Yes, I’m Looking The Other Way On Purpose

This goes hand in hand with this forum thread – A Scorned Woman vs. An Impotent Man. I’m kind of on a roll with this anti-social stuff.

I just want to say that yes. I do see you trying to log onto my server. Yes, I do know you have been locked out forty-eight times. And I guess you figure this can go on forever, but in fact, I was just waiting to block you at my convenience.  Know why?

Because I don’t care about your convenience.

I figure Mars sextiling a new moon in Capricorn – now is an inspired time to block.

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Yes, I’m Looking The Other Way On Purpose — 13 Comments

    • It happens all the time. Daily. But I rarely give someone 48 lockouts. 🙂

      For all the trouble I’ve had on this site over the years, it can be assumed I’m not going to leave myself exposed. Even when this appears to be the case. 🙂

  1. Imagine all the energy put into trying 48 times. Good God! Get something else to do right? When I think of how I run myself ragged just keeping up with a normal day I scratch my head when I see someone has the time for this kind of activity.

    Come over here person with nothing to do….I have plenty of work for ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh, it’s more than that. They have to try numerous times to achieve one lockout. And then they have to wait for many, many hours (days) and then try numerous times again, for the second lockout. And so on and so forth.

      It shows how confident I am in my system. You can bang on my door for a month…two months, whatever. When I come for you, you’re toast. I don’t need to rush.

      I guess people don’t realize, acting stupid and being stupid are two different things.

  2. And funnily enough reinforcing his impotence by being unable to hijack the site.

    Took me about 10 years, and a high personal cost, to get rid of the scorned woman out of my life. Helped that someone else took her off my hands.

    • I know a person who did/do a thing like this and he is Leo. He cannot hear a “no”. Probably his Ascendant is Taurus or maybe his Mars. I don’t know.

  3. Wow – my domain got hacked the week before Christmas too(transiting Mercury was exactly opposite my natal Sun so I had wondered what it would be). They attempted over 255 times according to my host so we have locked it down even tighter.
    I now monitor my domain through as a result of this.
    They’re pesky buggers!

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