What’s The Difference Between The Sun & The Rising Sign?

"You lookin' at me?"“One girl is a streetwalker, but her feet are so soft…”
-Jerry Riopelle

This relates to the Astrology of a Person’s Energy in a Room theme…

You can consider the ascendant, it’s sign and it’s aspects as a person’s veneer. Say you’re at a party and you see someone who appears accepting to one and all. A non-judgmental sort. That same person leaves the party and once in the car they let loose with a barrage of scathing criticism of everyone in the room. Well, well, well. What have we here?

Another person may give the impression of being stiff and stuffy and uptight at the same party but if you were to get to know them you may find them, well… just about anything. Fascinating. Funny. Intuitive. Warm. Broadminded. You get the picture.

The ascendant, it’s sign and it’s aspects also shows your appearance, which follows. It is part of the package of the self that shows up first.  Everyone knows someone can look ravishing but become repulsive once you get to know them. This is result of a lot of Venus action on the ascendant, where the rest of the chart tells a different story.

Blending the ascendant works same as with the Sun and the Moon.  If the ascendant is in harmony with the Sun and the Moon (sextile / trine) then what you see is akin to what you get (for good or ill). In other cases the person themselves is nothing like the image they project. A model who may take a great picture, but spends her life thinking deep thoughts is a good example. I am another.

I have Jupiter rising and I appear at first glance, to be at large and optimistic mostly due my ever present, huge welcoming grin. This attracts people to me however a large number of them run for lives when they learn that in fact, I am an intense piece of work.

There is little I can do as my grin in permanent save wear a shirt that says, “Beware the Undertow” but that would make my laugh and rather than grin and increase the problem.

I could try to be more superficial?

Nah. That’s not going to happen unless someone gives me one of those sneak lobotomies.  In the end you are what you are.

What is your rising sign and how is aspected? Is your façade similar to your sun sign, or not?  Is what you see, what you get, or is it more complicated than that?


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  1. My ascendent is Cancer, exactly trine both Venus in Pisces and Neptune in Scorpio; squaring my Mercury in Aries, which I keep under close guard. Most of the time. There is nothing I hate and fear more than hurting someone with words.

    The person who shows up at parties or other social gatherings tends toward being very polite, but very, very quiet. If I know everyone, and I’m comfortable with them, the louder and more enthusiastic me comes out. In short, I stay in my shell until I’m sure it’s safe.

    The internal dialog, with a stellium in both Virgo and Pisces, bounces back and forth between being very critical of what others are saying/wearing/eating and listening for hidden clues to what’s really going on with everyone. The interal dialog never breaks the surface and only those who know me really well sense what’s going underneath the shell.

  2. Cancer Moon and Cancer Saturn trine/Capricorn Venus sextile a Scorpio ascendant…if I can take time out of my solitary confinement to go to the party, every person that knows me will come ask if I’m having a good time…and most of the ones that don’t know me are afraid to come talk to me.

  3. I’m a Cancer rising, with Jupiter conjunct, Mars, Venus and Pluto square, and Uranus trine.
    I have no clue what that means. 😀

    Mostly, I am pretty oblivious when it comes to how I affect others. I also tend to be very particular when it comes to words, and so far there has not been many that can describe things about myself in a way that I understand – I hang out with generalizers, apparently.
    I know I prefer to stay fairly mum, yet be congenial, until I am comfortable with someone. I never thought of this as an aspect of my ascendant, though, because I have *a lot* of unconventional ideas and opinions, and like to know how a person will react to that before I shock the bejeezus out of him/her and make an enemy.
    Once I feel comfy, though, I have no reserves about anything – you know, on the potty with the door open asking about how you had your first orgasm, that sort of thing. 😉

  4. Leo Rising: Square Moon in Scorpio, Trine Jupiter in Aries, Trine Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius, Bi-Quintile Neptune in Capricorn, Sextile Chiron in Gemini.

