What Transits Trigger A Divorce?

break upI was reading reviews for the movie, Marriage Story.  It’s about a couple, divorcing. I’d heard the movie showed both sides of the conflict. My Libra was intrigued.

One reviewer said the movie should be called, “Divorce Story”.  Several suggested that, Kramer vs Kramer was better.  Another said he’d just spent two hours watching people divorce and it wasn’t enjoyable. Reading that last one, I knew I’d skip the movie.

I’ve passed the point where I’d want to see people (and children) suffer through something on screen,  that occurs all around me, in real life, all the time. But it got me thinking about divorce. I was thinking I’ve not written about it lately… or often for that matter. But when I searched the blog, I pulled up quite a bit of content.

Looking at this astrologically, divorce became common when Pluto transited Libra.  That’s when the Kramer vs Kramer movie was released. Art imitates life!

You can debate in the comments whether you think the “death of marriage” was good or bad.  I know a lot of people who regret their divorces or never wanted to divorce in the first place. I know just as many who feel they’d rather be dead, then back with their ex.

Uranus transits are blamed for a lot of breakups. People have a freedom urge and that’s it. They’re gone!

This does happen. A person wants to experiment. The Uranus opposition to natal Uranus is part of this. The mid-life crisis.

Saturn transits through the 7th house offen see people fear they’ll lose their marriage but it doesn’t happen. Saturn tends to bind people!  It’s more common to see people commit (or re-commit) to their relationships.  This might be because they’re “stuck” or dependent but it may also be, because they’re responsible in some way. Whatever the circumstance, I don’t see this transit as one that will trigger a divorce.

On the other hand, Jupiter is almost always active in the chart of the person who wants to leave a marriage.  Jupiter transiting the 7th house, for sure but really, any Jupiter transit can lead to this and I’ll tell you why!

You don’t jump the fence unless you think you can do better or fare better somehow. That’s optimism!

Neptune can also be involved.  People can be deceived when Neptune transits their chart, but just as common and just as deadly, they can deceive themselves.  There are high-profile stories of this kind, in the news, all the time.  You see someone leave a long term, successful marriage for some ridiculous bait.  Everyone knows, but no one can tell them.  Temporary insanity!

Have you been divorced?  Was it your choice or no?  What transits were active?



What Transits Trigger A Divorce? — 15 Comments

  1. I finally made the leap in 1997..Jupiter in aqua,Saturn in Aries{gave me the courage I needed to leave}Uranus in aqua ,and Pluto in Sag.

  2. if Jupiter sees the grass is greener, then i’d prefer saturn anyday. As much as i love the jovial jupiter; saturn really is rewarding and binding. <3 as long as no abuse of course. I think saturn can be very deep love.

  3. Is this true (Jupiter in 7th) when seen in Solar returns? Or, can it go either way?

    What about Pluto? Do Pluto transits lead to divorce?

    • I may not have been clear. Jupiter transits a person’s 7th house every 12 years. It does not correlate with divorce(s). My point was that people tend to have a certain mindset – confidence – when they leave a marriage.

      To answer your specific question – Jupiter in the 7th in a solar return can go in any number of ways. Opportunities to partner… could be in the business realm,

      Pluto stays in a house for 12-30 years, so I would not look for insight there, BUT…

      But Pluto over an angle or aspecting Venus *can end a relationship for sure. But it might be due to death, not divorce.

      I listed the things or the points that I think are most reliable. Data gathered from a lifetime of study.

      • My marriage was over, when Pluto transited my AC. Gladly we both survived 🙂 and are best friends now.
        But in a way I then went through a death of personality and after that painful process I started a new life with a whole new mindset.

  4. I divorced my best friend after a 25-year marriage when transiting Pluto in the 11th House opposed my natal sun in the 5th. I did not think I would necessarily do better. It was complicated. I miss the friendship but it had to be done. I still think that. He’s happily remarried and I’ve remained single. Pluto blasted my life, just blew up everything. I grew but oh was it painful. And I hate being single

  5. On the day I made the decision to divorce:
    Tr Mercury conjunct 8H Libra NN;
    Tr Pluto and the Tr Moon (trigger) in Cap 11H square natal 8H Libra Sun;
    Tr Jupiter conjunct 1H Aquarius Chiron (Once truth was learned I felt vindicated and I was out. No more pain.);
    Tr Saturn in 8H Virgo conj natal Ceres (no more enabling);
    Tr Uranus conjunct Tr Juno on 2H cusp (sudden change in finances and relationship status);
    Tr Mars on Leo DC sextile natal Sun and square natal Scorpio Jupiter/Neptune conjunction (Tr Mars emboldened me).

  6. Tr Pluto Saturn and Jupiter are currently all in my 8th house. They came through my 7th pretty much unscathed on the surface? But slowly and surely the rot was creeping in.
    It’s when they all sat on my poor little Venus in that Capricorn 8th house that the 25yr marriage dam broke.
    It was a jealous backstabbing Kali (male!!) that broke it down but I admit the dam was pretty rotten by then already.
    I’m in a more peaceful flowing river now, but still processing the trauma of how it all happened. Thank you Pluto 🙏🏻

  7. Hi Elsa,

    Thank you raising this interesting question. I have married and divorced and owe them both to one transit – Neptune conjunct natal Moon/Mars conjunction, Mars is my 7th house ruler and Moon is my 10th house ruler. Once Neptune transited past this natal conjunction (out of orb), I saw the light and initiated divorce.

  8. Interesting article, thank-you. all the major 2020 conjunctions of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter fall on my Descendant, heading into my 7th house. I can certainly feel the pressure in my relationship of 20 years!! Very intense. Trying to navigate it with awareness, but even knowing doesn’t render you immune during times of reactionary behavior. I’m trying! Oh, I also have solar arc Neptune exact on my Descendant right now too… all the heavy hitters!!!

  9. I was just re watching it on youtube, since it’s free there too, but wow, it’s always the confidante/or best friend of the wife (who ends up cheating with the husband); similar situation with what happened to famous singer, Shania twain and her ex-husband with her former best friend. It’s the same situation with my sister’s mother in law; although the husband didn’t leave, he just kept the mistress around. but he wont divorce. It’s so scary!!! to have a best friend you can’t trust.

  10. Uranus was conjunct Venus & Mars, Neptune was on my DC going back and forth, the another time l split up Uranus wad on my DC….

  11. I recommend seeing Marriage Story anyway. At times intense and it moves through to post divorce and shows how both people matured and grew through their experiences.
    PS. I never married, never divorced

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