When Will The Confusion End?

Pisces stelliumThe fog, confusion and delusion is widespread that this time. It’s worldwide. Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces.

Mars will ingress into Pisces this week, as pictured. I expect to exacerbate the situation unless a person really works it. But it’s not going to last forever. Fog, by it’s nature, clears up. But when?

April is shot. But by the end of May, Venus, Jupiter and Mars will leave Pisces for Aries, in that order.

May 2, 2022 –  Venus -> Aries
May 10, 2022 – Jupiter -> Aries
May 24, 2022 – Mars -> Aries

Keep in mind, Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac. It’s also a prison of sorts. Aries is like a newborn baby. This shift is bound to herald a new beginning.

I equate this to the literal birth of a baby. Right now, it’s getting mighty uncomfortable in the womb. It’s become a prison. But then the baby is born and all hell breaks loose.  It’s a shocking moment.

All of our natal charts are based on this moment. That’s how important it is.

I really feel most people are trying to avoid moving out of their cubby, so to speak. You may be in a state of denial, cognitive dissonance, avoidance, whatever.  You may not even realize it. But nothing is going to stop these planets from advancing.

I don’t mean to sound threatening. Knowledge is most definitely power. I think it’s good to know the current situation, where we’re in some kind of suspended animation will not last.  Six more weeks, max.

I feel I will be more comfortable with the stellium in Aries but I may be wrong about that!

How do you feel about the upcoming shift?  Are you ready for it?


When Will The Confusion End? — 16 Comments

  1. Talk about feeling stagnant and getting nowhere fast. I feel like my life still remains in the “existing mode”. I am usually so outgoing happy and free, not sure I can describe myself as that currently. Persevering is probably the key word!

  2. hell yes I am ready for a shift, and your description could not feel more accurate. dead on – and so I am hopeful this prison that is in reality the unknown (ie the womb analogy), will def shift as you suggest. I have a stellium of inner planets in Aries, so I will be comfortable. My natal 22 deg Mercury is getting pounded and my mental state is unnerving to say the least. I am trying to hang in there, the abyss that is and not undo before the shift finally takes place

  3. Before we all celebrate the transition to Aries, remember Aries is the sign of War, Ego, Fire,
    Three things I want to see less of in the world.

  4. Can’t wait for it! Aries is my 1st house and all I can say is I don’t deal well with this much 12th house stuff. Not to mention several of my progressed planets are there as well. 😀 Woohoo!

  5. I’m honestly done with the collective being so in denial. Just yesterday, my city experienced a a bloodbath and I’m still seeing people pulling wool over their eyes.

    They’re making excuses for the criminal, blaming it on mental illness, saying that it’s not a targeted attack, etc. They’re saying crime is not bad as a few decades ago so we all shouldn’t be as worried. (What they actually meant is: “My love ones and I weren’t targeted so I don’t care.”)

    I’m waiting on Saturn to hit Pisces in 2023. Maybe then people will show compassion towards the victims for a change.

  6. It’s a bad time for the massive fog – Neptune conjunct my IC, and I normally love transits on my Pisces Venus and Mercury, but this shit ….fuck this.
    And Im making a 1400 mile move to another state on april 25th, where I have no home, staying like a transient with different people and have to hold my shit together with major health issues and being self-supporting on a mediocre paying job. Also having to leave my long-time clinical psychologist who has helped me thru major trials and work…
    There are positives of course, but as usual The nonstop Cap Pluto attack on my moon in 2nd is just ENOUGH already….

  7. I might like to linger in these waters, as I am Pisces with Chiron in Aries in the first house. In January i shut down my house of 17 years. Said goodbye to my 20yr old cray cray Aries daughter my 28 yrs old Asperger’s Aquarius son and my sweet older activist Pisces sweetheart (who wanted to wallow with others in collective pain). Now I’m in Mexico living in a spiritual community, becoming more solid n healed. Idk if I’ll ever truly go back;)

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