Your Mother And Your Moon in Your Chart

apple pieA friend’s mother stopped in at her job. After she left, a young co-worker asked, “Is that your Mom?” She had a lilt in her voice.

“Yes,” my friend answered. ‘That’s my Mom.”

“She seems sweet”, the girl chirped.

“Well she’s not. Be careful. I love her. She’s my mom but she’s definitely not sweet…”

Where is your Moon and how is it aspected?
What is your mother, not? 



Your Mother And Your Moon in Your Chart — 79 Comments

  1. My Mom is not very motherly. She’s a lot of fun but she has consistently given me bad advice and wasn’t really good at protecting my sister and me from our stepfather’s abuse. She is sweet, I guess. My Venus squares my Moon in Pisces also (my mother was a pothead for most of my adolescence). I also have a Moon/Pluto opposition.

  2. My mother is not weak. She’s a bit too stubborn and head strong for her own good. Moon in scorpio conjunct pluto. She’s also controlling and has these insane mood swings that drives me crazy. But she is pretty sociable, Moon sextile venus but also saturn. Her and I don’t have a very great relationship at all.

  3. I have Scorpio moon in the 12th. My mother is a Pisces sun and I have Saturn in Pisces. My mother has Saturn in Gemini which is my sun sign.

    We get along surprisingly well given all of that, but to say our relationship is complex and full of undercurrent would be putting it mildly.

  4. My mother is a Gemini, I have Aquarius moon conjunct Venus and Mars and square Saturn. She and I get along extremely well. We have similar interests and the same sense of humor. She’s such an easy-going, selfless, funny person, I can’t imagine anybody could dislike her.

  5. My mother wasn’t motherly. She never taught me the facts of life like tell me to brush my teeth everyday and that sort of thing. No education about life. She has 3 daughters though, and one adopted son, and had lots of other pregnancies that didn’t come to term. I remember she slept alot when i was a kid. We kind of grew up on our own. (My father recently told me he tought because we were girls, we didn’t need a father, just a mother, and somehow he thinks she’s a good mother. maybe compared to his own mother, she is) I have moon in sagitarius conjunct neptune, sextile mars and pluto, square mercury. She’s a sag sun and saturn with moon in pisces (my sun). My other sisters have moon in pisces and cancer.
    we all have sun-saturn contacts too. an opposition, a square, and my older sister has saturn in leo and a square sun-saturn.

    • I can relate – my mother didn’t teach me anything. I wasn’t taught to cook, not told anything much about men, about sex, or birth control,life in general, NOTHING. She was good at giving narratives on various relatives or people she knew…to this day I enjoy biographies.
      She’s a Gemini and I can look back and realize she preferred her three kids from her first marriage over myself and my younger brother. WE lived in the same house but she didn’t interact that much. We did have times where we made each other all laugh…but she was also inconsiderate and allowed my older step sister to be mean to me at times, and she herself was mean to me. Very critical, liked to put me down.

  6. Everything my Mom is now, she wasn’t when I was a child.
    When I was a child, she was mentally ill and suicidal.
    She was also very religious and had a litany of rules for behaviour no one could live up to. She was anti-social, and paranoid.

    Now that I am an adult, and my Mom is a senior citizen, she is open-minded, not-so-religious , social, and happy as a lark. WTF, eh?

    She is an Aries Sun with an Aquarius Moon. She likes to say she’s finally living in her body. I think leaving the church was supremely good for her–she’s a true individual and never had an easy time with groups. And I hate to say it, but after her own mother passed away, it was as if a weight was lifted (HER mother was an Aquarian with her Moon in Cancer and their relationship was in parts toxic/needy). She changed dramatically after her mother’s death.

    My Moon is in Capricorn, in the 1st house. Squared Pluto, which is in 9th house/Libra. I used to feel at the mercy of my emotions when I was very young (I was also very confused about religion) and was very much my Mother’s tonic when she was so effed up. I did leave home at 16 though, and I think that saved me from my own spiral into hell. I literally could not separate myself from my Mom emotionally, and she did everything in her power to prevent me from leaving.

    I left the country at 20 for 4 years and it changed everything. Basically, we both relinquished control of everything we tried to control.
    I love my Mom and can’t imagine life without her. And I am even happier that we’re both not as effed up and unhappy as we were during my childhood. It’s nothing short of a miracle, and I feel extremely lucky we both embrace change where we once fought it tooth and nail.

