Why Do Women Want To Feminize Men?

My husband has strong (and hilarious) opinions on this topic, expressed over the years.

““Yeah, my whole world has gone to hell. Men are feminized now, P. They’re like girls or something…” Non-Feminized Men Fashion Show

“You’re right. I will turn into a girl. That’s exactly what’ll happen, I’m glad you’re figuring this out, P.” “I Will Turn Into A Girl” – Women Feminizing – Men – Why Do They Do It?

““They like feminized men because they have more in common with them.” On Women Who Feminize Men Redux

“I don’t know. They want a man who cries, I guess. They want their men to cry all the time.” Speaking Of Beta Males – On Feminizing Men

Obviously, I go for an alpha male. Perhaps this is because I have Mars in a yang sign, in a yang house but whatever it is, I am completely baffled by women who want to put make-up on men, or pretty them up in any way. Same thing with their sons.

Are you involved in trend?  Do you think it’s peaked? Is there something gained by repressing the Mars (male) function?


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  1. Why would you feminize a man? In my case my husband works part-time while I work full-time. I want him to take care of the house so I can rest more on my days off. I also want him to be more attentive to me. I found a good way to get him to do it without arguing. I have him wear a maid uniform. He doesn’t talk back and he cleans rather well dressed that way. I might as well also admit that I’m a little bit bossy and controlling. A man is less likely to challenge you if he’s wearing a dress and a pair of silky nylons. He listens better too. I know I’m bad but I get what I want and he and I argue a lot less now. It works for me and he is getting used to it. He puts his uniform on by himself now. I used to have to tell him to do it. The cleaning is getting done and I can breath when I’m home.

  2. This a wonderful thing since I prefer to wear dresses, skirts, halter tops, heels one piece swimsuits and bare my silky smooth legs even in the winter. The women can have the pants who needs them anyway mini dresses and skirts are just so much more fun too bad their is not a female boss who forces her male employees to wear skirts dream job.


  3. Too bad you don’t own a business nor a company or better yet in political power then you could create a place for strong women and feminized men. For myself a dream beach is wear women wear what they like on the beach and the men wear cute little one piece swim suits. I really swim and surf in a little black high cut with a halter so you can imagine what the guys in board shorts think. If their was a community ruled by women who forced the men to wear dresses and skirts I’d sign up.

  4. Women feminizing men is not such a bad idea as it sounds. I think it may even be a sign of social progress as it will allow men to freely express their inner femininity. Elsa, your husband may not agree that men have inner femininity. If so please point him to this story about a decorated ex-Navy Seal who underwent harmone therapy to become a woman: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWFUlDCXYE8

    I think both men and women have masculine and feminine traits within them. The exact mix of masculine and feminine traits varies from person to person, but as we have all observed, in general, men have more masculine traits and women have more feminine traits. Society and religion usually place strict limits on how much feminine traits a man is allowed to express and how much masculine traits a woman is allowed to express. That works only for persons whose opposite gender traits are within these arbitrary, artificial limits. But a significant part of any society, if not the majority, have opposite gender traits that exceed these arbitrary limits. These people will have to suppress the opposite gender traits within them in order to avoid consequences. Suppressing a significant part of oneself is extremely harmful and that makes for a lot of unhappy individuals in society.

    It is worse for men because society has become more and more tolerant of women expressing their inner masculinity but is not yet as tolerant of men expressing their inner femininity. As women take the lead in more and more aspects of human society, it is only good if they feminize men and make society more tolerant of male femininity.

    Suppressing the opposite gender traits within oneself creates a lot of inner resentment and so these suppressed traits are usually sublimated in very negative ways. For example, misogyny in some men – their subconscious mental process proceeds along these lines: “I must suppress these feminine traits within me because expressing them is ‘bad’ according to society but women freely express femininity so women are also ‘bad’ and inferior to men”. Perhaps there is also a tinge of subconscious jealousy – “women are allowed to express themselves freely but I cannot express my feminine traits without suffering consequences”. The same goes for misandry (hatred of men) in some women.

    Another negative way men (and some women) sublimate their suppressed opposite gender traits is by seeking power over others. Famous warriors and conquerors that we think of as ultra-masculine have a distinct feminine streak within them. For example, Julius Caesar was called the “Queen of Bithynia” (he is alleged to have had an affair with the king of Bithynia early on in his career before he became famous) and some contemporaries described Caesar as “a husband to every wife in Rome and a wife to every husband” because of his numerous affairs with men as well as women. Alexander (the so called great) is another example.

    The poster boy for the horrible consequences of suppressing opposite gender traits is Adolf Hitler. We hear Hitler raving and ranting in his speeches, we hear his harsh, grating voice and see him making ultra-masculine gestures with is hands. But watch carefully and we can see a lot of femininity underlying these gestures. There were rumours of Hitler being a homosexual before and during Word War 1. Perhaps because society a hundred years ago was not as open as now, Hitler had to suppress his sexuality and ended up sublimating it in a very horrible way.

