Yesterday’s Cardinal Grand Cross – Who Got Beaten Up?

530px-black_eye.JPGYesterday was tough. The day started at 4 AM and ended for me about 2AM this morning. The soldier didn’t fare much better, his day ended about midnight. He pretty much starved all day due the surgery on his mouth, had to do without pain medication because he was driving (“A little pain never hurt anyone.”) and when he finally got stopped he realized he had a black eye. Turns out he had a bungee cord snap back and hit him in the face. I guess we should count him lucky he’s still got an eye but at the end of the day with his cheek swollen and his shiner, he literally looked beaten.

Meanwhile, never mind my day of hell, let’s just take it from about 9 PM. I had planned to help the soldier load his truck but I wound up not doing it so I felt bad. I hate telling someone I am going to do something and then caving on them but this is exactly what happened and he was relying on me post his surgery. So I already felt bad with him loading his truck alone in the mountains in the snow when I got on the task of trying to find us a motel somewhere on his route.

Not sure where we were going to meet I was calling various motels in various little towns along the highway to find out the usual… “Do you have truck parking? How much? Do you serve breakfast?”

heart-tub.jpgHe usually only stops for 10 hours at a time so these things are important and generally via this method something emerge and last night I knew I had the place when the gal offered to upgrade us to a room with a Jacuzzi. Huh? Bingo! This must be it. I took off early to snag the room and also so this gal could get to sleep because when I say “little town” that is exactly what I mean. The soldier would be a couple hours behind me but no big deal. I’d just go on my blog.

I did not expect to get a speeding ticket. With the speed limit 75, I was going 81 mph which is generally accepted but when the cop stopped me he said I was going 89 mph. I was not going 89 mph and said so. “I had my cruise control set at 81,” I said. Of course I know that I am copping to speeding but come on. 81 is not 89 mph but the cop said I was in fact going 89 and I just plain didn’t believe him.

I also did not believe him when he told him my speedometer must be faulty because I drive alllllllllll the time and if I were in fact going nearly 90 mph, I would have been passing cars left and right. I was passing cars but it hardly matters, does it? He’s a cop and I a getting a ticket. I eventually got the motel 100+ miles away and what a trip it was.

dennys.jpgThe hot tub was shaped like a Valentine red heart… a tilted mirror on the ceiling and a valentine red toilet to match circa 1970? Who knows? It was unbelievably cheesy but also the kind of thing that happens to us so I just smiled and shrugged. I was tired see, and he was hungry so I dropped my computer and my overnight bag in the room and headed to the Denny’s which I was told was the only place you could get food this time of night. The soldier figured he could manage soup so I went to get some and pulling into the Denny’s my phone rang.

It was the soldier telling me his GPS was sending him in another direction. Huh?

I knew immediately but still hoped I was wrong. Had I just driven 100 miles in the wrong direction, got a speeding ticket and a red heart-shaped hot tub for nothing. Yep. On top of that my blood sugar was dropping I guess. I rarely miss a meal but if I do go too long with out eating I turn into a lunatic and as all this hit me… that hit me too.

cellphone.jpgThe soldier offered to turn around… drive out of his way, etc. but that is not how this works. Next thing you know I was in a gas station gobbling trail mix and checking a map with the clerk on duty around how I might be able to drive and intercept him, after checking out of the red hot tub place this would be. Long story short, there was no way to do that which made any sense so I wound up just undoing everything I just did (except for the speeding ticker which I retained) by checking out of the motel and driving home… all this exercise in futility.

Luckily the soldier was in pretty good spirits – we rarely crash simultaneously so he was chatting with me on the way home as my phone warned of a low battery. He said something about sex and I said, “Oh great. My favorite topic. Just watch, this will be when my phone goes out and sure enough that was the last thing I said.

What happened to you yesterday?

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Yesterday’s Cardinal Grand Cross – Who Got Beaten Up? — 22 Comments

  1. joana – I am sorry but we have no idea how that kid got that black eye. Accidents happen (look at the soldier) and when I saw the picture that is exactly what I thought of it.

    That kid appears to be standing in his back yard which makes me think his parents took the picture rather than something criminal. I know if my kid had a shiner like that, I’d take it’s picture.

    I am sorry you are disturbed but I want that picture up there… it’s makes a statement and it’s the statement I want to make.

    A lot of us feel beaten right now and we also feel innocent.

  2. PS – I would take the picture so my kid knew what he had been through….how bad his eye was and how it had healed. I do not believe in shoving trauma under the rug. We have been there, done that, gotten the badge and going forward.

  3. joana – I had another thought. There is a scene in my book, I have two black eyes. I was a teenager and seeing as there was nothing I could do about and I had a ticket to see Fleetwood Mac back in the day, I went to the large outdoor concert where one person after another asked me about my car accident.

    Actually there had been no accident. I had been beaten and beaten so badly no one thought it possible a face could look as bad as mine apparently did without the aid of an automobile. So maybe this is why the picture does not bother me.

