What To Expect Post The Election

uranus squareSome people say that nothing ever changes. There’s some truth in that.

I took a day to try to think about how things might look, post the election.  I was specifically focused on how the changes might affect me personally.

For example. if Trump follows through on his promises, the cheap goods we have access to today (on ebay, Amazon, Walmart, as well as high end goods sold in high end outlets), will disappear. I’m not saying this is not in America’s best interest. I’m just giving you an idea what I mean.  I’m a card player from way back. When I’m dealt a new hand, I look it over to determine my course of action.

I’m especially interested in how media and publishing might be impacted, since I have to compete in this world. Ten years ago, the blogger aka the individual voice was favored. That voice has been increasingly drowned out by the (well-funded) chorus. The group mind. The party line. BORING.

I haven’t come to any firm conclusion yet. I’m posting this because I’m interested in what others think. I’m hoping your ideas might spur mine and vice versa.

How do you think the results of this election will affect you personally?


What To Expect Post The Election — 97 Comments

  1. Having worked in IT for the past 10 years, my newsfeed carried, this morning, a news about people in Silicon Valley proposing California to leave The Union. I think this is still farfetched, but in case Trump goes ahead with his proposed measures in The IT, companies will relocate to a more “business friendly” environment. Luxembourg, Ireland, The Netherlands, maybe even Nordic Countries if we choose to “lure” them. And why wouldn’t we? This would be an enormous boost for smaller economies within European Common Market. There’s a big tech startup event here in a couple of weeks, and they were already chartering a plane from San Francisco to Helsinki for Silicon Valley types. I guess this plane will carry “higher up” people than originally now. I also heard from my friend, working for an US company in The Netherlands, right now. She says

    So, yes, right now it seems there’s a chance The US Election will provide me with new and exciting work opportunities. I doubt it, though. Trump Administration cannot risk loosing a high revenue industry like this, and they’ll negociate.

  2. I worry that this will inflame racial tensions and lead to riots. We already had some violent protests where I live in the past few years. Also, my doctor sent an email to all his patients warning those on Obamacare they may not have insurance next year so get stuff done now.

  3. I tend to view change from a general perspective- before I apply it to my personal life.
    the collective change Americans are experiencing today ( judging only by personal comments on the web)- has happened already in my country the past 3 years. and being a 0 degree Aries ascendant- things/ new trends and collective changes happen to me a few years before my peers, so I can only share how i try to deal with the collective wave cards handed to me: I am strong mercurial- so I try to plan my next action via information.

    I read as much different views about the future from as many sources I can land my hands on. make sure published books are included- and don’t relay only on the net.
    I make sure to include science and technology future trends writings on this list.

    I also add a view of astrology information- view of astrology cycles: I look at outer planet transits as they point to things in the collective beyond my control.
    then I check and my country chart -natal positions, and houses in natal and progressed.

    and then i open myself to change on these issues. not all change is bad- and you can never fight it anyway. Aries teaches to uncover new ways of being, so I strongly suggest to relay on the Aries sector in your psych.

    …..I listed this to get to my point: I think the answers about the best moves now depend on the next changes that will be dominated by Uranus in Taurus. and the second change after that will be Pluto in Aquarius in 8 years. that’s 2 american presidential cycles…. 🙂
    Uranus in Taurus i presume will rock the ( past fixed orientation) boat in many ways.
    so being open to change of our fixed past values in an enlightened way can prove to be a huge asset…. I think those who will hold on to the past- will get zapped by this transit of values. maybe this process has already begun.

    I look forward to all your insights on Uranus in Taurus!!!

    *pardon my mediocre english writing skills- which I am not proud of..

  4. It would be intresting to see how Trump delivers his promises. He will have to face reality regarding economy of USA. Will he be successful in convincing the businesses to bring back the jobs that have gone overseas. He wants to give tax benefits to large businesses. Bringing those jobs back will mean more expenditure for American companies. So, company owners will profit, not the company itself. Sustainable development of business must be the prime consideration or else companies will go into liquidation and not able to compete with global businesses.

  5. I think more states are going to legalize recreational marijuana use if for no other reason than to provide the means for people to calm themselves down post-election.

