Women Driving Men Crazy – Song As Old As Time!

I wrote this for a client, he’s an older man with Saturn in Scorpio transiting his love life…

“I will say this about women – we’re all crazy. We’re all a pain in the ass, every single one of us. We have very strange ways of getting what we want and as an older man, you should know this. In fact, I’m sure you do know this, so see how that is a resource?

This is a time to tap your resources (Scorpio) and your wisdom (Saturn), and not slip on just any ol’ banana peel someone decides to throw near your foot!”

Are there any women out there who will cop to grabbing the wheel in their relationships and heading the car right towards the cliff?

I’ve done it.  Have you?

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Women Driving Men Crazy – Song As Old As Time! — 11 Comments

  1. I’m about to. I’m real tired of dragging his concrete ass off of his trailer trash sofa, away from his broken TV where he believes The News is life. I don’t care anymore. If I bruise his delicate ego, BFD.

  2. I really really did try to fit in the box he wanted. I really really always did. But sooner or later I just had to be me or die. Depending on how that went . . . well sometimes I was the driver and sometimes he was. I can walk away or be walked away from peaceably. Can’t say the same thing for the men in my life. I guess I was supposed to let them kill me so they could be victorious or something. Blood thirsty lot. 😀 I shy away from boxes now. About time, try as I might to fit into them, it never worked. Now then, tryin to fit into boxes, that was ca-razy!

  3. Oh yes. Sometimes to my detriment and setimes to my benefit. Ninety percent of the threads I start are about my uncontrollable urge to do this.

  4. Alas for me I don’t do that. I’ve got a unique set of circumstances in my life that has (1) made me pretty happy and content with my life and (2) have a rather hakuna matata attitude towards life. I have learned that while men complain about it, they really do love the drama that comes with pain in the ass women. Me and my laid back attitude get from men that I’m a wonderful woman who doesn’t generate “chemistry.”

    Too bad for them. I’m going to continue with just enjoying life.

  5. My neighbor used to make a similar comment about women habitually driving men crazy. I can’t specifically tell it to you word for word since it would betray the ages-old pact of confidentiality between men through the ages but when he told me – and I thought about it – it made perfect sense. I use it now all the time and it helps me not get bent when women act um, woman-ish. Surely I’ll catch hell for that comment. ; )

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