Why You Should Always Believe the Chart

masquerade maskAs an astrologer, it’s always fascinated me to see that people try to deny or hide parts of their chart. Invariably, no matter how much effort a person puts in, the chart finds a way to express itself.  We simply can’t deny who we are.  I am at the point now where, if what I’m being presented doesn’t gel with the chart in front of me, I am inclined to believe the chart over the person. But it wasn’t always like this. This is a lesson I had to learn the hard way.

A few years ago I had a friend. She was a sweet, innocent, free-spirited nature lover who never had a cross word to say about anyone. Seriously, she was like a bunny in human form. But when I looked at her chart for the first time, my eyes nearly bugged out of my head. Her chart was dominated by a 29 degree Aries Mars in hard aspect to Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto.

But for the life of me, I just couldn’t see it. All I saw when I was with her was her sweet Pisces Rising and Taurus Venus.  I looked and looked for any evidence of an edge, a dark side, anger, anything that would display that power formation in her chart, but it was all to no avail. I even asked her about it, and she stated emphatically that anger just wasn’t a part of her nature. It simply didn’t play a part in her life.

Until one day she came to me upset that we had been hanging out less. My life had gotten much busier and I just didn’t have the time for our near-daily visits. I apologized and explained. I let her know that I valued her friendship deeply and could commit to at least a weekly chat.

Whiplash fast, her entire demeanor changed. Slamming the door in my face, she began a text storm as soon as she got to her car. While I watched my phone dumbstruck, she hurled insults and threats, even saying she would get a restraining order if I ever spoke to her again.

I was shocked and beyond hurt, but I chose to honor her wishes and go silent. And to this day, she still contacts me every year around the anniversary of our fight to remind me how much anger she still holds.

And now, I believe charts. I don’t mean to say that I wouldn’t have befriended her, but I could have been a whole lot more prepared for the fury that was dropped in my lap. I also wonder what she could have done with that powerful aspect had she been willing to own it. But it’s clear that if we deny our charts healthy expression, it will come out in other ways. So if you see a piece of a chart that just doesn’t seem to connect with the person in front of you, just wait. And believe the chart.

Have you ever failed to believe a chart and had it bite you? What happened?

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Why You Should Always Believe the Chart — 17 Comments

  1. This resonates with me. I confess I try to “hide” and/or “hide from” my own Scorpio moon with its difficult aspects ! I study charts keeping this in mind !

  2. I believe charts. Astrology is an amazing psychological assessment tool. I use it to fully understand and relate to family and friends. For example, I now know why I have a tenuous relationship with my daughter: her natal Mars and personal name asteroid conjunction, in Aries no less, exactly opposes my natal Libra Sun! ‘Nuff said.

  3. I don’t want my chart to be as lame as it is. I have Mars in Capricorn in the 12th and most outer planets retrograde, but no idea what to do with it. I still have no self discipline.

  4. Today I had a conversation with a career counselor about “hiding myself.” I’ve had a couple of career changes and felt I didn’t have passion for a while. She asked me why I avoided or didn’t seize on the current thing I want to do. That if you have a passion you would go for it immediately. I felt mildly crestfallen. She has a point but I’m super low discipline and scared of self starting of any kind. If a profession or task contains any go-getting, I’m probably going to put it off and struggle. She asked me about my hobbies which I adamantly think is a bullshit concept, I shrugged off the idea of after work hobbies a long time ago, I’m not a Leo. I told her I basically like to listen to music and podcasts and walk around and talk to people and stay home and watch stuff. Aka hang out. That’s not a goddamn vocation. I believe this is the last chance for me to vanquish myself. I don’t know if my chart has laziness or lack of ambition written in it (the volikov test certainly does.) But I’ve kind of refused to be myself for a while, I’ve extended my scope (Saturn in Sagittarius in the 11th), but the procrastination and myopic viewpoint persists. Fuck it, I refuse to believe I’m limited or passionless or shouldn’t try what I wanted to try. I definitely deny parts of my chart. I denied the outer planets in Sagittarius parts of my chart for a while. My sun is extremely spazzy, but when pluto puts pressure on other parts of my chart, I feel not so spazzy. I hate my spazziness the most.

    As for other people, I generally believe charts and get a bit sad when the synastry doesn’t work. I have trouble taking it as a whole and emphasize some parts over others, like the moon for instance is always the biggest tell for me, but I don’t know if I deny it completely. I would have to like the person a lot.

