What’s Happened Since Saturn Entered Capricorn?

“Is she cheating on me?” a man asked my husband in regards to his wife.

“Yes, she’s cheating on you!” he said, after considering the evidence. “What? You need to be hit in the head with a hammer with it?”

This what happened to one man as Saturn went into Capricorn.  No more theory or thinking about it.  The thing is real.

Have you been hit with REALITY of some kind?


What’s Happened Since Saturn Entered Capricorn? — 42 Comments

  1. Just dealing with the elderly. 4 of them in 5 days falling on the floor. One had a hip replacement, one a leg operation to install a pin in a broken femur, one had 8 stitches from the fall, one had the flu really bad. Hospitals and retirement home visits.

  2. Yes, I still have not learned how to talk in English, even after 18 years …Another realization, “first impression remain forever”, even though I tried to change it but people have the same old perception in there head.

  3. Well not in a bad way- I feel supported and a lot more ease, more fun, in general. I’ve had a shitty time of it since May 2010, then a post-divorce uphill climb from August 2015- October 2017. Still underemployed and needing to get more sources of income (hooking?) but I feel unburdened and unimpeded in a way I haven’t in a long time. My son being in college but still close helps that too.
    (Yes, hooking was meant to make you laugh.) Which reminds me, I would literally joke all day if I were around people with the same attitude. Most people are too serious.
    Anyway- here’s to reality that just happens to be good!

    • I’m in a similar boat. The past x many years have seen me bounce back and forth between being unemployed and underemployed, to the point that last summer I was compelled to tell my neighbor I was considering selling my body. Without missing a beat, he informed me: “You can’t do that, I’d go broke in no time flat.” MADE. MY. DAY. !!! (I’ve only lived here about a year and already I have three neighbors willing to do such. Given that I attained my 2nd Saturn Return this week, this is somewhat ‘flattering’, especially since the neighbor who made that comment is MUCH younger than me.)

  4. Oh yeah. One of my best friends and I have squaring cardinal suns and when Saturn moved into Cap, we both got hit at once with a flood of emotional baggage surfacing. She’s being hit harder bc her Sun is conjunct Saturn too. HUGE reality check. On many levels. For me, since it’s my Sun in Cancer, it has to do with my family. So much burden (Capricorn) ??‍♀️

  5. I realized last night that my husband has no interest in working on marriage.He is emotionally abusive and He’s been cheating on me, I called him out on it, but as usual denies everything to the core I guess that’s what you can expect from a narcissist. I took my ring off told him I deserved better,and i am done. Boom, 8th house virgo amputation Scorpio Style. I feel better already.

  6. Nothing so far except maybe that several people still seem fixated on a deluded version of the truth serving their purpose. Will Saturn/Capricorn bust their chops?

  7. I realized about four days before Saturn went into Capricorn that one of my friends didn’t care about me. Just uses me for a car ride when she needs me.

  8. Well, I’ve become thoroughly disillusioned about a few people in my life. But I also feel like I’m finally starting to get my shit together, practically speaking. I’m not covering for other people anymore. I refuse to do it!

    • I can relate to this dissillution with people too. What will happen to the seriously deluded types now Saturn is in Capricorn? I’m realizing that I cannot depend on, or trust certain people now. It feels like I will have to become very firm dealing with certain people, and situations.

  9. No not yet, but this energy is very fractured like I can’t get my footing – whoops well there’s a Freudian slip – Capricorn mountain goat!
    Thanks Uncle Saturn I guess I’m going on another journey. Hopefully this time I can take a partner along.
    Aries Rising

  10. A best friend of mine at 33 years of age suddenly passed.
    I’m moving states to care for my mother and other family.
    Lost a best pal of 12 years over a business ordeal that didn’t happen.
    Lost money attempting to start a business.
    Wasn’t taken seriously at work due to how I don’t take my job serious even though I know what I’m doing.

  11. My father has gone into hopsital, he won’t be returning home this time……… I discovered my team workers are actually really working against me. I needed Saturn to be Capricorn to point this one out to me. I really am blind(venus square neptune natal?), however events have colluded in such a way that it’s now so obvious! At least I know now what’s real.

  12. Until now I just felt a positive shift of energy. I feel a lot more grounded and safe…it gives a much needed balance to neptune in pisces (in my 1st)…

    As a side note: I have Sat conj Asc in Pisces and Nept in Capricorn ( = mutual reception). Let’s see how this transits effect people with neptune/saturn signature.

    I just hope it stabilizes Neptune…hopefully no more ‘destiny denied’

  13. I live on an island, post divorce driving a bus; have a story:nearing end of day last of bunnies going up island try distracting their wiggles
    Look at pond see if u see fisherman
    Maybe you can be a fisherman when you are bigger
    Little dude’s face close to me, 5 years old says I been thinking about
    This growing up, think I am going to grow up and be deaf,deaf I say
    Yep so I don’t have to listen to no women and I not gonna marry one either, another little guy6 , lean in aisle says well you can marry a man?boy who started says nope
    Then they gonna call me gay, yep that’s what they’ll say,second boy adds, but it’s ok you gonna be deaf
    Then they settled down like a starry night. Just love this job, hit me with their arrows they did. Boing Love
    Could list my troubles pain and past like the paper but
    Counting my stars I am
    Even when I wake early and dress like I live in the Artic kisses to all who feel lonely, # we are gonna be fine.