    My Rising ‘facade’ is totally different from my Cancer Sun, Merc, Venus and Scorpio Moon. I guess I’m a lot deeper than I seem (at first). So, yes, it definitely is complicated. I’m still learning, so I’m not sure how these aspects in particular affect my outward appearance or first impression.

  5. Well, there’s a whole list and i don’t know what to make of it:
    Cancer Rising
    Jupiter Conjunct Ascendant
    Mars Square Ascendant
    Pluto Square Ascendant
    Uranus Trine Ascendant
    Sun Sextile Ascendant

    And that with a Virgo sun and an aquarius moon.

    Actually, I should really ask people about how they perceive me, because this is not at all clear to me. The first mpression I make is a sensual one, I know that. I also know people in general find me friendly and openminded, though I have also been told that people have been impressed by my presence (I am not aware of this at all) and perception. I have also often been told I am a ‘woman of the heart’. I am most at ease though with close(r) friends with whom I can be as open, quirky, complex and deeply curious/feeling/giving and demanding as I am. (now you’ve got a clear picture right :-))

  6. Double Aquarius with mercury conjunct my ascendant…I come off as a very witty person and quite entertaining personality. Other times people comment me on my smile and dimple..hehe…sun jupiter trine… sun in the first house trine jupiter in the fifth…so I guess my looks are in my favor..and with my mercury conjunct it rather makes me short..so they thing I’m charming,witty, a bit of the avant-garde, and cute little thing. How’s that =D.
    But then I guess people can sometimes sense that scorp moon-pluto conjunction..I have a sort of magnetic pull on people and it’s quite an unconscious thing XD. I might seem all outgoing an nice and stuff at the party but I hate parties Elsa…I got a stellium in capricorn in the 12th house…venus and mars and all of the outer planets except jupiter and uranus…uranus being in my 11th house..So I’m rather shy and have a dance phobia..soo most likely I’d be socializing and captivating people with my charm then being the one out there on the dance floor!

  7. I’m mostly a WYSIWYG kind of person.

    libra ascendant, with saturn, pluto, moon, and jupiter in first. mars conjunct ascendant. venus quincunx. uranus sextile. mercury trine.

    I’m a gemini sun (trine ascendant), so… yes. What you see in the commercials is pretty damn close to what you’re going to get at home. I don’t really get a chance to be mysterious like people often assume from my stoic quietness.

  8. Gemini rising, square both Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, and trine Saturn in Aquarius.

    I’m very much not WYSIWYG because I have a Capricorn sun and Taurus moon. I’m not at all sure that this earthy energy is really apparent to people when they first meet me. And I know it’s not apparent to people who meet me online where I’m presenting myself via words only, at least not until they’ve had a chance to get to know me better, even if it’s still just through words on a screen.

  9. Astro.com isn’t cooperating right now, and I can’t remember how it’s aspected… But I’ve got Virgo rising with an Aries Sun. It seems to play as a pretty hardy veneer, with people who know me well saying they remember how very guarded I was when we first met. Sometimes I can/will force the Aries into center stage, but usually it takes a while for me to warm up and drop the facade.

  10. Venus conjunct Pisces ascendant. I have a LARGE heart-shaped birthmark on my face. It’s exactly what people see: Venus on my face.

    With Pisces ascendant, I am mistaken for being “quiet” a lot when naturally, I am curiously talkative and enjoy public speaking. Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn all square my Venus. Struggling unconventional Artist?

    In my first house has Mercury conjunct jupiter. The Improv theater I worked (and performed) at explains this? Eh?

    I have a question: what is the difference between the ascendant and the 1st house?
    IS there a difference?

  11. gemini sun and ascendant, conjunct saturn

    what you see at the party is what you get at home, unless I’m quiet and broody. But I don’t do quiet and broody often in public.

