What Does 2018 Feel Like?

I work with people all over the world, everyday.  There are always themes that arise. There are a lot of people out there, having a hard time with Saturn in Capricorn.

They’re running into all kids of harsh realities.

Is this all there is?
All that effort… to wind up here?
“I’m not getting any younger,” my neighbor mentioned, last week.

This transit may be harder on the current generation(s), simply because they grew up with a lot of hope and promise. They are were provided things like, “The Secret”. If you want a corvette, find a picture of one you like, stick it on your wall and it will materialize.

I also think Uranus, hurtling through Aries, distracted people. The rapid change. Technology was GREAT!

Now we’re all place taping over the camera on our devices. I’ll tell you, when I type ONE letter into my phone to text someone and “Elsa Forum” comes up as suggested text, it concerns me!

Uranus in Taurus is also scaring people. Technology gets REAL?

Who remembers this:

It’s unbelievable, the impact of advertising and media in general.

Uranus will trine Saturn throughout the summer.  This will give you a chance adapt to the new climate.   Think in terms of what might be practical for the future.

You’ll fare well if you can recover from any shock; adapt and make hay in their new land.

 How do you feel in 2018?


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What Does 2018 Feel Like? — 42 Comments

  1. Hard year for me. My daughter left for college, I lost my dog. I don’t know what to do with my life- had the same job for 33 years – it’s my own business. Ready for change but don’t know what to do.

  2. I don’t know any more. I don’t want things to be as they are but I still have no idea how to change them either. I have never known. I don’t think I’m ever going to know. Whatever I’d need to “do it,” I don’t have in my soul beyond just a cosmic whine that I can’t answer.

    As they say, it is what it is.

  3. Ditto.

    Btw, Jennifer, I have noticed many of your posts over the years and they usually not only resonate with me but eerily echo my own journey. Thank you for speaking your truth. Your sharings have a deep impact on me.

  4. My latest and current mantra is “control the controllables”. (Identify what they are, stay focused on them, and put my efforts there.)

    Ignore as many of the uncontrollables as I can.

    Manage and mitigate those that I cannot ignore.

  5. So many spiritual and emotional breakthroughs for me so far this year. I feel like the dark cloud over my head is finallly clearing after a lifetime of profound existential pain. Im so grateful i could cry.

    I hope others can make it through with grace. I can not say enough about the power of surrending to a greater power. The 12 steps are a really good and simple way to do that, in my experience. They can be used on anything that is disturbing your peace, but seem to have no control over.

  6. My year is pretty good but I can’t say it’s like super blissful or exciting or anything. It feels good that I am finally making progress in my life. It feels like I’m getting somewhere, but with persistent effort. For a long time I couldn’t move at all or make a decision on what to do with my life so it’s a good thing. Saturn in Cap sextiles my natal Saturn in Scorp.

  7. So far, so good. I feel like good changes are coming. Saturn’s in my 10th. Part of me is scared for Uranus in Taurus but I’m trying to stay positive.

  8. Like a maturity test, every day.

    That’s what it feels like. No self-pitying, no wallowing in grief, no complaining. Just shut up and get on with it.

  9. Uranus just crossed my midheaven for its last and final pass. To say the last year since the first pass has been upsetting, unsettling, and surreal is an understatement at the very least.

  10. I feel the title says it, what does 2018 feel life. In a way Ifeel much more alive and empowered this way instead of unstable wishing of the past.

  11. This year has been a mixed bag so far. I can’t believe we’re almost at the halfway point of this year, it’s flying. Some things have been a lot better, others not so much. I guess overall thus far I’d say 2018 has been better than 2017. Saturn in Cap is in my 2nd house and much of my focus and how I feel about how things are going overall, is tied to my work. Saturn is sitting on my natal moon today and at 12 degrees will be opposite my natal Saturn in Cancer.
    I read something about the transiting Saturn opposite natal Saturn that it was a point of results of decisions made 14 years ago so that would be when Saturn was in Cancer. It was in 2005 that I started volunteering for an organization in my field, which led me to graduate school in 2008. A couple weeks ago I received an award in my field for the first time ever. So I have no doubt about my chosen field, I’m hoping to ratchet up my game, get more/new clients, increased income, further recognition, and if that comes with greater responsibility, less free time, so be it.
    I’m probably going to have to put one of my cats to sleep pretty soon and that totally sucks. I guess since I’m her “mom” and have to act responsibly in terms of deciding when it’s time, maybe that’s a Saturn-moon thing, too. I’ve known since August of 2017 that I would have to do this eventually, so that part of 2018 has not been cool.

  12. Well, I love it! I love Saturn in Capricorn, but hell, I was born with it, like Brer Rabbit in the briar.
    Yes, there are people who are having to ‘get real’, but I saw it coming, and I bite my tongue, so as not to say, “See, I told ya.” Getting real is good! As Yogananda said, Truth is the exact correspondence with reality.

  13. I feel such pain and being forced to grow up no matter what. Nothing I can do will stop this process it seems like. I thought I was going to be laughing through this Saturn in Cap transit since I’m a cap sun. Far from it. I’m on the edge of losing the love of my life of 13 years and have contemplated ending my own life.
    I can only see tiny momentary glimpses of hope every once in a while, but overall I see a grey wall that I’m not allowed to look behind. Not until I submit and learn my lessons. The worst lessons I never wanted to learn, are the exact ones coming to me now.
    It feels like all work and no play. It feels like sometimes I buckle under the weight. It feels like I am being grinded into the ground and burnt with hot fire. At the same time, after I have been dipped in acid.
    I feel like, the past was so beautiful, but so false. The present is so painful and I can’t tell what’s real. The future, is unknown, but I have to trust that it will be gorgeous AND real.
    I want to be rescued. I want to find an easy way to pass these lessons. I want my old life back with my new knowledge.

