What To Expect With Mars In Virgo For 8 Months: November 2011 – June 2012

Let the nitpicking begin!

Let the war of words start!

Everyone get out there and walk…f-a-s-t!

Expect people to get pissed off at inefficiency. They’ll be lots of complaints about the small stuff – the big stuff will go unnoticed.

We may see attacks on Virgo archetypes. Nurses. Nuns. Secretaries. Librarians. Service people. Pissed off librarians… as libraries close around the country.

Time will most quickly but not quick enough for some so road rage is likely.

Angry phone calls and other communication. Sexual thoughts.

Workaholism. Violence in the workplace.

As for your personal life, check the house where Mars will be stuck for 8 months. The affairs of that house and any planets you may have in Virgo will be afire!

Coarse speech and hey! It may be I know something about this. 😎

Virgos will of course be fierce. Tactics, bay-bee. Tactical thinking to hell and back.

Y’all ready for this?



What To Expect With Mars In Virgo For 8 Months: November 2011 – June 2012 — 57 Comments

  1. 4th house….interestingly enough pluto is in my 4th house in my solar return chart….moving maybe? Last time mars went retro in my 3rd house, I got 3 speeding tickets in 6 months…after not getting any in years…

  2. I can’t think about this yet- I need to figure out how to enjoy the rest of my summer – but it will be in my 10th and 11th houses.

  3. 2nd house, so that’s ok. I’m just dreading how this is going to manifest in the service industry! There are enough people pissed about little things already IMO.

  4. So… t-Mars on n-Pluto/Uranus and t-Saturn on n-Mars in February-ish.

    I’m thinking I might invest in a straightjacket. For the protection of my fellow humans.

  5. 12th/1st house, so at some point it will transit my Asc, which aspects many of my planets, and is part of two Grand Tines in Earth

    But Mars transits my Saturn/Mars and Pluto before that!

  6. I hate mars retro…..u are tired all the time and horny….mostly 11th house and a little bit 0f 10th. 3 passes opposite moon and jupiter. I will be angry. horny and tired….dreading it already

  7. Mr. Mars will be rolling back and forth across my DSC, touching my 6th house Pluto & NN and my 7th house Sun and Vertex.

    Some discord in store, for sure; I hope for more positive effects than negative for this Virgo….considering my line of work, this could be really, really good or really bad.

  8. Over my first house, with my Moon/Saturn conj., which touches a lot of other things in my chart. I’m going to be ON FIRE.

    But I’m going to have to make sure things are solid with my sister (Virgo, with lots of planets in the other Earth signs), or we’ll torch each other.

    Such is life when you live with a sibling in adulthood. 😉

  9. I was thinking the same thing demelza, my jupiter is in house 6 virgo also. Maybe I will be lucky and land that new job, and yes it will touch my DSC and vertex also.

  10. Mars in Virgo, uh, natal Mars return so Mars will be in my 1/2nd houses and will walk over Uranus and Pluto around the same time, given my little stellium in Virgo…plus will also oppose my Saturn and Chiron somewhere along the way.

    I’m kind of looking forward to it! I’ll get alot of work done.

  11. Third/Fourth house. Will be going over my Uranus/Pluto/Moon, and not to be out done by mahchi, opposing my Saturn/Chiron

  12. I agree with luci–right on time. I’m in the last push to finish my degree, and it falls in my 9th House (higher education). Great! And when it’s finished, it’ll hit my 10th House of Career and I’ll have sex on the job! I mean, I’ll get a new job. Hee hee

    • Wow I was right on the money. During this transit I finished university and got a new job! I need to dream up what’s going to happen for 7 months Mars will be in Libra, hmmmm?

  13. It will be strolling through my 3rd house and hitting my natal Pluto about the same time as transiting Pluto is conjunct my moon and DC. I’m guessing I’m looking at a domino affect here, perhaps?

