What Was Going On In Your Life, The Last Time Saturn Went Into Scorpio?

LisLioness started a thread on the boards: Saturn in Scorpio = conserving others’ money?

It made me think about being deprived (Saturn) – for good or ill – of other people’s resources (Scorpio).  This made me think about what was going on 28.5 years ago, the last time Saturn went into Scorpio, and I thought I would share this with you, because there is nothing like real life to illustrate something.

When Saturn was in Libra the last time, I was dating (and living on and off) with the man who I married this time Saturn was in Libra. I should have married him back then, but I did not. I did some other bullshit, and when Saturn went into Scorpio, I landed on my ass – hard. My grandfather (Saturn) died (Pluto); I lost my job and my (current) boyfriend as I cleaned out my grandfather’s house and tried to navigate probate, in a deep (Scorpio) depression (Saturn).

Also with Saturn in Libra, I had various roommates. The last one got me sued by a huge corporation at 19 years old and it was at this point, I decided to go it alone. I was poor, but I decided to live in a hovel, rather than invest in roommates anymore. Nor did I have a live-in lover again, until I married some years later.

I thought this might give you an idea how Saturn in Scorpio might play for you. If you can get along with others, then fine. You can share energy and be of mutual support. If not, you will likely be on your own but this is not necessarily because you failed. In my case, there were errors (particularly with men) but in other cases, I was far more responsible and honest then the thieves and connivers I was trying to live with, so it was just as well I become a lone wolf.

I felt it necessary to pull my horns in at this time so I could try to figure out where I’d gone wrong…and mourn.

What was going on in your life the last time Saturn hit Scorpio? Or if you are younger, can you see something like this setting up?

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What Was Going On In Your Life, The Last Time Saturn Went Into Scorpio? — 78 Comments

  1. I was just born but my father wasn’t sure if I’d make it alive because of my mother’s alcoholism (even during pregnancy). It wasn’t much easier after but I survived without physical problems. Emotional problems are a different story but I do get along with others and I do realize my issues so if I can delve into them then I survive this also have a better opportunity for a better future. Saturn does conjunct Pluto in my chart so hard work is not a foreign idea to me.

  2. I was getting a divorce from my first husband, and ended up poorer and without my kids, as they were teenaged boys. I had gone to nursing school (scorpio) so I could support myself. I took no alimony from my ex, even though we’d been married 17 years.

  3. I was a high school nerd and looked around me, observed who was getting the goodies. High school was supposed to be the best years of your life, right? So I changed my hair, started wearing makeup, went to a finishing school and got myself an eating disorder. All of a sudden, BOOM! I’m noticed. Straight A student by day, social butterfly at night. I didn’t know how to navigate all of this attention, so I made some bad choices.

    This time around, I’m looking at a full-life makeover (transforming how I spend my time and transitioning into an attractive middle-age look) and I’m being invited to be on the board of directors of a couple of charities. I feel a lot more experienced and better-prepared for the influx of attention. I’m still hiding from men, though. Our dating pool doesn’t have many candidates I would be interested in, and I’m not willing to just grab one for the sake of companionship. Oh, the lessons I’ve learned…

  4. I too have natal saturn conjunct pluto, Sweethiez!
    My uncle, my namesake, was mentally ill with paranoid schizophrenia and committed suicide in august 1983 at the age of 26. I was 8 months old. He gave me baby powder and wrote “To Joseph”, my middle name, on the container I still have.

  5. I was a kid the last time Saturn was in Scorp, but I can definitely see this setting up in my life. I’m working like hell to avert it. *nods*

  6. If I’m successful in my application to be trained as a personal trainer, I will start soon. And as part of the training they offer a loan which you can pay back once you’re trained.

    It’s funny because when Saturn enters Scorpio it will be entering my 2nd house.

    I’m going to make the sensible decision and reject this loan. Instead I’ll get a part time job on the side to support my situation.