  12. Virgo rising, with Jupiter conjunct Ascendant and a Cancer Sun. I tend to strike people as friendly and funny and chatty (unless I’m being critical and sarcastic); I think the more ‘prim and proper’ side of me comes out – I really don’t like crassness (which isn’t to say I don’t swear very frequently but crassness and vulgarity makes me pull disparging faces- unless they actually happen to be a peasant or something and don’t know any better at which point I’d be Cancerian and nurturing). My Ascendant sits between Jupiter (in the 12th) and Saturn (in the 1st) so I sort of flip between being very open and exuberant and being judgemental (about say, the afformentioned crassness at which point I’ve been known to wither someone with a look). This is also related to having a Scorpio Moon which I try to keep under control by choosing to do/say the kind thing rahter than the sarcastic/hurtful one and the dark side of my tongue has to come out in some way. (My poor husband frequently gets things thrown at him whenever he frustrates me – small things that won’t hurt him, but that feel really good to throw nonetheless). So I think how I come off to someone depends on whether they land on the Saturn or the Jupiter – if I don’t like someone I don’t bother hiding it, but I’ll be cheerful to the others and I can change my opinion easily (e.g. someone who I disliked for being a loudbouthed, aggressive, pushy Aries (ASC) with a really bad taste in trousers I began to feel really protective towards when I realised that they were in fact a quite vulnerable Pisces (Sun)).

    I think people see my Cancer come out if they are obviously in need of help and nurture and I am likely to look after them.

  13. Capricorn can trustably identified by their goat eyes, if showing that (which they tend to).

    The effect of Capricorn is said to be especially different for the Sun as against the Ascendant. Capricorn ascendant is said to be more studious, introverted, prone to getting a restricted outlook and ending to life. With the Sun in Capricon (I copy still), more work eagerness in shouldering responsibility, more ambition, and reduced introversion but some.

    A question is: which of the Sun and Ascendant causes the trait of goat eyes (somewhat watery eyes), and what are the percentages if some accuracy is in the answer.

    I got here since it looks like India, of a Capricorn personality, may have censored this website (I don’t know; a search found it):


    (copied from: )

    To learn about one’s own chart, ZET could be run and what happens when transits occur, can be observed:
    http://www.zaytsev.com/ [Cyberkit NS lookup: *.timashev.com]

    Eg. the exoteric ruler of the each house might be involved by transit or progression, in a matter ruled by the house. So if Jupiter rules house 2 of the person, and Saturn or Venus rules money, then personal money matters easily could be more influenced by a transiting Jupiter.

    Amber wrote: “i don’t know what to make of it”.

    That problem could be replaced with dud opinions if authoritative astrologers are not using moving aspects to cut apart the mix that exists in a natal chart. When mistakes of that type are made, then it seems that the Internet is able to get some.

    I am becoming interest in the planet around Mercury (maybe 15% towards the Sun), Vulcan. If difficult then leave the research to others.

    PS. Max Heindel has a book showing B&W pictures of fingernails (probably “Astrodiagnosis”) and it seems really useful (though only on 1 page). It seems trustable in showing the Ascendant sign.

    (I am in Australasia; distant the ray 6 Gemini USA [according to Destiny of the Nations]. facts and figures)

    UTC 18 Jul 2006, 13:29

  14. interesting discussion.

    i have virgo sun with leo rising. mars and neptune sq. the ac in scoprio. 1st house uranus.

    the last year or two, i’ve given better expression to my leo rising and become much less conservative. my hair is pink now, and i like to wear it wild. i find that sometimes, i seem come off with an intensity that i’m not aware of, and people don’t always know what to make of me, which i’m thinking are manifestations of the mars and neptune, respectively. while i have lots of mercury energy in my chart overall, i think it comes out more as a restlessness, antsy energy or something.

    thanks for a question that made me think.

  15. Double Sagittarius, Pisces rising. I feel like I’m a very shy person (at first at least) but when I tell people that they literally laugh at me!! I almost hardly feel like my sun sign at all, I definitly am not an optimist.

    My rising aspects are

    Saturn Opposition Ascendant
    Moon Square Ascendant
    Mercury Square Ascendant
    Mars Square Ascendant
    Neptune Square Ascendant
    Uranus Trine Ascendant

  16. Sag sun* Cancer rising.

    Following your “party” example, I think I’d be in a corner watching people having fun.
    I’m reserved in new situations but people are amazed at how funny and open I really am once they get to know me.