  14. Most of it in my 2nd house (Leo), then in the 3rd a bit. I think I will love it because I sort of miss the rawness from back in march/april. It’s a nice addition to jupiter transiting my 10th.

  15. Mars Virgo here too- like machi, over my stellium, though mine is 12th/1st.
    Good, maybe I’ll get my svelte body back and use my looks for somethin’. 🙂

  16. I’ve got Mars in Virgo 4th house natally already, and Pluto & Uranus all there too. I just watched Nota’s video on this site about how to understand transits. Think I understand it but not sure.

    If i’m understanding it right, this means, for me, I’m going to be a big pain in the butt for everyone I know?

  17. Shallitz.

    This stuff is already happening to some extent at work and frustrations are slowly building. It could get WORSE?!

    Mars will be in my ninth, where Saturn and Venus are. Waiting for the crap to hit the fan.

  18. CLD, not necessarily… The 4th is the base of your chart, so if you can get really grounded and have your stuff together at your home and your roots, you can be a tremendous source of comfort for others. At least that’s how I see it.

  19. i was waiting for mahchi to reply so i would what to expect. mars/uranus/pluto all in virgo, in the 4th opposing chiron & saturn.

    hmmmm. don’t know what to expect. saturn has been transiting my 4th and i gotta say my home is already spotless. not sure what i’ll do with this energy!

  20. Thanks for the heads up Elsa. Was just considering doing a reiki course over the winter/spring – seems a good time for it – 9th/10th houses, Virgo MC

  21. You guys have no idea how excited I am for this. My Mars is in Virgo and in the 9th house BAAYY-BEES. Okay it does start in the 8th house but still.

    So I don’t know if people should be afraid of me or I should be afraid of others?

  22. 1st/12th (mainly 12th).

    I’m not sure how that is supposed to manifest. I may play it save and go into a retreat for that period.

  23. Oh this Mars in Virgo thing is getting me pissed off even now, day has been awful by far. I am really upset with inefficient people around and besides all this they expect to be paid more. Feeling like hitting them hard. Thanks for the share…!!

  24. I have had Mars in Virgo, 10th hs for 46 years, together with Pluto and Uranus. Now I’ll just have Mars twice. Yeah, it’ll energize all kinds of things from Grand Trines to Grand Crosses, but so what? All it really does in a place like that is make a merry mess of pretty much everything, since that stellium just happens to aspect practically every object in my chart, with the exception of Saturn, MC, AC, DC, IC, Eris, Ceres and Juno. When Mars enters Virgo, it’ll first conjunct my MC at 26,42 Leo and shortly thereafter form a precise opposition to my Saturn, both being on a critical degree. So, first I’ll feel like a lion, then SPLAT!!! That’s the sound of Saturn in Pisces throwing mud in my face, before asking the big question: “Who the hell do you think you are, feeling like that when the facts clearly say you’re nothing?” Unless I have factual evidence to prove I have the right to feel good about myself, I’ll be feeling like crap. Since that’s my MC a few degrees away from the opposition, the way I feel will show. Maybe transiting Neptune on my Saturn will give me a break this time. From there on, Mars will simply make me more unemployable than usual. I may get a job on a really good day, only to lose it the next. I may get a boss who seems OK at first, then transforms into Dracula. That’s Mars on Pluto in action. Something bizarre and unpredictable may occur, possibly involving electrical equipment, like when I cut myself in the knee with an angle grinder, or when an angry mob rallied against me while I was rerouting the the wiring at the building site, as ordered by my boss. Mars/Uranus in action. If you absolutely need to know, I first routed the mob, then the wires. The guys were pissed off, because I had to cut the power to the whole site, which interrupted their work and left some people in the dark for a few minutes. No big deal, really, unless you want to make it a big deal, like these NITPICKERS did. They also hated my being more efficient than most. That’s Mars/Virgo 10th house for you.