    There’s also this girl I’m friends with, and I think I’m going to ask her out the day before Saturn enters Scorpio.

  7. I was turning 21 at the time… I made a decision at that time that resulted in unforeseen consequences that were life changing. I’m at least prepared this time around to pay very close attention to the decisions I make.

  8. I am a Scorpio and at that time of my life my youngest child a daughter was 7 months old. Here bio-factor and I were not getting on so swell to say the least. His PTSD was becoming active again and becoming more intense. In 11 months he would become a person I did not know nor did I wish to get to know this person. We were together for another 13years till I could break away from him.

    I am in a much much better situation this time around. However I am paying much closer attention than I did the last time.

  9. Bloody hell. That explains what I’ve been going through these past few weeks. I’ve become obsessed with New Guy and he reminded me a lot of Old Guy whom I’d been obsessed with the last time Saturn was in Scorpio. I couldn’t quite figure it out beyond the fact that both have Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Capricorn. There are other similarities as well.

    With New Guy, my Venus opp his Pluto and Uranus, which I didn’t have with Old Guy, so I thought I was safe but it’s almost worse. I thought I had everything together and would never make the same mistake but the Universe decided to up the ante this time!

    Excuse me while I make a call to my psychic…

  10. I have Neptune conjunct the midheaven in Scorpio. In 1984, I moved to NYC to pursue a music career. It took me years to realize it wasn’t a good fit.
    My parents are long gone and I live on the west coast now. I’m pursuing what I think was my true passion all along: the visual arts. I don’t know if I’ll ever be “successful” – I just love art.

  11. I was around 9 years old and the very big significant events happened before and just at the tail end, tail end I went to a horrible school where I was bullied by students and some teachers, 1986 we moved and my life got much better. I think it was 1981 or 1982 where I had a severe health problem that changed everything and broke my life into pieces.

  12. Yea so I am 28 years old and filing for bankruptcy. I will tell you Elsa. I cannot rely on anyone albeit my parents who hate to help me because I am seen as a “burden” and an “embarrassment.” My sister says I give them so many problems. I couldn’t even find a fucking friend to see the shins which was a measley 10 dollars which at a cool venue! So yes I agree we have to rely on ourselves most of the time. But I am so friggin glad I found a low cost lawyer who is filing my case or I would be in more serious trouble. I am so used to up and downs so far that I can give a flying shit about losing credit! At least if the timing is right and the gods/God is good to me I’ll have it approved and live without a heavy burden. Cause honestly I cannot afford to make any payments. Secondly, some of these things are truly my fault. I should take meds as prescribed and hold down a job but I am a uranus singleton and I can’t help that I was born w/ a neurotic disorder. However ,thanks to my unkind yet kind parents I am staying afloat. Right now I am hoping to break the music business in LA while working a job till the end of the summer but if that don’t work I’ll try to move to NY and save what I do have going so far. However, Elsa lucky for you you have a faithful husband. I cannot even find a faithful or trustworthy friend or lover to my dismay. My damn life path numerology number is 1 so it makes it even more difficult to know that life is trying to teach me a lesson to be more self reliant. I think its truly better that way. And its funny you mention this piece of astrology cause I was just thinking to myself I don’t need anything at all and I truly felt that. I just need my music, all hell would break loose if I didn’t have it. And I need faith, period.

  13. Forgot to mention you know life has many dichotomies. And though deprivation may seem bad to some it produces character and substance in a person. Just think about that. You are left to your lonesome self to analyze your life, your being and others and you come to conclusions or opinions and judgments, and then you are better off knowing then not knowing. You are better off realizing than not realizing. So every aspect of your chart is for your greater good.

  14. I was just into my military career , learning all the dos / don’ts.

    Now…. I’m trying to buy a small house , so I can have a permanent place that builds equity for me. That , and I have a roof over my head that I can live out the remaining days of my Life.

