What Does 2018 Feel Like?

I work with people all over the world, everyday.  There are always themes that arise. There are a lot of people out there, having a hard time with Saturn in Capricorn.

They’re running into all kids of harsh realities.

Is this all there is?
All that effort… to wind up here?
“I’m not getting any younger,” my neighbor mentioned, last week.

This transit may be harder on the current generation(s), simply because they grew up with a lot of hope and promise. They are were provided things like, “The Secret”. If you want a corvette, find a picture of one you like, stick it on your wall and it will materialize.

I also think Uranus, hurtling through Aries, distracted people. The rapid change. Technology was GREAT!

Now we’re all place taping over the camera on our devices. I’ll tell you, when I type ONE letter into my phone to text someone and “Elsa Forum” comes up as suggested text, it concerns me!

Uranus in Taurus is also scaring people. Technology gets REAL?

Who remembers this:

It’s unbelievable, the impact of advertising and media in general.

Uranus will trine Saturn throughout the summer.  This will give you a chance adapt to the new climate.   Think in terms of what might be practical for the future.

You’ll fare well if you can recover from any shock; adapt and make hay in their new land.

 How do you feel in 2018?


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