  25. hmm..7th house with my Venus and Pluto. Lots of different possibilities on how I can choose to play that out. I’ll have to think about it. Thanks for the heads up!

  26. Hey Elsa

    You said get out their and walk FAST, would mars and virgo make people more driven to be healthy? And to nit-pick others about health and fight over it?

    Just wondering because I haven’t had enough energy since last december to finish and keep on top of my day-to-day chores, let alone my walking/workout for losing weight. Possible I would have energy again?

    In my 11th, so completely unrelated, unless you count being 100lbs lighter a nice long-term goal. LOL!

  27. “Tactical thinking to hell and back.”

    My only planet in Virgo is Pluto and in the 10th House. Stand by, get a front row seat, cause you won’t want to miss the fireworks!

  28. Del, thank you! I am currently trying to get myself all grounded and organized. Hope it goes the way you say as that would be huge help and better than the PITA way. I don’t wanna be a pita.

  29. O’ Shit! I have natal Sun, Venus, in Virgo in the 8th house, and my Pluto in Virgo in the 9th house. I have natal Mercury in Leo- retro in the 8th house.

    Hubby has natal Sun, Mercury, Mars and Pluto in the 8th house.
    I think we are going to have some fireworks and behind the scenes fire, or something going on! Not real sure how this is going to manifest, not really that far in my studies.

    Can anyone share some insight on how this could manifest for us please?

  30. Hmmm, so Juno is going to slam into my Sun and Mercury in the 9th house in September and then Mars will land in my 7th and 8th houses conjunting Venus at some point from November to June. Wow. Sounds like my relationships and commitments will get a heavy hit of something this Fall/Winter. It also sounds like I will be ever more determined to continue getting in shape!

  31. Mars and Pluto in 11th house.

    ::raised eyebrow::

    Really fast, sometimes catastrophic, disruptions in friendships?

    Actually, It’s not too bad with Mars trine Venus, Mercury, and Saturn. I might meet someone I like, who is probably out of the ordinary because that’s how I roll. 😉

    I am likely to have lots of energy and something of a sex drive. Mars will also be sextile Neptune for the good ideas and making dreams come true. 🙂

  32. ive got a virgo sun in 11th house and pluto uranus in 12th, so i guess itll be very exciting.

    after mars leaves virgo he’ll cross my libra ascendant, and conjunct venus on 8 libra, at the very moment when pluto and uranus will make their first exact square right on 8 capricorn/8 aries.

    that seems not just exciting, more like a heart surgery without anastetic..

  33. Mars will be rxing back to the point where the current mercury rx is stationing retrograde, which is now opposite transiting neptune in pisces?

    Time to do an ego check now. Mars rx seems like a good time to work independently without stepping on anybody else to prevent future smack down? My natal mars rx is not fond of brawls.

  34. Hallo, Virgo is intercepted in my 8th natal, no planets there and no planets in Virgo. Natal Mars in 5′ Scorpio and natal sun 2′ Sag. Just Sun/moon midpoint in 25 Virgo. Is it going to be a light transit or since the house is intercepted is has greater significance ?

  35. Allow me, with natal Mars in Virgo, to get the nitpicking going: “There’ll be” not “They’ll be” when you really mean “There will be…”

    That said, with the aforementioned Mars in Virgo (in the 10th) and Virgo on my 11th house cusp, I don’t know how I’ll be able to live with myself. It’ll be worse for my adult brother w/Down syndrome, of whom I’m the sole caretaker. Chit, he might actually be better off in a NJ state institution for 8 months!

  36. Natally I have Mars in the 12th house, which is Pisces in my case. Virgo is my 6th house.

    Virgo also rules the digestive processes.

    I’m wondering if Mars in Virgo will bring us into collectively dealing with our intestinal tracts somehow.

  37. Mars in Virgo will be in my 3rd house.

    I can get rapidly annoyed behind the wheels (I guess I do have a bit of road rage…) so I’ll have to check my temper, my driving and my words this year!

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