What Was Going On In Your Life, The Last Time Saturn Went Into Scorpio?

LisLioness started a thread on the boards: Saturn in Scorpio = conserving others’ money?

It made me think about being deprived (Saturn) – for good or ill – of other people’s resources (Scorpio).Β  This made me think about what was going on 28.5 years ago, the last time Saturn went into Scorpio, and I thought I would share this with you, because there is nothing like real life to illustrate something.

When Saturn was in Libra the last time, I was dating (and living on and off) with the man who I married this time Saturn was in Libra. I should have married him back then, but I did not. I did some other bullshit, and when Saturn went into Scorpio, I landed on my ass – hard. My grandfather (Saturn) died (Pluto); I lost my job and my (current) boyfriend as I cleaned out my grandfather’s house and tried to navigate probate, in a deep (Scorpio) depression (Saturn).

Also with Saturn in Libra, I had various roommates. The last one got me sued by a huge corporation at 19 years old and it was at this point, I decided to go it alone.Β I was poor, but I decided to live in a hovel, rather than invest in roommates anymore. Nor did I have a live-in lover again, until I married some years later.

I thought this might give you an idea how Saturn in Scorpio might play for you. If you can get along with others, then fine. You can share energy and be of mutual support. If not, you will likely be on your own but this is not necessarily because you failed. In my case, there were errors (particularly with men) but in other cases, I was far more responsible and honest then the thieves and connivers I was trying to live with, so it was just as well I become a lone wolf.

I felt it necessary to pull my horns in at this time so I could try to figure out where I’d gone wrong…and mourn.

What was going on in your life the last time Saturn hit Scorpio? Or if you are younger, can you see something like this setting up?


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  1. It was a profound time. Probably the only true depression I have ever experienced. I cried myself to sleep, nightly and burst into tears, the minute I woke up.

    It was not the worst time in my life, but a shot. But this is what happened.

    Eventually I met my friend (still), Ben and we healed each other.

    I wish I could find my old writing but it is impossible. The site is too large.

  2. Last time Saturn transited scorpio I was born. Pluto was also in Scorpio, and they quickly went on to conjunct most of my natal placements. My childhood was par for the course.

    This time around… well, going on 4 years now I have already been addressing the issues discussed in the blog post. Hopefully that was proactive, rather than just a prelude.

  3. A “lone wolf” is a very Scorpio feel… i think I can’t grasp that… All of it together. It sounds like pain. How old were you then? And when you start this site?
    Last few months people have been coming to me to help them via astrology. But I am no astrologer. I only learnd because it is interesting for me, for 10 years now… so i tell them not to advertise me, and not to tell what i do… i don’t want others… and i don’t want to make it a living. It is a lot of responsability and psichology and learning. But when did you figure it out? That you can help? Not only try to understan… but help?

    • mist I turned pro astrologer at my Saturn return…when I figured out I could help. This was before the internet. I quit when my kids were born, because it was too much trouble to have people over (for consults) and have kids not screaming and needing fed.

      When I got online, I was a heavy contributor to the astro mailing lists at the time.

      I started this site in 2001.

      But it was for entertainment back then. My primary thing was to raise my children. I made money selling stuff on ebay, so I could be home with my kids and then slowly, that morphed into this.

  4. It even says there it is a home (moon in 4th house) job πŸ™‚ connected with community and large groups of people, web (11th house) Jupiter πŸ™‚ it is a way to make money from doing so too, since Jupiter has to do with that too. πŸ™‚ I like the Neptune as well. So it was because you could help… and you were a few years older, I am 24. And still didn’t go trough a lot of stuff in the books πŸ™‚ And… people are people. Some want you to tell them there is hope when they should only quit and move on. But i know this has nothing to do with the astrologer πŸ™‚ This is the first blog i ever read too πŸ™‚

  5. @Sio Sorry, I saw it when i posted. A lot of happiness. This is the first astrology blog! And I’ve been reading it for years… it’s almost half of my life.

