When Will The Stock Market Stabilize?

bear marketUnpredictable swings in the stock market will be the norm so long as Uranus is in Taurus.  However, we should be able to discern  which periods will be most volatile. I think this most recent vomit-ride is wrapping up at this time.

I say this because Venus has been transiting conjunct Uranus over this last week or so. The planets are now separating.

Further, Venus in Taurus is now trining the stellium in Capricorn, which includes, Saturn. This is sure to shore things up. The new situation will be sustained though the end of the month.

We’ll need to think about April as Mars will enter Aquarius at that time… and square Uranus in Taurus.

What you see out there as far as the stock market goes?


When Will The Stock Market Stabilize? — 25 Comments

  1. I feel that Tr Mars will assist in implementing the administrations’ many plans. The stock market and country’s mood will remain volatile, both today and tomorrow, as the Moon skims over the Capricorn stellium.

  2. Venus retrograde lasts from May 13, 2020, to June 25, 2020 in Gemini. Would this indicate up n down swings in the markets through summer?

    • I really don’t know. It may.
      I’m looking at Uranus in Taurus as a disruptive force. It seems logical, when Uranus is agitated, this would create a flare… which would subside as the irritant cleared out.

  3. …When central banks stop printing money to shore up the stock market and allow the market to fall where it will (and where it should have many years ago), when the central bank experiment stops, when central banks stop intervening in the market tp prop the market…

    The central banks are causing the prolonged turbulence.

  4. Around here, seems to be constant
    Hum of trucks, Sounds like construction
    Will continue as a steady ,trucks and machines create social distancing
    Was thinking how good less jet fuel being spread as spring planting close

  5. For me personally, transit Uranus will not leave my 2H for good until April 2022, so I am going to check out my options to get my investments as protected as possible for the next 2 years. I am a risk averse investor – Annuity? Moon in Taurus 2H.

    • My CPA said to definitely not get an annuity. Investment Advisors make a ton of money off those. My mom just passed away with 3 annuities. I have to do taxes on her for 10 years from her Trust because the annuity company won’t let the beneficiaries cash it in (only take monthly payments).

  6. The markets are finished. The Fed finished. Pluto and Saturn= Kaput. The rich elders in USA in particular will, either sell their stocks, pass away and their children will sell and bang, a huge bang in USA I think. Uranus will rock the world especially the foundations with a bang. Saturn 3 times over USA Pluto as well this year, as 1988 to 1991 giving a very small taste of the USA Pluto return. Uranus in Taurus, 1941. Pearl Harbour. From the Sky came hell. Bang. Mars square this year to Capricorn planets, oh oh. Reversing, then forwards still square to Capricorn, Cancer, Libra…..Jupiter and Pluto in November at 22 Capricorn on China Jupiter. Covid phase 2. Neptune and our beautiful oceans, fish with plastic in them that we eat. Neptune washes everything away inexorably and invisibly.Covid?? I’m poor and English and of course all the impoverished become more impoverished. The world of money, well lets just say again. There are no pockets in a shroud. The wealthy cannot and will not escape. Degree 22 equals I think Lungs. So the top of the wealth tree in Capricorn?????? We should and will fight for a more equal society. Not just how much have you got. Surely??? Covid killed by cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. Maybe thats what we are being taught now by the planetary numbers. We must clean up our acts. Ps. When you cannot travel and there is nothing you need to buy. Thats what we are in now. Just what is really important to you.??? Yes, I do mean you. Love to you all. Cant buy that. Not even Trump. Bless him. We’ve got Doris Johnson the 2 biggest liars on the planet. Venus and Nodes in their duplicitous Gemini, stopping. If you have a soul then you must wonder why the Gods gave them power. They are the catalyst for the age of Aquarius which of course is giving us Saturn first to stop that enlightenment. Dec 21st 2020. Do you know that those planets have never stood together on 0 degrees since 12,000 years before Christ.? Hello! I love Elsa’s work simply because she does not do it for money alone like most astrologers do. That is not what spiritual means. Hope you well Elsa.

    • Hi Lynne, your comment is so rich with enlightening information. Thanks for sharing! I would like to ask you if you dont mind, regarding your phrase “The wealthy cannot and will not escape”. What do you mean? Do you think people will loose all their savings? A world economic collapse seems to be a sure thing by year end. My question is about the new order that will be established.No more rich and poor? All people will receive the same amount of money by governments. Any ideas will be appreciated. Have a nice day!

    • Thank you Lynne! “They are the catalyst for the age of Aquarius” – that sounds right, their insane acts will cause countless deaths. This is a virus which behaves just like such leaders: it spreads like fire and kills its host quickly, which is in fact self-destructive to the virus too. Some leaders’ act self-destructive against their own selves, but they’re too stupid to understand. If our actions, as a species, remain so destructive, we will eventually kill our host – our planet. My best wishes to everyone, stay safe.

  7. Conservation of the Principal.

    That’s your original invested amount.
    Mandatory closure of all U.S. stock/bond markets, immediately.
    Yes, that puts all the people out of work that have made their money off of YOU. Because they win, even. When you lose. Price up, or price down, they make money, either way.

    A stock broker, is just a used car salesman, in a better suit.

    That would halt market activity GLOBALLY.

    Too many fine points, to list here.
    This is just the basic plan.

    Human interactions, have a pragmatic, and practical function.
    Well outside. Of, and often counter intuitive of, all the star-child ; mental masturbation junk.

  8. As my kids wouldn say; “get the butter”.

    The market is toast.

    Have you had a look at your numbers?
    I havn’t. Cant rerally cope with that too right now. Im hearing others numbers, it’s bad.

    Prepared for some shock and awe. Shock doctorine moves now at full speed.

    • Indeed….. Well, if we are all here on Earth to be a part of it I dare say that our ancestors had it all much worse. The cash cow Taurus bullshit has stopped. It must for our descendents.!!!!! ??️☔??☀️????????????????

  9. Well, all the sounds of despair around here and the gloom and doom on TV make me think we are definitely getting close to a bottom.

    Panic can only go on for so long. Then people take a breathe, reflect, and look around at the options.

    I have been buying stock this week – monday, tueday, wednesday, thursday. (Took off Friday to run in the park.)

    I am very hopeful about chloroquinine being used with other anti-virals to lessen the severity. Something will work.

    Hang in, folks. And if you’ve got any spare cash – put it work in the market. In a year or two you will be delighted that you did.

    • I hope this works!?? Some people seem to be loosing their mind!!Be safe! Body and mind!☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

      • I understand the combo of these two drugs knock it out in six days…maybe as fast as three.

        Also, no one given this combo has died. It’s a matter of getting the drugs to the hospital.

        TEVA is donating 6 million CHLOROQUINE by the end of the month. 4 million more in April.
        BAYER is also donating 3 million tablets.

        There are 7 manufacturers of this drug (which I take for Lupus). Gearing up, no doubt. It’s also thought to PREVENT infection.

        I am not sure the availability of the second drug. I just happen to take one of them… and know about one of the drug company, by a fluke.

        I think the CHLOROQUINE can handle this alone (90%) but the the two drugs in concert END it. People are being treated around the world, successfully.

        Just more info – Lupus patients take 400mg a day. Coronavirus patients are being given 600mgs a day, but short term.

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