  14. Sold my place but in the process lost a friend (was my real estate person/friend) who is a Cap sun. We will never speak to each other again. She was letting her son (who works with her) shit all over us and when I’d had enough told her I was suing them both. BOOM…friendship over just like that…. (hmmm let me see, let a friend be careless with 25K or call them on it? No brainer…) She was supposed to be working with/for us but seems she was batting for the other team. What a liar. I didn’t even flinch when I told her I was going to serve her her own ass…she thought I wasn’t watching. I hate when people back you in a corner and the only way you can get out is to throw a punch. Sucks

    • Holy shit! What horrible backhanded methods.
      Glad that you’re reacting in the efficient Scorpio way – blast them out of the picture!
      Sure looks like your energy is back! Yay soup!

      • I have to forgive her because if I keep it …it will back up on me and make me sick. I keep telling myself she is old and maybe not thinking clearly although it cant possibly be true. Still, I will never take another call from her, help her, speak to her or look at her again. She will have to find another person to work with her animal too. I love the animal so that’s sad. She will have a hard time finding anyone to do the things for her I have done for her for the last 10 years. Sometimes Cap is so tunnel vision about work and making money that they mess up and forget the person they are F’ing over is a really good friend. Her loss. She’ll need me long before I will need her again. She knew how sick I was and she knew what kind of dilemma we were in. Shame on her.

  15. That I hate my job more than I ever thought. The environment, treatment, people–really dysfunctional. I always knew it, but I really know it now!

  16. I haven’t been “hit” by reality because I have been “studying the skies” building up to this. I have natal Saturn at zero Cap, so this is my 2nd Saturn Return.

    I have taken stock of my reality (financial/material, mental and physical health, age/time left, family and social, ‘spiritual, etc.) and made some decisions accordingly.

    I am *acting* on those decisions, one baby goat step at a time, up my mountain (and have actually made AMAZING progress on one front in the past month).

    Elsa’s workshop this fall was instrumental. It helped me arrive at this Moment in Time ready to go forward in a productive way.

    • Love reading how Elsa’s workshop set you up for the baby goat steps. I too am applying the info shared in that workshop. Rather than focusing on returning to my place of birth, which requires crossing an ocean with the Gypsy wagon we built to manage the chronic illness I live with we are focused on loving and being loved by the community where we live now.

      Saturn transits my 12th House while Jupiter will conjunct my Scorpio Sun (11th House) during the same length of time. Focusing on how to be real means I turn over some of the illusions of the ideal being ‘back home.’ Instead, one relationship, one experience at a time, I build on collaborations to strengthen my Sun where I am now. The delusions dilute the reality of now. So I continue to love ‘back home’ but shore up the foundations of my spiritual life(12th House) one day at a time, now, here.

  17. This is the second time in my life I have experienced Saturn transiting Capricorn. I’m looking back to 1988 when Saturn first dipped it’s toe into Capricorn to the first part of 1991 when it finally stomped out. During that time the company I worked for slid downhill taking the job I loved with it. Trying to save money I left my beautiful home of 11 years and moved in with a good friend (new home and friendship were a thing of the past within 9 months). After years of waiting for the man I considered my soulmate to stop keeping me on hold, I left him, my city and returned to my hometown. I struggled to get on my feet and just when I saw things coming together I discovered I was pregnant. The father was a smart, sweet guy who wanted me and a family. I wanted stability and said yes and our son was born at the end of Saturn in Capricorn.

    We’ve been married 27 years and much of it was good…the part where we had two more children and raised them. It seems we are good parents but not emotionally connected. My husband values the practical and I the emotional. Saturn in Scorpio and Saggitarius had us both reaching beyond one another, for other things. He retired from a 30-year career and has tried to pull together a more entrepreneurial way of working, I returned to writing, finding a network of other writers and sought satisfaction in art. Saturn in Sagittarius crossed into my 4th house and I moved out fro our shared bedroom and since then he and I have lived in the same house separately.

    Capricorn Saturn now transiting my 4th and then the 5th house is already grounding me. Making me look at my art more seriously, realizing that it is a passion and requires dedication I haven’t given it. I have begun taking a more active role in our finances, carving out some security for myself because I don’t see the marriage continuing. And I see my husband looking at stabilizing himself and really retiring into an RV, roaming the country kind of life.

    • this speaks to me, i need to be more dedicated in my art, i know it will take so much time. before saturn in cap, my son inherited money & a few things from family who sadly passed this year. my parents are so stubborn they think they will be strong enough to take care of themselves in the coming years; my mother’s legally blind, my father still drives and grocery shops for them, but only locally, yet he has diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, but i’m going to arrange caretakers for them. i live too far to even do part time for them. i feel heavily burdened by many events, concerning family.

      sorry to hear about you and your husband, Wila.

