Women And Their Fits – Stressed Moon / 4th House In A Solar Return

sun and moonI wrote this for a client with a challenging solar return –

“…You know how when a woman is young, she will have all kinds of fits due to hormones?  A person can disrupt an environment for what seems like a great reason…which then dissipates…”

Do you recognize this kind of energy?

Some people have it natally, of course. They find ways to deal. But a person who is generally calm, can be thrown for a loop when this stuff shows up in a solar return, a progressed chart, via transit or whatever the cause might be.

Are your feelings erratic?


Women And Their Fits – Stressed Moon / 4th House In A Solar Return — 12 Comments

  1. When a woman is young she will have all sorts of fits due to hormones????? I gotta tell you, I haven’t seen an age yet that I didn’t have all sorts of fits due to hormones…..ha!

  2. Yes, this Scorpio moon is making me feel like I’m on steroids today (intense and emotional). Keeping a lid on things isn’t that easy and I’m really having to bite my tongue to try not to offend anyone (Libra sun)! :0

  3. …what would you think would be A Mans reaction to a super bussy solar return with uranus conjunct mars conjunct natal moon in 4th house?

    • You have me chuckling. I work with someone who is a super-zen-smooth balanced light worker higher cosmic awareness person (I hear about it all the time) who has mega-conniptions probably five times a week over parking, coffee composition, her hair, issues with her car’s interior design, and how long it takes clothes and other items to arrive once she’s ordered them online.

      So your ” — my ass!” makes me chuckle and nod. Yup.

      • Yeah, that’s what I am talking about.

        I am surprised no one has had a conniption fit on this post…yet. 🙂

        They may be penning their poison mail now! 🙂

  4. I have a Scorpio ruled 4th house with the Moon conjunct Saturn and depending on which system a person uses… Pluto is sometimes in the 4th as well. I connected to this article but then I read the Moon-Uranus and Uranus 4th house tags… and was stumped. Uranus doesn’t make any contact to my fourth house or my fourth house planets BUT after some thought… there it is in the 4th house with my Moon in my relocation chart. This makes sense because I’ve been more erratic since I moved. Saturn has been helping with that. I don’t like to be erratic and emotional so I’ve been doing everything possible to NOT be…. my North Node is in Taurus in the 10th. I want to be calm, I want to be a support system. I’ve learned through trial and error that whatever it is that is bubbling beneath… it’s NOT worth it and it will pass. I let the BIG explosive emotion pass or I let it out in writing, deep breathing… and talk calmly later. My daughter and Aries Moon husband have been BIG motivation.

  5. When I was young, I was reactive as hell. I still am, on occasion. But when I was young, I had way more than my share of “conniption fits”.

  6. Dude… I have an Aquarian moon square Uranus, trine Mars and Pluto… I have conniptions on a daily — if not hourly! — basis. *chuckles*

    The only thing that saves me is the Aquarius part. I can detach, somewhat, or at least realize that it’s only a swing and eventually I’ll stabilize. I really do feel sorry for anyone outside of myself that’s trying to keep up; it’s pretty much impossible. *laughs*

  7. Yeah, that’s me this year?. Got a cancer moon sitting in 4th house, part of a grand cross in solar return chart. Will let ya know how things turn out! But my natal cap moon hates all this mess?

  8. Maybe erratic to the outside observer. But they are just seeing the crest of the wave that has taken time to build. I cant even imagine what emotional stability feels like. Scorpio Moon.

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