  15. saturn in scorpio is not necessarily hard unless you want it to be… the last time around jupiter was in sagitarrius so I had a great time. I was recruited (while in HS) to work for the Men’s Prof’l Tennis Circuit and it was so exciting to be around famous athletes all the time. Then after a few months I left home for the 1st time and moved to CA and then FL. I met a lot of very famous bands and then went on road with them. Went back to NYC and became somewhat famous in the nightclub scene which was just exploding along with new wave music. I think it was the most exciting time of my life. I was very detached emotionally the entire time with everyone (I had no desire for deep relationships at all). Nothing really phased me. All my life’s possessions were stolen from my car and I didn’t even obsess about it. I just saw it as an opportunity to change my ‘look’ (even though I was living hand to mouth). In 1983 I got my 1st NYC apt and job that I stayed with for nearly 9 yrs (in my 20’s). I never look at a transit in the past and expect it to occur again because the other plantets are in very different positions than they were in ’82…. and at 48 I’m not about to be a groupie or club kid again. Though I would love to write a book about all that I lived/witnessed in the 80’s. Have faith Elsa… it can be great this time around.

  16. It’s funny Elsa.

    I was going through my bookmarks this morning and back in June I had read your post “Transition from Saturn in Libra to Saturn in Scorpio” and, though I don’t remember doing it, I must’ve bookmarked it thinking to come back to it around this time…. Which I did today!

    I’m only 25, so haven’t got a past experience to share, but this Saturn in Libra whipped me. Good and hard. I’ve been single and screwed around the entire transit. Won’t even get into the first couple of years of the transit!

    At the end I thought I’d spied the lighthouse.

    Met a guy end of last year who was the 100% perfect guy for me – shared values and heaps of passion. I ended it in August because he had too many obligations to be able to commit to me. BUT what I didn’t know was he was two timing me…. With his ex girlfriend….. For months….. Then got back together with her. Before I found out about his ways I was ernestly hoping we’d get back together. I guess it was best I found out before Saturn hit Scorpio. It’s negative for me to think this but I really hope Saturn on Scorpio whips his cheating arse. Had I the knowledge and thus the choice I never would’ve partaken in being the “other woman”!

    So. Turns out I’m still out at sea fishing!

  17. Oh! What I meant to say at the start with the reference to your June post was I would’ve bookmarked it to see where the relationship headed before Saturn hit Scorpio.

    I hope I find true and honest love with Saturn in Scorpio.

  18. 28.5 yrs ago? I was 8 yrs old – I moved from Tokyo to Chicago not a year before that – was starting to learn a whole new language: English!

    I am hoping to start a new full time position with a company that I actually love working for – and am trying to get my shit in order.

    Wheels are turning – just starting to, and I am kind of proud because this past year and some months have been a doozy.

  19. For me the 2nd half of Sat in libra and the early part of Saturn in scorpio was pretty bad. moving country, family turmoil (probly not my transits as such) bullied in school. A major growing up and maturing phase. I became much quieter and turned inward, to my family, specifically my mother, and the world of books. but I also became stronger and more resilient and I learned a lot in school. This was the first major character building phase of my life.

  20. Saturn crosses my Asc at 10° Scorpio, so it’s in my 12th. Last time it was there it was in the company of Pluto….I changed jobs, it seemed a better deal at the time but turned out it was not, I had a relationship with a guy that seemed “so nice” and turned out a real asshole.
    This time I only have Saturn to contend with and things just keep coming up to be dealt with. Hopefully these will be sorted when Saturn finally gets in my 1st.

