What’s Up Under The Full Moon Eclipse In Pisces

Pisces vintage plateI’m beyond my bed day now – I feel fantastic. We have seven bodies in the Mutable signs. Mars is one of them – time to run around!

Personally, I’m going to mass for my mother (who is deceased) this morning, then going to the hospital for pre-op tests, chest x-ray, ekg and I don’t know what else.

After that, I’m running over to my doctor to sign a release and then coming home to do a consultation. After the consultation, I’m going to work on the blog.

I love days like this. Variety. Meeting new people along with exposure to what’s familiar.

What are you doing today and more importantly, how are you feeling?

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What’s Up Under The Full Moon Eclipse In Pisces — 55 Comments

  1. I have been struggling with accepting that my BF and I broke up this week. I’ve been living on the sofa since Monday, not able to do anything, struggling to come to terms with it. (As a quadrible scorpio I am very bad at letting go!!)
    Yesterday I had an enpowering talk with a Virgo friend that finally dared to ask me the critical questions I needed to ask myself.
    “Why am I holding on to this if he doesn’t want to kiss me, doesn’t desire me, or wants to live with me?”
    “Why do I even consider his statement that he wants me to move far away and then seems to think we talk better from there?”
    And so on. It’s been very very difficult to let go of something that was once so loving and wonderful –
    but this Pisces new moon has been helping with that.

    The eclipses has been pushing me in a new direction for half a year now, and this was the last push.

    • I’m sorry you are struggling ? I have a close friend who is going through something similar. She’s Pisces and dreaming of what if’s and if only’s. I have tons of Virgo and I am asking her similar questions as your friend. But I know that you and my friend have to make your own decisions. It’s difficult and I will you (both) the clarity you seek and the best you deserve (you do deserve the best!)

  2. Sounds like a good day, Elsa!

    My day is not (yet) turning out to be what was planned. Babysitting and takin my gdaughter to a playgroup for a little while but her mom has the 24 hr bug, (as did gdaughter earlier this week), they are asleep so I am just waiting downstairs here until I am needed. Coffee and my phone…it’s a pretty pre-fall day! ?

  3. My kids were so done today that they all laid down TOGETHER and took a 5 minute nap. They weren’t told to do that. They don’t nap at school, they’re half day. It was bizarre. I even took a picture because it was so weird. I had “happy relaxing guitar music for children” playing and they played with menthol scented shaving cream right before, so I think the smells and sound together might have done it. They were completely subdued the last hour and a half of school. Then when we went out to the playground when it was pick up time all the other kids from other classes were practically zombies too. Thank God it’s Friday.

  4. I feel carefree. Relaxed day at work though I feel like I could get some things done in a minute here. Later I’m meeting someone new and we’re gonna see the new Blair Witch movie.

    • So I’m not sure which was more of a horror show, the movie or the date. But at least the movie was good. And I saw most of it alone anyway since my date showed up drunk an hour into it.

  5. I went to the beach, drank coffee, walked and sat on a bench thinking and introspecting. While it was windy, it was also hot and sunny which is amazing considering we had an enormous thunder and lightning show with flash floods from 1-2am last night.

    It occurred to me that I’m 45 and I’m still searching for career and relationship like I was in my 20s. I don’t know how all this time passed other than wholeheartedly going up lots of dead ends and then having to start over again.

    Have been looking at all the progressions and transits that I’ve got coming up over the next year and they look like they might be the turning point. Not least when progressed moon gets out of the 12H into 1H and a new cycle begins.

    • I am feeling very sad and angry about my life. Trying to soothe myself by focusing on things to be grateful for, although I have some, is proving useless. All I can do is acknowledge it and keep going. And not kid myself that focusing on helping others does a single thing to lighten the pain. That’s a platitude that should be true but really, really isn’t for me.

      • Not sure whether you meant to reply to my post but …

        What I’ve noticed over the past years is that for all the good tips and techniques out there around helping others, gratitude etc … sometimes I’ve just had to sit alone, on my own, look inwards and really feel those feelings. Culturally we seem scared to allow people to express sadness or grief.

        Today despite the gorgeousness of the beach, I found myself just staring at the sand on the floor in front of the bench for a few minutes!! Sounds completely weird but this 12H progressed moon really doesn’t want any distractions. So I just went with it 🙂

        • Hi BlueMagoo, I did. I forgot to write that your life trajectory as you describe it is very similar to mine, I am 44. Agree with you on needing to feel the feelings without other things intruding. It seems like our culture looks to fix the unfixable and worse blame it on some failing within the hurting person. Ridiculous and plain wrong as far as I’m concerned. Can relate to being on a beautiful beach and it being more background than consolation.