  6. hmm. Interesting. Buy what you need now…
    I fear that the press will be muzzled, that is, true investigative reporting, so that like Putin (who just poisons dissenters), Trump can control the content. I fear the overturning of Roe, the coarsening of behavior throughout the culture with a loud mouth sexual predator in the White House. I fear for the Muslim Americans and Latinos, whose children are terrified. Anyone who is not a land-holding straight white Christian is now second rate.

    • It’s already happening. He is eschewing the customary pool of reporters to follow him. That is a check/balance on him given the fact he is a PUBLIC SERVANT now. Also, it is beneficiary given any crises or emergency that may arise.
      His presidency is a wake up call to protect our democracy from the would-be-fascist element within the Republican Party. I hope the people, regardless of politics, wake up to this real danger & spend the next couple of years purging any politicians who back this demagogue.
      It is also a wake up call to take this fraction of our population seriously & not just joke about it or expect common sense to prevail.

    • Thank you for your comment. Yes, a lot of our civil rights will be trampled and it will be considered “normal” now. Intellectuals and dissenters will be targeted as well as immigrants, gays, Jews, Muslims, Latinos, African Americans and anyone else that doesn’t fit the White conservative Christian monolingual, heterosexual mold. Let’s not forget the devastation of our country’s natural beauty and the trampling of Native American values that will quickly manifest in the new government’s attempt to appease the appetites of corporate energy companies in the short term. It is my observation that in general, people in the USA don’t like to study history or attempt to learn from it. I guess we will now live through a fascist dictatorship (if we are lucky to survive this period) to learn what fascism is. Very sad.

  7. Perhaps I’m in denial but I don’t expect to be personally affected. I am saddened and disgusted that I live in a nation filled with people who voted a hateful goon into the highest office. The hatred is palpable. My life will continue as usual. I will teach my son Spanish, love, truth. This has been a catalyst. I don’t think it’s enough to vote every four years. I intend to get involved in politics at the local level. A month ago my brother took a trip to Big Bend. A Mexican approached him asking if he would pay for a song. My brother gave the man food and drink. My boyfriend is a Latino whose family has been in Texas longer than my white family. He works in construction with men who only speak Spanish and they work their asses off providing for their families. I do not subscribe to that whole English is The National Language bullshit. I do not subscribe to hatred. I am teaching my son the same.

  8. Obviously the “fly-over folks” are fed up with being called racist etc – “you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the ‘basket of deplorables.’ Right?…. The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic – you name it” and I expect that to continue.

    • It’s “uncool” to being racist so arguing someone is “racist” doesn’t fly, it is too insulting. But never, ever stop educating about “racism.”

  9. I’m hoping that abomination and extortion called Obamacare gets trashed, hospitals are forced to post their prices online, and the free market and fair competition are used to drive prices down. I’d like to see America get out of the ‘free’ trade agreements which were never free or fair at all so some manufacturing can return to the gutted US.

    • The market isn’t “free.” Never has been. When people loose the affordable care act, many will die. Anything as important as healthcare must be a right. Anything as expensive as healthcare must be regulated.

    • There are plenty of manufacturing jobs out there..But there is a lack of training needed for people to do them.There has to be free training for those jobs that require robotics. We need to grow and change, get away from coal and oil industries and use clean energy. If we do not change we will die. Does America really want to be stuck in the past?

    • Sen Bernie Sanders is hot on their tail. To the drug companies he says “stop ripping off the people. And if you don’t do it on your own, we will do it for you”. He’s asking for investigation by DOJ and FTC whether Big Pharma have colluded in setting prices.

  10. With natal Sun conjunct Uranus conjunct Mercury in Leo in the 11th House: I thrive on change within the collective – bring it on! Natal Mars is conjunct Pluto in the 12th – burn it down baby! I wanna be there when the Phoenix rises from the ashes…. No fear.

    Natal new Moon at 29 Cancer: in the end, love, real, total, all-encompassing empathetic love – and that includes the frightening spectre of the ‘other’ who dares to hold a mirror before you – is the answer. There is nothing else.

  11. Heck, where to begin?!
    1st, I don’t feel safe with this person at the helm in any level. I don’t think he’s capable of keeping Americans safe. So, yes, I’m very concerned of another terror attack on American soil comparable to 9/11
    Then there is deregulation of financial markets – get ready for another crash a la Bush years just when we started to recover
    Get ready for unjustified invasions & allies with Putin who is another demagogue
    Tax cuts for wealthy strapping the government which means less services for the average American & those in need
    Lack of affordable education & lack of vision for a future economy that is part renewable resource & technology – guess we should be glad that he’s bringing back our factory jobs (?!?) Aim high, Americans (huge eye roll there)
    Oh yeah – and Americans not having affordable basic health care – let’s let the free market play roulette with our lives instead.
    Meh, I’ll leave it there……

  12. The results of the election effect me personally in a different way. Emotionally, as always. Cos, who am I without all these emotions. Water water. 5 planets in Scorpio with a Cancer asc.

