What To Expect Under The Full (Blue) Moon In Libra – Cardinal T-Square: March 31, 2018

The full moon in Libra will take place, Saturday morning on March 31st, 2018.    I have written a series of posts recently, about coming up to a rock and hard place. This full moon will mark the culmination of a lot of forces and the forces are harsh.

It’s worth looking ahead to see where we’re headed.  This is particularly true for anyone with planets in Cardinal signs between 6-13 degrees.  This will be a rough full moon for the most part. That doesn’t mean there can be no grace, but let’s just look at this.

First, Mars and Saturn are conjunct in Capricorn. That’s bad in that these planets in combination can be cruel. But it’s good because Mars is exalted in Capricorn and Saturn is in his home sign.

Provided you direct this energy well, you should all good. Instructions here: The Ultimate Cock-Block.  But this is also when it starts to get complicated.

First, Mars and Saturn square the full moon in Libra.  Libra, in it’s pure form, not only wants nothing to do with “cruelty”,  the sign in not keen spills, rough edges or unpleasantness of any kind. How do you think she is going to feel (Moon), when this determined Army comes marching, trampling flower beds and such?

The Libra also has to deal with the Sun in Aries, conjunct Mercury retrograde in the sign. That’s not so bad until you realize that Mars Saturn is pushing it’s way towards a goal, in harsh aspect to Mercury in reverse.  Does that sound pleasant to you?

To further clarify, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Saturn will be caught in Cardinal T-square. Mars / Aries is associated with blood – another thing, repulsive to Libra. I have Libra at these degrees and I can tell you right now, I don’t want the Hell’s Angels rollin’ up fight at my home… so much so, I will have to shoot someone if this happens!

That’s a joke – sort of.  I hope you get my drift here.  I’d not pick a fight unless you’re seriously ready to defend yourself. If you do have Libra in your chart, you should probably try to peace make, but do be ready to at least, duck to defend yourself.

It reminds me of back when I was a teenage bartender. Occasionally there would be a fight – “Take it outside!” I’d yell, in my booming, Mars conjunct Mercury, Italian voice.  And generally some men would help me out. “Hey! You know, Elsa doesn’t like blood in here.  Beat his ass out back!”

Boundaries, right?

So we can all deal with this – just choose your position. Fight, don’t fight, stop the fight, but in my book the one with no blood on her dress, wins!

Can you see a potential brawl up ahead?  Can you see a way to smooth it over?

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What To Expect Under The Full (Blue) Moon In Libra – Cardinal T-Square: March 31, 2018 — 41 Comments

  1. Hm, dealing with the Mars-Moon square in the same signs, at these exact degrees almost daily, as this is in my natal chart. Moon in 8H and Mars on the cusp of 12th. The anger has a long time coming but when it does….. Oh my god. Run like Hell was in your pants!

    No, I don’t like blood.
    I HATE fights. I hate yelling and anger. I hate violence. I will be home, hiding under my Netflix, and make sure to work off steam with physical excersise. That’s how I will use this energy. Also – take a break from social media. Otherwise I might lash out at someone or something that doesn’t deserve it….

  2. This and Mars-Saturn and Merc Rx all hit my chart hard. My initial thought was to lay low but I think I’m actually going to be too agitated to do that. I just need to use my energy in intelligent ways.


    Since this hits my Sun in Libra and my husband’s Pluto (yes his Pluto sits on my Sun, power plays anyone?), it’s gonna be fun times! 😣 His primary caregiver is coming unglued due to all the outside stress in her life and this directly affects us. We’re coming unglued too. It’s already beginning. We both have Taurus so that helps, but still. I’ve never seen ST cry so much in my life!

    • Omg…. she/he needs to take the personal stuff home. So sorry you are dealing with that!


  4. I’ve been feeling it intensely
    Someone I keep a distance from
    Keep myself safe from has a tradition for trouble at the end of March;I have seen this in the court news over the past five years
    So I am suspect to feel you described this war coming very
    Accurately here.My plan distance
    Wanting to take grandson for spring ski,hinged to next pay check
    I like your explanations, the glove
    Fits the hand I know ,like a second skin

  5. My workplace, from my perspective, dislike me a great deal and is trying… again, to get rid of me. Even though I’m already applying for other jobs is apparently not enough for them. Perhaps they are frightened I won’t go but having to repeatedly fight them does slow me down in other applications.

    These transits do not bode well for that. Mars and Saturn working together in my tenth house! Hopefully I am gone by then and aside from the one person I know who shares my interest in music, with any luck I’d not see any of them again.

    • Could be the release you are looking for. Leave on your own terms. I left a toxic, unaccountable org at the end of last year and it was healing.

  6. My husbands Lung biopsy is coming up on the 23 rd. One of the requirements after is to walk, which is difficult for him. I am so not looking forward to fighting with him to do what he needs to do to recover. His sun and mercury falls in those degrees of Aries. My mars in Libra. Its so difficult to do something to try to get treatment to extend his life but at the same time the biopsy could shorten it.

      • Thank you Libra..I am so anxious about this,more than anything I have ever experienced.. My gut is telling me to postpone but My husband is not having any fears about it.I know I just need to let go and let God.

