NN, talk more and communicate what you know. You get the drift.

    My NN is in Leo in the 12th house. I’m always hiding, being the introvert I am. Working on being more creative, and maybe show myself a little more.

  30. “just need to stop talking all the time”

    No offense taken – it’s something I’ve been working on for a while. After all, I can’t learn if I don’t listen, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Libra NN in 11th/12th (the latter if you do equal houses, I’m never sure what to read it in). I can handle the 12th house stuff I have because I like investigating hidden stuff, but the Libra relationship stuff is totally beyond me. My relationshippy planets are hammered and I don’t have any particular conjunctions on either node (Jupiter squares it though), and life in general hasn’t really come around to supporting me in finding those to partner with. Feh.

  32. “Sag SN Gemini NN, talk more and communicate what you know.” Wow, that’s perfect, Barb. Thanks!

    With my NN in Gemini in the 6th, I do think I don’t know enough. And with a Dad with NN Sag, I loathe all the compulsive talking I grew up with – he does need to learn to listen (and has been learning that the hard way).

    I have fantasies of getting more degrees than I already have, and am happy with the thought of these being purely private (12th house) achievements. (And yeah, recently started wishing I’d studied medicine. I scour the web for info, and study things at LENGTH.) And, I do talk a lot, but not about all the things I know a lot about; I feel my knowledge is too scattered. Have trouble writing/communicating with authority. So I guess I really should get more chatty. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. NN in Aquarius… I’m studying in a technical science field with creative writing and mathematics on the plate as well, I have an intense interest in all occult subjects, have lived in intentional communities, and I do a bit of community activism. I’m getting there. It’s in the 7th house– still working on all of that.

  34. North node in Virgo, seventh house. So I need to work on organization, schedules and setting boundaries. In relationships I guess?

  35. north node in Capricorn in the 10th. I’m working on it. I opened a store, and try to keep a level of professionalism, and keep up the take no shorts baby steps to get where I’m going… not get derailed. For me, this takes some doing with mars trine Neptune, and Venus in Gemini as my chart ruler.

    My Capricorn son is a good teacher for that,he is so consistent and he does not give up. My Sun is right along my South Node in Cancer, so I’m never really going to grow too far away from crabworld.

  36. NN in Sag, 9th house. StephB, Could be one of those talkers that needs to listen. I think It means I need to get specialized in my education and to travel more.

  37. tan,
    Yes, go deep in your knowledge! Travel. Study. Publish. Get spiritual, philosophize.

    with Virgo setting up boundaries and staying pure and independent (even in partnership) sounds good, but I also think of Virgo as being in SERVICE. (At least, that’s how my Virgo sun plays out for me…)

  38. libra/2nd. opposing my sun. trining my moon.
    and, yeah, i do real well when i try to be more libra. but it’s a conscious effort and doesn’t come naturally. in fact, as a kid, i was pretty awful at it. source of major insecurity for awhile.

  39. 3rd house in Libra, sextile Saturn in 5th. I write for a living (corporate stuff) plus I’ve kept a blog devoted to 3rd house things for 6 years now. The writing stuff is easy, Libra/relationship stuff has been a lot harder. Now involved with a guy whose Jup conjuncts my NN, very nice.

  40. NN in Aries in the 5th.
    I have just taken an extended leave from my volunteer work that I have put my heart and soul into for the past seven years.

    Among other things I have a desperate need to explore my creativity and devote more time to my personal life. Am also less willing to be part of groups in general.

    So does this mean I have to do a Zena on my love life also? Here I was thinking it was not ladylike to put the chase on men. ๐Ÿ™

  41. NN in Taurus in the 11th squaring Jupiter in Leo. Hmm the SN NN axis is very interesting topic, am not sure where I am suppossed to be headed. Responsiblity maybe??

  42. My NN is 27 Sag conjunct the galactic centre as well as Pallas in my 4th house.

    I really feel that it is more a balance between the NN and SN that is optimum.. for me. I know this goes against the grain of most all astrologers views, but that is the way I feel.