    • _Saturne en Taureau en maison 7/8 : j’ai épousé un étranger et me suis installé dans son pays
      _Saturne en Cancer en 8/9, conjoint Saturne natal 17° Cancer: ma grande sœur est morte, j’ai eu un cancer thyroïdien, j’ai accouché d’une fille et déménagé dans un appartement infesté par les odeurs d’égouts.
      _Saturne en Lion 9/10: Mon mari est parti travailler dans mon pays d’origine, je suis restée avec le bébé+ mon fils près de sa famille pour me soigner. Résultat: problèmes incessants avec eux. J’ai essayé d’aller de l’avant en trouvant petits boulots mal rémunérés et je n’ai tiré que des problèmes avec mes collègues et ma hiérarchie et incompréhension des collègues. Pendant tout ce temps Pluton en 1 faisait en même temps un carré successivement à mes planètes natales: vénus, Soleil/Pluton/Mars en 11 et Jupiter en 4 ainsi qu’une conjonction à ma Lune natale en 2 ( en natal: Vénus et Soleil : 17° et 29° Vierge. Mars et Pluton 6° Balance. Jupiter 10° Poissons et Lune 17° Sagittaire. Pendant ce temps Uranus était opposée vénus, soleil/Pluton/Mars, conjoint mon Jupiter en Poissons et carré à ma Lune Sagittaire. J’ai eu beau rechercher des formations pour repartir du bon pied: aucune ne correspondait à mon niveau d’études bac+2 dans ma région. Il me fallait donc déménager pour suivre une formation valable et avec 2 enfants de -10 ans et sans soutien familial et dans ma situation c’était impossible. Alors j’ai accepté des formations au rabais en y croyant quand-même l’essentiel pour moi étant de trouver un boulot pour me sentir digne et offrir des choses à mes enfants.
      _Saturne en Vierge en maison 10/11: divorce, bataille juridique avec mon ex mari pour la garde des enfants. Impossibilité de me faire des relations fiables et durables, ni de trouver un emploi stable, difficultés financières. La crise. Je me suis retrouvée en foyer avec les enfants.
      _Saturne en Balance 11/12: Je me suis battue pour retrouver un logement où j’habite encore avec mes enfants. Même galère: j’ai un job mais pas durable, pas d’argent, impossible de se faire des relations fiables, ex-belle famille qui multiplie les procédures pour me prendre les enfants, et ma propre famille qui ne répond plus au téléphone…
      _Saturne en Scorpion maison 12: Encore perdu mon emploi, toujours pas de petit-ami ni d’amis. Je suis sortie avec un gars pendant trois ans pour me rendre compte qu’il ne me prend pas au sérieux. Mon ex-belle famille continue de me harceler pour me pousser à la faute et me prendre mes enfants. Mes problèmes de santé se sont accrus et je ne sors presque plus de chez moi, sauf pour faire les papiers, régler les affaires courantes. Je me suis intéressée à l’astrologie. Mon fils a eu son Bac et ma fille travaille bien à l’école. L’an prochain elle entre en 6è. Je n’ai que des compliments sur mon éducation. Pluton est en 2 en Capricorne et Uranus en 5 en Bélier. Les deux étaient respectivement carré et opposé à ma conjonction Mars/Pluton en 11 Balance.
      Cette année 2014 Saturne transite mon ascendant, Pluton a cessé d’agresser mes planètes en Vierge et Balance et Uranus est maintenant carré à mon Saturne natal. Que dire? Fatiguée de vivre . Fatiguée de traverser tout ça toute seule. Fatiguée de lutter et tellement seule!

  21. Certainly do remember the vast amount of divorces around me — mostly babyboomers and friends who were by this time 5-7yrs out of college, had already started families. Most I knew started therapy — it was like a status symbol to be getting divorced and in therapy in those days.

  22. One more thought: The surge in divorces started late 60s/early 70s, but it was approx mid- to late 70s that divorces hit peak and from then just snowballed.