    I am going to have to remove myself from social media. People are tearing each other to shreds. As tough as some Scorps claim to be….I can tell you without hesitation things hurt me deeply.

    Watching people who have been friends for years destroy each other over a politician (be it Hillary or Donald) concerns me because you can best believe these people don’t care about us in the way we would all like to think they do.

    People voted. The system is in place. We have to accept it and mover on as we always have.

    Other than praying for our country, the person who is now the commander in chief and my friends and family….there is no more I can do except try to be the best version of myself that I can. And, someday’s like everyone, I have to work hard at it.

    This mud slinging isn’t going to get us anywhere.

    The immediate change I hope for is an America that isn’t bankrupt!

    • soup, you are correct. I was ranting a little bit last night and my son said you shouldn’t stop being friends with someone just because they voted for Trump. He is so much more beautiful than I will ever be.

      • Is he right though?
        I think you can respect the person still. But, I don’t know. I am finding it difficult to justify anyone’s vote for trump
        If you did you are condoning him. Well….if my ‘friend’ was racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, etc & etc, they wouldn’t be my friend.
        I mean..it’s tough
        A person I work with who I respect voted ‘against Hilary’ for religious reasons. But I’m sorry: he has personal religious beliefs wherein he wants to foist that upon other Americans & my body (he is against a women’s right to dominion over her own body without government or religious interference) – that is unconstitutional. & he says he has a heavy heart because he knows how awful trump is!! Ugh! His vote against my rights is useless sense it’s unconstitutional & we have a separation of church & state- so, he wasted his vote essentially. & what kind of religion does he have that ignores the basic decency of his candidate?!? His vote was irrational.
        I really think we need to really think about the reflection of who we really are & how that is reflected & the real impact it makes in our life.
        Im not letting anyone off the hook!
        (& all the ‘really’s’ were intentional lol)

        • I cannot truly identify with anyone who voted for Trump. That is the plain truth. But I have to be careful of toxicity. My son is nine. I don’t want to just spew venom and have him witness that. He has to see me doing the best I can at the local level. Words are nada. Well not nada exactly…but words are insufficient. Action is required.

          • See my post below. Trump’s first staff appointment is an African American man from Ohio, tapped to lead the domestic transition.

            The points that concerned me about Hillary:

            She was funded in part by Soros. Soros has recounted with relish his youth as a Nazi, and the bonding time he spent w his Nazi father, extracting gold from the mouths of murdered Jews. Soros is also funding the hiring of some protestors.

            She has a top aide, Huma, who worked for the Saudi-based and -funded Journal of Minority Muslim Affairs, which featured radically anti-feminist views and backed strict Islamic laws roundly criticized for oppressing women. This was owned by Huma’s parents, and her siblings still work there in management and editorial.

            The Clinton Foundation pays female staff less than male staff. The Trump businesses pay women equally. Trump has top female executives, including his daughter.

            The foundation accepts large cash gifts and trades favors from barbaric groups and nations who have no problem with the stoning and suppression of women and murder of gays. The “bankrupt” Clintons did not work for for amazing multimillion dollar wealth. I take personal exception to the way their thoughtless greed propels them to mingle with violent, hate-filled regimes, because I know someone whose family member died horribly at the hands of one.

            They accused T of being liked by some horrible disgusting KKK types, but buried the tape of HRC praised a Sen Byrd upon his death as her mentor and someone she looked up to — a man who was a known KKK recruiter leader in his 20s. Its even in Wikipedia, if you care to look it up.

            The Podesta email dump revealed a habitual liar, someone who made rude comments about Jews. Who hired people to attack Trump supporters, who hired the teen actress daughter of a friend to pose as a child in a Q&A, someone who flushed away emails in conflict with the law, who traded her political connections for cash….

