Your Lunar Return & the Stellium in Pisces: February / March 2013

There will be a huge stellium in Pisces the latter part of February and the early part of March. You definitely want to note the house in your natal chart, where all these planets will fall. That house will be super energized and sensitized.

I already mentioned paying close attention to your solar return if you’re having your birthday in this time frame. But today it occurred to me, it would be worth looking at your lunar return during this period as well.

I thought of this when I looked at my own lunar return for this period and found all the planets in Pisces on a angle. Whatever houses will be impacted in your chart(s), expect things to be nebulous and I am talking FOG of all FOGS.

Faith is a strong play here. I know many struggle with this, but if there were ever a time to develop your ability to transcend, this is it.

Order your solar return report here. Or your lunar report here. If you want your lunar return that included this stellium, just make a note on your order and I’ll be sure to send the right month.

How comfortable are you with Pisces energy?

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Your Lunar Return & the Stellium in Pisces: February / March 2013 — 38 Comments

  1. I’m not sure. I prefer Neptune in Pisces over Neptune in Aquarius, even if it’s still going through my 12th house. But then, I really did not like Uranus in Pisces going through my 12th house. I feel more comfortable with Uranus in Aries in the 1st house, which helps me stand up for what I want instead of wallowing in self-pity.

    I guess I’ll find out…

    The Pisces stellium will either be in my 12th house or my 1st house.

    So what is the best way of dealing with this stellium transit? Is it to have faith that things will work out, even if things appear confusing?

  2. It’ll be in 4th house where my Pisces moon trines my natal Venus in Cancer and my Scorp Asc…I’m going to be flooded out this time just have to follow the flow

  3. Right in my thinking box nudging up to the IC. Awesome! LOL. Moratorium on thinking for about a month! I’m down with that. I have water damage insurance on my apartment….

  4. this falls in my 12th.
    fog and pain is what i feel- with no explanations. looking forward to spring – when all this energy moves to my 1st…

  5. 2nd house. But the Sun is in the 1st, and Venus is still in Aqua. The Moon herself will be in the 6th. So, I’m guessing service will be emphasized.

  6. Neptune is in my 7th, but the rest of them will be in my 8th, along with my natal Chiron and Mars. My father just passed away last week, so there’s been lots of focus on death and dying. My Solar Return for 2012 had my Sun in the 8th house, and a large part of my life last year (5 months) was going to visit my Dad in Hospice everyday, and watching everyone around him die. Some quickly, and some not so fast. It was quite the experience. I’m also quite into reading all about life after death experiences….I always was before as well, but now it has resurged in a bigger way.

  7. I feel fairly comfortable with pisces energy, as it trines my sun/sextiles my moon. Add in I’m a 12th house sun that’s 1degree inconjunct neptune and I like the flow here. The pile up is in my 8th and I have natal pluto in aspect to my whole natal chart. So it’s feeling a lot like home to me,

  8. Ah well, I am in the midst of the last minutes of a Neptune/Sun opposition, which was just joined by Mars opposing said Sun. Honestly, I don’t think it could get any foggier!

  9. For Feb (only 4 planets), it’ll be in my 5th house. For March’s return, it’ll be in my 1st, with Mars just hopping over into the 2nd.

    Transiting Neptune has been opposite my Sun for a while. Saturn has also been square my Venus. Setting boundaries in a fog can be challenging times…:P

  10. In my natal it will be 8th/9th houses. In my Lunar Return it will be all in my 2nd if you use Placidus and 2nd/3rd with equal.

    Am I comfortable with Pisces energy? Not especially.

  11. My husband will have his birthday near the end of February. The transit stellium will be in his 6th. The solar return stellium is in his 4th.

    Our daughter, who’s birthday is the day beford his (she’ll be 10 this year!) has this transit stellium in her 11th house (going a bit into the 12th) with the solar return split between houses 6 and 7.

  12. I embrace Piscean energy. Anyhow, it falls in my second house and conjuncts my natal moon then trines a stellium of my inner planets in the fifth house. So what is going on? I am hoping (pisces) that my project I am investing in (money wise) will bear fruit so to speak in terms of a larger investment. Chiron and Uranus are transiting my 2nd house. Uranus in your second house really sucks though, I have to admit, it doesn’t bring any stability which is so annoying I literally want it to leave that house. I haven’t had a nice windfall as you can tell.

  13. Ew. I do not like this at all. Pisces is intercepted in my chart.. a little at the end of the 7th and on the cusp of my 8th AND 9th houses..AND all this will be transiting my south node on Pisces. Chiron included. That’s like quintuple wounding! Ew. Impacting Marriage, partnerships, sex, death, money, debt, inheritance, travel… ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. In addition to the fact that I’ve already got
    transit Saturn squaring my AC/DC axis. I dislike my Pisces energy. Ew.

    So, I’ll go have a cup of tea now. And a valium. 😀

  14. I have Moon in early Pisces…things have already been even foggier than usual since Neptune has been transiting over it.

    I guess I have more of this to look forward to, then. Moon is in my 10th where Neptune currently is, but everything else involved here is gonna end up in my 11th house, which I have no planets in. So this sounds like it’s gonna be ridiculous, but beyond that I’m not sure what to expect.