  23. Wow thanks for this Elsa 🙂 I was only a baby when saturn was in scorpio but a bub fighting for my life however this time around (my saturn return) I’ve been feeling teh lone wolf thing socially. I have libra so im do very well in social settings but I really just need to pull back my energy from folks. Im finding people use up my resources since Im 8th house and scorpio dominant and I guess with saturn there now, well Im putting up boundaries on these resources. Up went the boundaries when saturn was in Libra with relationships now up go the boundaries on my energy and resources

  24. When Saturn moved into Scorpio (4th house) last time I lost my virginity! Can’t do that again. 😉 I expect things will be very different. It was time (Saturn) for me to learn about sex (Scorpio), and I remember being pretty secretive about it. Some things I learned were painful emotionally, but not overall.

    This time around I have many progressed planets in my 4th house in Scorpio, including pSun and pJupiter coming into conjunction at 12 Scorp (with pVenus a couple degrees behind) which I hope will be positive. I’m in a steady relationship so we’ll see if intimacy deepens at all. But I expect the changes will be mainly private (4th house), maybe internal.

  25. Back in the early 80’s I went back to work. My ex made me quit my job when we got married because “no wife of his was going to have to work”. But when we found we couldn’t buy a house without my income, he relented (it was actually a control thing, but I had no idea at the time). We bought the house in ’83, he went back to drinking after a four year hiatus and we really never had a marriage in this house. We divorced in ’93 when Pluto crossed my descendant (in Scorpio).

    My mother and her spousal equivalent are well into their 80’s and he is not in the best of health at 87. When he dies my mother will live with me – I have four siblings, but I don’t see any of them offering to take her in. So I expect to be dealing with death and inheritances (other people’s money). I have no “other people” money except for my son who lives with me. He has been spending a lot of time at his girlfriend’s house – maybe he’ll move out. That would be a mixed blessing. He’s 38 and should be on his own, but I like having him here to help me with the house.

  26. I was a kid. We moved to the woods because my mother had a mental breakdown and couldn’t cope with being in town anymore. She became very, very paranoid. We had a huge property and we made use of it. Only later did we find out that the house we moved into had squirrels in the attic and the ghost of someone who’d hung themselves in the basement.

  27. I was just starting junior high last time Saturn was in Scorpio. It actually was much better than grade school for me, atypically. During those years I made a lot of really good friends, some of whom I still am in contact with almost 30 years later! Maybe I’m the only person looking forward to this transit.

  28. Wow…just thought back to 1983-1984 and what events took place in my life. Saturn was already 14 degrees into Scorpio. Saturn in Libra had kicked my arse. I matured. Major changes in my life.
    I married in 1984. Became much more of an introvert. Many false friends left my life. I became less concerned with having fun with friends and became much closer to my immediate family. Especially my wonderful Pisces aunt. Money struggles, not terrible, but money wasn’t plentiful. I eventually left my job and struggled with what I wanted to do. Changed jobs quite frequently. Bought our first house during Saturn in Scorpio. Not the best investment.
    Struggled with my relationship with my mother. It was never going to be a close and loving one.
    As I look back, this was also a time when I think my depression started to kick in, only I didn’t recognize it for what it was.
    I was happy and sad, all at the same time.
    Some of the questions this reflection brings up, I really don’t want to look at, but I know I have to. Dig deep Debbie, dig deep.

  29. Saturn, the teacher of balance, will move into my Scorpio 11th house of social and intellictual security. And it’s already been a up hill climb, as a political science major I find ignorance quite offensive. But I have realized that my quick wit can be quite offensive as well. This is what I will be working on for the next few years… My ability to educate instead of debate. But boy is it hard to sit and listen to some of the political bullsh** people believe!

  30. I entered Chiropractic college in the fall of ’83, just as Saturn entered Scorpio. It was not what I expected. Before I went back for the 2nd term, my father asked me if I was SURE I wanted to go back. I felt I had to….family pressure. So, I went back the second year, Saturn still in Scorpio, and I quit after one day and flew home, guilty and sad. My father didn’t speak to me for a couple of weeks. It was brutal. My mom didn’t like me living at home then, cause I was depressed. So, i finally entered massage therapy college that fall, and I am still one to this day. This time around, we just put my Dad into hospice a couple of weeks ago, so this Saturn in Scorpio brings the death of my father, and I’ve already been dealing with his accounts and such. I’ve got Scorpio on the IC.