            I think it is reasonable that people who were paying attention to the facts eventually turned away from her and the corruption, and did enough research beyond the headlines. So that might be something to keep in mind. They might find it hard to identify with the concept of voting for a money-hungry criminal simply because she is a woman. The idea that this is some kind of eager vote against women, or an eager vote for a racist, is such is to me an idea that takes shape without a reach for facts or information.

            It is more comfortable not to acknowledger her issues for many.

            But it’s ridiculous to act like people who looked up the information about her journey and ethics are abhorrent.

            I am not thrilled, but I can live with a businessman who hires people of all kinds and pays them well and listened to Americans, more so than one that enriched her “foundation” by selling favors to brutal regimes that think women are less than dogs.

            • Where on earth do you get your information? People should have every right to have opinions but should be sued heavily for stating false information.
              We have to raise the bar on truth. You sound like a Breitbart follower. Are you aware who he is hiring to run the country?
              Have you seen he is using the office to profit his personal businesses?
              Huge tax discounts for the mega-wealthy and higher taxes for the middle class and single parents…etc etc etc. Please inform yourself from reputable sources before you crucify Hillary. He is not just a “business man who hires people of all kinds and pays them well and listened to Americans”.
              It is such a tragedy that you and so many are so misinformed!
              There are videos of what he plans to do and what he thinks and what he has done against women and minorities! Wake Up!

          • Misti, there is righteous anger, Christ showed his when he witnessed the money changers at the temple. No shame in anger if it is righteous. No shame in having your child witness it.

    • I know someone whose friendship of 40 years blew up, simply because they voted for Trump. Then 3 of their Facebook friends AND their spouses deleted her.

      Sigh. Is this what the world is going to look like now? I didn’t vote for Trump, but I accept him as our President and want us all to move on. The destruction of relationships over this election is breaking my heart.

    • Soup, it really is not about the politician for me. Its about what that politician represents, And when friends and family members turn into the person that they have elected. That is the game changer. I have been silent on face book this whole election, listening to all the hatred, bigotry and greedy, war mongering, hypocritical family and friends that call themselves Christians.
      So yes I let it out. This scorp could not contain it any longer. And yes because I did people unfriend me.. Well thank God for that because with friends like that who needs enemies

  13. I was not a Trump supporter. I also don’t think things will change that much. I personally believe most of what he said was to get attention and get votes from a specific demographic, and clearly that strategy worked. He’s a businessman and a New Yorker. He knows what he’s about.

    Personally I would like to see a redrawing of the electoral college. Rural areas with little to no population should not have as much voting power as larger populated areas.

  14. Once you start name-calling, you dehumanize people. Them! Those people!

    Exactly what Trump and his voters are accused of doing. Labelling people reduces them, removes shared humanity and makes it easier to think of people -as ‘things’. That way lies madness and destruction. You can do anything to an object, isn’t that right my feminists?

    The name calling and vile slurs go both ways.

    I don’t want to hear ‘but SHE started it!’ or ‘but HE started it!’

    No. You can continue it, or stop it right here and now.

    It takes two to tango.

    Stop the hate, Hillary voters.
    Stop the hate, Trump voters.

    We live, die and suffer in the same country. And we have to pull together, now more than ever.

    • Yes we do because it will affect each and every one of us.

      I do understand being upset by who was elected President. I was physically sick to my stomach at the Obama second term. And it was a lingering sick feeling. I thought the world was coming to an end. I didn’t identify with anyone who voted for him once let alone twice.

      After the election was over never once did I take to the net to try to destroy him nor did I say a word about it. The people spoke. I didn’t insult a soul for their choice.

      I thought Obamacare was an outrage. I still do. Tying the IRS into anything and forcing something on people who couldn’t afford it sounded insane to me. There are people that made 100 dollars too much to get the help they needed and knew they would be fined if they didn’t take on the shittiest insurance available with the highest deductible making the insurance something they would never use. Buy it. Or we will take your tax return. Sounds reasonable to me 🙁

      I have a best friend who got her bill in the mail last week. The shitty insurance she had last year that she never got a chance to use is now $789.00 a month instead of $489 and no one gives a reason. She asks herself how she could possibly pay it.

      Did it make sense to put something in place so that the insurance companies would not be allowed to do such a thing? It did to me. But that was never done. Someone needs to DO SOMETHING with these insurance companies if they are going to FORCE medical insurance on people. Obama couldn’t possibly be functioning in the real world to assume my friend has $800.00 a month for medical insurance with a deductible so high its impossible to use.