  15. Just ordered a Solar Return! Looking forward to seeing what it has to say!

    As for that stellium… it’s gonna be over my 2nd house. I don’t like the idea of that but then, hey, I’ve got my South Node there, so I can do FOG there no sweat! With my eyes closed! My 2nd house survives EVERYTHING, EVERY TIME. (But it’s good to know that FOG is coming. I’ll just take a chill pill and ride it out. Thanks for the heads up!)

  16. I’m already in a fog…I have no water in my chart; perhaps time I got to understand this energy that causes me to turn to steam. Stellium in my third house, Neptune is going through my 2nd. Got rid of a conman/energy vampire 9 months ago. OK, bring it on.

  17. @Maria: “I’m already in a fog” -empathize wholeheartedly with you. When the Pisces full moon of last February hit, it created a HUGE fog in my life. One that has *just* started dissipating about a month ago. Like I just threw out all rules and structure regarding my life and being c’est la vie. My Virgo Saturn hated that! But like you said… Better to be prepared! At least I know this time around. My lunar return shows an amply packed and huge 1st house that is about 85 degrees big! And with the ac right on top of the Aquarius new moon on Feb 10 -over my 7th, 8th and 9th houses– I’ve got my arms up in $&it that needs to be unearthed and dealt with. Just the fog clouding things over will make it a bit more difficult and hope I make the right decisions 🙂

  18. Fog is right! Hoping it’ll be less dense this time around than the Pisces new moon back in Feb 2012 but my lunar return shows all this stellium in my 1st lunar return house that overlays my 7th, 8th and 9th houses (Yes, all 3)… Must deal with whatever is under there when the fog is lifted. Eek!

  19. Wow! Totally love the Solar Return I just got from you, Elsa! VERY, VERY useful!!!

    I’m already 4 months into my Solar year, and the info in this report will help me focus on the right things for the remaining 8 months. When you UNDERSTAND the energies playing out, it is so much easier to adapt and adjust your attitude.

    So easy to understand and so friggin bang on. It REALLY reflects what’s going on for me this year (eerily so!). I can WORK WITH THIS!!

    So: ~thank you!~

  20. Hm. It’ll be in my fifth, but I’ve found that if I don’t have any planets in a house (and I have none in fifth), then I am not affected. Nothing dramatic about romance, creativity, or children will happen to me in March–I’d probably bet money on it if I were the sort to actually bother to place bets. Weird but true.

  21. With a chart very heavy with earth and air signs, this Pisces stellium is throwing me… not a curve ball but maybe a much different but somewhat daunting vibration.

    I’m being pressed to think with my heart more than my head, and it’s kind of weird. However, I see many instances in my life where I missed out on so much because I was way too cerebral in my approach. (Virgo Sun and Mercury in the early degrees). Since this stellium occurs in my 10th house, it is especially manifesting itself in my career where I see I need to give more affect and heart to not seem like too business-like!

    • Gem, sorry you went in the spam filter. As to your question, it depends on your Moon sign. You can buy the report and tell me you want the pisces stellium report and I’ll figure it out. 🙂

  22. Right now all this is in my 10th… T Uranus is also in my 10th with T Neptune conj my MC.

    I’m nervous. lol. It’s also squaring all my stuff in Sag- Merc, Sun, Neptune, Mars and DSC.

    The only thing I have in Pisces is the South Node, which will be conj the New Moon on March 11th.

    All this is in my Solar Return 7th house…

    This year I will be graduating with a Photography degree and moving out to Colorado to kick off my career as a travel, landscape, architecture photographer. I did live out there in 2008/2009 but came home to Ohio to take care of my terminal ill grandma.

    Did I say I’m a little nervous? lol. 🙂

  23. Yup, I was born March 18th 1971, and having just experienced an emotionally traumatic 2011-2012, the SR 2013 symbolises…CHANGE. Inner Work and Transformation…together with Outer.

    I say this as I’ve 9 – yes, 9 – planets in my 12th House Pisces. So, flowing from the boundary of the 1th House to the left of the chart:

    * Neptune in Pisces, natal 11th Sagittarius.
    * Mercury in Pisces, natal 3rd House Ares.
    * Chiron in Pisces, natal 3rd House Ares.
    * Venus in Pisces, natal 1st House Aquarius.
    * Sun in Pisces, natal 2nd House.
    * Mars in Ares, natal 1st House Capricorn cusp 12th House Sagittarius.
    * Uranus in Ares, natal 9th House Libra.
    * Eris in Ares, natal 3rd House Ares.
    * Pallas Athena in Ares, natal 2nd House cusp Pisces.

    I’ve delved into the aspects, and I’ve Sun Opposition Pluto natal … Pluto in the 8th House Virgo (I reckon the Hellenistic Astrologers terms the 2nd House well, as the ‘Gates of Hades’) … and my intuition on this is to recognise, acknowledge, and accept the Shadow aspects of Pysche which are represented by the planets resident in the 12th House. A Depth / Archetypal Astrology method has helped me in leaps-and-bounds, and there’s plenty more inner work to be on with. I’ve started using Active Imagination, together with facilitating dialogues with and between these archetypes. A deeply humbling process :{/

    That said I hope this a. makes sense to others here, b. helps others!



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