    Women feminizing men may lead to a more tolerant society and as the inner world of more and more people gets less and less resentful because they no longer have to suppress their opposite gender traits, human society may even become more peaceful and harmonious over a long time.

  5. i too, choose very alpha men. I thought it’s because of simple attraction, then i got into astrology and it kind of makes sense. My sister has a Ying mars in a ying house, even though she has a Yang sun, and she chose a kind of feminine man. He’s not putting on make-up or anything like that, and he’s not a supermodel type of guy either. Just more effeminate in the way he goes about life, allowing his woman (my sister) to be the alpha in the relationship. Although, i notice he sure can get his way too, (the way a woman tries to coerce their husband to get their way)…My mother didnt like it at first, because she prefers us to be with alpha males but hey you can’t choose who you love. And she’s happy w/ who she chose. And she just didnt understand that if you reverse it, and the woman coerces the man to get him to do stuff for her, it doesn’t seem as bad. Especially if your man is lazing on the couch or something and he has to get that toolshed or that roof fixed, or the plumbing done. It doesn’t just do itself. Maybe i’m explaining a kind of “Al Bundy” type, the lazy husband on the couch with his hand in his pants and the other hand with a bottle of beer.

    there is really nothing wrong with those types of men, they have probably been around for ages, too, and little prospect for marriages in the old days perhaps? I haven’t researched or looked into it, but maybe many of them are in arranged marriages types. I may sound ignorant about it, but in today’s modern world, it seems quite normal especially now that women are quite more masculine and go-getters. They want a man who will let them wear the pants, and there are men out there that will happily allow them.

  6. I am a male that has been feminized
    she sent all my male clothes to Goodwill
    I was put on a diet and now in a size 6–
    hair colored blond at a beauty shop
    wear nylon panties & a bra
    do housework and submissive to females
    her friends think it is wonderful to have a feminized man
    she has shown my panties to her girlfrieds.
    she is treir hero.
    feminized males make the best husbands and do not cheat

  7. I am so turned on by the thought of being sissified by a confident women I just feel I have all this penned up sensuality I have to release all at once I want to know what it feels like to be instructed by a women to bathe as one completely dress as one in lingerie and make up and to take over complete character as a woman bringing toys into the picture and being totally emansculated by the controlling woman I feel I need this experience

  8. i like to be femized on bed and in all walks of life if my female partner is totally dominant &masculine . love all sexual activities to be done by her which men do

  9. I like sensitive sweet men deep down but I want them to be fully male. I have a strong mars/house, but still I have those water houses 8,12,4, so I need also sensitivity. like a go-getter man like my husband but still sensitive.

  10. I do not want to feminize my man. Never will either. I don’t want a husband that has better eyebrows than me. lol I like my men rugged. 🙂

  11. Men who enjoy being feminized by a woman are often stereotyped as homosexual. This is quite often the furthest from the truth. The pleasure of being taken into a woman’s sexual identity (at least in appearance) is linked with a rejection of masculinity, in oneself as well as others. Statistically, there are more heterosexual trans males than homosexual. But 90% or so of sites online assume otherwise.

  12. It’s a mistake to think that men with “feminine” interests and mannerisms can’t be alpha though I’ve experienced it.

  13. Good luck feminizing my husband! He can barely catch a whiff of a “chick flick” from the other room without coming down with the *cough, cough* man flu that requires a marathon watching of WWE and a kegger to recover from. He’s also quite allergic to pink clothing. Which is odd because he is otherwise very attentive and sensitive to my needs (His AC/Venus/Moon in Libra conjunct my IC)

    I think you can learn to be sensitive to your partner’s needs without compromising your true identity in the name of culture. I would never want to be with somebody who embraced toxic masculinity anymore than I’d want to be with somebody who spends more time grooming himself than I do. It’s all about balance of yin and yang ?

  14. I was watching this film recently called, “friends with money” and it’s about four women who are good friends for a long time, and one of them is married to a very feminized type of guy, who loves to dress well, and is very metrosexual, and the other women think he is so gay. but in all honesty he’s just very attentive, feminized in a way that’s so caring, nurturing, loving, and weirdly he chose a woman who is more butch, but not masculine. it was the case of opposite attracts! her occupation was designing clothes so he loved that about her too! he truly loved her a lot. I thought it was the sweetest type of man who is not gay, but loves his wife dearly even through troubles.
    I would rather prefer that type of man than a super alpha that is scary!

  15. I am sooo happy my girlfriend, now my wife accepted my wanting to be a girl. without her help I would not be where I am today. She got my confidence up to where I could go out in public then started allowing our friends to meet Joanne. My loving wife also introduced me to a man who has been my live in lover for 2 years now, we are talking about getting married, my wife said she would give me away.

  16. I came out to my wife 20 plus years ago that I wanted to be more feminine. Well she was not having it an left me. It’s her loss. We could of had a good life together

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