      But screw her, and everyone like her. Would we like her better if she were a little more POOR then she would be granted free insurance and we all could pay for it?

      I for one don’t want to pay for this stuff anymore. I have already taken care of enough people.

      Out Veterans are treated like shit. The change I would like to see is that they are given the health care they need and the respect they deserve. Immediately. If he doesn’t do it I want to personally get a group of people together and call his ass to the carpet. I want it done. I want that done before he does any other thing!

      Are we sure he is just going to throw policy into place that will cause total disregard toward people of color or the disabled? I don’t think that is going to happen unless he wants to see the people who voted for him rise up and knock him out of position because I can guarantee you I don’t know people who mistreat people and I know a lot of people who voted for the man. Kind people. People who give time and money to the community.

      To assume a person is unkind. An asshole. Would mistreat a person of color. A person of age. A person who is LGBT. A person who is different in any way other than Christian straight male…is rude, ridiculous and outright slanderous as far as I am concerned.

      That would mean you are attacking my character and I don’t appreciate it in the least. How dare anyone assume that because a person voted for someone you don’t like they are a lower version of human being than yourself?

      One of my best friends is gay. Do something to my friend. You’ll get me. I also have a best friend of color. And not only of color but of age. You really want to see me in trouble….do one thing to her!

      The man hasn’t had a chance to put pen to paper yet. I think everyone deserves a chance. You deserve one, so do I. Before we hang him in the street, lets see what happens.

      I wonder why all of a sudden the world hates white men? This is troubling since I gave birth to two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I agree, Soup. See my comment, above. And below — his first appointment is an African American man, assigned to lead the transition. How come this is barely in the media? Think about that.

        Our veterans are HORRIBLY treated, and healthcare is a joke, and this is a fact, and people elected a man who noticed what’s really going on, and decided to help. People are upset because a lot of secret wealth is based on a continuing thread that snapped on Tuesday night.

        • His first appointment is an African American man ^^^^^ (thank you)

          Yes….but no one has bothered to notice because they are too busy rioting in the street like lunatics. Destroying local business again. This is why so many people voted the way they did. We are sick of this bullshit! These brats in the street tearing things up are exactly WHY IT HAPPENED.

          I for one am sick to death of all the cry babies and nonsense.

          213 million people were eligible to vote. Over 90 MILLION of them didn’t bother. How many of those 90 million are in the street destroying the property right now of some poor soul that has worked his ass off all his life to feed his family from the business that is being torn up. It makes me furious.

          I for one can understand this first hand. Its hard to start up a business. It takes every thing you have. You work around the clock 7 days a week. All for pennies until its established. Then some brat that didn’t bother to take the time to actually vote is in the street destroying the very thing that is keeping their city going. If that were one of my kids …..OMG…they are grown and they know what my response would be.

          People have a right to protest. That action gets things moving. I remember the 60’s. I was there. But this stuff….LETS KILL THE PRESIDENT? Seriously? The man hasn’t had a chance to screw anything up yet.

          I cant make sense of it. And trust me…I have three granddaughters. I DO NOT want to hear anyone say ‘grab em by the pussy’ I fought hard as a woman all my life to overcome many an obstacle. I had to be reasonable. And reason told me that the way things are going…. we are circling the DRAIN. We cant afford what is going on. If he can change it….lets give him a chance. He may not be able to. I don’t see how anyone can correct the nightmare that is going on overnight. But….its worth a shot.

          I do believe the free ride may be over. I pray to God that it is. My hope is that he can deliver on the JOBS…so people can WORK and feel accomplished. Accomplishment feels good. Being able to support your family feels good. This is my hope for everyone.

          It had absolutely nothing to do with bigotry. NOTHING. I love my people and my people come in all shapes, sizes, ages and colors. They are my friends. I’d do anything for them and they know it.

          I didn’t trust her. And, she wasn’t to be trusted. When 20% of your campaign is funded by people that cut the heads off of gays… I really scratch my head and wonder how these people are upset. Benghazi was my decision. I wont soon forget those men. That was it for me. I could never in clear conscience vote for her. Bernie…now, he was great. But she screwed him too…and people seem to have already forgotten that. Why?