    I know for sure we have no idea how the kid was injured and I also know what it is like to be him. I know he is a human being no matter what happened to his eye and he does not have to to hide.

  4. Elsa, I’m wishing the soldier a quick recovery. I’m sorry to butt in but that child’s picture is a bit disturbing and I don’t find it very appropriate. Obviously you’re free to post whatever you want but I’m not liking that.

  5. By contrast, I was SO stationary. I don’t think I left my house all day. I sat with a luscious lovely Taurus woman and we talked in the candle light us two while the Moon became full in Libra. I told her this Moon was supposed to be a doozie but we didnt feel it. I think maybe as a Pisces, I am having a break kind of a feeling, with Venus conjunct Mercury in my sign near my Mercury, I am just falling more deeply in love with the internet all over again.

  6. it’s been a rough ride for me for a while…i don’t know how the grand cross hit me exactly, but i don’t have much in cardinal; only rising. most of my chart’s mutable, so i feel like i’ve been grinding for a long time. i’m looking forward to being able to sleep again.

  7. Things lined up for me in ways I never thought possible. So the opposite of you, Elsa. (Sorry about that day – and I *hate* that low-blood sugar feeling.) Also, 4 am to 2 am is a *loooong* time to be awake, but . . . What’s going on with me? And why when beautifully good things start lining up do I feel like ducking? I just don’t immediately grab them and trust that they’ll last.

  8. Went out for a coffee and ended up with what felt like a neck so fucked I thought I had meningitis. Ended up in hospital. You know, usual stuff ::rolls eyes::
    Yes my body was responding to stress…

    Glad you guys are okay. Pity about the tub…having sex in that would have been a gas 🙂

  9. sun opposite my mars/ascendant, moon conjunct and wandering my 1st house, mars square, pluto square… mercury/venus square my mercury/sun… saturn square my 3rd house uranus…

    i went to a show to experience some bands for the first time. i don’t drive, so i rely on people when i can’t take the bus. however, i’m a solo operator, so i don’t have many options when there’s no bus. naturally, things went down yesterday in such a way that i had to leave early no matter what in order to get back home to my general neighborhood, and then walk a mile because my last bus home had cut off for the night. it sucks but the idea of spending $20+ on a cab for a show that only cost $9 doesn’t seem financially intelligent. if i wanted to spend that much money to get around, i’d buy a car. although something tells me that with pluto getting closer to exact square my mars, i may have to after all. my libra’s been weighing the pros and cons of this for years, and i’m sure i have years yet…

  10. Oh, joana now that makes sense but check this:

    The image is uploaded by the kid himself and was in fact an accident.
    I have added a photo credit… 🙂

    “Me on the March 17, 1987 at the age of 21 months after falling head first onto concrete from a height of about two metres.”

  11. joana – and on being mistaken for being in a car accident, are you kidding? I told everyone who asked me exactly what happened.

    “Jeez. Did you get in a wreck?”

    “No, I got beat.”

    “Must have been one hell of a wreck.”

    “Wreck? Oh, my face? No somebody beat me.”

    I wouldn’t know any other way to be.

  12. OK, it’s your statement. Of course I understand. The only thing that bothered me is that it’s a child, someone else’s kid. Actually, what bothers me is that the picture is online…if I had a child I wouldn’t want his picture to be online, especially not looking like that.

    Your story is chilling, but I bet you enjoyed singing: tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies – the car “accident” 😉

  13. hehehe
    You’re priceless.

    Well, I’m sold; if the kid posted the photo himself then I have no problems with it. To be fair, there needs to be some illustration of this sort of injury. If someone didn’t know what a black eye was, they’d google it.

  14. Thursday was a clusterfuck but Friday was okay. Work was the key.

    kashmiri, I hope you’re feeling much much better today!

  15. kinda’ what avery said. thursday was worse. maybe because i managed to resolve some of the stuff by the time friday hit and was just dealing with the emotional rebound.

    but none of that stuff hit any of my planets, either. people around me.

  16. speaking of ‘car accidents’ had one yesterday, but no one was in the car. major wind storm during the night — something blew into my windshield and cracked it! wonder what planets were in action — cracked windshield — bad. no one around to be injured, very good.

  17. Like Avery said: clusterfuck. Friday was just that. Too much work, everything going wrong, not enough time, tons of guilt. The good news is, I had read so much about relationship collapses but if anything, mine is standing on much more solid ground since the full moon.

    I’m sorry you had a shitty day and didn’t get a chance to enjoy the heart-shaped hot tub room… I recently had a hilarious, lovely, stupid, romantic, unforgettable experience in one of those.

  18. Oh so that’s what was going on Friday….
    nothing physical but got verbally chewed out for something that a coworker does all the time.

  19. I had a big ol’ whinefest at my shrink’s office that day. I think she just did not know what to do with me. I am so MAD at myself for not living up to my potential (and for not wanting to go through hell or high water to get what I want, because I apparently want nothing that badly) that I just bitched and bitched.

    So, nobody did it to me, but I sure do it to myself.

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