When Will People Wake Up?

wake upAre you awake? Are you woke? Do you know what these terms mean? Are you sure? Does what you think they mean, mean the same as what the person next to you think they mean? Which of those is an insult?  And by the way, how can everyone (except you) be so stupid?

I’m not trying to piss you off. I am trying to illustrate the effect of Neptune in Pisces on information aka the Mercury-ruled signs, Gemini and Virgo. I am pretty every single soul reading this has has encountered this phenomena in some form to some degree.  So when can we expect relief?

Well, I don’t know, of course!  But I have some ideas.

Neptune will turn direct in Pisces on December 1st, 2021 @ 20 degrees.  It it moves deeper into Pisces, people with planets in Mutable signs at earlier degrees may gain clarity.  This could happen in a wave.  If so, this pattern could continue as Neptune moves through Pisces.

But we also have Jupiter reentering Pisces in December. Jupiter is at home in Pisces. The planet is associated with “truth” and may reveal it for the good of humanity, circa 2022.

What do you think of this phenomena?


When Will People Wake Up? — 33 Comments

  1. “…sprirt always finds a way to bring us back on path.” that’s what being awake means to me. Once we are awake, then we realize how connected we are.

  2. I assume (and I could be wrong) that “Woke” means finally seeing the light in how people of color have suffered and having the courage to stand up for them.
    “Awake” can mean “enlightenment” which for me covers the above but not with any definitive bias-being able to feel others pain, being able to be free in pain, and being able to move freely in the World without demands, hatred, greed, Worldly influence, and to see suffering and doing something when you can.

    • Actually, Woke means falling prey to the Communist Manifesto of Divide and Conquer by WEF Soros et al funded Color Revolution, AKA pitting a unified nation against each other so that we will destroy ourselves by the propaganda of hate and lies of the CIA Mockingbird MSM. Until you learn that the Globalist Agenda via the Rothschild Western Central Bank, via .001% “Elite” Satanic Cabal Human trafficker Slaver psychopaths that is running the planet, See World Economic Forum Klus Schaub, Blackrock, Vanguard, Vatican, CCP via Resident Biden et al determined to bring Great Reset and TOTALLY ENSLAVE YOU, see “COVID HOAX PLANDEMIC etc. (I CAN’T BELIEVE I HAVE TO EXPLAIN THIS) you WILL be their slave, because EVERYTHING connected to BLM, Antifa, Fauci, Gates etc is a LIE as they support the complete and total destruction of America, the ONLY Country on EARTH providing FREEDOM to ALL OF our CITIZENS. UNITED WE STAND. Divided we FALL. If you do NOT understand this, then you are a part of our destruction.

      • Otter, while I don’t doubt that the narrative you set out is true or at least partially true, it is also true that the Native people on all continents and people who are not white have suffered insults up to and including genocide and it’s high time we acknowledge those wronged and make amends. The Golden Rule needs to apply to every human on the planet. If that means I’m “woke”, then so be it. Call it whatever you want. But we either learn to atone and forgive and live together on this planet or we’ll all in trouble. I agree with you, Dawn.

      • Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto in the 1800’s as a response to the Aristocracy’s exploitation of the working class as the industrial revolution was unfolding. Sound familiar?

        it was our then Allies, Communist Russia, the USSR who sacrificed 30 million soldiers to fight the Nazis in World War Two, without their help the west would not have defeated Nazi Germany. Straight after the War the US betrayed the USSR’s contribution to the Allies victory and instigated the “Cold War”.

        Communism is not what we have been brainwashed to think. It is a system that puts the people’s welfare ahead of the economy. Historically not all communist systems have worked well, but neither do all capitalist systems work well. We are all on a learning journey as to what works best in any given culture.

        Currently over 1.3 Billion of our brothers and sisters are communist in at least 4 countries in the world and there are many more countries who are socialist. they are happy with their system of government and we all need to stop being so terrified of half the planet.

        The “enemy” is not over there, it is not a bogeyman from another country, it is our own passivity, our willingness to be stupified by owning more and more stuff including consuming media 24 hours a day. We are all getting so dumbed down that we don’t know shit from shinola anymore.
        It’s so easy to blame an unseen enemy and I guess that was really what George Orwell was writing about in 1984.

