What To Expect With Jupiter In Virgo

Vintage postcard JupiterThere are several conversations in the forum in regard to Jupiter in Virgo. Some people say they’re becoming more frugal. Others are disappointed because they’ve seen no good effects.

Jupiter is one the more misunderstood planets in astrology. The planets is visionary, concerned with the future and the big picture. If you ignore this, you’ll probably miss or misread the Jupiter effect in your life.

For example a person may want to win the lottery under a Jupiter transit.That’s fine, but if that were to happen, it’s the beginning of the story, not the end. What will you do with the lottery money? How will it change the future, not just for you but for others?

Jupiter is concerned with expansion. It wants to see it’s force multiplied. For example, I came very close to losing this blog completely a few years. I consider it a minor miracle that I did not. So why save this blog? Because people benefit from it?  All kinds of people around the world?

Jupiter has a twelve year cycle. When Jupiter crossed my ascendent, I got online for the first time. Twelve years later, I had this blog established and up and running. Can you see how the first transit provided the opportunity? It took twelve years to manifest.  For me to SEE it.

If you’re looking for Jupiter’s effect in your life, look for the opportunities that are available to you. For example, I have the opportunity to hold a workshop on Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius. You have an opportunity to take it.

I will make money from teaching the workshop, that I would not have made if I let the opportunity pass. What will I do with that money?

Well, right now I am paying my neighbor to pressure wash our house. Neighbors are Mercury ruled; so is cleaning. Virgo enough for you?

He can use the money. He has this opportunity to make some because I took an opportunity and others took their opportunity…you get the idea.

My neighbor just bought the pressure washer; he’s working off the cost of it at this time. I am part of that.

The machine will pay for itself quickly. He takes care of his equipment. What do you want to bet he’ll have that machine in twelve years and have made his investment back many times over? JUPITER expands.

To benefit with Jupiter in Virgo, there is most likely going to be work or service involved. You can also benefit from thinking, improving your health or your diet.  Richard Simmons lost weight and became a diet (Virgo) guru (Jupiter).

I hope this plants a seed that helps you identify the effects of Jupiter in Virgo in your life.  And I hope that in twelve years you’re able to pick, enjoy and truly appreciate the mature fruit it produces.

Can you see the effect of Jupiter in Virgo in your life?


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What To Expect With Jupiter In Virgo — 24 Comments

  1. I have natal Jupiter in virgo and I am pregnant with my first baby.
    I am thinking and studying ways to educate and teach my baby..so I hope the baby will benefit from having a good learning system.
    So that´s my jupiter in virgo 🙂

  2. Today’s Full Moon is in my 6th house. I woke up this morning absolutely convinced I have to do something to help in resolving the very dramatic asylum seeker situation in Europe. Being an Italian speaker, and knowing people in Southern Italy who also volunteer for various organizations, I’ve been more tuned in to news about people desperate enough, for what ever reason, to risk their lives crossing The Mediterranean on overcrowded crafts than most my countrymen. Now, I’m just appalled by the cold shoulder most my contrymen are showing toward the very few assylum seekers who pour over here.

    I don’t think we have to take in ALL of them, for the rest of their lives. But we definitely have to look at being able to help those who are truly fleeing to save their lives, especially Syrian refugees. This morning, it dawned to me that I could try to act as some sort of a liason between authorities and organizations in my country and Italy.

  3. With jupiter in virgo I will speak in public about the history of public baths in my town. When jupiter was in virgo last time I finished my MA and had my first job. This time I will teach what I learned.

  4. An intriguing post, Elsa. Thanks.

    I suppose that Jupiter in Virgo (which I have natally, in the 12th) also expands the focus on detail…which means it can be hard to see the bigger or longer-term picture you’re talking about! Too busy looking at each tree’s leaves and bark and berries…forgetting the forest for a while…

    But then too, focusing on the small details of the story now can make the story much better as it develops!

