What’s The Best Way To Plan With Astrology?

bookcaseThat’s not a very sexy title, is it? Let’s put it this way; when I’m aching from heartbreak, what astro-bits do I turn to for light? When I’m hurting, I want to know what energies are at play, available for me to use, at work on me. When I’m happy, I want to know why so I can replicate it later.

I took a pic there of the chair next to my desk. It’s the books I’ve used in the last week. I try to put them back unless I keep using them. The ones that live there all the time are the ones on returns and planetary triggers (which incorporates returns).

Don’t you know this stuff already, Satori? Yes and no. When I read for myself, I want someone to check my thinking. Sometimes I use them for key words in my writing too. How many times can I use desire for Venus, innovate for Uranus before someone punches me in the face or falls asleep? They’re all good books. If you want something to make you laugh so hard your abs seize up, try Michael Lutin’s book on relationships.

Anyway, the two things I look hardest at are the solar return and the progressed chart. The solar return shows the energy available to you THIS YEAR. It’s our yearly personal project and it’s pretty specific about what we’re working away at. The progressed chart shows how we’re growing who we are, and it shows timing REALLY WELL.

I want to see how what I’m experiencing, what I’m feeling is reflected in the charts. I want to see where transits hit points in these charts. Should I let it lie? Should I jump in and fight? I look at what the charts reflect.

Give me some juicy transits to the progressed part of fortune! When Saturn went over my natal chart vertex, progressed Saturn was hitting my progressed chart vertex. One was in the natal chart 5th, one in the progressed 7th. I got a big sum of money, and I got dumped. I could expand, but you get the point.

I can read about how things are supposed to work, or I can see how they work when I investigate my own chart and what’s happening with ME. I do both. So can you.

Elsa sells THE BEST reports, and they’re a great price. I don’t think they take the place of a reading, but what they do is different. They educate you about the situation. They take you deeper faster. Then when you get a reading, you have got better questions and a better understanding of the whole field when you get those answers.

The solar return is the place to start. It orients you in your year: Solar Return Report.
The progressed chart has a longer timeline; as in you see where you are NOW, but it’s one long road. Click here for the Progressed Chart Report.

I love those relationship reports too. They’re a rabbit hole I can get lost down on any given day. All the reports are here when you click.

This sounds all marketing-like, I guess. But I woke up thinking about this. My own solar return has a massive stellium in the fifth house and I was trying to remember if the upcoming full moon will hit it. Seeing where the eclipses hit your solar return is interesting as well. Both these charts are good to check in on over the course of the year. I find it helps me keep walking through tough times and makes me feel connected in any point of life.

Transits to both these charts show when things ripen and bloom. I find that helpful.

Do you look at your solar returns and progressed natal chart? If you do, what do YOU look for?



What’s The Best Way To Plan With Astrology? — 12 Comments

  1. It’s difficult to plan with astrology, at least for me. Of course I can look at the outer planet transits for the general theme of the next years and general questions. I could look at synastry to pick a partner or I could look at the natal chart for subconcious issues.

    But many transits just happen to you. Do I have control over developing a sudden severe disease? No.

    Another issue is that astrology shows only the possibilities. Transits can manifest in many different ways. It’s like a street, you can walk on the right or left side, but you can’t leave it.

    The only thing people can do is being honest and doing good deeds. This would minimise the malevolent potential of many transits and enhance the good ones.

  2. Well…maybe on topic – maybe not…?
    But…..end of last year Uranus opposite Uranus transit – which just so happened to be a transit conjunct Jupiter/Chiron & my ascendant – also squared Saturn & trined Venus….
    Won’t go too into details ; was living in Hawaii, gorgeous rural awesome (same area @ lava has been flowing but not where I was exactly)…but lots of anxiety – again won’t go into – lots building up to it
    But…I had to get real…had to deal with anxiety. A desperation of years leading to divorce. Realized lack of intimacy, real meaningful relationships….etc & etc.
    Realized should help dad who had had a stroke & ongoing stuff…he is someone who I connect with effortlessly…on a deep level
    Meant going to @ 7,000 ft elevations in winter @ Rockies & living in car to do so. So I did. There is a heck of a lot more
    Most magical time of life…met a couple of folks- true friends. Back in area where always felt at home.
    Day I flew out the ‘Bing’ image of the day (which I use everyday) was an image of not only where I was going but a specific area where all the magic ended up happening. I figured it was a good sign but I had no idea how much so
    Out of the darn blue met a man I hope to spend rest of life with….& I’ve joked if I knew it was my turn in the universal make a wish game I might add in a few things lol. So tripped out that so many things I’d thought about, wanted & truly meditated upon actually happened in reality.
    Months later still tripped out.
    Whether I liked it or not I HAD to live out that Uranus transit – guess I did it ‘right’. It was dramatic unusual extreme & no safety nets…worked out beautifully & never felt so free & like I was who I am & can actually live it.
    Of course there’s more lol…but this is enough 😉
    Anyway…I think this is what you’re talking about Satori-? How transits play out….

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