Virgo With A Pisces Moon Wants To Find Love

 Dear Elsa,

I work in a profession where I have to be tough. Very tough. Unfortunately, the things that make me so damn good at my job make me a very lonely person.

I was talking with a friend once all this. We came up with the theory that there are wolves, sheep and sheepdogs.

Sheepdogs exist to protect the sheep, but to do so they have to fight wolves. They have to be almost a wolf themselves. I feel like this explains a lot about my life. I’ve seen a lot more of the world’s dark side than most people and it makes me, well… a downer. I’m not fun and light and happy.

The problem is I really REALLY want to find someone. I want love so badly, but I just feel like it’s not in my cards. Any advice?

Sheep Dog

Dear Dog,

There is more to life than wolves and sheep and sheep dogs. For example, there are butterflies, crocodiles, waterfalls and me – an individual.

You are an individual as well. A jaded one at the moment, but that can change – and easier than you think.

I see four planets in Virgo in your chart. And a Pisces Moon for chrissakes. These are mutable signs. That means “changeable”. People with emphasis on the mutable signs are in constant flux. So what’s up with this fixed perspective of yours?


Admit it. Just reading those few paragraphs, moved you, didn’t they? You and every other mutable person out there.

The fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, & Aquarius) don’t know what I’m talking about. But that’s okay – they can come back and read tomorrow’s blog! This one is for you.

So look. I have this idea you work in a prison. Your chart would support that. So let’s just say you deal with criminals all day. And you have to be tough. Fine. But please tell me what makes you think this is your lot in life…. the whole live long day? Please tell me why you would leave the armor on, once you leave work?

Because frankly, with this much mutability… well it seems it would be far more natural for you to have several hats and several roles. Try this, okay? When you get off work, disarm yourself.

And the people that say you can’t, and that “You must keep your guard up at all times”? Well, they’re wrong. That might be true for them, but it’s not for you. You are like me and it works like this:

I am a single mother, and a good one. However, when I go out with my man, I leave that crap at home. Every shred of it. I don’t wear “mom jeans”. No one could guess I even have children. Sure, I can do the PTA. I can talk to the principal of the school, but guess what? It’s not my full time gig!

Get it? I’m mutable and so are you! We are not one-trick ponies, so please. Do yourself a favor and knock it off with the narrow label. Get busy morphing several times a day, the way nature intends and I think you’ll see your problem solve itself.

Good luck.

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