Your Ability To Exercise Your Own Free Will

daisy asked on Astrology Problems:

“If a person has free will, does their ability to exercise it show in their chart?

If a person has free will, does their chart show which way they will choose based on certain patterns or aspects?

I’m thinking patterns or odds.”

This questions seems topical particularly with Uranus in Aries which is all about an individual asserting their free will.   It’s complex as written but it can be simplified by defining “free will”.

“Free will” to me, means you have the freedom to choose right wrong. This is an ability everyone has.

As for a chart revealing what choices a person will make, I don’t think this can be seen in a chart. I have seen people with inordinately hard charts take the high road. I have seen others with relatively few problems, point to their stubbed toe as a justification for choosing what they know is wrong.

Anyone else want to take a stab at this?



Your Ability To Exercise Your Own Free Will — 20 Comments

  1. Free will is such a sticky subject. In this society, we are led to think we are surrounded by a glut of choices, though I think the influence of those choices can be superficial.

    Mentally, emotionally, we have choices about how to face/perceive situations, though I can see where that might easily be colored by astrological characteristics. For instance, a Saturn-type might be more prone to looking at things from a pessimistic/cynical/realistic point of view.

    But there’s also the aspects of a person that “legitimate” science is still trying to pin down. It’s accepted now that nature and nurture cannot be separated, and both are powerful, yet it is still a puzzle how much influence each has. It’s also accepted that babies are born with temperaments (which I suppose could be tracked astrologically), and then there are the case studies where twins separated at birth go on to have the same career, and marry spouses with the same first name, name their dogs the same thing.

    Who would be comfortable with the thought that the name of your spouse is written in your DNA?

  2. My thoughts are heading in the direction of polarity and balance. With Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Libra I thinking id vs. super ego. You were unfair to me so I get to hit you. Elsa, you have seen people with hard aspects take the high road, would these challenging aspects be seen in charts with heavy Capricorn/Cancer. As in the past Cardinal Cross. Do transiting aspects light up a chart in a way that brings these stress aspects to the fore? Is it possible for a person to just not have the tools to take the high road? You were unfair to to me so I get to hit you. No you don’t get to hit me, you can let it go, you can transcend, you can go chop firewood. Is it possible to not do any of those things, and be id driven and just hit the person anyway?

  3. “Do transiting aspects light up a chart in a way that brings these stress aspects to the fore?”

    If I understand you correctly, you’re asking, will a Saturn transit make a person so the right thing. Answer is, I don’t know. This is where a person’s free will comes in.

    A person will feel pressure, yes. But how they respond to the pressure is determined by how they exercise their free will.

    “Is it possible for a person to just not have the tools to take the high road?”

    If they are mentally ill, then yes. But otherwise, I believe a person has this choice.

    “You were unfair to to me so I get to hit you. No you don’t get to hit me, you can let it go, you can transcend, you can go chop firewood. Is it possible to not do any of those things, and be id driven and just hit the person anyway?”

    It’s possible but I still believe this is free will. We all have impulses and we all have choices whether or not we act on them.

  4. I’m with you so far and going to take it a little further out. Pressure, now I am thinking Pluto. Is that lump of coal going to shatter or become a diamond? Do we have free will in choosing to shatter or shine, adapt or die?

  5. “Do we have free will in choosing to shatter or shine, adapt or die?”

    If a person is not mentally ill, I would say, yes.

    Free will to me means we have the freedom to make choices in our life – right or wrong. The degree of difficulty is irrelevant.

    Example – we have all been in love and had our heart broken. I do not believe this shatters a psyche. Yes it hurts, but you still know right from wrong. You still know it wrong to go over to the person’s house and grovel, or shoot them or whatever it is you’re going to do and you do have a choice.

    If you are in the habit of doing whatever you want, as opposed to what is right…well you’ll tend to continue. If you are in the habit of doing what is right, this becomes more automatic, over time.

  6. I agree that everyone is granted Free Will. Even when we are victimised, imprisoned and tortured I believe there is always a choice to make. It might be a choice between something bad and something worse, or life or death.

  7. I think someones chart can point to their recognition of their Free Will. My chart points to circumstances where all I have is my will. I would still take it for granted if I hadn’t had people try to destroy it. It can’t be destroyed imo.

  8. I used to be of the opinion that I didn’t need to hurt someone back, after they’d hurt me. That was the way I lived for a *long* time. When someone stabbed me in the back when I was nineteen, I didn’t say another word to them, I just totally ignored them – after my initial anger that was expressed without them being there, I didn’t do anything more.

