You Sure You Want To Dump Your Husband?

man dumpedI just told a client not to leave her husband unless she was okay with the fact she may never have another one. Blunt, I know, but the gal had a Sagittarius moon and they always want the truth.

I was getting into relationships on the site and intending to teach a class on this. Life intervened but with the moon in Libra, it seems a good time to throw something up here.

I also told his gal, women have a lot of power of men, when they’re young. Men trip over their dicks, left and right. Women can get anything they want, and do anything they want. It’s a lot of fun  for us. I know this isn’t true for every women on earth but it is true for most of us.  But then what happens?

The men smarten up as they age.   Not only that, later in life, the tables turn. Later in life, the men wind up in the catbird seat; and this situation persists until they die.

We’re in this phase were reality is revealing itself. People are not giving up their men so readily right now. This is worth noting, no matter who you are and I don’t mind being a source for anyone wanting straight talk. I’ve only watched this for a zillion years or so.


You Sure You Want To Dump Your Husband? — 7 Comments

  1. In 2010 I thought about leaving my husband after 26 years of marriage.
    I did have a few good reasons. I was very confused and I asked you what you saw/thought.
    You listened and suggested I stay and work it out.
    I did stay, it wasn’t easy for either of us, but we made it through the rough time and now I’m glad I listened to your advice.
    There was more to the story that I told you, and I don’t need to discuss that.
    We’re happy now and we’ve both changed for the better.
    He’s a mega Leo with Virgo rising and I’m a Sagittarius with Libra Rising.
    We still bump heads, but we’ve reached a maturity we lacked in our youth.
    Thanks for helping me make the correct decision!

    • I’m glad it worked out! 🙂

      For the record, I didn’t tell her to stay with her husband. I told her the facts of how it is out there in this era (FOR MOST, which does not mean ALL).

      And I do tell people stuff like this all the time because I know their friends won’t!

      In a lot of cases, the person is trying to run from something in their chart…. which will immediately constellate, with the new partner. So you just want to think something like this through, very carefully, especially if you’re older or if you have kids, or at least kids at home.



    • This is not shown in a chart, because a person has free will!
      You can see things like commitment-phobia, as an example, but you can’t see how the person is going to handle their feelings.

      • Scorpio sister in law, she has married,divorced and remarried my brother in law 3 times. They are older now and I think they used up all their money on the divorces, I believe they will stay married now.

  3. Well said, Elsa!
    With sun, Venus and Jupiter in 9th house Scorpio, I felt the stuff about the truth pretty solid 😛

    “Where have all the good men gone?” popped into my head while reading your post… As we know, so many women ask this question, and more often the older they get while being single and running their careers etc.

    Well, these men are probably married and staying married, at least that’s what I guess.

    My partner and I am going through some really challenging times right now, and next week we’re going to a therapist to see if we can sort these things out. I am 40 and know a lot of the single guys out there will have leftover scars from exwifes, kids, economic responsibilities that will not give me what I need in another relationship. I am pretty pragmatic and practical in that regard I think.

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