  18. Been needing a place to start my business and my mom was planning to retire in 3 years and give me her shop space. She changed her mind and wants to retire in 3 months. I’m not entirely ready for it but I physically get a shop! Capricorn is now forcing me to physically get to work lol.

  19. Yes I have!

    I have obsessive personality (scorpio-pluto-8 house stellium) and disilusions about love (pisces dc venus-neptune).

    I know he and I never can be, I have been in denial for months. And with latest sag energies and now saturn hitting my 5th and squaring my poor natal venus, I’m finally getting tired and accepting the truth. Even though he has been extra giving and caring lately (friendship wise), I’m too tired now. I can’t with ilusions!

    This song is perfect for this period! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xn599R0ZBwg

    Perfect ilusion by Lady gaga. (oh man I can’t believe myself for listening to her! but damn that song is hitting the nail, or what eva its called haha)

    • Lovely song, she’s great! Sending you wishes for finding someone new melinn.
      Btw last time Saturn was in Capricorn I pulled my act together and at the end of that period got my uni degree.

  20. I am receiving my 2nd Saturn return in the 10th. Definitely serious thinking about my past experiences and the nature of time. Physically I am less active and have to pare down the daily schedule. Better concentration and deeper conversations with friends and lovers. The people around me are having very rough times and I am lucky by comparison! Saturn can be a grounding in a good way sometimes.

  21. I left a toxic job in early December for a better opportunity in the same division, with a bit more money and more responsibility. My manager took the news badly and quit speaking to me once I gave my notice. I requested no farewell party, but I wasn’t even afforded the courtesy of a good luck card on my last day.

    Three weeks later, my former manager is demoting down a grade and going to part time status, which opens up his job.

    This past Thursday, I had former teammates coming to my office all day long to gossip/talk smack/pry to see if I plan to apply for the manager’s job. One of my former teammates had the nerve to ask if I thought the Branch Chief would have me back since I left with only two weeks’ notice. Someone I considered a hanai sister told me it was my own fault that no one said goodbye to me on my last day because I expect too much from people.

    By the end of the day on Thursday, I was worn to the bone with the peripheral drama, backbiting, and toxicity. It almost felt like PTSD.

    In a different time, I’d have jumped at the chance to take the manager’s job, but the reality is, while my new job was a lateral transfer and not a promotion per se, the lack of llama drama, the great energy I feel from the team as a whole, and the fact that my direct reports are an amazing group of people with whom I have the great fortune to work, tells me I made the right choice to move into this new position. Why on Earth would I walk back into that horrible level of crazy?

    In addition to realizing I made a good move taking this new job, I see that I need to transition some people out of my work life who don’t have my best interests at heart, including my hanai sister.

    So I would say: yes, reality did step into my life with Saturn moving from Sagittarius to Capricorn. This last year with Saturn tap dancing on my Sagittarius Sun and Saturn has been difficult (my second Saturn return), but I’ve emerged stronger and in a better position to succeed both personally and professionally.

    Goodbye, horrible 2017 and let’s hear it for a happy 2018! Woot!

  22. Yes.

    sh*t suddenly got real.
    I mean…. Cap is opposite nurturing Cancer, eh?
    moon, Mother, family, roots, upheavel, pressure.

    Moreover, Saturn will square my moon at 12 degrees Libra some time in the future.

  23. He asked the question. Bravo for him. I see/hear a lot of blindness as of late and shake my head. Not everybody asks the questions. But I suppose not everyone wants to know. And that’s a choice. I’ll just keep going to the chiro when my neck goes out from all the head shaking. 😀

  24. I have started noticing LAZY PEOPLE. For some reason this whole last week I have been criticizing (to myself) people who take the easy way or just lazy at their jobs and i’ve been working harder than ever myself.

    • I really feel for you. I was at work the other day and got the sense that everyone around me was feeling exhausted (exhausted seems to translate to lazy in my part of the world). The flip side of this is that some ends up being stuck with the short straw, and picking up the slack 🙁 In the end, something has to give- I hope there’s some relief coming for you soon.

  25. I love Christmas and especially Christmas music, but last week I realized and acknowledged to my wife that some aspects of Christmas season give me PTSD due to some experiences in childhood. She was shocked but things went a lot better after that, and had a fine Christmas with our wonderful family.

  26. Wow, lotta drama in peoples’ lives here.

    Well, as some may know, Saudi is bombing the hell out of the Yemeni people. Nearly all material found or used is purchased from the US, and I work for a company that contracts with them. Ya, I will be leaving my job this week. Hard to acknowledge that I’m aiding in the death of innocent lives.

  27. Yup, I can’t have my Father in my life anymore. It’s not a matter of whether I want to or not, I have just run out of the energy needed to give to a relationship that is a sinkhole. If he were anyone else there is no way he’d still be in my life given some of the things he’s put me through and a light switch flipped – done. Just done. No anger, no ill-will, I just dropped the rope and I’m done. I don’t know how I feel about it yet but I’m not able to take any other action. I guess everyone and everything has their limits and I couldn’t tell you why I reached mine but the timing is not lost on me.

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