  6. I just remember feeling a bit lost. My grandfather had passed away and I was very sad. I was left out of the last visit my parents made to his home, which was still inhabited by his wife, my mother’s stepmom. She gave everything she didn’t want of value to her sister. But I did get one lovely momento that I will cherish forever that belonged to him. Apart from that I had just broken up with someone, started a love affair soon after, moved in with that guy (later married him 11 years later), was working to clean up my health and got deeply into Buddhism. I let that take over my life and held on life a raft, until the SF Earthquake hit. Then I suddenly felt it was time to stop practicing for some strange reason. I worked many jobs at that point. Did not have steady employment but did a lot of temp work. Now I am much more stable and feel I will be able to handle what comes up. At least I am hoping!

  7. Hi Elsa,

    Which house was Saturn in Scorpio for you? Also, which natal planets did Saturn conjunct, oppose, and square? This as you know makes a difference. I am so sorry you had to go through all of that. Scorpio is in my 11th house. I hope that does not mean my good fortune will be going away for 3 years. Uranus is natally in my 11th house. I really cannot lose either of my parents. Please that’s my worst nightmare!

  8. I was selling Oldsmobiles at a dealership in Hollywood, failing miserably,and getting drunk with another salesman after work most nights.Didn’t have the first clue as to what I wanted to be when I grew up.Things are different now.

  9. We’d finally moved to our heap of ruins in France, what we’d got married to do. And it was the failure of all our dreams, and I could feel our marriage turning into an empty shell, and I’ve never felt so isolated in my life (except maybe now, I’m old so that’s to be expected)

    We moved again to another country at the end of Saturn in Scorpio but there the marriage did fall apart along with everything else, and I had to return here with nothing.

    I feel I’m going into Saturn in Scorpio for the final time, with nothing – especially with very few close friends, and no partner or even lover. But in a sense I feel liberated by that – I have a roof over my head at last which nobody can lose for me, and so long as I can keep that I shall survive

  10. I was 7-10 those years. The worst years of my childhood. I was repeatedly molested by an uncle,and NEVER told anyone, and my family still doesn’t know.My father use to beat me till bloody and bruised, for small things, My parents were strung out on crack, we never had food to eat, I was picked on by schoolmates and the neighborhood kids for dressing like a raggedy ann, It was a horrible time, later on as a teenager I became extremely promiscuous and had a horrible reputation. I am begging the stars to have mercy on me, because the last 12 years have been bad, and if it get worse, i DON’T EVEN WANT TO LIVE THROUGH IT. πŸ™ ..DIDN’T THINK SATURN IN SCORPIO WOULD BE BAD, I WAS HOPING FOR SOMETHING GOOD TO FINALLY HAPPEN FOR ME.

  11. ((((Pocahantas75))))

    I had a baby the last time Saturn went into Scorpio….well not immediately but not long after. And that baby is going through his first SR ….

  12. Well my best friend recently left for school in California and I’m now working a full time job at 18 years old instead of rushing into college, I’m hoping that saturn in Scorpio will help me to focus on myself and help me buckle down on whats important

  13. Pocahantas75 – crack didn’t hit the United States until Saturn was out of Scorpio in the late 80’s — I don’t doubt that you have problems… but I suspect that Saturn/Scorpio is not the cause.

  14. I was a single child from my father’s first mariage. My half sister was born back then. She is prΓ©gnant herself now and in her saturn return. Some inheritance issues and jointly held property issues are also popping up… i’m having to escavate information that has been conceiled. My grand parents whom i have a very close reltionship with are not so well these days. This is the passing of Time that is goinf to hit me with this transit. I’m also meeting up with a new astrology working group this week end for more learning and focused work (saturn is entering my 11th house).

  15. I got married because I was pregnant in 1982, and had my first son in August followed by a second son in December of 1983. My first Saturn return was exact in January of 1984.

