Your Chart vs The Chart You Prefer

Recently, I did a natal report for a man, he became quite pissed.  To be candid, he was a total jackass; all because his chart was not want he expected.

I am totally capable of making a mistake. I can easily type in the wrong information. So can the person who is filling in the form. But in this case there was no mistake.

The man was carrying on. I get up at four am and it was late at night, but I got out of bed to try to sort it out. He sent a copy of his chart. It said he was born in Mexico, in 1964, with Daylight Savings Time.

There was no daylight savings time in Mexico in 1964. I explained this. I sent him a link to show him, I sent him a second report with a different house system…I just tried to make the guy happy.

He came back with a snotty note. Who do you think you are, ELSA. Do you know better than, *insert list of famous astrologers here*,  who have done his chart? Huh? What do you say to that..?

“I did not say I was better than any other astrologer. I said there was no Daylight Savings Time in your city in Mexico in 1964.”

I also sent him a report for the chart with the DST data. What the hell do I care? I sent him the charts as well, so he could see that one used Standard time, the other DST. Did he thank me? Apologize? Are you kidding?

More bitching. More insults. And then he asked me to teach him astrology.

This is when I quit responding. Clearly he was interacting with my hologram. Had he been in the room with me, he’d have realized I was ready to grab a rolling pin and clock him in the head with it.

Let me tell you something. I loved my progressed chart in Colorado. I was an Aries rising with Mars in Scorpio in the 8th house. I had Venus in Libra as well; 7th house – GO ME. Natural chart!

I moved here and became a Taurus rising…

I still have the chart ruler in it’s own sign. I still have Mars in his own sign, but I lost my natural chart, which I loved. Ugh.  I wanted to deal-make at the time. You know. Grieve!

But looking at my progressed chart, today, I can see it’s come to life. I am Venus-ruled with tons of Libra and I have never been more social in all my life.  Cripes, they send me greeting cards! I’m serious.

I have strong progressed 9th house planets, including Jupiter in Aquarius. I do a lot of church stuff, these days. Group stuff that is new to this area.

I have a 5th house Moon and I am the Matriarch of a kid band…

It’s not that bad, see? Your real chart is your chart, regardless of your denial and / or foot-stomping.  However, I will send you whatever chart you dictate, because if you don’t care, I don’t care either.

Have you ever found out that your chart was not your chart? Were you pissed? Pissed at who?


Your Chart vs The Chart You Prefer — 36 Comments

  1. There’s no pleasing some people. Glad he’s not in my life!
    You’d think at his age he’d be a bit more self aware.

  2. I wonder if he would have been just as obnoxious in real life or if being face to face would have tempered his reaction. I’ve found this to be so. It is very easy to be an asshole on the internet but in a real conversation, people adjust their responses. But truth will out.

  3. The man was carrying on. I get up at four am and it was late at night, but I got out of bed to try to sort it out. He sent a copy of his chart. It said he was born in Mexico, in 1964, with Daylight Savings Time. There was no daylight savings time in Mexico in 1964.

    I actually have this problem with my mother. (New googling accidentally searching on 1948 gives me a non-Wiki site that says DST stayed in effect continuously from 1948 to late ’49. I guess that settles that. Merc Rx. Huh.)

    Can’t say I’ve ever gotten drunk and yelled at someone about it.

    [‘”Sir, I advise you to take that up with the government of Mexico.”‘]

  4. Well, people who lack self-awareness are bound to have blind spots. I see that total denial when I coach people. Maybe he wanted you to affirm what his fantasy self was instead of the reality. Did he have a lot of 7th or 12th planets where he might have projected or repressed some stuff? Anyways, good post as usual ?

  5. The story is quite funny from a distance. Seems also like the guy finally understood his first lesson in astrology, which was to look up the daylight saving times. I’m so glad that I’m not born in summer.

  6. My chart is my real chart. Only what astrologers say about it, isn’t true. There’s no doubt about the calculation. It’s only that most astrologers say and predict only good things, hide the bad things, and want every transit to have an effect. That’s how to produce a lot of nonsense.

    • For example my Seventh house. Three planets and Lot of Fortune in it, if you count ex-planets still as planets then six planets in it, if you strangely count Pluto but not the other ex-planets as planet then four planets in it. In any case there are many planets in my Seventh house. So most astrologers read that as many partners/spouses because otherwise one would have to be represented by many planets. But both is rubbish. Learn from an older source and you learn that the Seventh house is also the house of enemies. Reading many planets in house Seven as many enemies is correct. This can I tell by hard experience!
      Your chart reflects your life as soon as you removed the pink glasses!

  7. I made already two comments here, but I see it just now: the guy in this story had his chart already done by more than one other astrologer! What was the purpose of consulting one more? Had he felt that his chart was somehow wrong, perhaps due to calculation with non-existing daylight saving?

