Which Sign Is The Most Insecure?

Hi Elsa,

Which do you consider to be the most insecure signs? Aspects that implicate insecurity? Anything that indicates insecurity. What’s your take on it?


Cuba, I think Capricorn is the most insecure sign. I think they project their insecurity onto Cancer.

Anyone else?

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Which Sign Is The Most Insecure? — 54 Comments

  1. I voted Cancer. And not because I think they have any more insecurities than any other sign, but in my experience, they like to “wear” it. Well, until they crawl into their shells…

    I love ’em, but sometimes they are soooo outwardly fragile.

    I agree also with Alma who said Caps often take their insecurities and snap it back on you when you least expect it. Ah well, we all come in so many varieties, don’t we?

  2. I don’t think I’ve met an insecure Cancer in my life. I think people may be conflating sensitivity/moodiness with insecurity. I’d say it takes confidence to be open about that, and to not pretend.

    I have largely found Gemini’s to be most insecure, latching onto the opinion’s of others for short-term social gain and some good PR.

  3. I think it depends on the relationship between the sign you are and the sign someone else is. In my world as a Leo, I tend to see Pisces and Cancer as the most insecure. And maybe Libra. Is it because our signs don’t jibe that well? I should be having issues with Scorpio peeps according to generic astrology but my Scorpio friends and I have an immense respect for each other and tho we tackle issues differently, we seem to always find a point of intersection that puts us on the same path. That said, send me your Aries’ and Geminis!

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