        The current trend in the world including the WEF, Soros etc is a dark energy of money, power and control that has existed on this planet for a very long time in all the aristocracies of the world. It is beyond any government or system and that is what we all ned to wake up to quick smart so we can stop the infighting and focus on what is really going on.
        I agree that the WEF, WHO Gates and all the other evil villains are on board. But they aren’t “right” or “left”, that game is just to keep the masses distracted, these people simply believe themselves to be the superior humans on this planet and that is it their right to be in control. Its not a conspiracy to notice that the extremely wealthy classes of the world have always exploited humanity for their own gains. its not about individuals, its about the club of power and control and what people are willing to do do to belong to that club

        I feel what Elsa said is so very true, all of our beliefs are being upended and reversed at this time. Personally I have found the covid time to be difficult but freeing. it may well have been engineered to control us, but astrologically and Spiritually there is a deeper dimension to it: the kind of huge opportunity that comes out of universal chaos. I’ve never seen anything like this much upheaval in the world, it is surely a once in an epoch opportunity.

        I think that the Worldwide Freedom Rallies are the best current example of the opportunities. Millions of people of all faiths, political beliefs etc marching for our Human Oneness and Freedom, for no medical mandates or vaccine passports.
        We are finally getting angry for the right reasons: basic human freedom and dignity, and if we persist in demanding basic human freedom, it won’t be necessary to have identity politics because we will all be insisting on each other’s freedom, not just our own, no matter the colour, sex, religion,etc.
        Where i live, the more draconian the government becomes the more people are getting out on the streets to protest. And this is happening all over the world, and not just protesting covid. In Africa the people are protesting Western interference (Covid is not much of a problem there), In the US many of the protests are about poor pay and working conditions as well as vaccine mandates.
        The People are on the move!
        Everything is in chaos. I guess we will see where it all ends up.

        Pisces Sun and rising here with Neptune finally moving towards the end of my first house. This has been the most difficult 10 years of my life in every possible way. it turns out that nothing is in any way what I presumed it to be and its not over yet.

  3. I have a tsquare in my natal chart – Moon conjunct Jupiter in Pisces (6th) square to both Neptune in Sag (3rd) and Mercury in Gemini (9th). So Mercury and Neptune are in opposition. I definitely have more clarity than I used to, but it’s an ongoing process. At the moment in the wider world I think the nodes have a major role to play in the sense of confusion, being square to Neptune by sign. In terms of what is ‘reality’ and any shifts here, I’m looking at Pluto in Cap.

  4. I am really looking forward to Jupiter in Pisces,this will be good for the World.
    Alot of stuff will come to light,for the betterment of the World.

    The word Awoke and Woke means ,you know what is happening in the sidelines of the World, and not paid Media,TV,news in general.

    All Fake .
    This topic can open a can of worms.
    Many people may be in shock ,to the extent we have been lied to on almost everything.
    That being said, it’s gonna be a good thing.
    Jupiter will set us free.

  5. Sun,Mercury and Mars in Virgo, Moon and Jupiter in Saggo, Saturn in Gemini. All in late degrees (3rd decan).
    With Pluto transits opposite ascendant and South Node in Cancer since the beginning of 2020, and Saturn opposite Venus in Leo this year.
    Also,with Chiron hitting my MC and return in Aries.
    I’m in for a long, challenging journey of waking up.
    Jupiter is welcomed to join the party…
    Starting to understand astrology helps.

  6. Every day seems a new awakening. I have Ascendant, Sun and Moon forming a tsquare in Virgo, Sag, Pisces at 20 degrees. I want to be woke, I strive for it. And I’ve worked hard to hold my tongue in certain situations and then to speak my truth when I felt strong enough. With all my Libra planets I strive for balance.

  7. Woke means, to me, a broader awareness of social inequalities. Awake is a spiritual state of being/ understanding.

    No offense to anyone but it’s been difficult to witness the dumbing down of America we are seeing with the proliferation of social media outlets. I am … shaking my head.

    Gemini Sun/ Cap Moon/ Libra Rising

  8. “The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households. They no longer rise when elders enter the room. They contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up dainties at the table, cross their legs, and tyrannize their teachers.”