  8. I don’t know what I am reading here. How rude! How dares he. You have people everywere for everything!! Unconcious inner battle with himself that comes out like this? Or just a squat?

  9. I like my chart. The thing is I don’t see myself as the person that the chart shows. At least not completely. An astrologer I’ve been to several times actually told me what happened to me that I am not displaying my chart’s tendencies.

      • My female relatives. 🙂 Mother and grandmother, both Capricorns and my Venus sitting on top of my MC, squaring my ASC in Aries. I also have Chiron in the 1st house so it was easy undermining my self-confidence.

        • My Chiron is in my First house too. So I know what you’re talking about. But isn’t this exactly what your chart shows: Chiron in house One. And also Venus square ASC. These are you’re charts tendencies. They shouldn’t be overlooked. Relatives should be described in the chart too. Especially those with influence like the parents. Other people have relatives too and are also influenced by them. So if this would be enough to hamper astrological charts, then no chart would be accurate.
          So I think that you’re chart shows you, it’s only necessary not to overlook important parts like the Chiron placement.
          Venus at the MC sounds great by the way. Like career as model or somewhere in the beauty industry.

          • Thank you, you have a point. I recently talked to an astrologer who pointed out that the Chiron placement is what’s causing me so much problems with expressing myself. But then again, I wouldn’t be me without it, would I? 😉
            Beauty industry is where my hobbies lie, unfortunately not what I do. But it seems Venus square ASC is an aspect that helps with gaining weight so no modeling for me. 😉 Luckily though, my weight is always normal.

            • Venus helps gain weight? New to me. Usually Jupiter and his dignities (Sagittarius, Pisces, and Cancer) do that. Sure that you don’t have a Cancer rising or something?

              • No, just this specific aspect, squaring Asc – at least that’s what one astrologer told me. Looking at my life, well, I go through periods of gaining then losing weight.

  10. Some like to hunt and peck, seeking variety to glean info and pick out things that appeal. If someone feels what someone reads does not apply, absolutely nothing wrong with suggesting they study Astrology themselves, actually the best way to learn astrology is to use your own chart, argue with yourself.

  11. My country is so small my progressed chart doesn’t shift if I move ?

    Sometimes the truth is a hard pill to swallow. It can make us insecure, angry and on the defenses. This mam clearly had some unresolved scars (I know my moon-mars square so well) – and I’ve lashed out on people online before. I’m not proud of it but that’s how it is when you’re feeling stupid.

    • The progressed chart, which Elsa sometimes mentions, changes without moving. Choose progressions shown like natal at, then you get your progressed chart. Depends only on ‘age’.
      When you move, then you get a relocation chart. That’s what Elsa talks about when she says that she moved. doesn’t recommend relocation charts, but makes the most accurate calculations of relocation charts and you can meanwhile find even small villages in their database. Some people, who reported their experiences on different blogs, were able to improve their lives significantly by moving and considering their relocation charts.
      Sometimes moving within a small country can make a difference. What’s your country?

  12. My sister has a similar time problem. Our county changed its time zone from central to eastern in the year of her birth, 1960, at the end of daylight savings time. That autumn we went from CDT to EST, not changing the clocks in our house. Not all astro programs catch it, but use central time for the entire year. Sister caught it. Her wheel changed by an hour. The experience proved that she is indeed a Virgo.

  13. @Ines:
    (we ran out of space above)
    ”No, just this specific aspect, squaring Asc – at least that’s what one astrologer told me. Looking at my life, well, I go through periods of gaining then losing weight.”
    I think that’s quite normal? I know only few people, who stayed always in the same shape. Most disimproved.
    My ASC is square my Saturn under the horizon. This is like an evil twin of Saturn conjunct IC. So I think that the Venus square from above the horizon with the ASC must be like an evil twin of Venus conjunct MC. This should still be better than many other constellations. It should at least support a career in the beauty industry, maybe in one of the less grateful and less glorious jobs. Venus rules also other things like sweets, perfumes, tourism, …, but when your hobbies are already in the beauty industry…
    I’ve first read it in reports from others and meanwhile I can confirm from personal experience that transiting Orcus square natal Sun leads to loss of weight. That time were also the square of (transit) Uranus with (transit) Pluto they were trying to kill me, probably all three together including Orcus. So I’m not further than this in figuring out how to trigger the loss of some weight. I have a rather technocratic and not so much intellectual approach to astrology.

  14. Hello I am in a similar boat. I was born in 1992 in Mexico, before the use of day light savings. How do I go about finding the accurate natal chart?
    Thank you,

    • Most calculation programs automatically adjust for this. If you want to send me your data, I will send you your chart. as*****@gm***.com

      I need the name you want on your chart, date, time and city, where you were born. Do not make adjustments to the time. 🙂

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