  15. I don’t know what to expect, but I work at a college with a lot of students of color and DREAMers. Students were visibly upset on Wednesday morning. Nobody knows exactly what will be taken away from them, just that the funding, the support, the opportunities that have been guaranteed to them could be taken away on a whim.

    Gay couples are worried that their marriages will be invalidated. That’s some heavy stuff.

    • Gay couples should have also been worried that the candidate who did not win accepts enormous cash gifts to the “foundation” from countries and regimes that treat gays in horrible ways. And they should have listened to Trump saying positive and supportive things to gays. They should look up the transcripts and ease their minds, instead of being worried.

      • Trump’s running mate is staunchly anti gay-marriage. The senate and house of representatives are now controlled by conservatives. And the Supreme Court will gain a new conservative member. And you can bet some people were swayed for Trump due to his choice of Pence, which enabled him to gain endorsements from Evangelical leaders. These voters will expect something in return.

        “Ease your mind” is an empty suggestion. I’d rather donate to the ACLU and continue to march for gay rights, as I have done before.

  16. People continuing to wake up to the fact the people actually have little freedom to choose in the so called land of the free. People feeling more and more oppressed. Lots of rioting… Corruption exposed…blah blah…what has already been said about Pluto in Cap. Good news is it gets worse before it gets better. The real danger is with foreign relations. I just hope he surronds himself with experienced and intelligent people keeps his mouth shut for the most part. I have high hopes for a new healthcare system…such that the working and middle class have been royally f-ed up the ass with the so called affordable care act.

    • That is my hope as well, I think a lot of people who voted for him do as well. They really don’t think he will be running the country he will be a republican puppet.. I hope he sits in a corner and keeps his mouth shut.

    • The healthcare system will go back to the way it was.No Medicaid for older people who fall through the cracks and cant get jobs. Lifetime limits for healthcare. Pre existing condition clauses. Oh goody. And oh if you dont have insurance , good luck with any dr taking you. If you lose your job and don’t have insurance it will cost 1000.00 a month for a policy. But hey 20 million people will go to the emergency room where they can get care.. Then never pay the bill because they cant, oh and then next year your insurance will be 1200 a month.hospital costs have to be passed onto people that can pay. So if anyone thinks they are not already paying for others healthcare they need to think about it again.

      • We will see when he comes up with a bill with his cabinet and passes it through congress. I think it will be merely a reform. Obamacare won’t be completely destroyed right away. What I HATE is the tax penalties…that is nothing but socialism..it’s governmental control…completely absurd and not what the US is about.

        • That is why we need to do away with the health insurance companies completely, do away with health care for profit. There is a reason for the penalties. But like I said before the only healthcare will be through emergency rooms..unless they change that as well, no more public hospitals so lets just let people die. While we are at it why not just give the cut off date for people at 65 so the republicans wont have to pay out anymore medicare or Medicaid.n Just walk us into the gas chamber.

          • Well said. I simply cannot understand how people have a problem with universal health insurance. We live in the wealthiest country in the world and have a health care system in crisis because our healthcare for profit system bars the truly ill and disabled from receiving treatment!?

            • I was wondering, why don’t the U.S. do it like they do in Western Europe? The medical insurance is mandatory here mostly in western Europe. We still have poor here, of course, but the way it is in the U.S, they are not even taken care of, in terms of medical.

              • There’s money for shareholders in insurance — lobbyists pay to keep the insurance companies in business. Healthcare is double what it is in the UK here. It would hurt us and that’s how they want it. They want it high enough to keep us from wanting it.

  17. I’ll be honest- it is hard for me to understand that any thinking person believes that suddenly the world is going to be completely different than it is now. Fear? What fear? You think these things that are not happening suddenly will? Complete anarchy? Gay people hanging from trees, Latinos shot on sight. The KKK parading around on horses with a baby’s head on a stake. I mean for God’s sakes get real. Half of the population are so apathetic they couldn’t be bothered to vote! Most people have a million other things to attend to. The average American can barely move off the couch for more Oreos but Armageddon is coming and YOU are the target. The hysteria is so beyond what would happen to the average “terrified for the future” person that it makes me suspicious. It’s a competition for who can be the most distraught, the most persecuted, the most sensitive, the most terrified. Who has the most trouble talking to their small children who they’ve primed for this by scaring them shitless. It’s who can write some grandiose post highlighting their sensitivity that will get a bunch of likes and (the poster hopes) shares. The narcissism is strong. People are so starved for attention, my God.
    You voted for Hillary, or Trump, I don’t care. The person is elected and we all live with it. People wonder at the racist people who voted Trump (many of whom voted Obama- ME 1st term)- well I wonder at the intelligence of people who think the world stops because Donald Trump was elected. Let’s see how hot their outrage burns when it’s no longer getting them attention.

