Which Sign Is The Most Insecure?

Hi Elsa,

Which do you consider to be the most insecure signs? Aspects that implicate insecurity? Anything that indicates insecurity. What’s your take on it?


Cuba, I think Capricorn is the most insecure sign. I think they project their insecurity onto Cancer.

Anyone else?

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Which Sign Is The Most Insecure? — 54 Comments

  1. describe “insecure”. what kind? when? nervousness or lacking in self esteem or fear of change or inability to be/act alone or what?

  2. I think Cap could be the most insecure, probably because they get wedged into so many tight places–and those dang hooves! sensitive more than you imagine to subterranean vibrations. Danger! Danger! Where to go? Got to go! Where to go? Got to go!

    But I’m wedged! I’m wedged!

  3. I think they’re all equally insecure but about different things. It’s all about their shadow side, the things they can’t deal with and, like you mentioned Elsa, that they end up projecting on the opposite sign.
    In general I think Fire signs are insecure about the material world, Earth signs about being intuitive, Air signs about feelings and Water signs about theories.
    I can be simplistic when I want to šŸ˜‰

  4. Becca, I think it’s natural that if one is more in tune with thoughts, ideas and the mental aspect of life, it’s difficult to also be great with feelings and the emotinal world. We can’t have it all šŸ˜‰

  5. Libra. All the Libras I have known needed so much validation it’s like, insane. Gemini men too, the ones I have known project this nervous, insecure energy that is so palpable to me.

  6. I have twelve signs on the short list, because each one can become a slobbering idiot when you hit them with their shortcomings.

    I think Scorpios are extremely insecure. They just hide it better than the rest of us.

  7. *lol* My Moon is in Aquarius. Does that mean I have double the trouble? šŸ˜›

    I voted Pisces. The majority of sun-Pisceans I’ve known were fragile people, easily hurt by discursive remarks that may not even apply to them. Although, come to think of it, that applies to some Leos and Caps I know, too. . . They seem better able to handle it, though, while the Pisces just crumple.
    I think.
    (Woo! I have Libra! šŸ˜€ )

  8. While I agree with SaDiablo, that Pisceans are often fragile and sensitive, I still think Cap is the most insecure sign overall.

  9. Yes! Cancer speaking. In my experience, Capricorns are very insecure. Just when I feel sorry for them, they turn it all around – and I’m the problem! I’m the lazy, unmotivated, hedonistic flake with no life plan or goals, etc. You hit that one on the head Elsa.

  10. My longtime astrology teacher, Eileen McCabe, used to say Leos were very insecure, and I’m inclined to agree. Leos spend so much time preening and primping because they’re afraid they won’t be liked. They also drink a lot at parties for the same reason. All the Leonine pride and ego is just a mask for a cowardly lion!

  11. “Just when I feel sorry for them, they turn it all around – and Iā€™m the problem! Iā€™m the lazy, unmotivated, hedonistic flake with no life plan or goals, etc.”

    Interesting, Alma. It seems like my Capricorn friends want to transmit an image of a balls to the wall, in control person who knows the facts of life and look at my life/criticize me with that same no bullshit attitude. It seems their insecurity would be more covert. People voted Cancer and I did too because it really seems like they are the most insecure/sensitive sign in the zodiac. I compare them (myself) to an oyster, throw some type of salt in their shell and they close up, throw spit on the wound until it mutates into something soft that doesn’t hurt anymore. Taking straight up criticism and digs is too hard (for me). Plus feeling comfortable and secure before they do anything is so important that they/I require a lot of validation before they can go about doing anything. That’s what I think, anyway.

  12. Monica, I now we sometimes repeat what others used to say, and you might have met a Leo preening and drinking on a party. But to put pride and ego on the same sentence as both negative traits is not truthful, and to conclude that there is a coward lion behind the mask, speaks not well of the teacher nor of what you learned either. You know, what we see as insecurity in people sometimes is just a strategy to get time until they know what they really want and is worth the effort. That applies to other signs too. An insecure person is not necessarily a coward, in contrast many cowards are very secure (about their decision to deny the truth).
    Now, if you look at your chart you will find Leo on the cusp of one of your houses. Look at this house and make friends with your lion. He will greet you with a big roaring and invite you for a journey to the savannah, to teach you a sunny pride, self-esteem and joy of life. Have fun šŸ™‚

  13. That’s true what june said. I need to know what kind of insecurity. I voted I can’t decide because of that, but I was thinking Cancer. I am a Cancer and I know I am very insecure. But I’m self-aware about it most of the time. But it’s more of a self-confidence thing. I guess all the signs are insecure about one thing or another.