    About mid 1984 I started on a new path for my career that made me financially more secure over the years since and this made me much more independent (2nd divorce came in 1987). I put it off because my father was bedridden, waiting for a heart transplant.

    I will start a new job with a new company on October 15th after being unemployed since July 1st.

    My mother is suffering with dementia and lymphoma now. She will probably pass away during Saturn’s transit through Scorpio.

  16. Peaking in my then career aspirations, which were soon to change with a sudden surprise opportunity. Ah those neptune dreams I am not aware of until they come true. Delicious. But then there’s the work, for the saturn return in scorpio factor is not far off.

  17. I got my wife pregnant with our 2d son, a very good kid, and I switched jobs from a law firm to a corporation. Both very productive and worthwhile achievements!

  18. I was born during the last transit. One astrologer has kept asking his readers (on his website) to remember what was happening in 1983, or to ask someone close who was alive back then, to get an impression of what is to come. A few short weeks before I was born, my grandmother passed away. iwa named (indirectly) after her. But what I did find out this past week is that my mother, who could not have any children after me (for reasons that remain unknown to her), had an abortion when Saturn entered Scorpio. That shook me, because it is a huge secret of hers. Its a tragedy to her, however small it may seem to others. I also just broke off a 3.5 yr. relationship. I really, truly am hoping this phase will allow me to become more like a phoenix, however far-fetched that may sound. I want to rise out the ashes, shed my skin and be reborn in some way. I hope I can make it happen; I started therapy following that train of thought.

  19. I am trying to figure out what I have in store. My Saturn is in Scorpio, 27 degrees and this will be my second return. It is in my third house, I am a Gemini with Virgo rising. I remember getting married during my first return, leaving a job to change careers and losing a lot of weight at what must have been the end of the return.

  20. Dec 1983 I was 21 years old and I had an abortion…it was a miserable dark period. i remember cutting my hair very short and living in my thoughts and not reality. When asked questions on any subject.. i avoided the truth.
    in Jan 1985 i graduated college and had a difficult time finding a job. lots of interviews.. but a negative feeling until May .. Then october 1985 i became engaged and it was the happiest time of my life.
    So I think the begining of Saturn in Scorpio challenges you with death and dark secrets… but the end will bring forth sex and partnership.

    so Saturn cycles every 30 years just as the Progrssed Sun conjunct Progressed Moon comes once every 30 years. mine is 3/2015 which means a new beginning just as 1985 being engaged was new beginning or stage of life.

  21. This has been the biggest eye opener astrologically I have ever had and I really sat down and looked at all the years since then and what house Saturn was in and how it affected my life. Saturn in Scorpio affects my 2nd house (money) I was working, nose to the grindstone back then as I am now. I was less social as I was in Libra in Saturn (I’m a Libra with a Libra rising). However, every change in my life corresponded to the house Saturn was in. I am at the job I have held the longest and I began working there when Saturn was in my 10th house(career). Back in the 80’s when Saturn was in Scorpio I had just dropped out of college and had 10 jobs! Yikes! I was 19 to 22 then. I also met the man who I was to have our now 18 year old child with.
    Funny thing, back then, I lived with my mom while Saturn was in Scorpio and now my kid with a Cancer moon (quite motherly) and I are have a more adult relationship. I can feel a little familiarity going on as it was just mom and I and now it is just daughter and I. I was single then and am single now. The career is different though as I am goal oriented now and then was clueless. I got interested in acrophonology and astrology back then when Saturn was in Libra and the interest return this past Saturn in Libra. I am seeing it all good as I have to and wish everyone much success in 2013! Have a very blessed new years! Namaste Elsa! I love what you have to say!

  22. Filed for divorce on October 10, 1983, after 22 years of marriage, had to move into smaller home with my two boys. Lost my mother in October 1984. Met my new husband in August of 1984. Got a full time job in 1984. And now after being married for almost 27 years, I seem to be going through the same problems that I did with my first husband.

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