I’m Worried About Deserving Happiness

Dear Elsa,

I worry a lot. I constantly worry that the bottom is going to fall out with whatever I do. I even worry about things that haven’t happened yet

I feel like I am not good enough to deserve happiness – even though I want it and I know of course that I deserve it. I get sad when I do this to myself. But I feel like I am wired this way. It’s a struggle to just be okay with things.

Why am I like this? I know it’s a choice. And I know I choose these thoughts. I know I can choose to not give them a voice, and to laugh at them.

But I’m sick of constantly having to fight it, maybe it’s part of me growing up. But I just want to be happy.

If you can help me that would be wonderfullllllllllllll!

Gratitude & Love,
Worrying Girl

Dear Worrying,

This is so wrong. It’s wrong, but easy to fix. However, I will have to slap you, so look out.

You are worried because you’re a Virgo and this is what Virgos do. But could you possibly be worried about something stupider than this? I don’t think so! If there was some crap in your chart that made you feel authentically unworthy, then this would make sense. But there isn’t, not even close! Which means you are wasting your time and more. I’ll explain.

Your Virgo Sun is sandwiched between Jupiter and Saturn. Translation: you are a Teacher, a Preacher and a Do-Gooder. You are privileged to have been tapped for this role and what are you doing? You are squandering your talent – which does not stop there, by the way.

You also have a stellium in Scorpio – the power, depth and instinct, so here’s the thing. Go ahead and worry… but find a worthy cause, okay? A real cause. Then go to WORK!

Work (Saturn) for what you believe in (Jupiter) and you will shine. (Sun).

As compared to – Increase (Jupiter) your insecurity (Saturn) and be a dullard. Your choice and it’s an easy one, huh?

Good luck.



I’m Worried About Deserving Happiness — 2 Comments

  1. Elsa,

    I just had to say thank you. Thank you for your help and response to my question. Your repsonse helped me to see the “value” & greatness that I possess. You are truly intelligent, charming, humorous and witty. I enjoy reading your Blog everyday, and sometimes the advice you give out to others resonates with me. So I can use that to help me guide my own life, too. So, thanks again…you are a blessing.

    -Britney Skye

  2. Wow — just read this because I’m a worrier too — Virgo Moon in 8th. My natal POF is at the midpoint between my natal Jupiter and Saturn, at 29 Leo, cusp of 8th (Placidus) currently being squared by transiting Saturn Rx again.
    My natal Sun is within two degrees of the midpoint of my natal Mercury and Venus, and currently being transited by Uranus. No wonder I’m confused (plus Neptune transiting my 2nd and opposing my Moon).
    Wondering — how significant are transits to midpoints?

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