  7. One thing my mom is not… is…. let’s see. She is not outwardly possessive. She is also far from stupid.

    She has probably taught me the most about myself and how to deal with people around me. And everything she taught me has been extremely important in the way I see the world intellectually. She is *constantly* reading, learning and now philosophizing. And even though technically she would be called a “stay-at-home” mom, she actually traveled often while I was a child and adolescent. Back and forth between a California upper-upper-middle class suburb where me and my sibling was sent to go to school, and the small Midwestern town, where my dad needed help running with his clinic (accounting, taxes, maintaining relations w/ people, counseling my dad.) We all used to live together. Often she and I had fights as I was growing up, mostly about getting me to do my homework assignments! And finish the damned things! But we are actually quite close. And I could discuss with her almost anything quite fervently.

    She can always call me out when I am wrong. Or when I need to leash in my terrible worries and temper. She always forces me think about analyzing my relationships clearly and to think about the bigger picture. She questions people’s truths. Which sometimes can be helpful. But, sometimes she gets things wrong too! She can be stubborn about that. We’re sometimes equals in that sense.

    Sometimes, on the phone I half-jokingly pout about how I’ve been abandoned! (She’s a double Aquarius.) Hahah.

    This lady can be tough! (T-square with a Mars in Sagittarius) And she only recently learned how to let go of doggedly arguing ideas at the dinner table and other places with less open-minded people.

    Her Chiron is conjunct my Moon.
    My Gemini Chiron is conjunct her Gemini Moon.

    Also, this woman’s Sun and Venus are conjunct in my 10th house, square my self-destructive Sun and Pluto hahaa.

    My Moon is in Capricorn conjunct Mars in the 9th.
    Also sextile Saturn and Mercury.

  8. My moon is in Libra at the end of the 4th house.
    Conjunct Pluto and Saturn. Square Mars. Yeehaw!
    I’m familiar with depression, obssessive behavior and bad temper.

    My mom has a Virgo moon. Protective and generous.
    Maybe too protective.

    We have a “come here/leave me alone” relationship. Sometimes I need to push her away, (not taking her numerous calls, not visiting her) because if I don’t I’m sure she’ll eat me alive.

    When we fight it’s always because she’s too critical (my lifestyle, my home, my father). And loves to control everything. As a Sag, I hate that.

    However, without her positive influence, I wouldn’t be as independant and responsible. I’d be a restless emotional mess.
    And without my optimism, she wouldn’t know how to relax.

  9. It’s my mum’s buffday on monday. Happy Buffday Mum! I have a libra moon, 7th house. She has a scorpio moon, don’t know which house. Her mother wasn’t really a mother, didn’t want kids, tried to abort my mum by drinking gin in a bath and throwing herself down some stairs.
    So she is very anxious, especially about us kids, could never give me the space I needed so I had to find ways of getting that space-climbing up trees, on the roof etc when I was a toddler.
    My mum’s mercury is square mine and my moon. She doesn’t understand me or my emotions but she does try hard!
    She isn’t funny, on purpose. Doesn’t have a sense of humour, thinks when I try and play with her that I’m taking the piss out of her. She overreacts emotionally, all the time, everyone has to feel her emotional pain even if they don’t want to.
    I do love her, but she is not easy going or light-hearted.

  10. My mother is not warm and fuzzy, my moon is in Virgo 4th house conjunct Pluto opposition Jupiter. She made homemade yogurt before yogurt was cool (late 60’s)and made sure I knew about diet and exercise, but did not hug much. There are other layers to our relationship, and though I don’t trust her much, I’ve come to terms with her.

  11. I’ve got a Sag moon, Mom has a Pisces moon. Emotionally, we are on completely different wavelengths. I’m the cold and icy bitch, she’s the bleeding heart. Boy, is that fun to have going on all the time.

  12. So I’m sitting in the pick up line at school this afternoon and it dawned on me…my kids have moons, wonder what that looks like. My oldest boy, Scorpio moon, middle daughter Taurus moon and my youngest boy Virgo moon. Is this why siblings can grow up with the same mom, but have completely different experiences? I try to be fair and balanced with my kids, but my daughter challenges everything I say or do head on, so I stand my ground with her while my oldest is constantly hiding things (or trying to) and using evasive techniques and I have to ferret out info from him all the time. Kinda makes you go hmmmmmmmm.

