Working With Mercury Square Saturn In A Positive Way

mercuryMost are experiencing mental pressure of some kind. You may be burdened by what you know or fear you know. Maybe you’re limiting what you say or who you say it to.

At this point, it’s likely you’ve given up on controlling the mouths of others… you’re trying to deal with your own?

We’ve also got a lot of censorship going on. Blocking of speech. These things are textbook manifestations of Mercury squaring Saturn.

The whole week will be like this. Mercury is squaring Saturn, exact today. Tomorrow, the planet will turn direct. Consequently, Mercury will square Saturn exact again. This will happen on Friday.

You don’t have to dread this. It’s a good time to think through something, slowly. This is what I’m doing. I’m trying to learn something, even though it’s hard. I’m making commitments to certain things. Thought patterns, for example.

This also explain why I write a newsletter. Knowing what to expect, you can adjust your expectations. But it can also assure you, the tension will pass.

It will take another week or so for Mercury to leave Libra for Scorpio. At that point, we’ll be through this and on to something new. The sooner you know things like this, the more they benefit you. It’s hard to deny this gives a person an edge.

This is why we publish a Holiday Guide each year. Our 2020-21 Guide is ready to go.

Here’s what’s covered this year:

November 14th: New Moon in Scorpio
November 15th – 19th: Venus squares Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto
November 21st: Sun enters Sagittarius, Venus enters Scorpio
November 26th, Thanksgiving
November 28th: Neptune direct
November 30th: Full moon (lunar eclipse) in Gemini
December 1st: Mercury enters Sagittarius
December 9th-13th: Sun and Mercury Square Neptune
December 14th: Solar eclipse in Sagittarius
December 15th: Venus enters Sagittarius
December 17th-19th: Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius
December 20-21st: Sun and Mercury enter Capricorn Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius
December 23rd: Mars square Pluto
December 25th: Christmas
December 29th: Full moon in Cancer
New Year’s Eve
January 5th: Mercury conjunct Pluto
January 6th: Mars enters Taurus
January 8th: Mercury enters Aquarius, Venus enters Capricorn
January 9th-13th: Mercury conjunct Jupiter and Saturn square Mars and Uranus
January 12th: New moon in Capricorn
January 14th: Uranus turns direct

Considering Covid and loss of income and such, this year, I’ve included a coupon code that can be used to purchase reports or transcripts for yourself or others, through the end of the year.

Astrology reports make fantastic gifts. They’re inexpensive, personal, and unique. You can easily make up the cost of the Holiday Guide, in discounts.

This is a good example of how Mercury in Libra squaring Saturn in Capricorn can manifest in a positive way. It’s a fair, mutually beneficial way of doing business. It also allows you to support our work which is something we appreciate, greatly!

Here’s the link: Use Astrology To Navigate The Holidays The sooner you get your guide, the more it will help you.  Thanks!



Working With Mercury Square Saturn In A Positive Way — 4 Comments

  1. I appreciate this post for both it’s perspective on the transiting mercury-saturn square and how it lights up my life-time natal mercury-saturn square. You wrote: “It’s a good time to think through something, slowly.” The transit involves my 10th and 1st Houses. So I could be asking and slowly learning how my public reputation (10th House) and the way I present myself (1st) House need to be updated. Really good focus for me! Natally, the square has involved my 10th House and 8th. How my public reputation squares with the shared resources and legacy of my culture/family.
    I’m feeling the flip and flop of this aspect and checking in with how well, or poorly, the natal square has honed my learning to deal with life.
    A new year comes up for me soon, that transiting square is giving me something to attend to, especially with the Full Blue Moon.
    That’s the thing about astrology … always a story going on.

  2. It’s interesting that you mention censorship because I have been binge watching YouTube and the amount of words you can not say on youtube now ….just staggering. It’s nearly impossible to be able to listen to some of the newsy-mini documentary stuff about these people who have gigantic followings on that site suddenly getting cancelled over inappropriate behavior with underage fans and yet they have to bleep out words like assault, predator, sex, eating disorder, and anything remotely like that including various programs on psychology. My nephew’s wife is a therapist and has a channel and she was saying that she was flagged for a few words that were part of a therapeutic discussion.. you can not say trauma either not like I sit and watch the bleakest programmes out there but I know the true crime stuff is also very bleep bleep.

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