What’s Positive About Mars In Aries Squaring Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto In Capricorn?

chariots of fireMars in Aries is now squaring Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto In Capricorn.  Normally, Mars would come in, hot things up then be gone.  In this case, the planet will turn retrograde in September. Consequently, this square will be maintained into December.

It’s obvious bad things can happen. Will happen! I acknowledge, Mars in hard aspect to Saturn is known to be cruel. Pluto in the mix takes this way out of bounds. Some of what happens will be outside your control. However, some things you can control!

Today’s newsletter was about being effective which is something I am passionate about. I just hate being ineffectual!  The fact is, Mars is in it’s home sign, as is Saturn. Jupiter represents opportunity. Pluto represents a depth and intensity. Energy is neutral until directed.

I am seeing all kinds of bad things out there, I’m sure you can say the same. But I’m also seeing good things!

Takes Mars in Aries. It might incline a person to pick a fight or start a fire but it also describes a hero. It’s courageous.  What I am saying cannot be denied!

chariots of fire winSaturn in Capricorn can be oppressive but it can also be supportive.  You’re all flimsy and falling down until Capricorn comes in, like a good parent to encourage and give you hope (Jupiter).

Pluto describes something tiny that has a phenomenal affect.  This good parent, whoever they might be, hands you some kind of power-pack and that’s it. You’re empowered if not complete transformed. There are so many good things that can come of this.

You may be the person supported, the person supporting or in most cases, you’ll be both. This alone makes me smile.

Mars Pluto – deeply pissed or deeply driven?  Anger can be transformed.

Mars Saturn – sadist or committed and disciplined?

There are a lot of people out there, seeking higher, stable ground. They’re working, pushing ahead, facing their fear. Chances are, they’re going to reach their goal.

Please share your story about how you’re using this energy to advance and improve your life.


What’s Positive About Mars In Aries Squaring Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto In Capricorn? — 24 Comments

  1. I never know what’s above in the night sky,And so appreciative of your view and interpretation, I have an additional pulse
    To the small little me ,it points me to
    Get going, use my time, I have these plans to conquer debt ,bills ,costs
    Of home and food and those extra smiles ,And I have these prayers:
    Rain ,companionships ,maturity,
    Dance and song, and to thank all
    That are part of the blessings of life With a masked smile
    My plan, to buy some eggs ,to devil
    For lunch, to see if I can pull off some
    Corn beans and peppers for dinner
    And a pie, my trip thru today, kisses
    To all

  2. I have sent in my business article of organiztion form as soon as that is official I can get my IRS number then everything can move forward on that front.

    I have been purging things from my home, throwing away, selling, giving away. Cleaning organizing.

    I have a part-time job that I will be starting at in August just to shoulder the monthly insurance burden.

    Learning new software, improving skills for software I already have, inputting design ideas into a notebook for future designs.

  3. I’m looking at new workout plans that will hopefully spice up my current stale exercise routine. I need action (Mars)!

  4. This makes me think of armor. A thick skin or an armor all-ed skin. Armor protecting me from the insanity of conspirasists. Armor allowing me to walk peacefully and purposefully in my life through all the chaos. Steady, strong, focussed, moving ‘for’ not ‘against’.

  5. Oddly this hasn’t been affecting me badly though it mashes with my chart…could it be that it’s actually stabilizing my natal mars Pluto square (mars cancer, Pluto libra)

  6. A Cardinal Grand Square is formed today by transit: Tr Pallas Athene in Cap; Tr Juno in Libra; Tr Mercury in Cancer; Tr Mars in Aries. Dueling strategies (Pallas Athene opposing Cancer Mercury) regarding “me” actions (Aries Mars) verses “us” fairness (Libra Juno).

  7. My angles are 20d Cardinal. My sun is 23d Earth. Jupiter is on my Mars… I finally connected with a therapist who I believe can and will help me untangle my knots. Feeling hopeful – stressed to the max, but extremely hopeful!

  8. I am born with energies like this: Saturn in Scorpio, Mars in Capricorn, Aries on cusp house 8 and Capricorn on cusp house 5.
    This “tools” helped me to survive when my life was more than though.
    And that was more than once, I can tell you. I am almost 66 years old now and I am still very gratefull for this great tools!!

  9. This energy is somehow working for me. The Capricorn planets sextile my Sun and Moon in H8 and square my Aries Venus in H9 (which rules my Midheaven) and Uranus is going back and forth over my Taurus Midheaven currently. I got a promotion a few weeks ago after only working at my job for 10 months. And I just got news today that they are looking to keep advancing me. I’m working hard and definitely seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m just trying to remember to stay humble (Cap/Saturn) and appreciative.

  10. This really speaks to me. Jupiter and Saturn sit in my house of work – also Saturn transits conjunct my descendant – relationships – til end of year.
    Working to serve a Regional advisory board On homelessness – I am getting firm guidance regarding structure from a Board Elder. It is beneficial And wholesome and definitely in service to community.

  11. With Mars and Saturn conjunct in my chart, I have this energy as part of my make up anyway, so this is pretty invigorating to me. The Capricorn planets are at the very end of my 9th house, so everything’s about to change. I can feel it.