          • Just thinking about when I was your age. Uranus is about 180 degrees from where it was around 40-odd years ago. Maybe you could check that out in your charts.

          • I hear what you’re saying about our culture and blame.

            Going inwards is not only about feeling feelings to move past emotional baggage, but also about deconstructing our thoughts, beliefs and expectations so that we can become our own authority.

            Hope you can find transits that will help help you do both.

    • Sounds like me, Blue! 56 next week and reinventing myself again. Ahhh, I remember when I was hired by Kodak in 1981 and just thought I would retire happily from there at age 55. Then the company fell apart! Xoxo

      • Thanks Corinne – I would have liked a job-for-life, one company career but turns out I’m not a corporate warrior. Did it for 18 years but chiron hitting my north node a decade ago really brought it to an end. North node goes over south node next year (nodal half-return) so am interested to see what that brings up.

        I’m not against reinventing myself but I just feel like I’ve been doing it for twenty years continuously. Hopefully that’s down to all the hard transits I’ve had and with hardly any now until 2040 perhaps life will start to be settled.

  6. Being helpful to other people when you can doesn’t mean you don’t still cry yourself to sleep every night. Doing one doesn’t heal the other.

  7. I am embracing the Virgo energy and tending to tasks that make our lives run smoothly day to day. Mowing the lawn, laundry, cleaning the house ect….I have a lot of Virgo planets mid-late degrees 🙂

  8. Good to see you are feeling great. I am still feeling drained and just like crawling in a hole Saturn is squaring my Mercury and Mars right now. X_X

  9. Going to bunker down, big time….
    Everything in my senses is humming and I’m ready for the involuntary astral travel. LOL!!
    Seriously, I’m going home and staying there for a while.
    Going to watch movies, write stories, eat, pray, love…
    I don’t HAVE to be a coward, I choose to. 🙂 I feel it too much already….
    Good Luck everyone,

  10. Honestly, this is the worst feeling I am experiencing under this eclipse- it is exactly conjunct my Sun/Moon conjunction in the 8th house. I think the square to Mars is making me feel like I am going to implode or something. I need to let go of something, but I’m so angry about it, and I’m not sure how to release the rage/hate I feel. It’s such a long, complicated story about an assclown and his puppet and seeing things coming , knowing the truth, yet only able to scream inside.

    • PI, that state of being so bloated with rage at someone that the act of releasing it is just as painful and difficult as feeling it, is something I know well. I don’t know if writing things out helps you. I find when I start to scribble, even if it’s nonsense words, they eventually turn into statements about what happened. and I can feel the anger traveling from my body to the page. I handwrite, typing doesn’t seem as effective. It’s no cure but it may take the edge off enough to make it worth doing. I also throw and break things, but only my own and in my own home.

      • Thanks!! That might actually help. I’ll try it.

        That’s exactly what it like- It feels too awful to let out. Eventually it will dissipate, but I’m just angry with myself, mostly, that I care enough to be so affected. That I know the truth, I see their motives, which should he enough to help me let go, but I still can’t- I still let it get to me. Actually, now that I think about it, what’s making me more angry is that I refuse to speak out. Somehow, I feel that would give away the power I have left. Its like it’s necessary to hold it in or I will lose or something.

        But anyhoo…..it’s pisces, it will dissipate soon.

    • I can so relate to you. Transiting Uranus squaring natal mars in 2nd house within 1 orb. Like being stuck between tears and rage. Think I m going kill someone in the coming days.

  11. I feel good today Elsa. I am glad you do too! Same thing here…headed to the hospital to do hopefully one of my last big tests. Here’s to new beginnings. Healing. And…moving forward!

  12. Working for a bit. Going to a support group meeting. Feeling good. I woke up from some weird dreams but feel better now. My subconscious is working through some stuff I guess.

  13. Finished my errands, paid bills, made calls and not I have to read an article someone I know wrote – offer comments before it gets published. Just a popping around day! 🙂

  14. Hi. I spend my day with my natal piches moon in 24degrees and also my prog chart many planets (sun, venus etc) in piches, so this lunar eclipse and full moon has done his own things, which I really dont understand clearly, hoping one day it happend… (going here and there, crying, meeting an old musican friend, having very new plans to do poems, music etc…..

  15. All the hard-work big renovations to my new office coming to a head today – three plumbers working on installing appliances as we speak! This lunar eclipse is conjunct my second house Mars. Also started exercising again. Feeling happy ?

