The Problem With Daily Horoscopes

planets in orbitIt’s common to hear people complain about daily horoscopes. “How can that be true for all Leos?”

I am not against the daily scopes, but these people have a point. Most daily horoscopes are written using a solar chart. The astrologer considers the faster moving planets and writes a general reading for each of the twelve signs.

The problem is that you are more than your sun sign. Much more!

So you read your daily horoscope and it says you’re all clear. You’re supposed to have a great day but you wind up fighting with people all day and it’s mysterious.

But it’s not mysterious if Mars is transiting in hard aspect to your natal Venus or Mercury. A daily horoscope won’t (can’t) tell you about this, because the horoscopes are not personalized. This is where a transit report comes in.

I sell a Deluxe Transit Report, personalized to your chart, for just $25 a year. This is roughly half the price of what offers with their service by email, which is an inferior product.

The Deluxe Report is customizable. By default, you’ll get a year’s worth of transits, beginning on the day you order, but I can also generate the report with a start date of your choosing, so if you want something special, I’ll be happy to accommodate you.

This is a great report for people who are studying astrology, or for anyone who wants astrological guidance, specific to their chart. If you print one of these, they’re about 70 pages long, so they make a great gift as well.. Check it out!


The Problem With Daily Horoscopes — 4 Comments

  1. One thing I’ve experienced with those newspaper dailies is someone who uses it as entitlement when it is convenient. I don’t read em so I just never know.

  2. I agree with you on the horoscopes. The horoscopes based on the sun signs are very vague. This is because it generalizes everyone from the month you were born, when in reality, each person’s horoscope for that day should be different based on where they were born, what time they were born, where the planets were located at that specific time. A report is much more useful in really looking into what will happen throughout your day 😉

  3. Dear elsa madam,
    I agree with you.but i have learned 4 yrs what is the daily aspects and what is my natal aspects and learned with there is so much difference but who can understand they will gain.who can misunderstand they will loss almost to death.


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