Your Instinctive Response To Trauma (September 11th)

I wrote about suffering an emotional jolt a few days ago. I was talking to a friend today, about my immediate response to this trauma – Emotional Jarring. It was tears.  But I collected myself in about ten minutes.

I then went right up to the source, cutting by everyone, damned near pushing people aside.  I wanted to talk to the injured party. The victim. I’m some of the collateral damage.

I asked the person if I might be able to help them. I told them what I had, that I might be of value to them. I was relieved when my offer was accepted.  I left to go fulfil my promise, that minute.

I think this is telling.  Who are you, really? It reminds me of an old thread in the forum, some New Yorker asked people to state what they did when they heard the news on 9/11.

Personally, I was at home with two small children. Same thing. I saw the news and started crying. I felt a lot of panic.

I was supposed to take my daughter to school, but I did not know what was going on and did not want to be separated so I gathered up both kids and went to give blood.

Seriously. I was in line to give blood within 15 minutes of the second plane hitting.

It seems that looking at something like this has a lot of value in that it shows you your core personality. When everything is stripped away, I want to help and be of use.

What is your instinctive response to trauma?  Where is the Moon in your chart? Also, can you give an example?

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Your Instinctive Response To Trauma (September 11th) — 16 Comments

  1. Virgo moon, first house. Shock, needing to get the facts, then I break down and sometimes cry. And then I need to do something, whatever needs to be done.

    It’s been 19 years but I was driving home to visit family for Easter and during my drive my father took a sudden bad bad turn and went from the nursing home to the hospital (he had cancer). I went directly to the hospital to meet my mother and brother. They were talking about what to do, as he had pneumonia. I asked to speak to his doctor immediately, having the staff call her at home, to ask what the different treatment options meant, as he was dying. Basically, everything would only be prolonging the inevitable. My mother wanted us all the be ok with whatever decision was made. But I needed all the information firsthand. My father hung on for several hours until my sister came in from Memphis and we were able to be with him, communicate with him even though he was not 100% responsive.

  2. My Moon is in Gemini and in the 4th, in February, when my father in law died suddenly, I called 911 and had them come to get him and the coroner came to pronounce him dead and he was taken to our family friend for arrangements. I also did the calling of the other family members to inform them of the passing. It was shocking and no one believed me and kept asking if I was sure. I let them know that I was very sure.

    Now, my first reaction at learning the news, was to scream and fall in the floor, but after that, I did the phone thing.

    And in all traumatic instances that we have been through, I am the one to come to and talk things out and talk about the memories and good times to try to help deal/cope with the crap happening.

  3. I was there for 9/11. I know some people that have PTSD from it. I emotionally detached. Although I was part of it I feel like I lived it through a movie for lack of a way to better describe it. 11th house Aqua moon.

  4. This is true:I had a dream b4 it happened,woke @ 0300 hrs, absolutely terrorized. I saw smoke and people running and screaming. I woke my dearest friend who lived states away from me, and she calmed me down. It was August. A few weeks later I was training my GSD girl dog to jump hurdles. I felt something was not right with her, but the tainers blew off my concern. Few days later, I knew it…called Animal E.R.and told them “I’m bringing in my German Shepherd AND she is bloating..we’ll be there in 5 minutes!” Long story short, her life was saved at that facility. She had to recover at an inpatient Vet Hospital about 15 miles away. It was September 11 when I was on the road to bring my Girl Dog home when I heard on the car radio NPR the first report that a plane hit the World Trade Center. In the middle of this time frame, I also had a dream of a life long friend from high school who was in the USArmy during the Vietnam Conflict…in the dream he was leading us out of a city filled with smoke. I rarely, almost never, post here, because even though I’ve followed Astrology for eons, I don’t think I can comment as well as you all. I think I’m better with dreams. Actually, I have a good aspect at this time for Intuition. Sorry so lengthy, but our Collective Soul remembers September 11. All the best to all of you, and I learn a lot from your posts and thank you for sharing ?

  5. Weirdly enough, I actually donated blood right before the attack. I drove to the gas station afterwards, and everyone was running around shouting about how there was going to be a war. I was in college at the time, and went to the student center and watched people leaping from the building and cried. Spent the rest of the week gathering information, watching all the news coverage. Told my friends and boyfriend at the time that it was going to lead to a war in Iraq which they scoffed at. But I could tell watching the news coverage that because the news anchors kept mentioning Iraq in the same breath as Afghanistan, most people would come to believe they were connected.

    Gemini Moon in the Ninth House, conjunct the North Node. Stellium in Cancer. First House Saturn conjunct Pluto trining the Moon. I have a strong intuition for the darker side of life.