  13. I have Moon in Scorpio trine Sun, trine Mars, square ASC and opposite MC. (and lots of other aspects..)

    But Mom’s a really, really strong woman. She’s been through a lot.. and she keeps going no matter what. I admire her for that. She’s kind of tough/cold sometimes but I understand – She’s a Sagittarius Sun, Capricorn Moon, Aquarius ASC. I’m a Cancer, Scorpio Moon, Leo Rising.. so we have our clashing moments ;] lol. She gets mad that I’m too sensitive/emotional and I get annoyed by how cold/clumsy/carefree (sagittarius) she is! But anyway..she’s amazing. I love her sososo much. I don’t know what I’d do without her lol :\

  14. Eighth house Aquarian moon, trine my Mars/Venus/Pluto conjunction, square Uranus. Also square Chiron, but I know jack about Chiron. 😛

    My mother and I have a fabulous relationship now, but I absolutely hated her growing up. She was an alcoholic for most of my “childhood” and we kids were basically left to rear ourselves. As a matter of fact, my mother and I didn’t talk for a couple of years until she “got sober.”

    Unfortunately, we don’t have birth info on Mom – her mother is dead and her birth certificate lost. We haven’t gotten a replacement yet.

  15. My Mother is NOT spiritual, able to give and receive love without being codependent, wrong..ever, open, appreciative or her self worth or talents, flexible, tolerant or patient. She IS very judgemental. She also DOES NOT bounce.

    I have Pisces moon in the first.
    Trine Sun and Mercury
    Sextile Jupiter
    Square Neptune and MC

    Mom is a first house Taurus moon sextile Merc, square saturn and pluto, opposing Chiron and trine MC.

    I’ve been focusing on her chart a lot lately. I think where Jupiter pulls me up emotionally..Pluto pushes her down. She, my dad, and Ox all three share the Taurus moon with aspect to pluto (parents square, ox is trine).

  16. My mother’s planets form hard angles to my personal planets and her Saturn hits my fifth house. I feel inhibited, not free to be myself, when I’m with her. Her moon in early Pisces squares or opposes six planets plus Chiron in my chart. We are not close although I do love her in my own way. Our relationship is cold/a little formal though. I was not emotionally nurtured growing up. My moon is in Gemini. My sister’s moon in Libra conjuncts our mother’s sun and her Saturn in Pisces conjuncts mom’s moon so I see now why those two are very close. My sister calls mom 2 or 3 times a day and sees her every week. I have no idea what they talk about. I have to force myself to call my mother once a week and sometimes, I have to hand the phone over to my husband after just a minute or two.

  17. My Mother was a Sun Capricorn, I’m a Moon Capricorn. She died when I was 4, so I really can’t tell how she was. I know she was pretty strict with me, she wouldn’t give me candies and wouldn’t have given me Barbie dolls later on.

    SO also has inherited his Mom’s Sun sign as his Sun and Moon sign. The one thing he has in common with his Mom is that he has to be moving and doing things.

  18. Oh, I didn’t answer the question. What is my mother NOT? She’s a social creature, very hard-working and loved by many people, but she is NOT intelligent. This bothers my Gemini moon very much as it makes it impossible for me to connect with her on any level.

  19. With a mother like mine, one does not need enemies.
    She disappeared from my life when I was 3 years of age (Neptune conjunct Midheaven) and then returned to my life when I was about 30 and had obtained a graduate degree and employment in a high profile field.
    She then proceeded to undermine (or rather attempted to) the relationships I had with my other relatives, some of whom had raised me. It saddens me to this day that the last years I had with certain relatives were unnecessarily troubled by her BS. And the “stories” this woman told as to why she “had” to abandon her children!
    Moon in Virgo conjunct Pluto on the cusp of 7/8 houses.

  20. My mother was not an adult.

    Me: Moon in Scorpio in the tenth square Mars from the 8th.

    Her moon was in Aries; she was a Gemini with a massive locomotive pattern running from the top of the 12th to the end of the first.