  18. I’ll be honest…I voted for trump but that does not mean I like his personality or agree with everything he says, I just thought he was the better option. What are you gonna do? I picked the lesser of two evils . I can see the US getting better with Trump in office even if we have to be divided first before we get there.

  19. Soup and Village Girl have said it all so well. I can only add — I did not trust him in the early months, feared he was playing it for Hillary, but he proved me wrong and stayed the course and made me a believer. When I saw him in person at a rally (big city, lots of blacks and hispanics, all ages, more than 50% women in the peaceful, friendly, super positive crowd of thousands), the hope and enthusiasm and passionate love for our country was palpable. His victory has saved us from imminent war and the insidious deterioration of our constitutional rights, our economy, and our culture, and I have genuine hope that he will “Drain the Swamp” and help us “Make America Great Again.”

  20. One thing I can say is the political system in the US is one of its kind in the world and Americans are so lucky to be living in a nation with a political system that balances itself out with two opposite poles. Its what makes our country great. These protesters are not seeing the forest for the trees. We are a blessed nation.

  21. I second what Kumquat said. I am horrified by the entitlement of those people out on the streets. I have deleted people off facebook that I never suspected could be so horrible. Everything they say about Trump seems to be a projection of their own demons. I voted for him. I DID. I can’t tell anyone I know about it because they’ll turn their demonic eyes on me and crucify me. I didn’t vote for him because I believed every Gemini word that came out of his mouth, I voted for him because I READ WIKILEAKS. I read and read and read until I formed my own opinion. I didn’t read the crap about Hillary or Trump that the newspapers were posting because they are corrupt. I researched on my own and I was horrified by what I read. I think we have unsung heroes who exposed what is going on in politics and are paying a huge price. I watch what is quickly becoming race wars on the news and am sickened. Beating people up because they voted for someone you don’t like? WTF IS THAT???? Saying that people only voted for Trump because they’re racist and are getting back at blacks? The hatred towards white people is palpable. I was followed on the street by a middle eastern man the other night while walking my dogs. I was afraid for my life- had to run between some houses and scream at him that I was calling the cops. I don’t recognize this world.
    As for Obamacare, I read something today that I intend to implement. People cannot afford these absurd monthly premiums – mine is over $700 per month because I’m 58, and I go to a doctor maybe once a year. I’ve never had a mammogram and my last pap was 10 years ago. I am stuck with a $700 per month premium and a $8,000 deductible. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Today I read that people are going without insurance, and if they have to go to a doctor, they pay for it out of pocket. They increase their deductions on their paychecks so that they won’t get a refund, because the government takes your refund if you do not have insurance (the “penalty”). But if you don’t get a refund, you don’t pay the penalty. I intend to do this. I make 65k a year, and I barely get by living in Seattle, where the cost of living is very very high. I live on crack alley, because it’s all I can afford. I’ve worked all my damn life and I am looking at bankruptcy because of Obamacare. I voted for Trump because Hillary is evil and corrupt and could care less about the middle class. Maybe Trump doesn’t care as well, but I am going to give it a shot. Hopefully we don’t kill each other first, before he has a chance to show us what he’s got.

    • @dog8818, I thought Obamacare was to help the poor. There are going to be 21 million people below poverty level that is going to have no insurance, which I read on the news. These people have nothing. Have you been to the districts where governments already place them as ghettos?

      • Elisa that is correct. People that do not qualify for Obamacare are making more money than the national average. If one has ever lost a job and went on cobra one would understand what insurance really costs. 1000 a month is not unusual, more if you are a smoker. The insurance companies and medical community control the costs. Thats why we need to expand the Medicaid program. Period to everyone. But the republicans blocked that.. Yes if we take the profit out of the hands of the insurance companies and medical communities we would be better off.

        • @Opalina, I read that plannedparenthood was protected by Obama, so that was a good move.
          the rich will continue to get richer and the poor poorer if something doesn’t happen soon. It’s sort of like how India is right now, the super mega rich is so vastly a great distance from the poor. And the middle class will be obselite. It’s like pluto aquarius like last time. Revolution against the rich oncoming or something.

