What’s So Great About Gen Z?


Nothing matters? Radical.

On my post Why Are Millennials So Disillusioned?, there was some great discussion in the comments, and the topic eventually turned to Gen Z. Opinions ranged from feeling they are the best hope for humanity to feeling they are ruthless, ungrateful, and unprepared for the world. As varied as these opinions are, I think there’s a grain a truth in all of them.

Gen Z is the Pluto in Sagittarius and Neptune in Aquarius generation. Without historical context, one would expect this generation to be a group of optimistic (Sagittarius) humanitarians (Aquarius). This is not exactly untrue, but economic and cultural conditions have changed the expression of these signs.

Gen Z has, for all intents and purposes, grown up in a post-apocalyptic world. They grew up with a deep knowledge that the economy, however strong it appears, was not built for their benefit. Social mobility has stalled and social progress appears to be moving backward. Millennials may live with the crushing disappointment of unrealized dreams, but Gen Z never had dreams in the first place. They are, in many ways, a generation of nihilists. And that’s where they find their freedom.

Think about it. If the worst has already happened, what is there to worry about? If there’s no hope of success, there’s no fear of failure. If nothing you do matters, you might as well do what you want.

Bleak? Sure. For some, this really has resulted in a cold ruthlessness. But leave it to Sagittarius/Aquarius to find a way to make the best of it. They are free (Sadge) to live as they wish (Aqua) and build a future (Sadge) that is far more humane (Aqua). And I really believe they will!

This generation is so strong. In the US, these kids can’t even count on staying alive when they go to school, but in the face of that danger they come out swinging. They are idealistic (Sagittarius) activists (Aquarius) who aren’t afraid to fight for what they believe is right.

Wait. Didn’t I just say they are nihilists? And now I say they’re idealistic? Well, yes. Welcome to Aquarian quirk. But really. If the future (Sagittarius) is dead (Pluto), why not dare to dream (Neptune) about something new (Aquarius)?

This generation may just be able to accomplish what no one else has. They might be able to create a revolution that spans the globe. They are already inordinately comfortable with broadcasting (Sagittarius). As much as we may complain about internet shaming and “cancel culture,” what we’re seeing is a generation that has incredible reach and can spur large groups of people into action. Wait until they wield political power. The effects will be awe-inspiring.

And I think they’ll use their power well. Gen Z is, remarkably, extremely kind. This is the generation that created “wholesome memes.” In contrast to millennial irony, they are extremely earnest. They know how dark the world is, and they go out of their way to support each other and appreciate the beauty in life. They embody the best of Sagittarius. And in true Aquarius fashion, they are citizens of the planet. Their memes tend to be about things that are universally relatable. They talk about the feeling you get when you finish a great book and barely know where you are because you were so absorbed in the plot, or about stepping out of your newly-cleaned room, then walking back in to see what it would look like from a stranger’s perspective. They are experts at finding the small things that unite us. In my study of history, one thing that always struck me was that, for most people for most of history, everyday life was shockingly similar. This generation seems to understand that innately.

Does Gen Z have its problems? Of course. Growing up in a world where everything has been destroyed and the people who were tasked with guiding them have given up, they are forced to pave a new path through the wreckage. Some have become cold (Aquarius) ideologues (Sagittarius). But for every one who has succumbed to the fear and pain, there are a hundred more who are bold, empowered, and committed to creating a world far better than the one they were given. Their quirky buoyance can’t be denied. They will rise up and fight for humanity, laughing and joking and connecting the whole way. For all their faults, Gen Z is still the breath of fresh air humanity needs so much.  As they grow, look to them to cast aside artificial divisions and calcified structures and build something new, beautiful, and uniquely human. Stand back, because they are coming.

What do you make of Gen Z? How do you think they’ll impact the world?

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What’s So Great About Gen Z? — 30 Comments

  1. 😮 Wow.

    Also the Uranus/Neptune thing a lot of them have. What do you make of how quickly they get into music production and creative pursuits? It’s so inspiring.

    They are so incredibly committed. I thought there was an “airheaded” “trophy generation” stereotype going around during Pluto in Sag but it’s just not true.

    • I agree! As far as music, I would chalk that up to Neptune in Aquarius. Neptune rules music, and Aquarius gives them innovative thinking and the drive to commit and even monetize it. Aquarius was once ruled by Saturn, after all. 🙂

      • I was just reading about Felly (trying to inspire myself) and listening to JID who is just mind blowing (both were on morning shows).. I’m also fascinated with Tay K for whatever reason. He started REALLY early, but has done some pretty terrible things.

        What age is Gen Z?

        I’m going to check if some of the prominent musicians are in that age group. A lot of people I’ve been meeting or listening to who are artistic have the Uranus Neptune conjunction in Capricorn..

        Hmm.. Clairo has Neptune at 0 aquarius and she’s 20.. Felly has the Uranus Neptune conjunction in Capricorn he’s 23… Lucy Dacus also has Neptune in Capricorn.. She’s like 23.. Rex Orange County has Neptune in Aquarius.. I think Choker has Neptune in Aquarius..

        Yeah, I’d think I’d cap the new music generation at 25? It’s so funny how Tyler the Creator has been around since his teens and at 26 seems like an “elder statesman”.. he’s talented.

        Based on what I checked, a lot of them also have Uranus Neptune in Capricorn.

        • “Gen Z is the newest generation to be named and were born between 1995 and 2015. They are currently between 4-24 years old”

          Jan 28, 1998 9:52 PM Neptune enters Aquarius

          “between 1989 and 1999 there was an important combination between Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn”

          Yeah I’d say a lot of the Gen Z people coming to prominence have the Uranus/Neptune in Capricorn conjunction.