  6. No tears here, it’s anger. Sometimes really fierce anger.
    I haven’t thought of this before, but yes, my instinctive (initial) response is anger. I shall have to analyze this.
    Moon in Scorpio 3rd house, squaring Pluto, trining Uranus.

    • Well… good question. I guess I might not have specified that. The moon shows what you know is true about yourself, close in. It is your deepest self.

      But I suppose a person might react to trauma with their Mars – fight or flight? So the moon might be personal to me.

      I mean, I ACT. My Mars takes action, swifter than most. But I am driven by my moon. 🙂

    • Oi vey,

      I was 13 in 2001. I went to school that afternoon very dazed, so when I heard the news it didn’t really register. That was because the night before I had really harmed myself after a personally traumatic moment with my Mom. I had cut ‘Death’ into my right thigh because that’s how I felt and that’s how I felt I was seen by my family, someone who wasn’t alive. (really it was me surrounded by deadened people, but I didn’t realize that at the time.)
      I’d just had a Mars return and Mars that day went into my first house. Moon opposite my natal 12th house mars, inconjucnt my first house natal moon.

      Thankfully I’m long past that kind of behaviour and can look on it with a lot of compassion, but wowza

  7. Gemini moon in the 12th here. I tend to be quite calm and logical in response to trauma. It might be a defense mechanism but I tend to detach emotionally. Talking is always a comfort. When I want to help others I try to get them to talk things out. However sometimes I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and that thing I thought I was feeling ok about will come back and haunt me (possibly some unresolved and hidden 12th house feelings).

  8. My moon is 25 cap as a part of a grand trine with my sun and merc over there in taurus and My pluto early libra. I am the one who talks everyone down. I am the voice of reason when any crisis arises.

  9. 9/11 was a particularly awful trauma for me…My religious upbringing was challenged (I had to develop my own spirituality, especially since Islam is in an austere and stagnant phase…and frankly that was really hard, I’m glad astrology filled the void that none of the religions was able to fill for me), my family got damaged by that event (two family members never recovered, it’s too awful to even describe), and in order to deal with all the hate in different geographic contexts (anti-Americanism because a Republican was president, and anti-Arab (in the French context, ethnic Moroccans, Algerians and Tunisians are kind of lumped together, in this case, it’s ethnic Tunisian) sentiment in a French-Japanese school during Pluto in Sagittarius and Saturn in Gemini), I responded by trying to be the best student in class…which only worked when I got good grades (when I feared getting a bad grade, or got one, I was devastated…). The Saturn return in Sagittarius definitely had echoes of this, where I had to find a way to define myself in different hateful contexts, what my spirituality really was…Frankly, if there is a reason why I had to experience all that awfulness, it was to karmically understand the personal effects of geopolitical events on people’s identities, sense of self…So I know how to respond cautiously, but also more fairly to other ethnicities who may be involved in another conflict or diplomatic tension. Like for instance, if Russia has a conflict with the US, that must be dealt with, but I understand that Russian Americans have a balancing act to deal with, honoring their cultural heritage, still being themselves, but still needing to be loyal to the US, and still harnessing enough of their heritage to be an asset to the US in order to confront Russia.

    Otherwise, my Moon is in Sagittarius, so when I’m traumatized, I’m loud, I feel the need to talk to someone…

    • That sounds awful.I’m sorry you had to experience that. People felt so entitled and righteous about their bigotry at the time. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be on the receiving end of that.

  10. Moon in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn. There is always one in every family that steps in and makes sure everyone is safe, secure, and taken care of…I am that one. On 9/11 my children were at school and I went to get them and brought them home. My husband was active duty at the time and we both knew that life as we knew it would be forever changed because of his career. I did cry but only in front of my husband behind a closed bedroom door. I cried for all of the loved ones of the victims murdered that day.

  11. Another Gemini Moon, me. In 9th house, and, conjunct my Venus in Cancer (chart ruler, and in aspect to almost everything else in my chart).
    I can cry, no problem, and then get on with what needs doing. Or, not cry… but, as if I had, and then get on to what must. Doing, and discerning what needs doing, is the nut at the core.
    Example… hmm. My housemate, although well medicated, is still bi-polar. So, there are moments when I need to remember that, and not react to some of what he might say, until a day or two later. (We also have a Saturn Moon opposition, in synastry.)
    Longer term, longer ago, I keep a cool head, and consider what’s essential, in moments of crisis – again, probably because of the sister-planet – Venus, conjunct Moon – aspecting so many outer planets.

    PS Housemate, once again, sends his good wishes to you, Elsa. Funny, and true. As if you were his favorite author, although he has only heard what you wrote, from me. All the same…

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