Workshop For Beginners: “Meet The Parents” – Virgo Rising, Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon

Workshop for BeginnersToday’s Key Topic: Degrees

The chart is a circle, right? We’re all in agreement that it’s a circle we’re dealing with here? Good. Who remembers from math class how many degrees are in a circle? …I’ll give you a sec to think about it… The answer is 360. So the chart (being the good circle that it is) has 360 degrees too. “But Nota, I don’t see any number greater than 30 on this thing! What gives?!”

Well, instead of counting the degrees from 0 to 359, (remember that 0 counts as one) the chart puts the degrees in groups. So let’s say we want to start with Aries. It goes 0 Aries, 1 Aries, 2 Aries, 3 Aries, all the way to 29 Aries. Then it starts a new sign. With a new sign, the numbers start again. So instead of 31, 32, 33, ..etc. it goes 0 Taurus, 1 Taurus, 2 Taurus all the way to 29 Taurus. This pattern repeats for each sign. So instead of 60, 61, 62,…etc. It goes 0 Gemini, 1 Gemini, 2 Gemini… and so on through all the signs all the way around to 29 Pisces.

If you add it all up, you get 360 degrees. Its just broken up into 12 groups so that its easier to look at. Don’t forget that 0 counts as a degree so each group is really worth 30 degrees. See 30 x 12 = 360.

Now, look at the degrees of any two items in the chart. Count the difference. For example look at today’s chart. You have the moon at 6 Cancer and Neptune at 8 Scorpio. (You may notice that you can count in either direction, clock-wise or counter-clockwise. Take the one that is smaller.) So, starting at 6 Cancer, you can jump a sign at a time to 6 Leo, 6 Virgo, 6 Libra, then 6 Scorpio, adding 30 degrees for each sign. So that’s 1, 2, 3, 4 signs x 30 degrees each = 120 degrees. From 6 Scorpio, you count up to 7 Scorpio, 8 Scorpio. That’s 2 more degrees. So the difference between the Sun and Neptune is 122 degrees. The number is the angle measured in degrees between the two planets.

At this point you may be asking “Nota, Why do I need to know this?” You need to know this because certain angles are special. They are considered more significant. These special angles are called ASPECTS. When you understand how to count degrees you can tell at a glance more than just the aspect. You can see if it is applying or separating, wide or narrow, or even if it’s out of sign. Next time, We’ll talk about specific aspects and what they mean.


Chart 6 for WorkshopASC – 10 degrees Virgo
That makes this a mercury ruled chart. Often times when the rising is Virgo, you will find the midheaven in Gemini. That adds extra mercurial flavor to the chart. These people often become writers or communicators of some kind. They look good in linen, khaki, 100% cotton and anything neutral toned. Their glasses are often a key part of the overall look.

The Sun – Cancer in the 10th House
Cancer Sun is sentimental and family oriented. Good or bad, memories are clung to and recalled over and over. In the tenth house makes remembering a full time occupation.

The Moon – Capricorn in the 4th House
The moon in Capricorn is said to be in “detriment.” That does not mean “bad.” It means that this moon is less “receptive” than the other moons. People with Cap moon may have had to learn early on to take care of themselves. Subsequently they may find it difficult to receive care. In the 4th house makes for a strong head of the household.

Can you guess who else had this combination of Virgo Rising, Cancer Sun and Capricorn Moon?

Ernest Hemingway

American author Ernest Hemingway.

Here is a reading of an interview with him on what makes a good writer: Ernest Hemingway on gulf stream fishing and writing.

And now Satori…

Here we have Pluto rising conjunct the ascendent. Pluto rising adds an overall quality of power to the personilty. This is important for any ascendent but with Virgo rising it’s quite striking as their outward affect has a commanding quality. When this person walks into the room they exude an aura of competence and depth, which taken together is quite compelling. This is an energy that provkes powerful reactions in others and positive or negative that reaction will be strong.