    I see other, more confident-LOOKING signs and I think is it just a mask? Cause sometimes they don’t seem very self-reflective and I think just because someone doesn’t see his/her insecurity doesn’t mean s/he isn’t insecure.

  14. I think we can all be insecure in our own ways, and being completely insecurity-free would be boring as hell. I find when I open up about my insecurities in a humorous manner with other gals, they all usually follow suit and you find that even the most confident looking one is insecure about something. Humor is the best remedy for that, IMO, it’s a matter of mental survival. If I took all of my shortcomings too seriously I’d be in the looney bin, because a Leo Sun, Cappy Moon, Virgo Venus can be waaaaaaaay too critical of herself….beeelieve meee.

  15. This is so funny to me…okay why is Pisces now winning? I can read all of you lovely people’s posts and it’s ‘______ is insecure because of ______’, and I may think ‘well that doesn’t bother ME’ and on and on…and then I realized who the most insecure is: it’s me.

  16. All the men I know who have a mix of Virgo, Libra and Scorpio in their charts are really insecure when it comes to self-worth and attractiveness. I think it makes perfect sense, with the self-scrutiny, vanity and insight…:)

    And I also know a couple of Aries women with Sun square Saturn in Cancer and opposite Pluto, and they’re both materialists and fierce social climbers.

  17. This is a tough one…so many different signs so many different reasons!

    Cap moon is scary to me, have not had good experiences with that. Cancer and Libras need a lot of validation, and often. Gets tiring…. must agree wholeheartedly with Monica on Leo. As a leo sun/libra moon, there is a lot of primping and preening and hoping it makes you likeable. A girlfriend of mine with the same sun/moon does this just as much as I do and it drives me NUTS! (who knew….lol!)

  18. I agree with Monica about the Leo energy as well. Went out with a Leo moon man years ago. He literally burned out my blow dryer and was quite annoyed I didn’t run right out and buy a new one!

  19. all of them. in various ways.

    i think it depends more on what’s in the second house. what venus is doing, maybe. or how saturn’s aspected….

  20. Yeah, kashmiri, mee too. “But, but, but. . .” Guess who’s a little insecure? *laughs*
    But, hey, we’ve all got our foibles, right?

  21. Interesting that the fixed signs are (mostly) all on the bottom. Apparently the ability or tendency to hold your ground is perceived as being a person secure with yourself.

    I also think it is strange that Pisces tops the list…

  22. “Makes me wonder how much of the vote is (sub?)consciously influenced by what others are writing.”

    A Mercury Pluto thought, SaDiablo…

  23. What I think is strange is that Cap was topping the list yesterday when it was mostly just your (Elsa’s) view, but Pisces is today. Makes me wonder how much of the vote is (sub?)consciously influenced by what others are writing.

  24. Well, I do have a Mercury-Pluto semisquare, whatever that is. *smiles* I don’t count it since I can’t interpret it.
    Somehow it makes me glad that I’m tapping into today’s energy, though. Weird!

  25. I always kind of wondered about Libra, since they have trouble making a decision. I guess I interpreted that as scant faith in their own abilities.

    Sorry in advance if I’m offending anyone…

  26. heh, I voted Sagittarius and it’s the least, so I know that I do not provide validity to your question @Sadiablo

  27. Interesting. I thought of air & fire at first but after reading the comments, I agree with joana. I have cap rising/sun in cancer and I’m not insecure. I’m definitely sensitive but that’s not the same as being fragile and I don’t consider sensitivity to be a weakness. Most people have a hard time with one thing or another; security is important to both cancers and capricorns in different ways. Insecurity comes from not knowing or understanding yourself and making your uncertainty about others. As far as I can tell, that applies to everyone.

  28. Aries. All the Aries I know are competitive with others, even over trivial things. I don’t think it’s a conscious thing all the time, but that urge to top others or be the first or one-up others is there. If they were secure, they wouldn’t have such a strong drive to act in that way, it would be ok to let others be first or to be better than them in some way. That’s not to say Aries is “bad” or anything like that. This is just something I’ve noticed in my Aries friends. And they are the ones that everyone thinks is most secure, but if you dig further, at least in my opinion, my Aries friends are the most insecure people I know.

  29. This is blowing my mind, I’ve always considered Cancer the epitome of confidence! Cooler than the other side of the pillow.