    Sun quincunx Asc
    Moon square Asc
    Venus square Asc
    Jupiter trine Asc

  17. Capricorn rising, conjunct Mars, trine Venus, Uranus and Pluto, square Saturn, Jupiter, and my sun in Libra.

    I could hardly be more Libran, but I’m not sure people get that on first meeting….

  18. Sagittarius Sun, Capricorn rising right here…
    I am definitely NOT a WYSIWYG. On the outside I might seem a bit reserved and shy at first when it comes to new people and circumstances. But draw me out of my shell and people are shocked at my enhusiastic, spontaneous nature. It takes me some time to warm up before my Sag traits take over so it might be awhile before I start busting some moves on the dance floor. 😉

    • LOL! I’m the opposite: Cap sun and Sag rising. But my sun is in my first house soooo that makes things very weird. Constantly switching back and forth between outgoing and adventurous, and fearful and reserved.

      Semi-sextile Cap Sun/Merc
      Sextile Aqu Venus/Saturn
      square Virgo Pluto/Uranus, Pisces Chiron
      Trine Leo Moon, Aries Jupiter

  19. Aquarius rising, but wait- opposite my virgo sun, so sometimes I get argumentative without meaning to be, which bothers me more than others, I think.

    Trine Pluto. I do occasionally come off as intense or morbid- I can pick out scorpios and am at ease with scorpio body language- though I only turn it on for scorpios, usually. Many times, in a larger group, I will hold back until I have determined if I want to talk to someone or not. But I am generally very sociable- with the Aquarius.

    Neptune sextile. I sometimes give a false impression of myself, especially since I am a virgo self. I can appear to be very relaxed about everything even if I’m not.

    Basically, I will come across as eccentric but motherly with a serious side. I can get almost anyone to talk to me- if I start the conversation.

    A scorpio who knew me fairly well told me once that I was a “pool.” She was into that, of course. With the idea that what’s on the surface is not what’s on the bottom- and it goes all the way down with many things, many temperatures, many places.

    • I know what you mean. I am Aquarius Rising with a Virgo Sun and Gemini Moon. I am half you get what you see and I am strongly opinionated. I am stand offish at first and then I don’t shut up when I get to know someone. I have Pluto and Uranus conjuncting my Sun, too. And according to another Astrologer, I should use Placidus system and that puts my Virgo planets across from my Ascendant. I do come across as abrasive and intense. I too enjoy helping others when I can. And another thing, I am completely different than Uranus says I should be. I am just plain weird.

  20. Taurus rising opposition Pluto. I come off as really intense (which is true) and very unfriendly. Not at all approachable.

    My Sun is in Leo, so in actuality I’m very friendly and warm and loving, you’d just never know it if you saw me on the street.

  21. Rising leo vines on top of 4 libra planets and taurus moon: I was always “the vines”…but at some points comes the scorpio mars…:-)

  22. Cancer rising (at 28 degrees – does it get stronger or weaker at the end of a sign?) Libra Sun. My ascendant is square my sun and venus, trine my pluto. I come across as more emotional than I am – I have a strong dispassionate identity; have to say though in the last few years, I’ve been mired in emotionality so don’t know where it’s coming from. Mind you, I do have venus, neptune and Mars in Scorpio – so…that’s the intensity part of the equation

  23. Sagittarius ASC with no aspects at all, which is a wonder considering the rest of my chart.

    Taurus Sun. How I come across at a party depends if I know people or not.
    I do come across in person as incredibly placid, until someone says something that inspires/enrages/humors me.

    One of my favorite things to do is go to a party where I know almost no one. I can really work a room when I’m on my own (I get out of boring conversations by pretending to go to the bathroom…then I pop into another conversation in another room)

    I am a nightmare to go to a party with where I know everyone…I get so nervous! All these people, they all know you, have ideas of you, relate to you for good or ill. ICK.

  24. Are all sag shy? I know few of them that at first look shy(including myself am sag) until you get to know them and thats when the sag personality comes out.