  31. I dug further into my 11th house it rules; humanitarian causes, group activities, and my hopes and dreams… This time last year I attempted my first pageant. I failed, but I already had the wardrobe so why stop? In March, I won my first preliminary pageant and in 22 days I will be competing for Miss Louisiana USA. Send good vibes my way! I plan to use my knowledge of Saturns lessons to enhance my life as well as the lives around me. No nerves, patience, and compassion!! It also makes me happy to realize that this house is ruled by Aquarius, my Lunar North Node. My short 22 years have been incredibly difficult, who I was 3 years ago? I can barely remember… Thank you Saturn!

  32. I wasn’t born yet the last time Saturn was in Scorpio. Saturn in Libra was certainly better than Saturn in Virgo for me, but the end was a downer. I definitely have a less idealistic/bubbly view of humanity, but at least I am now more sensitive to others in relationships, and I understand better why human progress is so slow. With Saturn soon entering Scorpio, I feel more inclined talking to people who have earned my trust and being very reserved to others. Saturn is going to sextile my Sun, trine my Ascendant, square my Venus and conjoin my Pluto. I wonder how it will play out. So hopefully, this Saturn will have a similar effect as it is going through the 8th house.

  33. Oops, I forgot to add in my previous message that the three Sun in Scorpio friends I know in my life have been supportive, which explains why I hope Saturn in Scorpio will be just as supportive.

  34. My father died while Saturn was in Scorpio in Oct 1985. I had just turned 9. I am waiting for the birth of my first child, a son, in January. Seems like Saturn in Scorpio really brings me in touch with life/death issues. My father’s death changed my childhood and left me depressed for many years. It’s nice to be experiencing a happy life event like having a baby this time around.

  35. I was a teenager trying to blaze a trail, change the world, stand out from the crowd and master new wave hair. Feels like a high stakes rinse and repeat.

  36. two of the most traumatic years of my childhood. but, eh… the first saturn square’s the hardest? (though the second was no cakewalk, either.)

    ‘s gonna’ transit natal uranus and my fixed t square.

  37. I was 4 so I can’t speak much to it but my parents were getting a divorce which became a very angry and contentious custody battle and although I have little memory of it, I know that I was haunted by the effects for 30 years or so after. I see this setting up with my ex. He should have married me when Sat was in libra but he didn’t. He should have treated me right, but he didn’t. Even now, he refuses to see what I brought to the relationship and just blames me for everything taking no responsibility for his own actions. Guess who’s getting left on their ass hard now? Such a shame.

  38. Oh, and for me…I guess I learned boundaries this time around and will not allow people to mistreat me any longer. Let’s hope saturn in scorpio will mean something good for me 😉

  39. @Elsa, so if it conjuncts my Pluto and Sun, someone, like my father, could die? You said that your grandfather died then… I think this one is going to hit hard. Cause this Saturn in Libra (9th house), it was all about learning crafts and geting through collage and some touh+gh relationships, pretty good roomates, and a lot of fun. With only one bad choice. But since i did get things done and got myself up from being depresed about a failed relationship, this could only be worse… i will know the limits of grown up life and i will have my reality check right about now…so i’m looking for a job and career and getting my diploma fast, since it’s in my 10th house:) But i think i will celebrate it here on friday night with some friends… what to do… it will come anyway… 🙂 😀 Raise it up!

  40. @Elsa… and *a lot* of people are ending loong relationships now. even this week, the last week of the transit. but they had it commin’ so it’s just a wrap. god i hope this tension will blow of from that department. it is very interesting that you had your second chance to marry the man you should have married then. maybe you shouldn’t have done it, it was maybe about learning (Saturn) how endings (Scorpio) feel like.

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