  16. Making great progress with Con Edison for my 3rd meter in my rental property. Just got the phone call ten minutes ago for the NYS Inspector coming Wednesday Sept. 21 YAY!! Dealing with Con Ed is almost like the FBI. This is a 5 month project that I’m hoping will finally come to a successful end.
    Doing lots of class prep for my evening classes tonight at the University. Teaching mostly upper classmen this semester – I like it. Energy is low – all this dreamy water – but I do feel a kind of warmth in by back and it does radiate peace. Thinking it’s Chiron – does anyone know if he’s in on this Full Moon/Eclipse party???
    Be safe everyone!
    Aries Rising

  17. Not a good day. I ended up digging my past. It’s 12.15 am here. I feel too agitated to sleep comfortably. At times like this may be I should just go hide somewhere or sleep for days without disturbance.

  18. Oh, I would just love a popping good day!!!! I had a hip replacement on the 7th and it is a slow go finding a comfortable sitting or laying position, much less moving around to care for my needs. I do not make a good patient. I am grateful for all the help I have around me for a short period of time but I am ready for some alone time to recharge my batteries. I did not anticipate how helpless this surgery leaves
    you. This too shall pass….just hope it goes quickly!!!

  19. I started a new job today. Same field (caring for the mentally, intellectually, physically, emotionally, etc. Challenged), half the pay and stress, straight days, weekends and holidays off. So glad to be out of the 365/24/7 psych. I’m a Single mom with a 15 year old who got a job at Wegmans in June still home and he couldn’t walk. The other 3 in their 20’s are out of the house. His father took off to Florida last year thankfully.

    My estranged brother, sister and niece showed up at my house yesterday to reconcile. That totally messed me up.

    The guy I met last Friday disappeared Tuesday with no explanation. My daughter who is 26 said “that’s a blessing in disguise. He obviously was sketchy and a coward. ” lol, learning how to date again via my oldest daughter! 5 more showed up in his place but I’m waiting for a consult with Elsa first.

    My TV has been refusing to load Netflix.

    I let it all throw me into my panic and anxiety mode ( i have them to the point of dehabilitation, I literally will be mentally and physically paralyzed except when I’m at work) until today at the gym when I remembered a little trick I taught myself to reset my breathing pattern. Lift while upside down aka extreme decline presses, pullovers, flyes, crunches, then crazy cardio for about 15 minutes. Better than taking klonopin.

    But I am blessed beyond belief. Roof over my head, food in the frig, loving cats that i rescued from death, good kids, and I can’t wait to treat myself on my birthday next week (25th ) with a reading with the lovely Elsa!

    It’s all good. Just had to reset my perspective. Upside down. 😉

    • “But I am blessed beyond belief. Roof over my head, food in the frig, loving cats that i rescued from death, good kids, and I can’t wait to treat myself on my birthday next week (25th ) with a reading with the lovely Elsa!”

      There’s a lot to be said for that list. The so-called simple things in life!

  20. I **was** feeling fine, but all of the damn drama queens I work with are losing their damn minds and creating more manufactured drama than they usually do. I’m beside myself at how overblown a teeny, tiny issue became. Hours spent discussing what to do about it. Dragging me into it, expecting me to take sides – when both sides are acting like 12 year olds. I kept saying why is this such a big issue? Overreacting has been the theme of the past 24hrs. I’m over it.

  21. I’m feeling different these days. I feel healed and more patient. I think the days working up to the eclipse, I really took the time to FEEL. I wrote, I danced, I cried. I’ve been waking up early. I woke up at 5:30 this morning to write.

    I love the feeling of Jupiter in Libra. I hope I can keep a piece of this feeling with me always, even after it moves into Scorpio. I played volleyball today, gave a class and now I’m going to watch a movie with my daughter.

    I’ve got these two choices moving ahead, rummaging around in my head. I wonder if life will give me a sign or… I will just finally need to choose on my own. Maybe it will show me a third. I’m trying to be patient. I feel like an inbetweenie.

    I’m living in the inbetween.

  22. I was taken to the hospital for a flu and severe acid reflux. I thought I was having a heart attack. The eclipse took place in my 6th house.

  23. It was an alright day for me. I baked something but didn’t like the consistency…. So I went out for my sweettooth. Lol, that sounds funny. I had the day off which I tried to enjoy despite my coworkers fussing me thru text lol.

    The moon looked absolutely gorgeous, all big and low in the sky.

    Oh and my weightloss spell is working!

    • What is confusing about that? My mother died a few years ago…around Christmas, not in September.

      I offered a mass for her, this week. She (we) are Catholic. She’d love this, I’m sure. There could be no better thing I could do!

      I was thinking of her so I did this.

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