When Something Sparks You

A few days ago I wrote about the Love Spark.   I was slightly baffled by some of the responses.  I was just somewhat bewildered.

It’s easiest for me to relate to people who said they always respond to being sparked, because this reaction is in line with my own nature. If I get an idea or an impulse to write something or to do something, I try to to do the work or chase the spark. I hate when circumstances prevent this, because those sparks do die without attention. They become a lost opportunity.

I also think that sparks vary in size and intensity, and people vary in their sensitivity to such things. For example, my husband claims he was hit by a thunderbolt when we met and I agree with that.  But if you make a habit of allowing your sparks to die, I wonder if this creates a block over time. Why give good ideas and great opportunities to someone who habitually ignores them?

I realize some people have terrific challenges in their chart, far beyond the challenges I face.  But if you are following the thread about excavating your true self, it really doesn’t matter.  It’s your life, even if it’s hard.

If you have deadened your sensitivity to the sparks that do come to you, as some sort of defense mechanism, you may want to re-think that. My husband remarked, people who follow the sparks in their life are a lot happier than those who do not. Saturn, I guess. Face your fear and commit.

Are you someone who habitually ignores the inspiration that comes your way? Are you willing to reconsider this?

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When Something Sparks You — 19 Comments

  1. I feel this describes me well. I feel as if I’ve gotten in touch with divine inspiration, then cowered in fear of the responsibility, several times over. “Turn something down enough, and it seems the host stops offering.” Now my challenge has become learning how to ask for it back. I’ve done my best to maintain my focus but often find myself discouraged as a result of the pre-emptive “bad programming” that BELIEVES (and therefore ensures) that either sparks are no longer offered or I can’t feel them.

    The real defense mechanism is in the very belief in “Turn something down enough, and it seems the host stops offering.” because it is that belief that sculpts reality by ensuring that the nerves that might sense those sparks ARE deadened and ignoring…

    So it comes back to my usual challenge, direct awareness of mind-programming… direct awareness of my thoughts, noticing when they don’t serve me, and re-writing upon notice.

    I have spent a lot of time believing I AM someone who ignores sparks, and spent a lot of grief on the perceived loss associated with that.

    Right now, I believe I am someone who can choose to notice sparks. I am someone who opens up and receives inspiration, and will do my best to stand up and claim my right to pursuing those inspirations.

    This is my reconsideration.

  2. Let’s say a person is hit with a spark, its more/less the same spark each time, and each time you go after it, it fails to succeed. This could be a sign that you need to change your approach, or look at it from a different angle, OR it could be a sign you’re going down the wrong road altogether. The peopleon the other thread who said they no longer chase these sparks, most of them said it was because the sparks didn’t bear fruit for them. How can you differentiate between the times you’re not supposed to give up, and when you’re being sent a sign to give it up already? That can be tricky for some .

  3. I come from a family of lightning rods.

    It can be difficult. And draining. It makes you “weird” to most people. That gets old.

    I did stop listening to my intuition and “alarm bells” for a long time. When I tapped back into it, it was the only thing that I could really rely on, or had left. And it was much more difficult to deal with, having neglected it for so long.

    Listening to your own “facts” instead of the prescribed plan is a better way to go. Read the book too, I have learned…it makes it easier to help other people accept me, to some degree, and that makes my life easier. But I like my life much better when it is my life…not just the one that I happen to be in at the moment.

  4. No, and quite frankly it is baffling to me. A while back my mother mentioned that she’d always wanted to be a photographer. Why not buy a camera and start now, I ask. Nope. Can’t be done. That ship has sailed. Uh…why? I just don’t get it. It makes me sad.

  5. I’m not like this but my observation of people close to me who have this kind of block is a fear of being overwhelmed by a pleasure. They can handle a small and predictable pleasure such as their favorite tv show but when feelings are so strongly pleasurable it sets off an anxiety response.

  6. I agree 100% with dorchid. The joy that could arise from following a spark would be overwhelming, perhaps even frightening, for some people. It is easier to indulge in repetitive, compulsive behaviors that provide predictable levels of pleasure and ward off risk/unpredictability and therefore fear.