    Mars-Saturn has always given me staying power. Back when I used to play sports I got labeled “intense” and “focused.” I like to win, or at least do my best to win. I’m not scared of competition. I like to be “in the zone.” It always made me feel so alive. I’m still like that. I will stay the course, adjust if necessary, all in order to achieve whatever it is I set my sights on. “I will not be defeated.” (By myself or anyone else.) (Note, this is more fun in sports, where there are rules and all are playing the same game. In regular life, it can be dicey, and my Mars being in Libra helps.)

    With all this added help, I can see my future pretty clearly in some aspects. I won’t be moved because, with Jupiter and the 9th house, I firmly BELIEVE in it all. It’s rooted in truth and justice. So I do what I do, suffer what I must, but I will power through and nothing – nothing – is going to stop it. Something might get in my way, I may have to compromise, lose a battle or 2, but in the end I will get there.

    *insert flexing muscles and intense facial expressions* haha

  12. Last year, I broke into the field I wanted to get into after a false start (Jupiter and Saturn in my 10th).

    This year, I expanded (Jupiter) that experience into looking for a full time job.

    I got two offers in the middle of July. Went to work at Job 1, and got let go after a week – on July 29, the day Elsa wrote this.

    I was having second thoughts just a few days into this job. I was really doing a glorified maid’s job. I was overwhelmed, tired, and best of all, two old biddies were either snapping at or spying on me.

    So I took a chance and wrote to Job 2. The offer still stood. I start there on Monday.

    My Jupiter/ASC opposition is heavily involved with this. So is my 10th. I’m hoping for the best!

  13. Aries is in my 6th house, Capricorn in my 3rd. I’m using my isolation from community as an opportunity to re-parent myself, and become the healthy person I need to be. It’s all right there, kiddo, and it’s incredibly hopeful.♥️

  14. My son asked me for a good day on which to engage a stock broker as he wishes to invest in some penny stocks. He needs to have another source of income when he retires because he knows that when he retires their will be no social security.

    I have been frantic trying to find a good day for him to push the send button. He has already found everything that he needs to accomplish this goal. He knows that timing is everything. I had told him that since he wants this project to last he should wait until most of the planets are in direct motion. That way nothing will be hidden from him. In the past I had used Palmer’s books to help me find good days. After listing the days she mentions for a project I then write down lists of those days and then look through the astrological calendar to find which would be the best day. I then use my Halloran astrological software to set up different charts to see which chart would offer the best chances for success for that project. I use my Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson book on Simplified Horary Astrology for help. I also look up his secondary progressions and transits. And all my other astrology books.
    Now I am questioning my self- should he wait until the planets turn direct? Should he wait until after the election or get a stock broker before the election? Should he wait until Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius and Mars finishes its RX period.
    I have a Capricorn Ascendant and a 29 degree Libra MH.
    I have been a student of astrology since 1967 and I am now 80 years old. Any advice from other astrologers would be welcomed.
    Thank you Elsa for such a great web site and your astrological knowledge and the witty way your write down your thoughts.

    • I have the same degree midheaven and ascendant and I recognize that overthinking! Just another person’s opinion: I agree to wait until things go direct. However, having been a stockbroker In the mid 80’s I would have to say it is just a crap shoot. You can find as many ways to show something will work as you can to show it won’t. Never think you have it all figured out. Only play with money you can afford to lose. My 2 cents!! Best of luck all the same.

      • Dear Aspire
        Thank you very much for your kind advice to me about waiting until all the planets turn direct.

        I found the day for him to engage a stock broker, December 25, 2020 since he does not want to wait too long. Now I have been reviewing the time that I had selected and I am not too sure about the time.

        One thing is I am wondering about is so I use the place where he lives or the place where the company is located which is in Calif. He lives in the Midwest.

        And he already knows how easy it is to lose money in the stock market because he watches is very carefully. What goes up can quickly go down in an instant.

        I am also sorry it has taken me so long to respond to you, as I just found your reply while going through my email. Things get so lost so quickly as I was so concerned with what has been going on in our election as I am sure so is everybody else.

        Since you were a stock broker in the 1980’s you have seen so much I bet you could write a book about your experiences as a stock broker.
        Take care and God Bless! Colleen

  15. Mars is busy helping me these days–by jumping right into my natal grand cross involving Neptune-Saturn in Libra, Chiron in Capricorn, Venus in Aries, and Uranus in Cancer.

    Months ago I had to buy an outdoor bicycle because I no longer had access to an indoor stationary bike. I have upped my cycling hours to 150-180 minutes a week and I have been loving every minute of it. What’s even better, the arthritic pain in my knees has vanished sans painkillers. A year ago I walked with a terrible and obvious limp. Today I walk the way I could as a young person!

    I also have a new role in an organization of which I am a member. With all the Mars action in my chart right now, I have turned into an eco-warrior. I was asked to research the possibilities of turning some of the organization’s property into a nature conservancy. Our area has had frequent flooding this summer, damaging people’s homes. Climate experts say this will keep getting worse because of the lowlands we live in and the rising rainfall rate traceable all the way back to 1950. Lo and behold, I have found there is lots to be done with the land I am studying that could actually benefit the entire city by providing flood protection. The organization that asked me to do this is very pleased with what they are learning and are ready to take action NOW. Even as I write this, one of the group’s executives is speaking today with a conservation lawyer about the project the group wants to undertake–reverting farmland to prairies and wetlands.

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