    • Long distance travel is Jupiter ruled. As far short trips… that’s Mercury. Mercury is retrograde and involved.

      It also rules the mail and there are bombs being sent. Shrapnel. Mars /Aries

      • Two sisters with Mars in Aries, early degrees, one with Mercury Mars conjunction… I also have Cancer rising at around 8 to 11 degrees… We have been in an ongoing battle all our lives…the battle has played out already but hope to just step off the battlefield from now on completely…

        • My sister and I both had our Mars’ on one another’s Moon, exactly…and to make matters worse, we had our Suns exactly conjunct each others descendant. We were in competition since we were babies. It was not pretty growing up. Thats also why I have Pluto in the 3rd house, and so does she…crazy huh? Has nothing to do with travel, but I get it, the sister battles.

  7. Yep, I see a brawl coming between my Capricorn husband and his Aries sister due to her wanting to control everything and even him. He can’t stand to be around her for a few minutes at a time and since their dad died, he has been fuming about her. So, I expect anything at anytime.

  8. I have a ton of Cardinal in my chart: Sun 2 libra, Merc 21 libra, Venus 27 libra, Mars 2 Cancer, Saturn 11 cap, AC 22 libra, MC 26 Cancer. And my Moon is 29 Scorpio so I had better watch my p’s and q’s.

    My older son is coming home for two weeks on leave from the Navy with his new bride on 3/30 which is his paternal grandmother’s birthday. His father and his father’s girlfriend also arrive from out of town that day but are staying only for the weekend. Father’s girlfriend = drama (she’s a Libra 10-8-60 but no clue on her stats except she was born in Rochester, NY). My younger son cut his brother and father out of his life (like court judgment) in 2013. Of course, that’s all my fault according to the paternal side of the family. Refuses to attend grandmother’s birthday dinner.

    I know I have to keep it together and keep my mouth shut no matter what. Ooommmm!

    Although Saturn is the only one between 6 to 13 degrees, I will be hopefully in the gym (tomorrow I’m getting a steroid epidural in my L4/L5), be out of this constant physical pain, continue purging my house, and going to confession where the only person I will be making bleed is myself which will restore my grace.

    I intend to duct tape my mouth that weekend except for when I go to confession. I’ll let the anger out there.

  9. Traveling on April 1 in the wee hours. It’s a long haul overseas flights nearly 20 hours. How will the full moon affect such travel?

  10. So glad to have all this clarity and focus. Gotta pay attention. Mars opposed my moon several days ago and I wasn’t paying attention in order to remember to chill out.

  11. Oh my, Libra Moon and rising here first house, Venus, Mercury in fourth, hello Saturn. Thank God for an empty 7th house in Aries. It’s bad enough as it is, I guess it can get worst, my gut tells me what’s coming, major breakup most likely. Bracing myself, help, help!!!!

  12. I don’t have any natal planets being aspected, but have Libra rising. Thisis fitting for my situation right now. I’m disputing a service I paid for, stating that the company did not deliver what they said they would. I’ve stopped my credit card payment and now the company is sending me emails telling me I must pay. It is a small company and I asked for an appointment to meet with the owner and discuss my situation, but she only sends me emails and never addresses the f2f I requested. I believe I have been duped. It’s hard dealing with a company that displays this “we treat you like family” on the outside, but really wants your money no matter if you are satisfied or not. Thankfully I have had the support of a relative who is a lawyer and a nice, not crooked one 🙂 I’m trying to ride out the waves and stand up to what I believe is right. As of now, they have some of my money and too much of my energy. But I believe they need to know they cannot take advantage of people. Wish me luck!

  13. I just did my chart. The full moon is transiting my natal Libra Sun which is at 2 Libra in the 12th house where I also have natal Libra Mercury. Across in the 6th house, the Sun and Mercury are transiting in Aries at 10 and 13 degrees respectively. Stick to my original plan? Or is it safe to go out?

  14. Elsa,

    I have been following your posts about this situation in the sky and have found your heads up really helpful when I’ve had to deal with really stressful (and at times disrespectful in a not personal manner) mistakes done by so many people around me (health care professionals; my freelance clients.)

    I have sun square mars and have felt like breaking things lately instead of punching people (never been my case, got co-ruler of my rising sign Pluto in Libra at 10 degrees – super triggered these days – and venus trine moon and venus conjunct mercury.)

    So it’s been a real challenge to try to assert myself firmly with others who have made mistakes and what I hate, they don’t admit fault nor apologise. What’s with that? Are they afraid of being sued? (I wouldn’t yet an apology is often the best way to make amends when making mistakes.)

    Yesterday I screamed in the shower like I have never done. A part of me was scared of this part of me – I really could have broken something (yet I thought of the monetary and emotional cost to me from doing it.)

    Anyhoo, I am glad that I am off work for two weeks now so I can think about my next actions and new boundaries and pondering on what I want to do about my freelance clients.

    At least everybody has experienced me as persistent in my follow ups. I will not give up and have to do with some grace (Libra) as I work in a small city so professionalism is key. Thank Goodness for my shower screaming moments!

    I’m glad I have this space to share – thanks for being there!

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