What You Want To Do VS What You Have To Do

peachI was mowing the grass today, this is something I love to do. I also have to do it, or at least I strongly should. It got me thinking that generally speaking, I do what I want 80% of the time.  That’s high, don’t you think?

I wonder how others felt about this. Some people seem to do what they have to…and they don’t like any of it. My husband is an example of this. He hates his job but he has to do it.

I don’t know if I am super lucky or just inclined to like my work.

Examples of things I have to do, but I don’t like? Income taxes. Bookkeeping of any kind. Going to the doctor or dentist.  Everything is else is pretty much peachy!

How much time do you spend doing what you want vs the time you spend doing what you have to do?  Where’s your Jupiter? Does it aspect your Moon?


What You Want To Do VS What You Have To Do — 17 Comments

  1. Great question. I would say it’s 33% not liking, 33% loving, and 33% obsessively wondering how to shift the scales towards a happier existence. ??

  2. I would say that 80% sounds pretty much like my life too. I love my yard and gardens and even though I “have” to mow, dig, weed, water plant these are the things that I enjoy doing daily. I feel so fortunate….I am able to set aside Monday’s to play with my youngest grandsons. The 5 year old told me he loves coming to my house because I like to play….Thursdays I spend with my Mom and on occasion I feel like I “have” to if she is less than pleasant; but it is still something I want to do, knowing that I have done deep spiritual work to heal childhood wounds. I will miss her terribly when she is gone. I avoid the medical world when possible…those are definite “have to’s”. Jupiter in Taurus, 2nd house Moon Aries, 1st house.

  3. My natal Jupiter in Sag (8th House)is retrograde but sextile my Moon in Aq. I’m a born introvert who has learned not to be painfully shy, I even perform. I do still struggle to get “out there” though. So I say if you ask me this before I do something I’ll say I always have too things I dislike. On the other hand, after I get out I almost always have a good time. So the answer would be the opposite then. Does that make any sense?

  4. Right now I’m 50/50 I’m trying to move 60/40 – love/have-ta.

    I’m just not confident enough to do what I want to do. Still a people pleaser, it’s a journey I must take, to let me be happy.

  5. maybe it’s the interplay of my aqua sun/virgo moon, but i try to live by the adage.. do what you love and (or) love what you do.

    which mostly manifests as, i don’t do anything i don’t want to (for better or worse).

  6. I’ve been told we spend 70% of our time at work. So about 70% of the time I’m not doing what I want to do. However, I need to have a home and income in order to be able to have the other 30%, I don’t have the brains to run my own business, and I don’t have useful skills for money other than typing so there you go.

  7. I want to know why Jupiter/Moon is a key indicator. Right now everything feels dismal and out of my control, but my life hasn’t always been that way. Just since 2008, when Pluto started squaring my natal stellium in Libra, especially while Uranus was also opposing. I’m expecting things to get better by next year. My natal Jupiter is retro in Aries opposite Moon in Libra in 12th house.

    • I believe that Jupiter gives a dose of perspective in one’s private life and emotions (for Jupiter-moon). A possibly wider epic story to a probably shitty situation, maybe sometimes a way-too-optimistic overblown story at times lol. But other times, it can help. What we tell ourselves internally is important to keep daily functioning, and maybe it’s just as important if not more important than what might be happening concretely.

  8. Oh, interesting question hmmmmmmm…. As a kid, almost everything I did, I feel I was forced to do, sigh, and I made a lot of mistakes haha. But then again, it was good because otherwise I wouldn’t be challenged. The more I rose up to face those consequences/fear, the more I learned
    1) what I actually hoped to do
    2) that I possibly had the ability achieve that hope (whatever it was)
    3) what I wanted to do might be hard, but rewarding in the end, if I stayed
    4) many “have-to”s often = my “want-to”s 🙂 whoa.
    5) other “have-to”s I didn’t actually have to do!

    After my recent Saturn return, I am mostly doing what I want to do everyday, even if it is hard, or I lose a little money/status/time. These challenges, I remind myself, are a blessing, because I “get to”, not “have to”. It gets me up in the morning, and keeps me living life. Quoting someone else, she needed to take 10 years to get through school, but she realized, she was going to be 10 years older anyway. Might as well get the degree she wanted, while the years passed.