    • Soros (Chelsea’s husband’s uncle and uber-globalist) is hiring and paying and busing in the “protesters” — his last ditch attempt at a coup via martial law. Anyone who did their own research could never have voted for her, it’s very clear that those who did let the media convince them.

      • @warped, I only saw the part where Hilary promises to back up Obama’s previous laws. and I liked that. I didn’t care about all the slandering. it’s typical politics to me. I felt it would benefit a lot of people as a whole.

  22. In swedish schools they report that young boys now abuse girls by grabing them by..like Trump ..I´m ashamed that I have to live to see a person like this being elected to be a president. He doesn´t belive in climate change and invests in oil and fracking – that is death for our planet. Trump is the shadow of USA – read Jung.
    Clinton got more votes – your political system is a joke. We in the world don´t won´t to be in your homemade apokalypse – well you do make a lot of movies about apokalypses and zombies..!

    • Ullis,, yes you are seeing the real face of America when you see the person they elect. I don’t have a psychology degree but I do know this. Its difficult to see a country that I love be of this mindset. Thank God I can tell myself its not the majority.as he did not win by popular vote.

      • I believe that if you subtract Killary’s illegal alien votes, her Soros-machine flipped votes, her dead people votes, her newly pardoned Virginia felon votes, her absentee ballot opened and changed votes, you’ll find that he did.

        • The working and middle class- the average American is important. With the way things were going towards socialism, we might as well have just all quit our jobs and started collecting benefits from the government….then we would all the the same…you want equality…equal healthcare? Funny there would be no funds if that happened, if the middle class didn’t work out asses off. We are the ones who keep this country running. We get up and work..we bust our asses. We deserve the be heard. Than God for our electoral college.

  23. Hillary Clinton was really counting on middle class women voters to turn to her due to Trumps comments about women…she really thought she had it in the bag…I could not stand her condescending grin during the debates…she thought she could push his buttons a little and play calm and cool and just sit back and watch him make a total ass of himself. She thought she could just sit back because it was a given she had the popular vote, she thought she had middle class women too and that would sway the electoral…..wrong. Victory is sweet.

  24. Well, our whole business terrain is going to shift, for sure. Consumer goods are going to be far more expensive into the future so a lot of us will be forced to minimize our way of life (not such a bad thing when you think how excessive it’s been) but that may also limit our variety of groceries from other countries so I think a lot more people are wise to begin backyard farming to offset costs and eat healthier. I am concerned that people will continue to riot and protest all the way up to the Inauguration. Obamacare cannot be phased out right away but incrementally. I believe that it would be good to make it a voluntary plan instead of a mandatory and taking away tax penalties. After Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Virgo, people are much more conscientious of their food supply being organic and practicing natural remedies and self-care and attending to preventative care and are already opting for more and more direct pay options with functional medicine doctors who are fed up with the bureaucracy of insurance companies. This is a very viable option that is becoming extremely popular. Grassroots organizations are going to crop up and people are going to be less apathetic and attentive to the political landscape. Women’s coalitions are going to spread like wildfire. In fact, I think women are going to inundate the elections in 2020 and attempt to bust glass ceilings like never seen before.

    It’s an interesting time to live in. I’m just trying to wrap my head around it and see the positives.

    • Yes..instead of sitting back I am going to turn back into my 20 year old feminist self.I am going to work hard for the next democrat who tries to become president.. Unless he is just another Trump in democrat clothing… I am starting today. I am not waiting until the last year to let my views known. Republicans are tired of the political correctness? I am done done done.. I am telling it like I see it just like they have done for the last year and a half. No more tip toeing around who and what they are. And no apologies for thinking that way either.

      • @opalina, yes thank you.

        I was just talking to my mother in law today and she said, about trump being president that the retirees are happy like her, because we (retirement folks) get a raise in their retirement money. lol Apparently retirement /pension is being effected greatly throughout Europe.

  25. Much of the world is watching the US and for reasons besides the fact that you have a lot of missiles. ‘Brexit’ (UK vote to leave the EU) and then this. Ironically it could be the start of a new pattern of waking up. Good intentions aren’t enough, governments need to ensure decent jobs and affordable housing are possible for ordinary people or people will revolt. Governments have served multinationals instead.
    Bombs into ploughshares?

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