  7. Sparks? *cocks eyebrow* Why, yes. I am familiar with sparks. All too much.. 😀 And I NEVER let those suckers pass me by. Oh, no. I capitalize on those opportunities for they are a rare and precious moment unlikely to come again. 😉

  8. For me, the strongest and most important sparks never seem to die. I just tend to sit with them for a few years until I really can’t stand it anymore and have to chase it. Some, I start immediately, but on the whole, I seem to wait. This is something that I have decided to change because I’m always so happy when I start chasing it, and the only regret I have is wasting those years hesitant to start it.

    There are some sparks I really not ought to chase though because they are immoral or *really* unrealistic. But like, I said, if it is strong/important, the spark will still be there for me.

    The universe seems to have been very generous and patient with me because it keeps sending sparks even when I ignore them.

    I have blocked/deadened my sensitivity to sparks before when I was depressed, but the strong ones were still there. I learned to listen to them again when I started Tarot, which was a spark I did not wait at all to chase.

  9. uranus sextiles mercury. It’s a shower of sparks. In no way do I have the energy to act on every spark. I do enjoy the light show except when it gets too much, then I have to focus on doing something very mundane and very physical. It’s a world full of possibilities. Probability analysis is a necessary part of my process.

  10. You know I was just thinking about this. I suppress my urge to act and innovate *quite a bit*. I have a lot of ideas I never implement — a lot of things I wanted to try or explore at certain points that I did not. This all had to do with mother’s’ intense psychic control over me and the penalty for growing beyond her or owning accomplishments. My brother and I both had to appear extremely nonthreatening to that narcissism.

    Now it’s really hard for me to initiate a project on my own from start to finish. I do much better as a aupport person to someone else’s big idea because that’s really all I know.

  11. I am. The sparks are very destabilizing, and I generally attribute them to my mars-uranus in the 7th or Neptune fantasies. I prefer my venus-saturn to lead in the love dance, so I will put out the sparks until they fully buried. I used to chase after them, across continents, feeding the sparks, but it destroyed my life and those around me.

    I will only consider dating people where there is no spark. It’s less of a hassle, and love at a slow burn is something else.

    It sounds weird, I know, but I do not have room in my life for a rollercoaster love story. It sounds lovely, but I can’t afford one at this time. There are people counting on me.

  12. I was thinking about this as I recently started playing the mandolin. I felt a beautiful type of spark a few hours ago, about how I was going to get a lesson soon, and how much joy that would bring. I then an hour or so later, found myself saying you need to work on organizing this house, you don’t have the money to pay for lessons now. The spark was being put out with my dampy thoughts. And I really was just realizing how in ignoring the spark, my body/spirit forget what happiness is.

  13. Venus/Conjunct Uranus. I have thousands of sparks a day. I can’t act on every single one. Especially not with my mars square, I would get too diffuse. I will have a thousand sparks tomorrow too, so I just roll with the really really good ones.

  14. It’s a hit or miss with me. I like following my sparks. I’m a little too impulsive sometimes. But I only follow the ones that makes logical sense due to circumstances…sometimes.

    The other day I had a dream about working at the zoo. In my dream, I had a car and I was in school again and I was trying to switch zoos. Houston to Miami or somewhere and I was calling around places to see if I can transfer zoos. It’s not the first time I had a dream about working at the zoo.

    Working with animals is something I’ve been wanting to do since I was a child, becoming a vet. But as time past I realized that that’s not what I wanted to do for my career, but I still wanted to be involved with animals. So after that dream a few days ago, I applied at the zoo. Hopefully I can fulfill a childhood/teenage dream!

    I moved to LA and wanted to get a band. So I basically dropped out of school, left everything except clothes and my bass and moved to LA with a little to nothing. All for another childhood dream. How’s that for following a spark? lol. It didn’t work out like I wanted it to, but it was a really great life changing experience nonetheless!

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