Who Reads The Elsa Blog? Breakdown By Generation / Pluto Sign

Loonsounds wondered who read here, generation-wise, so in her honor, a poll. The dates on the various Pluto signs are approximate at the beginning and end times due retrograde motion of the planet but I imagine most people who read here know their Pluto sign anyway..

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Who Reads The Elsa Blog? Breakdown By Generation / Pluto Sign — 49 Comments

  1. No, October27, you are not totally alone, I have pluto in Leo. Glad you’re here! Sometimes I believe that I can feel the generation gap in the overall tone of a thread, and find myself noticing that I am member of a minority group by representation in Pluto in Leo.

    Anyway, I am really starting to get a better feel for the generational differences as a direct result of participating on this blog, and it is very interesting!

  2. Here we are, Pluto in Leo too, but I guess many of our generation are deeply asleep in Pluto’s arms, what do you think? For those of us who come out be sure there’s a strong Neptune or Uranus at work – they don’t let you get too old 🙂

  3. Welcome 2 U 2, Conny, although, truth be told, I don’t understand what you are saying on either of the points above. That would be cool if you want to clarify, and if you don’t, that’s cool 2!

  4. Welcome Kathy and Loonsounds! What I mean is that many people our age are too immersed in their agenda as to spend time exchanging ideas outside of it, like on this blog. I know many people my age (54) who don’t have a computer or are not used to the internet either. But if the Pluto part is not too dominating, and for instance they’ve got Aquarius rising, or Mars-Neptune, Saturn-Neptune, etc. – or just what we call an open mind (Mercury) – they won’t accept an agenda, or their agenda will be looking for communication with others to share and/or exchange ideas. Pluto left Leo in August 1957, so chances are that there will be more younger people communicating through this means. I got my first computer when I was 45 🙂 what about you?

  5. This retired Leo in Pluto has been busy and away from the computer all day.
    I appreciate this particular question. I was wondering about the age break down. I could feel the age differences – strong Uranus.

  6. Pluto in Leo here, too! I’ve been out working all day and just got back. This is a great peek into generational (astro) variations, and I can’t wait to see what we discuss next!

  7. Pluto in virgo here (conjunct Uranus)
    I really enjoy these polls Elsa. Your readers and commenters find a majority of Pluto in Virgo and Right Brainers!
    More polls please? You could do more Where’s your Uranus, Neptune, Mars and so on. What would be really interesting is the more really complex ones like who’s got a Grand Trine?
    T Square, Mystical Rectangle, Bucket, Kite and a story to match.

  8. Hey Alison, I’m also Pluto in Virgo, conjunct Uranus, and I completely 2nd the motion (more polls).

    Apparently I have a mystical triangle.

    Hah, hah, eh Loonsounds?!!!

    Peppermint- where you been?

    P.S. Good thinking, Loonsounds (poll)

  9. Oh, I see Conny…hmmmmm, I tend to think of the hold outs in the computer world as being more like, in their 70’s and 80’s, but the work world I was last in, everyone of all ages was on computers, and plenty were my age of older. I am out on my age on this blog for some reason, it’s 53, and I got my first computer, had to be, not long after they first came out because it was so unsophisticated. It was SOOO lame, it was called a TRS 80, nicknamed ‘trash 80’ from Radio Shack. I think it was 1984, so I would have been 29, he cool, got my first computer around the time of my Sat. return! (I have shared before, my 1st Sat. return was one of the best times in my life).

    Yep love the polls, one question I would be interested (I saw this on another blog, and I won’t tell you their answer … yet) was… do you see yourself more as your Sun sign or as your Ascendent if you have to choose one or the other.

  10. Oh cool, we got a Pluto in Sag, early bloomer, right on! And y’all better watch out, Pluto’s in Leo are catchin’ up to the young bloods, Pluto in Scorp! I, for one, think that we have by no means heard the last from Baby Boomer generation astrologers; there may well be some amazing discoveries and all kinds of things still yet to come from us!

  11. Loonsounds, I burst out laughing when I read your post (26). We had like 3 of those in our high school. I still remembered the name after all these years. 1984 was the year that I graduated, so it was either then, or just a year or two earlier.

    I still have trouble wrapping my brain around the idea of your age…. Course, I’m having trouble wrapping my brain around the idea of MY age, lol

  12. Pluto in Leo, I will never be old LOL. I think time is the biggest illusion of all. I prefer to think of myself as seasoned >:> and maybe getting a bit wiser increment by small increment.

  13. @Elsa “you logical motherfuckers are valued as well” – the quote of the.month for me!! 🙂 pluto 29 libra..guess I can’t make up my mind if I’m feeling libra or scorp

  14. Like Shannon, pluto in virgo, just barely. The hubs was born 6wks after me and he’s Pluto in Libra,

  15. Well, leave it to me to mess things up. I mistakenly voted for Pluto in Scorpio when in reality I have Pluto in Virgo. Sorry, sorry, sorry. . .

  16. Umm. . . please disregard my previous post. I didn’t even vote. I’m obviously confused (and nuts)!

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