Would You Keep A Person’s Things After A Break-Up?

zodiac dressI read the comments on the recovering your energy after a break up with great interest. I wonder what you all think of the flip side of the situation.

Let’s say you have a friendship or some other sort of relationship  that ends abruptly. You look around and see the person has left some of their things at your house. Things they have loaned you. Some movies maybe. Books or maybe a stepladder you needed once.

Would you feel obligated to return these things or no?

What in your chart drives your behavior?


Would You Keep A Person’s Things After A Break-Up? — 8 Comments

  1. I have no idea what in my chart compels me to return their stuff. I just know I’d want it back if I had left something of mine.

  2. After my divorce I rearranged all the furniture, painted the walls new colors, slept in a different room and got some cats – I didn’t want anything to be the same – except the house. I’ve been here 25 years and I’m not planning on moving.

  3. *lol* guess i’m a bad person 😉 out it all goes!
    but that’s when i’ve been ‘dropped’, when i’m the ‘dropper’, i’ll go out of my way to return everything.

  4. What works for me is to put the stuff out of sight (and out of mind) and then later when I’ve healed/recovered, I want the person to have their things back if they want them. This way I don’t end up throwing away things which aren’t mine due to emotions of the moment and then later end up feeling badly.

  5. I box it up and let the person know it’s there when they want it. After that it’s the other party’s job to get their stuff.

    This might have something to do with not driving, though. If I drove, I might take it to their place and dump it all – that mollifies my sense of the dramatic, after all. 😀

  6. Even though I horde my own junk, I can’t bear seeing other people’s junk around my house if I had a falling out with them. Three planets in Virgo–emotional and literal housecleaning; Aries ASC–move on as quickly as possible! Get it out of here and away from me!

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