    Famous quote from Socrates about the younger ‘woke’ generation of his time.

    My point being, every generation thinks they are wiser, progressive, enlightened, and more aware than the last one. When millennials and Generation Z reach their 50s and 60s, they will be labelled as hopelessly out of touch by the younger (insert newer word for woke) generation 😀

    Much like we cast aside the Baby Boomer generation, who I’m sure were all up for revolution and change. Ban the Bomb, anyone?

  9. Not everyone opens their eyes at the same time and not everyone has acquired discernment right from the get go, so yes perhaps a person is seeing things for what they are while others are still not.
    …BUT… once a person see’s things for what they are using tools like discernment, the KEY is what they do about it. If they turn a blind eye and repress, ignore, establish willful ignorance then I believe disharmony at the cellular level absolutely follows.

    Jupiter in Pisces will be very interesting to watch!!

  10. I have Virgo Moon, Gemini Venus, Pisces Mars in mutable t-square with Cancer Mercury and Sun in the 3rd. Thinking for myself, overthinking to some, parsing and piecing is my route to the “big picture” which can change with more information. The last few years have been at warp speed. Thinking like this is more likely to get a look like I have two heads than any understanding of the thought process. I’d hoped for some sort of awakening during shelter in place when folks had the time to think and discern. The awareness of more truths comes with time and life experience. Right now this boomer sees the generations are about equal in their struggles and challenges. More is in common than not when you remove all the labels except resident.

  11. Phenomena,for me love ,could love be coming?could it come in abundance?
    Could you come in all colors all sizes of flavors for all people I think the pie is getting to my brain !

  12. The ‘awake’ approach the world with their power of intellectual and emotional learning/experience. They are the truth seekers. The ‘woke’ are the malleable mob-people who have been ‘done to’, i.e., the empty vessels that the manipulators are filling. Many of the former are the very young. Thank God Jupiter is coming home: Truth in the Holy Spirit.
    (Tenth House 29th degree Pisces Sun conjunct 0.18′ degree Mercury in Aires; 29th degree Gemini ASC conjunct Mars; 19th degree Capricorn Moon.)

  13. We are all connected, but the job of the Media Narrative is to prevent us from seeing that and drive us apart, and convince us that Government is the only answer to our problems–when in reality, everyone in DC hates us….

  14. Being awake/awoke means just that. I was blind, but now I see. Fool me once it’s your fault, fool me twice it’s my fault. The reason you are being awake/awoke is so you now know better and don’t repeat, or keep repeating, the same mistakes. Spoken like a true person with 4 planets in Scorpio…Scorpios keep repeating until they get it right!

  15. Wow. What a thread and comments. There was a time when I was a true believer, and I was very intolerant of anyone who did not see what I saw. I am now very suspicious of ideologues and ideologies that have no room for humanity. I am also very aware of human behavior and how that cannot be trusted either. We learn, we evolve. Arthur Koestler helped me come out of my true believer phase (worth the read). He studied mind and consciousness at the end of his life, but was a communist true believer at the start. Turns out he raped a few people along the way. What are you going to do when People fall off the pedestals? Cancel them? Thank god he wrote what he wrote – I would still be spinning my wheels. We need to make things easier for the masses- we sure don’t want to go through the convulsions Europe went through the last two centuries (100 years war of religion, then two world wars in one century). Let’s see, the Germans were worried about the communists so they sided with the fascists. Hm. I am a student of history. It is worth the study. Glad for the days I am not a true believer any more. Had a long conversation with a very nice lady who was a republican (when I was still a democrat before I moved to being an independent). At the end of the conversation she told me she thought I was a pragmatist and not an idealogue.

    People don’t remember the Great Society (Lyndon Johnson), or the fact the Dr Martin Luther King really was a minister (took his degree at BU where I went), or how very poor and isolated this country was before WW2.

    If Edward had not abdicated, he would have sided with the Nazi’s, and boy would we have a different story now.

    I like to get my hands around the waves of history. No, not a fan of mainstream media anymore, but I am not a conspiracy theorist either. You all hit a cord. Interesting thread. I learned some things.

    Jung used to talk about the mass crowd becoming its own thing and getting carried away.

    Koestler takes on Stalin

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