Young People Taking Ownership Of Their Lives

I’ve worked as an astrologer long enough to see that clients show up in blocks and waves, depending on a number of variables. The transits to my own chart are telling.

When Mars was stuck in my 7th house for eight months, I worked with a lot of men. It was profound. Normally the my clients are overwhelmingly female. I work with roughly one man for every ten women. But during this period half my clients were men. It was stunning.

Recently, I have been working with a lot of young people. People in their very early 20’s. I think this is because of Saturn’s transit through my 10th, but in whatever case, I’m super encouraged by the people (men and women) I am being exposed to.

Across the board, these young people want to do well. They’re super ambitious, both professionally and personally. They do not want to fall into obscurity. They want to make their mark!

I rarely hear any of them whine or blame others, for anything. They seem to know this is will be unproductive.

You always hear that our children are the future. If this is the case, we’ve got a good crop coming up. They’re grounded, reasonably confident, they’re not inflated and they’re not as stupid as some seem to think.

It really heartening to see the fog and delusion clearing out. These young people want good jobs, real love, and family and friends they can rely on. They’re focused on these basic building blocks of a happy life and I think they are going to prevail.

Do you own your life? If not, why not?

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Young People Taking Ownership Of Their Lives — 17 Comments

  1. I feel this way about my kid. Whenever I hear all this about “kids today” — how they’re disrespectful and lazy and whatever I think there is something wrong with the perspective of the person who is saying it.

    My son and his friends are bright and brilliant, energetic, sweet, curious and, as far as I can tell, willing to work hard. They know all about how there are no jobs and the economy is going to hell — but they don’t care, they’re going to step up and do their best anyway.

    That’s my experience of the millenials, too. And anyway it doesn’t pay to knock them. They’re the ones who are going to be deciding what to do about Social Security and Medicare, and the economy just fifteen short years from now. Might as well put some faith in them.

  2. Yes, the millenials are a good bunch–I have two sons in that group myself and have worked with a lot of others. They are pretty tough,not whiners, and they need to be–they are getting royally screwed over as the US drives jobs overseas, and paying high insurance premiums to subsidize older groups under Obamacare. But they won’t have any real political power for decades, and the shooting match will be over by then.

  3. There is some sociological literature around describing the impact the Millenials will have. They are a social group more concerned with the greater good than personal aggrandizement. They will make laws to protect society, they will not want mansions or BMB’s, they will seek work-life-family balance. I like what I see!!

  4. I have 2 grand daughters ages 6.5 and 4.5 years.
    For the longest time they’ve been saying that they can’t wait to get their own apartment!

  5. “Whenever I hear all this about “kids today” — how they’re disrespectful and lazy and whatever I think there is something wrong with the perspective of the person who is saying it”

    Agreed. If I person makes up their mind about what they’ll see, then that’s what they’ll see.

  6. As a Millennial teaching the tail end of Pluto in Scorpio and beginning of Pluto in Sag, I pray that they will find security in the mess th world is in. We know what’s up.

  7. My daughter and friends are in this group too. We have good reason to hope, though they carry a great deal of weight. Fortunately, their shoulders are broad. But they worry about their future; where jobs will be, can they manage a family and how will they move forward. There is a lot of fear but it doesn’t stop this group from soldiering on. We need to listen carefully, be supportive, think out-of-the-box and realize we cannot sit back but must figure our new roles too. I see them jumping a great divide as they will have to fashion a new work world. Just look at the speed technological changes are occurring, rendering so many arenas non-existent. The great thing about them is they are very “present” and bright.

  8. No matter what age any person lived in any age there was always chaos and a small period of peace. The middle ages saw plagues, early 1900s saw two world wars. When will man find peace? The only peace he can find is within his heart and his god. So I don’t care what is going to be happen, what will be will be.

    I have to take care of business and see it through. This convo shouldn’t happen anymore with me. Its the last of the mohican’s that I am engaging in. But yes Elsa, I agree our generation is looking up. I think as I’ve mingled in places of other people around me age (still do) its obvious to see we like to philosophize, dream about future, take steps toward our dreams, we know about the past, present, future in our heads… But given add about 7 more years I’m there almost at if not right at my saturn return.

    And I am not entirely okay with things (pof/north node is actually in my 4th house). I am divulging in the arts as stubbornly as possible this is why. I won’t take up a 9 to 5 at all! I know things are coming slow with me due to my poverty and other things I was born with. It feels like I’m on a wheel of poverty and I don’t know how to get off of it. But I am so glad for another person who may get off of their’s artistic wise.

    I have an invention that is going through a patent process ( w/ the USPTO ) and I want to keep investing in patents, bc they come to me as speed of lightning, are valuable and could bring home cash of course! I have two other valuable ideas. Anyhow again its going to take time.

    I somehow think people with Pluto in Libra are in a predicament with relationships. My two friends/acq are still single as I am, some are happily married but face few challenges, and still some struggle in their marriage with money. Same ol same ol. But its all good in the neighborhood 🙂

  9. Regarding the comment “When Mars was stuck in my 7th house for eight months, I worked with a lot of men”, perhaps my natal 7th house Mars in Cancer explains why I have always had so many guys as my close friends over the course of my life.

    Interestingly, it never occurred to me before that all of my very close relationships with women throughout the years, have been with those women who have a much more masculine/take-charge/take-no-bullshit kind of personality. Much more authentic.

    Super “girly” types? I just don’t…mesh well with them. Interactions with those types always felt very phony, and draining. I just have no energy to act in any other way than what comes to me naturally — very dry, observant, etc. Very Capricorn Rising.

  10. pluto in scorpio is having a saturn transit. good for them.
    my wee sis is far more solid and stable than i was at her age. i have high hopes she’ll waste less time than i did…

  11. Off topic a bit, but I want to say how much I like the spontaneous messages. I’ve been wondering how this Pisces transit is affecting Libra. I learn from an intrinsic viewpoint; aspects and transits are difficult for me for some reason. btw I need to read about this for my Mars/Neptune in Libra. I help others with their charts and hardly ever look at mine (duh)

    So far, I’m having a great time getting side tracked.

  12. I don’t know if it’s because I have Gemini ascendant and Mercury in Gemini, but I love talking with people in their twenties and early to mid thirties.

    They have very little prejudice against race, sexual orientation, religious affiliation etc. They also are more inclined to have a designated driver when they drink and give each other a heads up on who is a player so they can spare their friends.

    I can talk to them about politics, the afterlife, the economy, sociology and get some really interesting perspective. They’re very informed because they scour the internet.

    They’ve gotten the shaft. Social Security is in jeopardy, health care is in the throes of change, gas prices are sky high, their student loans are ridiculously expensive, and they have to compete with each other and older people for the very few jobs available.

    And still, they’re not bitter assholes. Yeah, the kids are alright….

  13. I do! And some of the reason I do is that I listened to you leading into/during my Saturn return. Thanks for that – 12 years out, I’m doing pretty well. 🙂

    I don’t know many 20somethings, but the ones I do know seem to have their stuff together.

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