What’s Up Under The New Moon In Gemini?

Wooden Cat TwinsThe new moon in Gemini is conjunct Mars. I have many short trips planned. Here and there, back and forth and criss-cross.

I like how the moon is supported by Jupiter and Uranus. I expect a good day. How about you?

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What’s Up Under The New Moon In Gemini? — 10 Comments

  1. I’m trying to have a good day…
    I’m experiencing some serious…not wanderlust, but movinglust?

    Today one of my daughters is having a friend over. They are going to make their own pizzas and do one of those craft kits where they make their own lip balm.

    My 3 1/2 year old and I will be making cookies to stay out of the older girl’s hair. I have to find time to start some work on a different project, too.

    I am feeling extra energized, hopeful, excited right now. I wish I could feel like this all year long!

  2. I’m happy the whirlwind events of the past month have wound down and I can get back to my own work. I’m feeling re-energized with creativity.

  3. I expect a good day. I wrote an exceptionally long post on Facebook noting the good and wonderful things that are happening in the city I live in after seeing an extremely negative post yesterday about the state this city is surrounded by.
    And I saw a lovely quote, I’ll share “No matter if you see the glass as half full or half empty, remember it is always refillable.”

  4. Great day, hubby’s birthday and he is at work. I will be doing lots and lots of homework, mental work!!!! And maybe later a great dinner and some fun to celebrate the birthday boy 🙂

  5. I think Mars helped me catch my flight today. Alarm never went off and I WOKE UP 1 hour before the takeoff time!

  6. Wow, perfect. On the road the past three days. Seeing a friend, then seeing a family member, then a five hour drive to see someone else plus a work thing. Sometimes this would bother me as I feel almost like I am living out of my car the past three weeks but this was fine Mon, Tues, Wed.

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