  5. “Richard Simmons lost weight and became a diet (Virgo) guru (Jupiter)”

    Wrong, he became the Clown prince of diet/fitness, HUUUGE difference.

  6. Cleaning up the house and fixing damages to prepare it to sell. 🙁 Everyone is ready and is benfiting from my decision to leave behind a toxic marriage and a home that is no longer benefiting the children. Ready for the future! Jupiter Virgo heading into my 12th house, karmic deep clean!

    • (Good luck cuspy, and take good care of you and yours!) My husband has Virgo in his 12th House during the next year or so, and the insight you have about “karmic deep clean” was a real bell-ringer.

  7. 9th house n I ll be leaving my country for pursuing MBA abroad. Now that’s Jupiter. Saturn in my 12th (soon to be back) is asking me to say goodbye to “the one”. Jupiter has just entered his 12th so already a goodbye arrived today on pisces full moon. Well n a Virgo lady is benefitting from our departure. She got what she wanted. saturn entering her 4th house soon. May be she is not aware of the costs.

    • Virgo is my 9th as well and I cant see it manifesting in my life yet (no studying, no travelling, no spiritual changes in sight). So Saturn is also entering my 12th (it’ll meet my sun and mars there) and interestingly, I also broke up around 2 months ago. Last year November an astrologer told me that I was going to get rid of everything that I’ve outgrown, that will be useless or will do no good. I can see so many more things I’ll be letting behind…

  8. tJupiter in Virgo is crossing my Virgo Mars(5 degrees) right now, and soon it will be my Mercury (11) and later Venus (22) & Juno (25). I haven’t seen any positive effects yet. Just more stress involving my family’s plans to move (I’m very, very reluctant, but I must because lol no high paying job). And now we received news that recent storms wrecked our property.

    Weakened tJupiter moving through weakened planets, oh joy.

      • Gee, your Mars is sextile my Sat/Ven Scorp, your Mercury is semisextile my Merc Libra, your Venus is cj my Sun, and your Juno is cj my ASC. Mebbe we would make good friends ;P

        It sounds to me like Jupiter cj Venus in the 9th may make up for any hardship in the 8th.

        • Yeah, mercury and mars are actually well aspected with my glob of Cap planets and Cancer Jupiter, but poor old Venus is not only in a bad place by sign, but by angle too. Its in a loose square with Uranus (Cap Saturn and Sag moon too possibly, but too wide) :(.

          tJupiter giving some love to my Venus is sorely needed. I need a hope lifeline in this cloud of disappointment.

  9. Jup just moved from 11th to 12th (my Sun is late in sign, cj Asc): so far, I saved two young stray cats and donated towards their health care; my youngest cat got a sick stomach just before the FM (Jup/Nep anyone?); and my elbow (ruled by Cancer – ergo Moon) just swelled up real good: apparently I have bursitis.

    If I win the Lotto, there are many animal peeps doing good work around the world who I would support; plus, Doctors Without Borders; and so forth. But I think my Sun would do this with or without Jupiter in Virgo.

  10. Yes I can. Have bought a condo and will be moving into it in Sept if all goes as planned. Hopefully, in 12 years I’ll have accomplished all of the improvements I want. Like replacing carpets with laminate flooring, upgrading the washer/dryer, and replacing the tub with a walk in shower. 🙂

  11. 2003 was back in Europe, just went again to my home town, interesting, didn’t realize that.
    Virgo on 7th with Pluto in there

  12. Since around mid-August and Jupiter in Virgo (in my 2nd but with Mercury in 6th) for me it’s been about getting my daughter ready for school. Since August and to now it’s been about her and her education mostly: routine check-ups, immunization updates and records, enrollments, school supply shopping, school uniform shopping, her first day of school which was August 20th, her homework, and her getting involved in student council. I’ve been trying to sew the seeds in assuring that her year runs smoothly as possible starting junior high.

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