  30. I chose Cancer. I have moon in cancer and my insecurity stems alot from that plus having alot of Neptune contacts.

    If I had a list and from experiences Ive had with all the signs. It would be Cancer, Virgo, Pisces and Libra. But in all truth, the signs all have insecurity at times even SHock! Aries and Sags. Virgos and Pisces is more about low self esteem so I see them hesitate in opportunities. Libra in appearance. Cancer is all around though if they have a strong home base it helps a lot. Scorpios are insecure too if something has scarred them. Oh wait maybe its more we are more cautious next time and paranoid haha!

    I this Capricorns are more fear based and need concrete facts before going ahead. So it may seem insecure but they are biding their time for the right moment.

  31. I have libra stellium…6 planets in libra (Pluto, Venus, Sun, Mars, Uranus all in 4th house) and i can decide very quckly and i have very strong personal opinions and i knew form very young age what is wrong and what is right …so i don’t think if u have libra u cannot decide…yes i can see put myself in others place and see their point of view and understand but doesn’t i don’t have a point of view of mine which i choose.

  32. corection…5 planets…i think “I have Libra and I can’t decide” should be changed with simply “I can’t decide” cause we r humans and all have doubts not only libra…i really don’t agree with this labelle for libra sounds like libra is un unreliable sign which is not

  33. I think it depends on what society we are talking about placing these people in. A night at the Metropolitan Opera or standing in line at Walmart. Which sign is going to be most secure sitting in a cell on death row, sitting through a tax audit, being a soldier in Afghanistan or lying in a hospital bed with a terminal disease waiting to die. It is a silly premise to think that one sign is stronger or more secure than another. It is not the security of the sign but the strength of the individual chart and the environment in which we place these people. I think we all project insecurity through the bias of our own experiences.

    On a mundane planetary level and speaking as a man. I think Cancer men have a difficult time as their ruling planet changes signs every couple of days.In a society where men are not free to experience their emotions, this can be very stressful, however if there are strengths in the chart,(and there always are)this can create an integrity and grounding unique to the Cancer male.

    Archetypically earth signs should have the potential of being the most secure or grounded of signs. My personal bias would be the Taurus male, with their strong earth and venus element. Taurus men are secure in their own skin,even if they have no physical merit, it’s the bull thing. If you see a man in line at the movies, unshaven, a little ugly, thirty pounds over weight and wearing a suit from J.C.Penny’s, proudly standing there and you say to yourself, ” Wow what a dude, who the hell is that”, its a Taurus male. Unlike other earth signs, they are also very secure in their emotions and expressing their love.

    The little pig that built his house out of bricks was a Capricorn, (The Taurus male was building a house made of bricks but never quite finished, but there is a huge barbecue pit inside and a Bose Lifestyle V35 home entertainment system). The Capricorn male is not demonstrative with his emotions,but when he holds you at night in his arms you fell protected, and when he tells you he loves you it is sincere but, “please don’t keep asking me that”.

  34. In her book “Barriers and Boundaries” Liz Greene states that each element operates on the basis of a particular need. In the case of all earth signs, this is the need for security, i.e., the primary motivator is the fear of insecurity. I find that there is a lot of truth to this in my experience of doing charts.
    I’m an air sign but have an exact quincunx from Saturn (in Capricorn in the 12th house) to my Sun, I can relate to that chronic feeling of insecurity. I feel like things could go wrong any second now, most of the time…
    Probably, the way I deal with this is not the same as an earth sign. Instead of addressing the issue practically, I tend to worry myself to bits about it and just basically think too much. It interferes with my capacity to take action.

  35. have to say that i generally agree with joana. we are the whole wheel and we all have strong and weak perception points -sometimes life comes at us in a way that feels comfy and sometimes it doesnt.
    and we all have saturn plodding round and round!

  36. I can be very insecure in some respects – I find it hard to deal with rejection and when I was young found it hard to believe that some of the amazing people who valued me, really did so. I expected every love affair to vanish in a puff of smoke… I think we Caps grow into a sense of security, just as we grow into much else, in later life.

    In my own case my early sense of insecurity was made far worse by the constant psychic attacks from my adoptive mother. If I hadn’t had some deep sense of my own worth I’d never have survived it; I did but it’s left wounds for sure.

    I voted Pisces, since whatever my own insecurities I’ve constantly had to shore up almost all my Pisces friends and try to convince them of their own worth – though that’s been true of the women and not really the men.

    I’ve never had to do that with any of my Cap Sun friends, of either sex. In fact some of us Caps can be very arrogant, esp in the professional and practical areas of life. I admit to being quite arrogant myself (and see the board thread on Caps and power/ control, active a couple of days ago, for some more examples – haha)

    Cap Moons however are another story; they can be very vulnerable and insecure emotionally. My ex was one.

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