You don’t know how you affect someone…

pull weedsNow and then someone will tell me that I don’t realize the impact I have on others.  I think is is true, with the rare exception. Sometimes I do know.

Right now, I have an inkling of this. Some knowledge leaked in, unexpectedly. It’s made intensely uncomfortable. I have Uranus and Pluto aspecting my natal Mercury. I guess this is part of that.

In whatever case, it’s making me want to back way off…which I’m pretty sure I’m going to do.  I feel if I dial back, I will have less trouble internally as well as externally. I have no reason whatsoever to want to create problems for myself or others.

I guess it’s also a sign of Pluto in Capricorn going deeper into my 12th house.  On some level, I want to avoid (12th) responsibility (Capricorn) for anyone’s painful process (Pluto).

In whatever case, I’m going to drop down a few more degrees. I’m not going far. Just out to the garden to pull some weeds.

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You don’t know how you affect someone… — 12 Comments

  1. A speaker I’ve seen at a few nursing conventions has a great approach toward interpersonal conflicts (happens all the time between nurses!). She is from the South, and her sweet way of broaching it reminded me of your last line here. She says, “I have a weed to pull with you.”

    She has a card with her sayings on it that I keep at my desk. My favorite is “Just because they throw it doesn’t mean you have to catch it.” 🙂

  2. I trampled into someone else’s relationship, if I’m with the couple individually fine, together I managed to turn their relationship into World War 3! I just have to open my mouth and say something innocent and BAM it’s war. Stuff gets revealed and I’m in the middle. So I’m not going to deal with them as a couple anymore. Took a look at their composite and my venus(which is natally square my mars) is sitting on their Uranus/ Jupiter/north node conjunction, which is square their Saturn. My effect on them was so obvious though not sure anyone could’ve missed it.

  3. We all affect others, so we can’t back off because of that. You didn’t say if this person said the effect was positive (in their mind) or negative, but it is just their belief. If it is having this effect on you, then it must be uncommon for this to happen. So look at it in context; you influence many people in positive ways. Far more than negatively. If this truly was negative and accurate, then learn from it, and go on.

    • This is not related to that comment (and many like it, made over the years). It’s completely internal. I want to lay low(er). I have written a lot (in the comments) over the last week or so. I think it might be good to rest and regroup.

      • Interesting, Elsa. That is precisely where I am at this time, too. I’m noticing there is a place of relief here for me right now..

  4. Same thing happening over here – Pluto is having a nice long visit with my 8th House planets, and I also have both Pluto and Uranus aspecting (trine) my Mercury, Venus, Mars, & Sun in 8th & Moon (conj) in 4th. Something unexpectedly came up, and I am dialing back something serious. But in my case, it’s actually an all-out subversive office warfare where I’m going to assert my power in very Plutonian ways.

  5. I think on the same idea that you affect people, that you should know that you affect some of us in a very positive and helpful way. I am grateful for all your help and advice and knowledge. Thanks for being here!!!!

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