    I’m pretty conflicted about my mom. People used to say they “loved her” but she was furious, controlling and borrified by me. The most insane things used to come out of her mouth when she was talking to me, or anywhere near me and my son. She was (verbally) abusive to my kid.

    Once, when she was dying, I gently tried to suggest that she start talking to hospice. She said: you just can’t wait for me to be an invalid, can you?

    She hated doing housework and would throw fits at other people to get them to clean up after her ( specially me) — but she loved to be social, had tons of elderly friends, hated being stuck anywhere, needed to be out, out there in the world. She was self-employed for most of her life. She hated to be fenced in; hated other people to get the attention, and the very last thing she truly ever wanted to be was a mom.

  21. my mom’s sun is Taurus- my moon is Taurus- my mother is like this discription… to everyone else she seems great- but for me not.

    She basically is only there for my sister and her son- since she is incapable of taking care of him. My kids call a family friend grandma- her excuse is that I have a great husband so I don’t need her- well guess what- I am so done with her- I have no use for any sort of relationship at all- and I am not going to start at 44!

  22. I have a Pisces moon & my mom & son have moon in Aries. I have NO idea what this means or if it has an impact on them but they are extremely close. However, I know the woman my son calls Grandma is NOT the same woman who raised me! She’s really just an old woman who was kinda mean when she was younger & now is trying to get into heaven!

  23. My Mom has about the same sun/moon aspect that I have. Her’s sun is conjunct uranus at 29 degrees gemini and her moon & jupiter are conjunct at 16/23 sadge (making her sun/moon not quite in opposition like mine, but very close). Her venus & merc are at conjunct on my sun and her vertex is on my NN. We are here together is all I can tell you and I feel very lucky to have a close bond with her. She worked very hard to be as good a mother as she could be. Given what she had to work with, she did an amazing job. Sitting here looking at our charts and what she had to work with in her chart, I’m even more amazed. So Thanks Mom!

  24. Wow that sounds just like my girls. Both my daughters think I was a mean mother. The oldest daughter is a Cancer and her sister is an Aquarius. My natal Moon in Taurus in the 3rd house opposing my Sun. I always felt like my mother though I should be a carbon copy of her in every way. I am not but even my siblings and children could see my mom thought this. Everyone but my mother thought this was weird. It has always confounded me because I am a Scorpio and my mother was a Capricorn.

  25. My moon is in Pisces/6th house. My mother is extremely hard on me about working and she loves to drink and just kind of vacillated in and out of my childhood like a dream as I was raised mostly by my grandparents. Her moon is in in 3rd house Sag and communication is incredibly important to her, but with Virgo rising and Leo sun she becomes this all powerful intimidating being, constantly firing off questions and reducing even the bravest warriors to tiny piles of ash and cinder.

  26. The astrology is different – my mom was a Libra and I don’t know her time of birth so I don’t know her moon – and she lived her life as a housewife, but everything else you said Eva, sounds like we both had very similar, crazy ass moms.

  27. My mother is not here. I miss her, and love that I grew to know her over the last few years of her life and to understand and like her. She seemed a bit out of control when I was younger, ethereal, not domesticated a lot of the time, and none too keen on clingy kids, which, given a bit of encouragement, would have been me. Parent child relationships fascinate me, and having the privilege of being a grandmother now, means I get the chance to study this even more. Today my daughter asked me to be with her as she tackled a sensitive school issue for her son. She was proud of my support,and that makes me feel like a success story. Moons? My mums was Gemini, daughter’s is Pisces (my Sun sign, although her asc is Gemini) and mine is Aries, the sign of my mum’s ruler planet Venus, which is perhaps why mum was a tomboy and not a domestic goddess. I love being cosy and domestic, and cuddly.

  28. I don’t know my mothers natal aspects. However she’s a sun Virgo, moon Leo
    I am a Sun Sadge, moon Aqua opposition Leo Uranus. My mother is INSANE!!!