    • Ultimately if it’s in your heart it’s in your chart …. There are other modalities that may be of help to you … Human Design comes to mind. Check it out

  5. As you know, an astrologer kept questioning my chart, I have had that happen another time as well. The first redid my chart and I turned out an Aries rising not the Cap rising of my original. It left me really confused, still can. I am conflicted about what to do with this information.

  6. For a long time I didn’t own my own Mars. I thought my chart was wrong! It’s opposite Neptune, but it’s in Aries with other planets and in my 4th so it should be showing up somewhere. I tried to get in touch with my anger and all kinds of psychological stuff. It just didn’t read. Then I accidentally got into exercise and there it is! There is nobody my age who is as out there doing stuff as me. It’s my foundation now – 4th house.

    I sure wish I had pressed on this point earlier in life. All that time in my 20s and 30s I could have used the outlet! Instead all that energy went to beating myself up.

    • Can relate to this! I have mars in aries square neptune/uranus/moon/rising. Exercising is so good. 10 years ago I would deny that I am angry if one would ask or would claim a headache for feeling low. I still dislike confrontation but my mind is a warfare, at the same time I’d also not fight at all. I don’t like the bad feelings and guilt coming with it but it’s also good to air out stuff.

  7. Yes, my sister has Mars in Scorpio conjunct Pluto opposite my Moon. I just couldn’t believe it. Until her scheming ways bit me in the ass. I am an auntie but she keeps the kids away from me.

  8. For myself reading this, the phrase ‘untapped potential’ comes to mind.

    What can appear sometimes as a discrepancy between the person and their chart is also information: and good information, at that.

  9. Anything in the 12th can be hidden from an individual as well. I refuse to accept my “Ego”. I keep trying to kill it via Buddhist philosophy and it just keeps biting my ego keeps biting me in the rear. I also have Mars conj. Neptune “I am not angry ” and anger from others scares me! But if you press me hard enough, my stinger does come out and it’s not pretty.

  10. I’ve not done all that many charts, mostly because I’m still a beginner and slow – it can take weeks to construct a single nativity. But I really get into it, and for me there seems to be a psychic element – without trying I end up in a sort of trance ‘skry’ the chart. Difficult to explain. I do charts for friends as well as strangers. I’m told they’re scarily accurate. Hard aspects: One of the things I feel is important when examining the more gnarly planetary interactions is to determine whether the aspects are applying or separating. If applying, I council the person that this indicates a state of being that has to be experienced and mastered over time, and that it is part of the necessary development of the soul. I explain that every aspect or planetary position is simply a form of energy which can be expressed in either a positive or negative fashion. I sometimes give the example of nuclear energy which can be used to provide heat and light for a city – or lay it to waste. Creative and intuitive exploration of the energy indicated in the chart can reveal the gold which can be mined from even those placements considered irretrievably nasty.
    If the aspect is separating, I advise the person that this is indicative of an energy they have encountered in the past (often in a past life) and that the more powerful impacts of this energy have been dealt with (the greater the separation, the less residual energy remains) – and that hopefully the lessons of that energy have largely been learned – mastery of that part of the chart should be nearing, or has been, attained.
    I explain further that as we enter the physical realm, we are imprinted with a unique set of planetary energies which will provide us with the tools we need to complete our soul’s mission during this lifetime. The more difficult aspects will present challenges we must overcome in order to gain inner strength, deeper insights and new skills. I have read and I believe it is true that the more difficult the chart, the more special the task the native has been charged with in this lifetime. If the chart can be mastered, the life will not be without significant meaning.

  11. I have my Neptune 11th house inconjunct my Chiron in the 3rd – that is a real pain in the… My illusions always comes back to cause me pain, or I will be delusional about an aspect and then people in the end dissapont me.

    I have a tendency to date guys with the Venus opposite Neptune aspect.
    It will ALWAYS show itself as they can’t own their anger. And when their delusions/illusions of me crash, I am left with no possibility to explain because they can’t deal with their own painful illusions was wrong and just face reality – that love is NOT perfect, women are NOT perfect and even if our values seem different, maybe – if we talked about it – we would pull through and get a more realistic sense of who eachother are.
    But nope, there is no card out of jail in that situation, they dump me like I am a hot piece of coal, often due to infertility (emotional).

    Of course there is some stuff about Mars here as well. Often their Mars is in Libra which means they just want to get along and still control stuff…. My own Cap Mars, right outside the 12th house, is not good to speak up for itself unfortunately. It causes my 8th house Libra Moon lot of trouble. I have anger issues too, but at long last I seem to understand where they stem from.

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