  25. Harinder, sadge is wild horse and while wild horses have some things in common, they each have their own personality / disposition.

  26. Well…the Sagittarian-Suns I know aren’t shy. They seem to basically hold themselves back, because when the personality comes out, it’s pretty dang big!

  27. I don’t know very much about my chart but I know that I am a Virgo, rising sign Leo. Once upon a time I met this Scorpio man. I liked him very much, especially his extraordinary creative talent. Meeting with him was rare so I appreciated every minute and every word he said. On the second meeting in a restaurant his interest turned to a group of women while I spoke to him. It wasn’t just a glimpse. I continued with my story and he continued staring at them. Until now he doesn’t know I felt hurt. But that was the reason I cut the meeting short. I wasn’t important to him. Later on he accused me from being narcissist. Is that how I appear to people? I realize I appear self-assured and maybe even cold-hearted, while I am far from it. I think it’s my ascendant that confuses people and makes my life more difficult.

    Keep up your wonderful work, Elsa.

  28. Geez, years of commentary.

    Capricorn is on the ascendent, and Moon is in Capricorn, too. Both my appearance and my feelings square Neptune in the 9th house. So, I give off a sense of deep and solid. Mostly, I am but the feelings are deep, deep and only the brave stay around for the deep-sea diving.

    Like you said Elsa, I too have tried to lighten up and play with my Leo over there on the other side … but in the end that’s me, deep and solid and intense.

  29. Leo rising, trine Aries sun, sextile Gemini moon, opposite Saturn in Capricorn. I come on as friendly because I laugh easily and I’m all about the hair, but sometimes the saturn whopper makes me an observer rather than an interacter. This makes me feel self-righteous. I am very conscientious, but I don’t think people always see that side of me until they get to know me.

  30. My Asc is squared Venus and Pluto and inconjunct Saturn Uhh it is complicated! Sometimes when things upset me I act as if it doesn’t bother and explode later!

  31. I’m Aries rising and people can think I’m aggressive, but once they get to know me I’m very detached and light (Sun in Gemini).

  32. That’s a really enlightening comment about sag’s being wild horses. My bf is sag rising and has anxiety about social situations. He has a libra stellium- so he’s very well liked and pleasant to be around- also Neptune conjunct the asc in the first. But still nervous ad avoidant.

    But the wild horse comment makes a lot of sense. I competitively rode horses for 15 years and the horses, like all animals, definitely have individually unique personalities. The adage of “fight or flight” couldn’t be more true of horses, in general. Most of them have the “flight” instinct – which I see as the shy Sagittarian. But some, especially race horses, seem to have more of a “fight” response. Also ponies. Ha. They can be mean little effers.

    I knew one pony who would freak out whenever the wind blew (many a child has learned hard life lessons from her – i.e. hold on for dear life at all times). This other pony hated kids and would charge them down when they came into her pasture. She wasn’t scared of anything. It’s just interesting because for all the Sagittarians I know, sun and rising, they have these same differences between them, but they are so incredibly alike at the same time.

  33. Cap rising squares my Libra Saturn, and I am a Sag with a Sag stellium! So I am not afraid of stuff, but I am very insecure of doing them.

  34. I have no idea…
    I have a gem asc…with the only aspects being a quentile to my sun , opposition to uranus and sextil BML. I think I seem more goody two shoes than I am…(is that the right expression?). Aries sun, Leo moon…I look more humble that I am!;)

  35. I don’t think there’s much conflict between my Virgo Asc and Cap Sun, I probably come across as reserved and a bit ‘assessing’ sometimes. But having a nice trine from my Asc to my Cap Venus/Sun, maybe makes me seem friendlier and nicer than I otherwise would be! My Asc also trines my Cap Merc

    Ronda said: “I’m very much not WYSIWYG because I have a Capricorn sun and Taurus moon. I’m not at all sure that this earthy energy is really apparent to people when they first meet me.”