  29. My mother was very abusive to me on and off during my childhood. Her big thing in life was her social life and trying to impress people, and if anything threatened her being anything less than wonderful to people she wanted to impress, I was screamed at, sometimes hit. By the time I was in the 7th grade, she became impossible. She was sarcastic and nasty to me, and beat me. It escalated to regular fits of temper and beating me till I couldn’t quit crying by the time I was 13, and she didn’t seem satisfied till I was on the floor sobbing–then she would stomp off. She was never happy with my father, and my dad told me she was never happy with ANYTHING. I ran away at 15, only to get into trouble and be sent back to my abusive mother. Her afflicted Saturn in Pisces falls on my sun and moon. And my sun and moon in Pisces are squared by Saturn. My moon is also squared by Pluto. I have always been afraid of my mother’s disapproval and horrible temperament and have avoided her as much as possible my adult life.

  30. Hi, My mother and I didn’t get along very well for many years. Mostly because I moved out when I was 13. Because I was tried of being her. Which didn’t end well for my siblings. My mother is a cancer. My mother loved cursing me with the motherly curse and I told her to bring it on. Well I got a mini me more then I could ever imagine. Same sun Pisces, same moon Aries and almost same Chinese Zodiac Rat but with different elements. She amazes me more & more every day. I have strangers coming up to us all the time telling me how much she is like me. My question though is we have the same moon sign mine being 01 degrees/ her 28 degrees and I don’t want her to grow up with the same feelings that I have for my mother. When in public she will let others help her, but if I try she gives me the same saying over and over. ” I got this, mom”. Extremely annoying but I try to step back. How do I keep her from feeling that way about me or is it impossible for her to feel the same? I tried for hours on the web to try to understand how your moon sign says you relate to your mother, just kept coming back here. Still kinda clueless, which is something I hate feeling. ^_^ Thank you!!!!

  31. Difficult. Equal parts close and wonderful and terrible and tumultuous and suffocating. She was a great young mom –she baked and doted on me. But then I spent nearly half of my childhood away from her after an unexpected separation and I’ve never been able to recoup the relationship after our reunion in my teens. By the time I saw her again, she was a different person -angry, socially anxious, distant, accusatory, and toxic. I then ran away from home to stay away from that environment.

    Natally: Moon in Gem conjunct Venus and Mars in square to Saturn, sextile Jupiter. I can deal with Her in small doses.

    Her Aries Sun squares my Mercury and her Cancer moon conjuncts my Sun.

  32. My mum’s not giggly. Or chirpy. She’s a cap sun….all business all the time! Incidentally my moon’s in cap, conjunct her sun. So I do get why she does what she does. ?

  33. I have an Aquarian moon. My mom has a Scorpio moon. Times were rough growing up because her way of parenting was very possessive and I wanted independence. After I moved out everything’s peachy. I love her.

  34. I have a Scorpio moon. My mother was a Capricorn moon, she was quite abusive and controlling and very jealous of anyone she perceived as having more than she did. If I did anything she thought made her look bad in front of others, she turned her rage full blast on me. She was so charismatic and warm you never would have known what she was capable of unless she lost it with you too.

  35. I have 2nd house Scorpio moon trine Cancer Venus in 10th. I love my mother and her side of the family deeply. It is an unbreakable bond. She’s always been by my side when things get tough. However, with Scorpio Saturn conjunct my moon and Leo Sun/Mars/Mercury squaring it….she was always working and I rarely saw her as a child. I could only see her if I came to her job. I was raised by my super strict grandmother at home. I really disliked my dads side of the family due to the family business and making my parents work so damn much. My grandmother was my mother too in a sense. She did all the cooking, worrying and nagging while my mom worked.

  36. I am a Libra Sun/Pisces Moon/Aquarius ASC. My mother was a Gemini Sun/Aries Moon/Virgo ASC. Zero connection. However, I think my daughter and her grandmother would have gotten along well. My daughter is a Libra Sun/Gemini Moon/Aries ASC.

  37. My moon is in Gemini, 10th house. Opposed by 4th house Saturn and squared by my Sun and Asc. My mother’s moon is in Virgo at 12 degrees and falls in-between my asc at 11 degrees and my sun at 13 degrees.

    My Mom just died on August 28th. She was a very good Mom. A little harsh in her communication but overall she was a great Mom and I did not appreciate her as I should have. I was a spoiled, self-centered, entitled brat.

    Please love your Moms.

    • The loss of a parent brings up a lifetime of emotion. Missing the person you consider A Very Good Mom must be painful especially if communication was prickly at times. It is clear you loved her and if that is obvious to us, SHE would have known as well. Don’t be too hard on yourself as you look back…tread softly as you exam the past.

