Which Sign Gets You?

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When we think about signs that have a fundamental affinity with each other, we naturally think about signs in the same element. These signs all trine each other, and the energy just flows, smooth and easy. I think this is right, but I would take it a step further. Each sign builds on the one that came before it. In my experience, the sign that came before yours in the same element will naturally get something about you that others don’t. So when you’re feeling misunderstood, look to the sign before you in your element for comfort.

Take the fire signs. I am all Leo. And sometimes, when I am expressing love, it comes in the form of EXUBERANT YELLING. Once, when my partner overdid it and got himself run down enough to get a nasty fever out of nowhere, my reaction went a little like this, “OMG YOU IDIOT I LOVE YOU SO MUCH GET IN BED AND EAT YOUR SOUP BEFORE I SHOVE IT DOWN YOUR THROAT.” Yeesh, right? Luckily, my partner is an Aries and understood my reaction completely. He saw it as the expression of love that it was and got in bed feeling thoroughly cared for. Sagittarius, on the other hand, would likely find all this a little too attached for their taste. Why not pull back and let people handle themselves? But Aries understands that sometimes love needs a little war.

In the same way, Sagittarius is grateful to Leo. Leo is the only other sign in the zodiac that understands why Sagittarius needs to expand. Leo invented “go big or go home.” So when Sagittarius struggles to explain why every conversation turns into a dissertation or why every project turns into a PRODUCTION, Leo is there to lend a sympathetic ear. Aries, on the other hand, is a little too efficient for all that. If the goal is achieved, who needs the fanfare? Just get what you want and get on with things. But Leo understands the need for flair.

And finally, Aries can breathe easy around Sagittarius. When every other sign is nursing hurt feelings from their brash self-expression, Sagittarius is there to point out that Aries was just being honest, after all. How can everyone get so mad when Aries and Sagittarius are just pointing out the truth that should be obvious? While Leo would be busy licking their ego wounds, Aries and Sagittarius can roast each other to hell and back. What’s wrong with a little brutal honesty?

While all the fire signs understand each other implicitly, I think this model stands. I also think it’s true for every element. Capricorn is grateful to Virgo because they are the only ones who understand why all of the practical details Capricorn manages actually matter. And Scorpio can feel at ease with Cancer because no one else fully grasps just how deep an emotional wound can go. Aquarius loves Libra because no other signs really get how important it is to have other people on board to actually accomplish anything big. The list goes on!

So tell us, which sign gets you?

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Which Sign Gets You? — 16 Comments

  1. Scorpio and Cancer right there…. They know how much I care when I say ‘put on your scarf, it’s freezing outside, darling’.
    On the other hand – I think Libra have a hard time understanding Scorpio’s penchant for strong, emotional reactions and passion. They are cooled off rather than inflamed….

    But Virgo understands Capricorn’s strong and controlled/rational approach to work and duty, and traditions.

    My BF is Cancer Sun, Libra Moon, Cancer Mars, Virgo Mars/Saturn/Jupiter and Gemini Venus. He is Cap Ascendant.

    I am Scorpio Sun, Venus, Mercury Jupiter and Libra Moon, Cap Mars. Aquarius Ascendant.

    Our synastry is pretty neat – that is, when our two Libra moons can’t decide and we spend 5 minutes discussing why the other partner’s solution is perfectly OK with them…. Good thing we are strong in talking and debating fairly *sigh* ??

  2. Ha, cool way to look at relating. Cancer gets me. (My husband’s Cancer & my dearest friend was Cancer) I’m Scorp. And Pisces looks back & relates to me were simpatico (my mom was Pisces & my best friend, one of my dearest pals is Pisces & my brother’s oldest son is too & we text 🙂

    • Mmmm…I find Cancers get me. Not surprising since this Virgo has Venus in Scorpio and a moon in the 8th house.
      Tauruses understand security and being grounded and practical but not Scorpionic passion and intensity.
      My Gemini Son has a Moon in Cancer and a Venus in Taurus.
      We get along great and are amazingly open and honest with each other

  3. Fire signs! And Aquarius. Because of the vibe , it is easier to communicate with other fire signs , and I can spot them a long way, and even if I don’t really like the person , I understand their energy.I love Leo , and there are plenty in my life, but Sag is even better .. those few Sag people I know are the best. I have a Leo moon , so I think I can say the ego/ uplift battle is sometimes to tedious with Leos, I’m impatient.(Aries) I don’t know why Aquarius , I have a gem asc, and aqua in my 8th house , and I bond so quickly with Aquas. 11th house mars(?). Water signs are my biggest struggle.

  4. Fellow air signs, Gemini & Libra, understand my Aquarian sun’s desire for stimulated discussion/debate. They also share my need to have a break from the “seriousness” of the world, and just talk lighthearted, be a little “silly”, & have a good laugh.

  5. Water people, earth people, the moon is very important.. air or fire people with water or earth moons.. Gemini moons.. I like a Leo moon or a virgo moon.. idk the moon is so important.. someone who really took care of me then disappeared is a Leo with a pisces moon and some other pisces.. he was so darling.. Gemini moons really get me because I have moon and mercury together.. this is why your posts ring so true to me .. Capricorn stelliums lately.. kachoww

    NOT Aquarius, Sagittarius, or Aries moons thank you no.. fuck are they ever harsh so much of the time.. I didn’t want to say anything when I read your Aquarius and Aries moon post..

    But you know.. things change and my progressed chart moves along.. I have a progressed Libra moon and am trying not to be a dick lately.. but it’s hard and I get angry at people for being impolite..
    I sometimes find Aries moons childlike directness to be refreshing in very small doses.. the truth is I’m not hard to understand.. I find others harder to understand correctly..

  6. Just depends on all 3 main signs: sun, moon and asc. Going by sun alone does not work well because it takes time for those traits to appear. Asc and Moon are far faster in manifesting in a couple to demonstrate compatibility.

  7. hmmm well my two best friends from junior to high school for years were Scorpio sun& Capricorn sun, and currently for years, my best friends are Pisces sun & Cancer sun. But i notice they need to have a good balance of earth/air/fire in them. so i guess water/earth/fire going by my long term friendships. And by romantic relationship, Fire & Water.

    • this was before i knew astrology in depth, so i was kind of shocked at my long term friendships/romantic relationships & how we also “click” &looking at my past and current; looking at my dominant signs/houses i understood much better.

  8. There isn’t really one sign in particular that stands out to me as “gets me” and that’s probably because I have Pisces Moon so in a way all people get pieces of me and we can connect in that way. Aqua sun/Libra rising and my best friends are Lady Leo, Lord Leo, Lord Virgo, Lady Aquarius, and Lord Scorpio. My most intense (in a good way) romantic relationships have been with Virgo Sun/water moon, Cancer Sun/air moon, Gemini Sun/earth moon, Leo Sun/earth moon and all with a healthy dose of fire.

  9. I’d say Cancer and Virgo ( more the females as I have a Virgo Moon. And though I am a Scorpio, I do get along great with Earth signs. But my Venus in Capricorn appreciates the nurturing sweetness of Cancer. They can make all your boo boos feel better : )

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