Your Moon, Your Roots, Your Culture: Boasting Italian

young italian“I saw her interviewed,” I told a pal. “She was nauseating,” I said. “Jeez, she’s like 50 something and still going on about her affair (with a fellow star) when she was 20. I bet that guy is sorry he ever got near that woman. Who know she’d still be going on TV, 30 years after the fact lamenting the loss of her love and her broken heart. It was sickening.”

She laughed.

“But men like her that’s for sure. The man I was with said I was just jealous when I complained about her. Yeah, she is tall and blond and skinny and he thinks every woman wants to be tall and blond and skinny. I thought it was ridiculous.”

“Yeah that is.”

“Right but there was no telling him. That was what he liked. That was what he thought was ideal but it doesn’t mean others agree. For chrissakes, I am Italian! Italians love being Italian. Matter of fact, have you ever met an Italian in your life who didn’t think they were the greatest thing ever?”

She laughed. “No.”

“Exactly. We all think we are the best thing ever so I don’t know what he was talking about thinking I wanted to be something other than Italian. It was just plain insanity. If there was ever an arrogant culture, it’s mine. Italians like themselves tremendously, we just can’t help it. We especially like to hear our own voice, we think we’re hysterically funny and if you don’t, we don’t care. I mean, if you were Italian you’d not have this trouble with your bad feeling and if you’re not Italian, well I’m sorry but what do you want me to do about it? Maybe next life you’ll have a little better luck.”

Name some things that are characteristic of your people.


Your Moon, Your Roots, Your Culture: Boasting Italian — 17 Comments

  1. I’m Italian, albeit only half…but I did grow up around my mother’s side of the family…all Italian, all the time.
    I love your stories of Italian pride. I sometimes feel shameful that I don’t look Italian enough. But it doesn’t bother me, cause I know I am and everyone knows I am cause I can’t keep my mouth shut about it.

  2. I once dated a “half” Italian man (the other part is Spanish) and he ONLY claimed he was Italian – despite the Spanish last name. I also know a few part Italian people that claim this and do not claim the other part so much…

  3. The soldier is roughly 1/8 Italian and claims it. In contrast he is about 3/8 Arab and does not identify.

    His son however does. He speaks Arabic actually so very strange.

    Chart of the republic of Italy coming up!

  4. I remember when HQ (American and Asian mix) informed me that most (polite) people do not laugh at their own jokes.

    I was appalled he would complain about this most jolly trait!

  5. I’m Italian too, my family is a trip. Last month we were all at my great-Aunt’s house enjoying some chicken Parmesan when we got into a conversation about how rolling spaghetti on a fork is an art form. When you grow up eating pasta you get it down pat–no stray noodles, no danglers, perfectly portioned, no spoon. It’s instinct. I watched my ten year old cousin eat pasta like a pro while I as busy spilling sauce all over my white shirt.

    The hospitality was staggering at that dinner party but I realized this is just standard. I casually mentioned wishing there had been steak served at the previous day’s wedding and next thing I know I have a perfect medium rare steak sitting next to my already full plate. “What do you want to drink?” “What do you have?” “What do you WANT?”

    Italians will keep you full and happy and in good company.

  6. “Italians will keep you full and happy and in good company.”

    Yes, and if you don’t agree it’s because something is wrong with you, 😉

    You should eat more pasta or something. Something!

  7. Hahahhahah I loved all the time I spent in Italy, and enjoyed all the Italians I met (even when I didn’t like them I enjoyed them!).

    My background is Irish (both parents) and I’ll own the ability to tell and enjoy a good story (all those Poet’s and bards) and a night at the bar. I think the Irish are very dramatic, their arts and culture scene is huge and there is definitely a focus on developing some sort of talent (an insturment, dance, acting, oratory). And I can dance, lemme tell ya.

    And while I have a streak of the Irish, I grew up and feel very canadian. I have (probably too much) faith in my government, I like to save, I’m security oriented and the way the Irish threw money around while I live there? It was almost panic attack inducing (for me) God Forbid you tell anyone you’re *gasp* On A Budget! heheh. I relate to being self effacing and trying to out apologize the other guy. And I feel I’m explaining this very poorly hahahha I just feel very canadian. If nobody minds that is . . 😉

  8. Becca:

    I think Texans have the same “identification” as Italians lol! I’ve lived in Texas for six years and the culture identification is sooo strong!

    Although sadly, Texas did not suit my lifestyle/personality… Or just who I am.

    I’m one proud Canadian 😀

  9. And hell yeah I laugh at my own jokes! Sometimes I’m the only one but who cares, as long as somebody is, what’s the problem?

  10. Scottish here (foxxy my family cousins consider the irish folk–every last one–‘cousins’)…

    -no mincing words
    -pet names for everyone (still feel a twinge when I think of my now deceased aunt’s voice of the phone “hullo, hen!”)
    -overall, an indifference to Christmas
    -hogmanay as holiday of the year (aka NYE)
    -tendency to speak violently (‘I’d slit his throat’ is a favorite)
    -general feeling of kinship
    -biting sarcasm (every time I visited my relatives, i’d get SOOOOOO excited and end up crying in the first hour, bless ’em!!!)

  11. “Chart of the republic of Italy coming up!”

    Can’t wait for discussing it ! There are certain pretty interesting things going on with that chart right now, with the Jupiter/Neptunus/Chiron trining Uranus/Sun/North Node and opposing Mars…

    In addition, I’d suggest you looked at the chart of the PM Silvio Berlusconi, set for 09/29/1936 5.40 am Milan. He isn’t getting the heat only from the internal opposition and the foreign press. Very influential people in Italian business world, who’ve previously if not supported him, put up with him as a lesser evil, are not happy with the way the Italian government has dealt with the global recession. Which would be going to a deep denial telling Italians don’t have anything to worry about up until February/March, and then starting to tell that the worst is over.

  12. I’m italian… I’m happy to hear there are so many italians here 🙂
    it’ soo true: italians KNOW they are the best….and if you do not understand why, you will if you get a chanche to spend some time in Italy. We might look ridiculess from the outside (look at our president), but as far as loving we have very little to learn.
    My italian pride 🙂

  13. hahahah, my moon is in virgo. But I am a quarter Italian and I love being Italian. BTW, the most kickass female attorneys are Italian Americans. I know this from experience working in Chicago.

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