What To Expect From Uranus Retrograde In Aries (Square Pluto) In 2013

Uranus turns retrograde on July 17th.  It’s going to be a hot one!

Aries is in a hurry.  The sign represents raw male energy.  It wants what it wants and it wants it NOW.

Uranus wants to make it’s own rules.  When these things combine, people are inclined to fight (Mars) for their freedom (Uranus). Their freedom – to hell with yours.

Planets in retrograde are slowed down. This intensifies their impact, exponentially.  In this case, Uranus with be squaring Pluto throughout the entire period (July-December 2013).  I don’t know how to put a cute bow on this. It’s going to be harsh for many, and extremely harsh for some.

Keep in mind, these are outer planets. The bring events that are outside your control.

For example, I live in Colorado. More than 500 families saw their houses burn to the ground in wild fires in June. That was the deal. It was out of their hands.

This potential is out there. It’s always out there, but the clash between these planets increase the likelihood that each of us experience our share of the collective (Pluto), probably violent (Mars) upheaval (Uranus).

Specific to the Uranus retrograde, on a personal level,  check the house in your chart where the transit takes place. It’s in that arena of life that you’re going to rebel and want to push the envelope.

I am certainly experiencing this.  Uranus is in my 3rd (communication) aspecting my Mercury (communication). Occasionally someone tries to control my mind, my speech or my thinking.  Do that these days and expect a hot blast from a furnace in return.

Look at your own chart, but also look at the charts of those around you.  Wherever Uranus is active, it’s best you not interfere, unless you want a fight on your hands. You’re surely get one.

To get more of feeling for this, please read Rush to Rebel.

What house is Uranus transiting in your chart? How is this transit manifesting in your life?

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What To Expect From Uranus Retrograde In Aries (Square Pluto) In 2013 — 24 Comments

  1. Uranus is transiting my 10th. Just finished the Uranus midlife opposition to my 4th/IC/moon. I want to create a peaceful home of my own. Tired of fighting.

  2. Uranus is Aires has just finished its journey to my natal 11th house. Its now sitting at the cross line from 11th to 12th. Pluto is sitting just at the cross line from 8th to 9th. In my case Uranus and Pluto are ending their journey and starting new houses. Lost my mom from May cardinal. What else I have in my plate?? Only God knows !!

  3. Uranus is transiting my 3rd too. I’m sure communication will totally be affected but I have a twin sister so am wondering if our relationship will come in to play as well.

  4. Is it wrong that I feel safe because Uranus is in my 12th? Thats one of the houses that never scares me. All it does is make me sleepy. Uranus has been wreaking havoc on my sleep schedule since it got there. Its trining my Sun-Moon-Saturn, maybe I can put it to good use despite the hardships it brings.

  5. How interesting. Uranus just crossed over into my 7th and relationship stuff is crazy!

    It will retrograde back into my 6th house of health and I am certainly undergoing a major overhaul in that department.

    Heavy metal detox should be finished by the time it has gone back to where it is now. (Only to finish off whatever if left of this relationship… !!!)


  6. Uranus is in my 10th house. With my sun at 28, moon at 20, and Saturn at 4 degrees. Jupiter is also in my ascendant, cancer. Any advice or outlook?

  7. Another 10th house transit here, though it’s early-degree 10th, and during the retro period it will end up back in my 9th. I truly don’t know what to expect, but while this is hitting my Libra stellium, I won’t feel another direct square of this combo until December 2014. I’m trying not to take anything for granted, anyway.

  8. The natal 5th, the sun’s domain. Hmmm, that sure has been coming up a lot lately squaring natal moon. Teeth clenching. I am dealing with maintaining my identity. I’ve only got one repercussionist left, the boy and his girl who have to have what they want and when and how they want it or else, the nastiest of the lot. My fear is gradually subsiding.

    The fit hit the shan with Uranus on IC back then. I have to admit I felt under attack by the soul eaters: relationship, job, bio family. Not enough to do my part, had to be in some kind of cult too. I had to say that word none of them wanted to hear ‘NO’. Even though it was necessary to prevent complete annihilation, making a change like that . . . earth shattering.

  9. Uranus in my 4th house – still opposing Moon and, in Retrograde, will widely conj. my Sun…

    Having major feelings about wanting to move – anywhere but here. Not interested in the Suburban lifestyle complete with HOA’s and manicured lawns (no, my lawn is the only one native – gotta feed the birds and bunnies, yanno?).