          There is some generational Pluto in Sag aspect that I forget as well..

          • This Lucy Dacus song “My Mother & I” makes me drop my jaw and she name checks astrology when she describes being born in May.. omg.. it is insanely full of pathos and seems to have this wisdom

          • Alot of GenZ have Uranus and Neptune in mutual reception, actually – Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius. The UranusNeptune conjunction in Cap tends to be viewed as more of a Millennial signature. Curious how the mutual reception further describes GenZ. Certainly a creative bunch!

  2. My son is part of Gen Z. He is a Taurus with Pluto in Sag conjunct his Asc and Neptune in Aqua conjunct his Mars, trine his Taurus Sun and Mercury. He says he wants to do something that makes him happy when he grows up and he is searching ardently for that something. I truly believe in him. Since he was really little he’s talked about how happiness is all about paying attention to the simple things in life.

  3. I’m not sure. What I see in the “kids these days” is a marked self-consciousness, to the point of debilitating insecurity.

    • That’s a fair point! A world in which everything is broadcast is a world in which it’s all too easy to compare yourself to others and find yourself lacking.

      But I wouldn’t worry too much yet. They are still very young. I’ve never known a group of teenagers to be anything BUT insecure.

    • This generation has greater acceptance and visibility for mental health stuff (particularly mental health memes), LGBTQIA acceptance, and also more of an understanding of gender issues..

      Jaboukie Young-White is a great example of a really good Gen Z comedian, starting it up early, as they do..

  4. My son’s girlfriend is a 4 degree Sag Pluto, in the 2nd house.
    It trines her 6th house Saturn, and sextiles her Mars/North Node in the 12th.

    I absolutely love her. She is a 5th house Pisces Moon, with a bunch of planets on the IC. I loved her before I got her birth data, once I saw her chart I told my son that she is “Wife Material”.

    She is a tiny statured, Libra rising, Chiron in the 1st house, kind and sensitive and most true blue loving soul.

    My son brought her over to visit one day when we were having torrential downpours of rain. They left, heading to her parents house when a flood of water hit his car and knocked his bumper off. He pulled over and called me from a building to come help.
    I got there, and she was shaking in tears. My son explained that she suffers anxiety. I felt so sorry for her. I could see that she was as fragile as she was loving. She does not drive, and she does not have a drivers license.

    She has a beautiful soul and a beautiful mind, and I always tell my son that she deserves a wedding ring and his commitment. I also tell him that women like her do not exactly grow on trees.

  5. My grandsons.The youngest has an Aqua sun he is 16 and is such an old soul. So sweet , respectful ,considerate and creative !!!
    The oldest really is such a sweet sensitive soul but has a Taurus Sun. He has quite a temper, and really does not like working a job ,any job and he has had many.

  6. I have two Gen Z-ers and this was so beautifully put: “They are free (Sadge) to live as they wish (Aqua) and build a future (Sadge) that is far more humane (Aqua). And I really believe they will!” I believe they can as well.

  7. My son is a Gen Z-er and every time I went to school conferences – every time – the teachers would mention how much they loved this class (2017), how they were such a caring, tolerant, and bonded group, that there was “something very special and different about this class” and I agreed 100 percent. I worked and volunteered during his primary school years in the schools and I saw this first hand. They are here to change the course of the world – I truly believe this.

    “Stand back, because they are coming.” Yes they are!!

  8. I think these are great interpretations and agree with the comments. Some of my nieces/nephews are Z’s and they are different! Along with the sensitivity and anxiety go great instincts for life and almost psychic empathy for others. I hope we leave them a world they can live in!

  9. my teenager said one of the most disturbingly nihilistic things to me a couple months ago. but i can see how knowing that status quo will kill the world can also be liberating. i can hope. i know his generation are so much more tolerant and accepting than kids were when i was his age…

  10. Hey! This post has been a while, but still I wanted to add this comment. Very interesting article, and very interesting comments, too..! I feel a little lost between the generations. I’m born 1997, my Pluto is in Sagittarius, my Neptune still in Capricorn, but my Uranus already moved to Aquarius. What do you think? Do I carry more of the millennials generation in me or rather more of gen z’s energy?

    • Welcome, Tina!

      I’d say you carry a bit of both. You’ve got the Millennial generation’s Neptune in Cap disillusionment combined with Gen Z’s radical, sunny nihilism.

      That much create a really fascinating worldview! It feels like “Okay, let’s acknowledge that everything sucks. The question is how we’re going to live an awesome life anyway.”

  11. Hey Midara,

    Thank you very much for your quick response!
    I’m breaking down laughing as your last sentence about those placements is just so spot on! That’s exactly my mindset: shit happend – how are we gonna make the best out of it? Never thought about this placements that way! So, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  12. There’s some articles about Gen Z not wanting to be associated with millennials. That they are in their 30s talking about Harry potter, whining about ‘adulting,’ and raised by boomers and it shows. I think it’s true.. theyre completely rudderless when it comes to growing up. I feel like such a child today, so incapable. There are gen z people and young millennials becoming journalists, authors, podcasters straight out of university. They spend zero time drifting, they know what they want, also it feels like for them, being ‘popular’ or teasing other kids or judging each other by looks or music taste is no longer a thing. That’s pretty hard for me to understand 🙁 my school experience was so stratified. I’ve never felt more incapable and like a child I guess. I feel like my hands are made of jello. I don’t have any time to learn. They’re right to cringe at what the children of millennials would be like.

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