    9th Capricorn moon

    • 8th/9th Jupiter-Mars. Doesn’t aspect moon, but it’s a stellium…

      I think after I experienced supervisors yelling at me and picking me apart in a non-paid position for 9 months and struggling with living in the home of a close relative with early dementia (low point) and then losing them through death… I’ve worked to stay grateful for the smallest things. Everything I’m doing now, even if other people think it’s shitty, looks waaaay better. Waaaaay waaaaaaaaaaay better. So that’s why I’m acting too “Little Miss Sunshine” in this post I suppose hehe…. I’m hoping it’ll help someone else get through what they have to get through, even if it’s not the same.

  9. I have a wide Jupiter/Neptune conjunct Moon in Scorp. in the 7th house. But I think that it needs to be taken into account when someone is a single parent, or there is only one income. It’s all good and well to have the luxury of being able to enjoy your work, but if you only had your income, and not your spouse’s income combined, would you still be able to just “do what you love”? If so, then good on you! 🙂 But sometimes we single mom types have to suck it up and not think about “what we want” vs. “what we have to” do. In fact, it makes me feel kinda crappy to think about it.

  10. Right now I have an 80/20 split 80 I hate 20 I love however I am activly working to flip that. I believe we all get into pattern an sometimes think we have to do things we don’t… we do have choices. I HATE my job. I do have to earn a living I do not have to do it working where I work or in the industry I currently work in. I am trying to figure out where to go to get the flipped 80/20. But one thing I am sure if I will leave my current and hated position very soon and will still earn a living but it will be something better fitted to my personality and overall goals one of which is personal satisfaction in how I spend my time and earn my living. I want to make the most of what I have to offer and working in a job I hate doing things I dont want to do does not bring out the best of who I am I am dedicated to using and expressing the best of what I have to offer. Saturn will soon cross my ascendant last time this happened and Saturn was traveling through my first house I was entering and then completed high school. Last time Jupiter was opposing my Virgo and then Libra stellium 9th & 10th houses This time Jupiter will conjunct these same planets while Saturn works in my first house. I am not scared of hard work I am excited for the transformation. I have a strong Capricorn signature in my chart and my natal Mars in Cap I like to get to the hard work the brings results. Sorry to ramble but this post is very timely for where I am at and where I am going. 80/20 flipped to my favor in the very near future. All of the “have to’s” in life also have a best application. Like mowing the lawn with the right tools it can be fun, with the wrong tools it can be aweful. If you hate something in your life maybe find better tools to get it done

  11. I have Jupiter early in Libra, which has been interesting. No aspects to my Virgo Mars, but I think that Mars tempers it.

    I had to work hard and do things I didn’t care for from an early age, like masses of household chores; who likes that at ages 7 or 8, lol! But that’s how it was. I then had to takes jobs I didn’t like to help my parents and save for college, and then triple up on jobs to stay in college while paying their bills. But Virgo stellium so just thought ok, life is 80%/90% hard work and drudgery, 20%/10% nice, time for yourself. The worst jobs were with fun people in the same boat, and that helped.

    Jupiter gave me a little talent, luckily, and breaks, so I was able to acquire some good-paying freelance to keep supporting people while in school. Jupiter gave me more lucky breaks finding good jobs and freelance for years after college, when I needed it to pay my parents’ mortgage and medical bills while trying to pay for a tiny studio and food in another city for myself. I had people look down upon me for having to work so hard and having nothing to show for it (didn’t tell people about my family needing the money) so that sucked, but, I have my true friends, so, that’s life. The hard work for seemingly “nothing” and being mocked for it can bring you down once in awhile, the assumption being you are lazy or stupid if you “have nothing to show for it” but that’s life. Some work projects allowed me to travel and my Sag moon wanted that more than anything else, anyway, and I can read, hang out w friends, know I kept my family going, so, it balanced. I worked for memories, as I say.

    I try to do work I like professionally, since I work so many hours. I would say I am at 70/30 (Have to/Want to) but Virgo stellium can deal.

  12. 80% I enjoy and choose to do (I don’t have the water the flowers, but I choose to, as I like having them).
    15% I enjoy but, it’s not my own time (like work).
    5% I don’t enjoy, but choose to do these things (think clean the toilet, go to the doctor, etc).

    My Moon and Jupiter are conjunct by less than 2degrees.

  13. 80% what I want to do. It’s called retirement. Well earned and deserved and needed after 30+ years in the corporate world!!

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