This energy is echoed in the aspects of the Cancer Sun. The Sun sextiles the Pluto-Ascendent, an aspect of opportunity, tuning in and in accord with that affect of power. Taken together with it’s opposition to the Capricorn Moon, the Sun works in accord with these energies. It blends well, the two earthy placements grounding the watery Sun.

The Moon in Capricorn is the Ugly Duckling signiture. This moon feels better with age, which is not so bad considering none of us is getting any younger. The Moon here trines 12th house Pluto, again utilizing its power and lending an emotional understanding of the taboo and the workings of the shadow self.

An opposition between the Sun and Moon means the ego and the emotional body must learn balance between complimentary opposites. With the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn this is aided by the maleness of the Sun in the sign ruled by the moon (the mother), and the feminity of the Moon in a sign ruled by Saturn, resonating with the father. Parental themes play out here and add a focus for the resolution of the oppositon.

Mercury in the tenth (Saturn’s house) is conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon. Communication will figure prominently into the Sun Moon issues, particularly in the tenth house where these dialogues may take place publicly. Perhaps this person will write about resolving their parental issues!

Capped by Dixie…

Tarot PlayfulnessYou shine at work, with your Virgo energy out front and that tenth house sun. In some ways, you feel more at home at work than you do at home. Your Capricorn moon leads you to be quite serious, albeit in an emotionally responsible sort of way. The thing to remember here: Life should be full of joy as well as responsibility. If you begin treating playtime, creative pursuits, and recreation as necessary to maintain your psychic integrity, scheduling it with the same authority as an emotional commitment to someone else, you’ll not only have more fun, but will find your clarity and performance in every area of your life will improve.

Do you share similarities with this chartholder? How do you think this Sun and Moon might interact with family? What jumps out at you when you look at this chart? Feel free to comment, question or share your impressions here regardless of your astro-experience level. It’s your workshop, folks, so enjoy it!


Workshop For Beginners: “Meet The Parents” – Virgo Rising, Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon — 11 Comments

  1. hee hee,
    cancer sun here in 10th conjunct mercury
    pluto in virgo conjucnt asc
    sextile mecury
    provks powerful reactions in others
    commanding quality
    yep thats me to a T.

  2. so interesting all that fiery energy in the 12th house. also if we are talking about the parental energy in the chart, I am wondering about the jupiter in the 5th house, luck through children? but saturn is pretty close is that restricted? then chiron in the 6th, healing energy or the need to be of service to be healed?

    very interesting chart!

  3. Very interesting! Hemingway’s difficulty in getting himself to adhere to a steady writing schedule was legendary – I think it was Gertrude Stein who would chain him, literally, to his desk until his writing for the day was done. Without that Cap moon (the emotional need to strive/accomplish/achieve – have it myself, know it very well!), he may have had no career at all. The Virgo rising also makes complete sense, as he was an unparalleled prose stylist; I believe his style (and voice, tone, etc.) is, or at least long was, considered the most widely imitated in literature. There is even an annual writing contest, I think, for “best of the worst Hemingway imitations,” LOL!

  4. Wow! this is my chart! Looking forward to the comments and observations – as I am somewhat clueless – a very very new beginner in learning astrology – although it has ALWAYS been interesting to me.

    Funny thing that jumped out at me is that I do work and work from home – took me awhile but I found 2 part time jobs working through the internet that I can do at home – I don’t make alot, of money, no chance of promotion or raises but it helps with bills and I able to be home and available anytime any of my kids may need me for anything.

    I do have 4 WONDERFUL kids – who are the highlight of my life- when I was pregnant – that was my drive and ambition – I home-birthed them and home-schooled them – I loved being pregnant!! Just having them in my life – gives me the will and drive to take each day as it comes, even though they are grown and not needing me as much 🙁 …hence this is the crossroads I find myself at now – what to do with myself.