    For the past two years, my temper has been huge, and I have lashed out when hurt. I have nursed grudges, and spent a lot of time arguing – and I hate it, but I can’t seem to help it most of the time. During this time, I would class myself mentally ill, and I’ve had Pluto in my 3rd, and Saturn in my 12th. I’ve held on to some integrity, but you know what? my sister and I are both not dealing well with tempers or each other – although yesterday, I handled her and everything else just fine. Two day ago, the cops were called, because we were, and have been, arguing so much. that has never happened to either of us before, and out charts have been hit a lot by eclispes (especially me – right on my Moon/Venus/South node, square Mars in the 4th). the uranus/pluto square hits both of us, and pluto is creating a grand cross for me, with uranus adding to it. It’s frightful, and upsetting, and I don’t recognize my world anymore.

    How are you supposed to deal with this, when you usually do the right thing, but you’re so stuck in it, and you feel like you’re sinking? I was supposed to try starting a free therapy thing last month, but I didn’t get back to them in time. I mostly feel fine when I know I’m not stuck, but hemmed in with someone who has a searing hatred of me (that wasn’t there before), who also isn’t dealing well with all of this? I’m *trying*. I can only replant the vegetable plants in the garden so many times, otherwise they won’t grow anything. We’re stuck together, and I fear what comes next. Two years ago – last year – I thought I would be dead by now. I’m having such trouble handling things. I’ve felt like a diamond turning into a lump of coal.

  9. Free will -freedom of humans to make choices that are not determined by prior causes or by divine intervention – dictionary
    Would this be another name for sovereignity of the soul? Or does it also describe independence from all outside and inside sources to be able to make a choice. To see clearly the horizon over the inner and outer turmoil.

  10. Okay, I’ll go for your definition because according to both Vedic tradition and Kabbalah man does not have the kind of free will most people think they have. The *only* choice you have is between right and wrong. Everything else is fate.

  11. I feel that Free Will comes from the Soul’s communication of where it “needs” to be and go.

    I feel that Free Will is so strong, self directed that it just has to do it. ANd it’s very aware of its self as it operates, plans, progresses.

    whether it moves in a right or wrong direction is another thing entirely – because it’s FREE and it sure Will.

  12. Our charts and the transits to it our fated. You aren’t going to change that. But, what we do with that energy is free will. Everyone has the freedom of how they will react in a situation– Even if they don’t have a choice of encountering the situation in the first place.
    You can observe someone’s behavior for a lifetime and try to predict (based on their chart and past behavioral problems) how they will choose to respond in a situation and you might guess right. But, that person always has a choice (whether they know it or not) to respond in a totally unpredictable way.

  13. There are systems – Islam, Vedic for example – which claim we have little or no free will and that all our acts are fated. I don’t believe this – it renders human life meaningless in the extreme. Are we mere ants?

    I believe we have a great deal of free will in every area. Our moral sense and our degree of pride or humility, or greed or our altruism, and dozens of other considerations will prompt to our course of action. It’s for this reason that it’s imperative to instill in children a sense of right and wrong, and of fair play, as soon as possible

  14. PS I truly believe the fact that so many people who do wrong and have little moral sense have had such poor guidance in childhood proves the point.

    I don’t believe this correlation is fate – it’s the result of poor nurture or none. And that in turn is the choice or series of choices of someone – ie the parent or parents

  15. Just as soon as anyone says or writes or claims “I Am (fill in the blank), I recognize the energy of Willpower in operation. Is it free? I’d say “no”. It comes with a price – that of being responsible and accountable for all the energy set into motion in Creation by the use of that Will. We have as much time to do this as we make of it, literally.

    Ultimately, we only have the Freedom to exercise one choice:

    Going along with our “Soul’s” or “Inter-dimensional/ Higher Self or to resist. We can flow with the Universal currents or we can choose to try to resist, and be dragged by the currents kicking and screaming all the way.

  16. That sounds rough, Angela. I really commiserate with you.
    Can you tell me what you make out of the eclipse right on your moon? I wondering if there can’t be an alternative interpretation that would point to opening up the possiblity of substantial change.

  17. Yes, I believe we have free will – and yet …. and yet ….

    If a sapling is forced to grow crooked, it will never be completely straight, even with perfect conditions later.

    Children in orphanages in uncaring societies, tethered to cots and chairs, become imbeciles or head-bangers. Various philanthropic agencies have tried to reverse this later in life, but have not succeeded.

    I read of one such boy who had the good fortune to be adopted early by an American couple. He grew up normal (in fact, very intelligent) In his early twenties he visited the place from which he had been rescued, and was hugely distressed to see the pathetic state of his contemporaries.

    Speaking personally, my own will power (for some actions) is almost reversed. The more I ‘will’ to do something, the less able am I to do it. This is not true of everything, but early conditioning has certainly handicapped me hugely.

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