    I have that combination too and I’m very earthy and sensual. But on first meeting and sometimes for a long time after people only see my Virgo/Cap, and they used to express surprise about my, er, reputation in certain respects 😉

    I also have Nepturne in H1 (under equal), and Uranus almost on my MC (both squaring my Adc) – and due these I don’t think I always come over in the same way at all. Sometimes I can be very forward and open – and not a bit Virgoan! – on first meeting. I can’t always predict what mood will take me: it depends on so many external stimuli

  36. Cancer sun and asc, but my asc is also conjunct merc & mars (but not my sun). I think it’s pretty much what you see is what you get in regards to 1st impressions from the asc & sun. But my dang cappy moon seems to really throw people off after the initial “appearance”.

  37. Scorpio ASC with Venus/Pluto rising. Perseved as a beauty who is really intense, an insecure woman, or a crazy hot girl, lol!

    ASC trines my Mars, Jupiter and Moon in Pisces, My Moon barely in orb, but what you see is what you get, an emotional woman who is larger than life and will fight.

    My sun is in Sagde, and does not aspect though.

  38. Libra sun tine Gemini moon sextile Leo rising,I love partying,dancing,and singing and all my classmates drop their mouth on the floor when I get wild and crazy because I have a stellium in Scorpio,I am much more serious,hard working and I’ve got and austere look(probably Saturn and Pluto dominant as well)…but I am very grateful for my Leo rising,it’s the ONLY fire sign in my chart(if we exclude Chiron),it’s at 28 degrees,almost Virgo but luckily not,and it’s given me such an immense enthusiastic,cheerful,boisterous and gregarious personality,the Leo is my wild side,and the reason why when I go out I have a great time 90% of the time!

  39. Cancer Sun, 11th House, sextile MC. I am a social creature, to a large extent, but I also find I *really* need time to be alone and THINK. I care – sometimes too much – about people. People I know, people I don’t know. I am certain of the connection between all living things, and my heart hurts when I run into bigotry or narrow mindedness.

    Virgo Rising, which is complicated by the conj. with Pluto and Uranus in the 1st. I tend to be somewhat shy, but it’s hidden beneath the “I HAVE ARRIVED” that Pluto/Uranus puts out. I can talk to anyone, anywhere, and if the reception is positive, the (hidden from them) shy just disappears.

    Another aspect of my Virgo Rising is my tendency to always be looking for a new way to get more done in less time. I remember years ago, when I had a “regular” 8-5 daytime job and a morning routine was being built, there was one morning I was blow drying my hair and I actually wondered if I could brush my teeth at the same time. Um. No.

    The conj also creates surprise in people. I look like a typical soccer mom, but I can talk like a sailor. I can tell the dirtiest jokes you ever heard in your life. My brain comes up with some real off the wall zingers that sometimes come flying forth without me realizing it. I am a twisted sister beneath the soccer mom surface! I’m the person to turn to if you are hurting. I’ll be your rock, and somehow, I’ll find a way to make you smile or chuckle in the worst of situations.

    But don’t cross me. Don’t hurt my kids or anyone I care about. I will be there when you get your comeuppance, and I’ll finish amputating you then and there, no matter how much I may have loved you once.

  40. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Upm9LnuCBUM&feature=fvst

    Mercury in Pisces (20°39’30)

    My sun sign is Pisces (3°22’29 ). The sun’s exact placement, by house, is, at this point, unclear to me. It is either in house 9 or 10.

    Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, my rising sign, thus Mercury is my chart ruler. Aspects to Mercury:
    Mercury Opposition Saturn
    Mercury Trine Uranus
    Mercury Square Neptune
    Mercury Quincunx Pluto
    Mercury Square Ascendant

    Jupiter 5°32’20, Mars 6°43’32, and Saturn 25°11’27 in Virgo

    Aspects to ascendant: Sun trine, Mercury square, Saturn square, Uranus (Scorpio) quincunx, Neptune (Sagittarius) opposition, and Pluto (Libra) trine

    Moon in Gemini (1°22’00) in Taurus/Venus ruled 12th house.

    Mars, Jupiter, Moon, and Uranus in hard aspect, i.e. square or opposition, to my midheaven.

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