    Like scales of justice, if I remain balanced between the two points it is stronger than ignoring or trying to escape the SN. I feel like ignoring all of the SN and only focusing totally on the NN strips my innate traits and talents.. hey I earned those traits the hard way LOL why trash them now!

    Getting stuck in the SN and not walking the tightrope between the 2 points is robbing myself and I don’t want that either. So balance to me is the key and that is a huge challenge ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. NN Taurus conjunct MC from the 10th, opposite Neptune, trine Venus, sextile Mercury.

    You know, I have trouble getting my MC conjunct North Node. I’m kind of shy and I’m much more comfortable in that Scorpio 4th House. That Neptune sucks me down.

    But Taurus I’m with – I love my garden and my kitchen, and most of all, my kid. She’s a Taurus with her NN exactly conjunct mine. Lovely lovely and I’m learning a lot from her – so passionately creative and knows instinctively how and when to finish a project.

    I see omie has a NN offspring connection too. I wonder how common that is

  44. Hey Daemoness, I agree on the need for balance between the nodes. I had a hard time getting pushed too much to my Libra NN (my mom had reversed nodes with me – not fun!). The stuff I was reading on the nodes never seemed to fit. Then I saw this bit by Maritha Pottenger on balancing the two and it made more sense to me:

  45. Barb wrote:
    “I went to a seminar on the Nodes once given by Michael Lutin – the famous astrologer – and funny as heck! He said NN in the 3rd (SN in 9) are the people who never think they know enough, so they go out and get a jillion degrees, and still donโ€™t think they know enough.”

    This is certainly true for me. I have a Libra NN in 3rd, square 6th house Saturn. At nearly 50 I am still trying to get my undergrad degree in sociology, with the plan being to complete a MSW after that, and also plan to keep learning all my life. The older I get, the more I realize how little I know. ๐Ÿ™‚ There have been a lot of obstacles to overcome in getting the degrees, my family’s aversion to higher education (I will be the first one in my family with post-secondary education), money, other things. Pluto is heading right for my Saturn now so it may be a while longer before I can go back to school.

  46. My North Node is in Leo, 5th house conj. Mars and Jupiter in Virgo. 5th house is all about creativity and I already work in a creative profession. However, I’ve always had issues with “standing out” and self expression. I’m still learning this. I express myself through fashion.

  47. North Node emotional battlefield, against all odds! (all placidus as I like it best than equal houses):

    NN in Cancer, 1st House (Asc in Gemini, with cancer intercepted), NN square a pluto/saturn conjunction in Libra in the 4th house
    I am a capricorn sun, with the sun intercepted in the (sagie) seventh house next to a cappy merc

    As for planetary “help” with developing the NN, my taurus moon in the 10th is full of squares and oppositions from Jupiter (scorps), Venus (Aqua), Pluto and Merc(and a trine from the sun that I love)

    Putting myself out there emotionally without repressing anything for the sake of others? It’s not an easy job, but someone has to do it ๐Ÿ™‚

    (also first time posting around here even when I love visiting this blog often, so hello everyone)

  48. My NN is in Leo in the 3rd, ruled by Sun in the 9th (yes, which is consequently, conjunct my SN). I definitely do what Barb wrote and Michael Lutin said… I am constantly seeking more knowledge because I feel I never know enough. In 2 years, I will have 7 degrees. It’s kinda crazy now that I realize where my obsession for attaining degrees is found in my chart. I never really thought I knew how to work my NN, but now I realize that I’ve been working it this whole time. I just thought I was doing what my Sun/SN wanted. I’m thinking the next step is to bring my knowledge to my community and share it, become a star in my field, be famous for what I’ve learned. I think publishing books and spreading them throughout my community would be a good manifestation of NN in Leo in 3rd. Maybe I’ll even get a TV spot on a local channel to promote my books. ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. North Node @15 leo conj sun @12 in 7th house. Pluto and Jupiter hover closed by at 6 &7 degrees leo. Oh well, how can it be that I still haven’t quite figured out how I still haven’t quite figured out my 7th house.

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