      • Thank you, Siobhan. She had a horrible childhood, and I mean horrible. She tried her best to correct the wrongs that were done to her, to make our (her kids) childhood the best it could possibly be. Her only fault really was going too far overboard and as I said a little harsh in communication. She always meant well, though. She died of Alzheimer’s disease. I tried my best to help her through the hell she endured the past 6 and 1/2 years and did all I could for her. I wish I could have done more. Nothing worked to stop the disease, but I tried to make her life as good as I could. I’m so thankful I had this time with her and I feel we mended a lot of things before she passed.

  38. Mom was Pisces moon I am Capricorn. My Mom and I missed out on a potentially close relationship. There’s a photo I cherish of me at 4 looking up at her in my mother/daughter 50’s dress. Unfortunately that changed with serious stresses on the family and Mom having a nervous breakdown at work late one night. She was carted off for shock therapy which caused many problems. But she was strong and moved through it all. Yet I knew I was responsible for her issues. Before my dad died, he was saddened to learn I believed that as he tried to hide that thought from me. Years later, around the age of 50 (me), Mom told she learned her long-time shrink was an alcoholic who convinced her I was the root of her problems, because he and his daughter clashed. I wish I had been in a place where that might have melted our conflicts but I only reached that emotional conclusion after she was gone.

    • Most Pisces moons have issues with reality, usually expressed through an addiction of some sort. So you shouldn’t blame her breakdown on yourself, regardless.

      Hope you are in a good place. This sure is a popular thread (12 years and counting) and if you’ve read even half of the comments (I’ve gotten through 3/4) you will realise that the overwhelming majority have problems with their mothers.

  39. The moon signs are the least of our mother~daughter issues, although her moon is in Capricorn. We have a lovely (facetious) t-square in our synastry…her Saturn squares my Sun and opposes my Moon! We have weakened sympathy between us and I find her unjust, critical, unkind, jealous, selfish, demanding, and total disregard for my feelings. Granted, this is from my perspective and not hers. I detached long ago to have a healthy and happy life 🙂

  40. My mom; Pisces sun,12th house Gemini moon, Gemini rising is NOT self reflective and does not take personal responsibility- she has always painted herself into the victims corner and she is never sorry. Her motto is life happens -go forward.
    I’m looking at her mother’s chart now Scorpio sun, Libra moon, Scorpio rising and I know my grandmother didn’t give my mom any personal space growing up and she was not warm and fuzzy either. I know my mom did her best and I don’t think mothering came easy. She gave me lots of space and not much direction – which I wouldn’t of taken anyway -but we usually had a lot of laughs and fun -still do. I am Gemini sun, Libra moon, Capricorn rising – so I got to be a little adult at a very young age and help mom with my youngest siblings. Our biggest problems came when I was 19 and she didn’t know what to do with me working two jobs and putting myself through college so she kicked me out because she didn’t want me to have it too easy. I can laugh about this now but at the time I was devastated. This event changed our relationship I didn’t speak to her for many years and when I finally forgave her it was no longer a mother daughter relationship we are more like old friends. I love her and I know I can’t trust her judgment.

  41. My moon is in sagittarius, in the 10th, conjunct mercury. Mother and I have always been pretty close, dialogue openly with each other and she’s always been very involved in my education (she’s a librarian, so she read for me as kid and books have always been a thing in our home. I also got a private school scholarship from elementary through high school because she worked there and that was a key factor in getting me into a good university). Still, she can be domineering (try being the only child of an 8th house taurus sun and you’ll know what “possessive” means). Her own moon is in gemini in the 9th, opposite mars, and I’ve witnessed firsthand how she experiences her own mother as detached, two-faced people user (grandma is aqua sun with moon rising in aries). It also shows in our opposite emotional responses (she’s a bit too cold-blooded by my standards).

  42. My mum has never been … loving (to anyone).

    I’m Taurus. My moon: in Virgo, conjunct Pluto/Uranus/asc.
    She’s Capricorn. Her moon: in Leo, conjunct Pluto.

    She’s an evil narcissist, tyrannical, cold, uncaring for anybody (except for what society thinks). A few years ago I and my two sisters accidentally discovered tons of legal proof that she had been committing various financial frauds against all three of us. She simply denied it all. I no longer speak to her.