    Maybe I should try my hand at writing – never thought of it much *LOL*

  5. As far as my parents – I have had a estranged relationship with my father – till just recently when my husband of 30 years left me for another woman – then all of a sudden I heard from my father and I talk a lot more with mother – my husband is back at the house – we are seeing a therapist, but I am trying to get more out it for me rather than our marriage because I really feel that “our life” together is over (too many other issues besides adultery and abandonment) sorry! T.M.I – I am trying to concentrate on rebuilding the relationships with my mother, father and siblings – because I have put my husband and children first all these years – when my husband left – my mother, father and siblings were all there for me, emotionally and physically without one word of judgment about the lost time we all missed together.

  6. tks Dixie 😉

    I am really curious about the Pluto conjunct Moon opposition Sun that I am coming through right now, and according to Elsa will last till 2012!!! – in Feb of this year I lost my grandmother and 4 months later my grandfather died – the day before what would have been their 68th wedding anniversary – this past weekend – we had their memorial/burial service in NJ(both were cremated – but Mom wanted to wait till Pop passed and be buried together) but I got a chance to visit and Aunts and Uncles and cousins and my siblings – most of whom I hadn’t seen in over 30 years – and a side note the whole weekend, my husband (in GA)constantly called or text and was angry that I wasn’t talking to him as much as he wanted (funny thing is that when my grandmother died in Feb and I flew out to CA, for her memorial, it wasn’t a issue lack of calls because he was seeing his mistress for the first time!!!!)- anyway this time he left me some very nasty voice msgs and emails, when I didn’t answer the phone on the first ring(or second or third) – anyway I stood firm and didn’t answer any of them till it was good time for me – and I didn’t want to be bothered discussing his temper tantrums baby ways when I got back to my sisters (in VA)either (thanks goodness he is a Libra and doesn’t want to to talk about them now either) – a year ago I wouldn’t have stood my ground like that, I would have answered on the first ring, had panic attacks if I missed a call, etc – try to defend myself, now I am trying to learn not to waste my breath on him!! – I am taking baby steps trying to find myself again – to take charge of MY life now for me!!! (sorry if this is T.M.I, 2010 has been a VERY emotionally charged full of SURPRISES year for me!!, especially this summer – which of course is a no duh! to those who know astrology!!)

  7. I notice a lot of inconjuncts to Jupiter, ruler of the 4th house. I sense a lot of conflict between being expansive and having someone put the brakes on the chart holder from these aspects — kind of like trying to blow up a ballon made of cement. I wonder if the chart holder had a strict curfew which was on and off.

  8. tks Shakti 🙂

    not sure if this is what you mean by curfew….
    I had a curfew as a young teenager – that was strictly enforced – even to the point that when I graduated high school – my mother informed me that the curfew was still in effect along with the “news” that I would have to pay “rent” now – I wanted to go to college after high school but after receiving that news – I decided I wanted my freedom to come and go as I pleased and joined the military – within a year I was married and looking at that now – 30 years of being married to what could be defined as a on/off again possessive husband (one day he says I can do or go anywhere I want with family and/or friends – then if I do it, I am accused of being selfish and putting them before him!!! – go figure! – When my kids were younger it wasn’t much of big deal, I only wanted to be with them – now though…….it is stifling, because I want to visit and be with my mother, father and siblings more and I know he is finding it threatening, especially considering what he did this summer, my family doesn’t want me to stay with him.

  9. Hi,
    So I have cancer sun in tenth house conjunct mercury, pluto in fourth house, mars in 12th, cap moon and virgo ascendant with jupiter conjunct scendant. I grew up with my dad very kind hard working, my mom very beautiful, socialite with high standards, i partied hard they hated it and reacted very badly and we all fell out i went to college became a chemist nd now iv just begun a new relationship with my mother, like im oly getting to know the mother who is very fun and hilarious rather than my arch nemesis <3 she hates my wild curls, she has them but staightens them all the time . i refuse as she straightened them throughout my teens 😛

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