    Also, getting tired of being the homemaker/caregiver – that’s been going on for quite sometime.
    I want ME time…

    @Elsa – It wants what it wants and it wants it NOW.
    I would like to add: ..it wants it NOW and, preferably, YESTERDAY! : )

  10. A lot of what AriesSun said resonates with me at the moment. I have T. Uranus in my 4th as well Uranus hitting my IC.

    Pretty soon I’m going to have to think about moving due to budget issues slowly coming to a head. So I’m looking to rent someplace cheaper. My boyfriend would rather I moved in with him, but it’s too soon and I don’t want to live in a gated community. Sigh.

    Jobwise, I’m a caregiver, and after years of doing this, I think I’m burning out. To some degree I enjoy it, but sometimes it feel like people are never happy no matter what I do. Sometimes I just want to say “%$#& it” and let someone else be the angel for once.

  11. BTW, I agree about the need for “ME time”….if I’m not taking care of my residents, I’m taking care of my boyfriend (at least he has his own fulltime caregiver). I NEED my evenings after work to myself–they’re the only time I get solitude! LOL

  12. @blue_rose – After reading your posts, I realized something I didn’t before.

    I trained for CNAI just as Uranus was entering my 4th house. Everything was going along as expected, until Uranus hit my 1 degree Sun – and I realized (without consulting an ephemeris)that this home health thing was not for me. And that was after going through the final 2 week practical on the floor of the wards.

    Yup, I felt like you do – “sometimes it feel like people are never happy no matter what I do.”

    My total heartfelt love to those who can do that for a living everyday…

  13. Oh shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s in my 7th house and I’m already the wife from hell. This has the potential of unraveling the marriage. Poor guy, he should have minded his own business at the time we were introduced.

  14. Uranus will be in my first house, very close to my mars/venus conjunction there, and Pluto will be in my 11th house. People already think I’m unusual & eccentric (lots of Uranus and Neptune) and I think this is only going to increase that trend. “Nobody understands me!” Well I am very focused this year on self-development so maybe this challenging square will teach me something.

  15. Another Uranus 10th house transit here. I think I know how this is going to play out — Transiting Uranus is going retro in my 10th, opposite my natal Uranus, conjunct my natal Mars & MC. Pluto is squaring from my 6th.

    At work, we heard that another company has bought us, and the deal will be complete by the fall. I’ve a feeling that by the end of this year (and by the end of this Uranus retro square Pluto), I will no longer be working at this job & for this company!

    And this is why I love astrology and Elsa’s prompts — time to get my ducks in a row and stop dragging my butt on starting my own business. Because I believe the job I have now will no longer exist by December!

  16. By the end of this Uranus/Pluto square I’m asking the universe for a parakeet.

    I want a parakeet! I want a parakeet!!

    :.slams fist on lunch table to protest:.

  17. Uranus is transiting my 9th and is conjunct my Sun. Just graduated, so it marks the end of higher education for now. Out of the blue I ended up with a job tight away, but as for other developments, and I am still feeling it out. I hope there is a hance to travel at the end of this year

  18. Uranus is currently in my 9th, bearing down on my MC at 14 Aries. I am planning to move across the country in a few months, and attempt to find a job that utilizes my passion for disability advocacy. Everything is still in the planning stages right now (appropriate, with the retrograde). I also want to go on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation but haven’t decided on the destination yet.

  19. uranus in my 1st house; pair that with my recently experienced jupiter return & neptune rx currently sitting in my 12th house (natal mercury’s in there as well)… major major major psychological & philosophical upheaval, rebelling against the very person i once believed myself to be, getting rid of every faulty thought-process and replacing it with a new “operating system”, and, as aforementioned, “nobody understands me”! haha. so many ideas to share & so few who’d appreciate them; i’ve been (probably unhealthily) withdrawing more and more from reality lately, submersing myself in existential & metaphysical questioning, yet, at the same time, pushing myself to do things and say things of which i feel i’ve been too hesitant in the past. rebelling against the “self”, indeed. definitely an intense experience.

  20. I just wanted to share that I have had Uranus transiting the end of my 3rd house and in wide conjunct with my IC. This month— 2 cell phones replaced because of malfunctions. A component in the car computer got fried from static electricity and it’s currently at the shop being repaired. Cordless house phone just went on the fritz. Electrical surge made our hardwired fire detectors go off randomly for hours — but only at 3 am— about 4 times so far. Yup, Uranus is zapping us here at home 🙂

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