    An interesting point: when I was little, the only ONE thing I admired about her was that she looked after older relatives. Only later in life I realised she did that to obtain inheritance from them (and she succeeded every time).

  43. My Capricorn sun and moon mother was always concerned about older relatives as well. Capricorn compassion is often a calculated move, it’s not about your well-being, it’s about how shoring up your well-being serves their purposes towards a personal goal. Fine in a boss, horrible in a parent.

  44. Moon in Aquarius in the 2nd house. Square my Venus&Pluto. Conjunct my Saturn. Opposite my Chiron. It is exactly sextile my sun.

    My mother is not nurturing or sane. She is not loving. She is not empathetic. She is creative. She is wild. She is intense. My mother is a Leo sun, Virgo moon, Taurus rising. Mars in Leo as well as a 5th house stellium with many planets in Virgo.

    My step-mother is more of a mother to me than my mother has ever been. She is a Scorpio sun, Libra moon, Gemini rising. Venus in Scorpio like me. Our relationship has been very healing. Oddly enough, she also has a 5th house stellium.

    • Your conjunct Venus with your stepmum’s means you have very similar tastes and values and that adds to the relationship. Those with stelliums (admittedly like myself and my mom) have concentrated energy in one part of the chart. We obsess over that area of our lives and how this manifests depends on sign and aspects to stellium, Natal, by progression and transit.

      Moon on Aquarius, indeed planets in Aquarius, tend to go against normative gender expectations. I know many Sun and Moon Aquas and I would not describe any to be typically male or female, so it comes as no surprise that mothering is so difficult for many of them. They want to be a friend, first and foremost, and feel gemmed in by transitional familial roles.

      I have a Leo Moon (part of a stellium and in aspect to many outer planets) and my daughter has an Aqua Sun conjunct Neptune. My son, has a Sag Sun conjunct Merc. Their perception of me has only partial bearing on who I am as a mother.

  45. My mother’s 9H Gemini Sun was conjunct my 4H Gemini Mars: yes, my Cancer-ruled Mars did NOT understand her Sagittarius-ruled Sun. However now, like her, I am a perpetual student and I thoroughly enjoy learning something new everyday.

  46. My Moon is conj Pluto in Virgo. My mom encouraged me to be healthy but I was born premature and was in an incubator for a month with a 50/50 chance of living. Never really got to bond with my mom. She was a bit unpredictable-homey and sweet one day-in a bad mood and punishing the next if I riled her in anyway. She did have a cruel and critical side. But she was my mom-and I did lover her.

  47. My mother was gentle and saved her words, she never asked anyone for anything, nature was her lover. When I would see her at a distance,I wanted to look like her.She is with me
    In every day, she is in her after life.

  48. My Gemini Moon is in the 8th house, square the Sun, opposite Neptune, trine Venus and trine Pluto. It’s 10 degrees away from Mars in the 8th.

    My mother is intense, resourceful, powerful in the family, insightful, interested in many subjects, very loving, neptunian (imaginative, confused, found in many victim/saviour dynamics), can be manipulative and can be quite needy with blurred boundaries.

    Having (and important, keeping) boundaries with her – and also respecting her boundaries – is what eventually worked to have a better relationship with her.

    She is an Hades Moon mum for sure so it’s never light yet nor she or I are ‘light.’ Yet I, at least, acknowledge this fact whereas she’s quite unaware of her emotional power and intensity.

    • Wait. I’m wrong – she’s aware of her power.

      A better way of explaining her is that she says she’s more of a wallflower/innocent when all in the family experience her intensity and power subtly yet clearly.

      Hades Moon…

  49. My Moon is in Scorpio in the tenth House, my Mother has her Moon in Aries in the third house aspecting my tenth.

    Well she thought she could run my career, and I don’t actually want one and never have.

    We certainly have had our battles and made our truces. Mars on Mars. It was not a warm and cosy relationship. There was never a lot of hugs.

    Nw its is more like two old consort battleships.