    Thanks for reading.

  14. S L O W ER … definitely I feel the change in energy. But after all, I had Uranus in my 1st house for 7 years – my Ascendant – is Aries and I think Uranus was in its exaltation in this powerful fire sign. I believe in Taurus it will be in its detriment and Saturn in Capricorn for these first two years will take center stage. I’m ok with that.

    During these seven I have to say I loved the wild ride and I have undergone such positive and amazing changes, but the trials and tests led me to the brink of exhaustion.
    So yeah – slower – I’ll take it but not for seven years! Not thinking my Mars will put up with it for that long. Well there’s supposed to be a couple of retrogrades so the beginning of this transit will probably be ok – but the next 5 years whoa Taureans hang on to your horns!!
    Wishing you safety, joy, and, peace 🙏🏻
    Aries Rising

  15. Chris ,I am throwing a handful of glitter in the wind to find you; my way to save you.I have been using it when I plant wildflower seed
    I have Cap sun moon and Saturn
    I have more bills than money
    Love department bleak
    Work offensive i.e. waking before 5
    But I have me.and I have decided
    I am ok , I see strange things in my dreams stuff from the news I can’t
    Shake, hell made it thru winter
    Might as well wait till summer sands
    Heat up and enjoy my dreamed about hot sand massage ?determined
    To kayak the ponds, sharks rattle me
    In ocean parts. Don’t ever think
    To leave early ,come over to the ,
    It’s gonna be ok side,promise
    There’s more.

  16. After very challenging Uranus and Neptune transits, I welcome the earthiness of Saturn in Capricorn.

    ”This transit may be harder on the current generation(s), simply because they grew up with a lot of hope and promise.”

    lol! Not for everyone… 😀

  17. It feels as if my life is more fortified and I can continue on at my pace, which is slower and far from the madding crowd. I can stop and think about things and then go on ahead. (I have a lot of Virgo in trine)

  18. Sounds like a lot here are going through it {{{Chris}}} and {{{everyone}}}. I am contemplating/planning retirement early. I have been through enough myself the last four years (had my second Saturn return when it went through Sagittarius, with Saturn in my first house) but not sure what the future will bring. This is supposed to be a great year for me as my Sun is in Scorpio and so is Jupiter in Scorpio right now. But I do feel squeezed in certain areas and feel also I am being forced to look at some uncomfortable stuff. Technology for me is getting more annoying than liberating. Living of the grid too sounds pretty good right now.

  19. It is a great year for me! 🤩 When transiting Saturn entered Capricorn in late December 2017, I instantly felt better and so many amazing things have happened ever since. Transiting Saturn being in Sagittarius (I’m a Sagittarius Sun and Venus with a Fire dominant chart) was tough.

  20. I’m feeling good about it. Things are firming up. Finally! The last few years I have not been able to move forward with anything.
    Temporarily living arrangements. Working part time, taking all the extra shifts I could get, to make ends meet. Unable to get a mortage. With Saturn in Capricorn things are manifesting.
    More steady work, and better conditions. Got my loan from the bank, about to build my own little house.
    I AM committing though . For life probably. This is where I am going to life for the rest of my life. Working the same job until retirement. For someone with a strong 9th house this can feel scary, but I am ready for it.
    Saturn transits have never felt harsh for me tough, not even squares to the sun, or to Saturns natal position. They have always brought change, but somehow change that has been wanted or needed. And mostly initiated by myself.
    I’m having Saturn retrograde in my natal chart, can this perhaps be the reason Saturn transits feel positive for me?

  21. Politically, people are burnt out by the craziness of 2016/2017. There’s a calmer feel to this year than from 2016/2017. Yeah, people still talk about politics, but the vibe of this year is calmer, for some reason.

  22. I have been very challenged at my place of employment with co-workers since last September… with every transit I wait for something to give and it only gets worse. When I look back, this has been a theme since 2010 but this past nearly 9 months has been hell… Uranus in Aries 2H and natal Uranus 29 degrees in Virgo 7H. I think my lesson is to learn to stand up to BS at work, and believe me I have come a long way, but now I am on the brink of strangling someone as I feel I am about to blow! I am praying that Uranus in Taurus will bring me some stability and calm… and maybe some new and good co-workers. 😉

  23. I’m having a hard time with “getting real”.
    Have things to do that I keep putting off, I hate it. And I can’t even understand why I’ve slammed the brakes on this situation. Have a mental block somewhere.
    But aside from that specific problem clogging my horizon, the rest is pretty nice. That in itself worries me!!!
    Sun conjunct Saturn opposite Moon, it’s more or less chronic.

  24. Saturn’s in my 12th house. I really don’t feel anything yet. But, I feel Pluto pushing against my ascendant at 26 degrees Capricorn.

  25. A good year so far and now, as of yesterday, many many Uranian lightning bolts, sudden and unexpected news, leavings, ideas, happenings. Wow is all I can say about Uranus. What a planet!

  26. 2018 so far has been feeling like things not yet settled/moving into what will be. It’s been more painful than I think it would have been had Pluto not just run through my Cap sensitive points (moon, desc, Saturn). It feels like the Saturn scour brush is on burn wounds that have not fully healed to whatever the new normal is, and that there will be more changes/transitions (not huge pain-bombs like Pluto delivered)ahead still. Which is a Saturn-y thing at least in my experience.

  27. Still stuck in the same craptastic job but other than that so far so good. The SO is cancer free, we’re getting married because he WANTS to get me on his health insurance and take care of me, I’m getting a custom made diamond anniversary band (7 years we’ve been together), he helped me get a car and now I’m driving to work in 15 air conditioned minutes instead of an hour to take the bus.

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