  50. My Moon is in Cancer in 12th house and squares my Uranus and Midheaven.
    I would say my mother’s real personality is hidden from the world and changes a lot. People would tell her how nice she is and she would honestly say that they were only seeing 1 to 2 sides of her.
    She has Aquarian Sun and Taurus Moon, very stubborn and kinda lazy, but does have a sweet side. I just never know if it is real or not.
    Like the woman said, she is my mother. I have learned many many times that she can’t be trusted :(, but I love her anyway.

  51. My Cancer Moon is conjunct my mother’s Pluto. She is also a Cancer Sun and Moon, and her MC is Cancer.

    My Cancer is 6th house, hers 10th house.

    She reigned over the household, I was but a servant.

    Yep, to outsiders she appeared a “sweet lady”. Reality, behind closed doors, was anything but sweet.

    We’ve both changed over the years, but we still don’t connect. We’re still trying though.

  52. My Mother: Aquarius Sun, Cap ASC, Gemini Moon

    DETATCHED, EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE, TWISTED TRUTH TO FIT WHAT SHE PREFERRED TO BELIEVE… a little delusional. However – strong as f*ck, didn’t take sh*t from anyone, and had a successful career in government. Was a single parent. Not the best at mothering by any means, and would remind me that “all your needs are met (housing, food, clothing) so be grateful”. Thank God I had a lovely woman that babysat me for the first 8 years of my life – she is who nurtured me and I have deep love for her. I still visit and keep in contact with her to this day after 44 years. She’s a Cancer Sun…

    • Welcome, Ann. Scorpio and Aquarius don’t oppose each other. You may mean they square each other.
      You’d have different emotional temperaments but it’s hard to say more without considering the whole chart(s).

  53. Moi: Sag (Nov 30)
    (Non)Mother: Viciously cruel, cluster B personality (Libra Oct 11) with inter-generational mother/daughter cutoffs (to the grave) and malignant narcissism.

    We are no contact.
    She has relations with her 2 granddaughters (sisters… also Libras Oct 11 and Oct 13 … 8 years apart).

    • Thanks to all the brave souls weighing in on the (non)mothering…
      To clarify… the grand-daughters are my (non)sister’s kids…(all no contact).

      One day, I am hoping to be married/partnered in a safe, loving relationship…

      I am giving Christmas gifts to area foster children and will take myself out for a swell Birthday on Saturday.

      There is great love here for you. 😀

  54. Biological mum X1 Still alive (never met) Adopted Mum 2nd (sent me back?!) 3rd Mum; Adopted Mum (Aquarius Sun) DIED (2 weeks before 11th Birthday)!!!
    I have a Scorpio Moon and no luck with Mums… Maybe in my next life I’ll have ONE really amazing kind loving Mum OR Not?
    It baffles me why I had such unfair trauma loosing 1 Mum is enough: But 3 WTF?!

  55. My moon is in Scorpio – conjuct Uranus!
    My mother…it’s complicated :D, not as complicated as Starwoman, but yes, I do have a deep mother wound

  56. Moon 4’Sag squared by Pluto in Virgo on the Desc. Need I say power struggle? She wanted in on all the details so she could advise. She had some conflicting feelings on being a Mom but did a bang up job really. I grew to respect women and obey the rules! As a Cap Sun Mom and A Gemini Son we did pretty well and saw life with the same values in many ways. Her Venus was also on my Moon so we both liked to stay active socially and sports wise. I have a Leo Stellium in loose trine to my moon.

  57. My Scorpio Moon is exactly conjunct my Mars, and 1.5 degrees from Mercury, and 2 more degrees from Neptune. My mother was a vindictive, hysterical bitch at home, ripping my hair out every morning while brushing it and me in pain and crying every morning for as long as I could remember, until I could brush my own hair.
    In front of the neighbors or my dad, she was a different person.

  58. I have a Scorpio moon conjunct Pluto in the 4th house. This is interesting to me as my mom does not have attributes that are usually associated with this placement. She is not controlling in the slightest nor is she manipulative. She is a Virgo sun/Capricorn moon. She responds to situations in a practical manner instead of emotionally-which I think was very helpful for me growing up as she served as a guide in managing my own intense emotions. This is something I have come to appreciate more the older I get. She is the first person I call when I need advice- in particular when I’m feeling overwhelmed by my emotions. She gives me plenty of space and respects my boundaries. Her own mother, however, though well-meaning was overbearing and controlling at times.

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