What To Expect From The Stellium And New Moon In Capricorn; January 2018

The next nine days will be dominated by a stellium in Capricorn. Here comes your blow by blow:

  • As of today, the Sun, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto are in Capricorn.
  • Tomorrow, the Sun, Venus, and Pluto will be conjunct at 19 degrees.
  • Thursday, Mercury will enter Capricorn. That will put five bodies in a sign. This is a large stellium by anyone’s standards.
  • Mercury and Saturn are in the early degrees of the sign. The Sun, Venus, and Pluto are at the later degrees. This means the stellium is probably spread across two houses in your natal chart. Wherever it lands, expect a lot of action in the area of life ruled by that house or houses.
  • The Moon ingresses into Capricorn Sunday evening. It will conjunct Saturn and Mercury in the early degrees. It’s possible you get some hard news at that time, family related or emotionally affecting.
  • Saturday, the Moon will be in the mid-degrees of Capricorn, headed for the culmination of all this…
    The peak of this stellium takes place under the new moon at 26 degrees (pictured).
  • While I don’t think this will be an easy week, chances are, the ultimate result will be good due to Venus’ involvement.

To work well with this energy, it’s wise to adopt some type of discipline. Check out New Moon In Capricorn – Effects By House for more information and to get an idea of how you may be personally affected.

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What To Expect From The Stellium And New Moon In Capricorn; January 2018 — 20 Comments

  1. Hi Elsa,

    My Cancer North Node at 20’19 conjuncts my Cancer 21’35

    My 22 yr. old son flies back to Texas tonight, he has been living and working in Paris France.

    I have to drive over 4 hours to bring him his belongings I have been storing. He has a job interview on Thursday, so I am thinking I may have to drive him. I then have to get him situated with a drivers license, safe used car to drive and car insurance.
    In addition to helping him out a great deal financially this month as he is starting over again now that he is a new college graduate.

    I am overwhelmed, I believe he is going to be as well. Do you think this Cap energy on my Descendant/South Node has to do with my son being a late Cap. Ascendant and having an 18’24 Cancer Sun 6th house?

  2. Hubby, asc in cap 12th house , Sun is in Aries, my Mars is in libra. He is scheduled for a Stress test on the 10th, Concerned for his heart and the outcome of his test.

  3. This is all happening in my 7th house. Not a thing is going on though. Everything Is on an even keel. Well, I guess that’s a good thing, though.

  4. Yep Rough for sure! I’ve got 3/4th house planets and Husband has 6th/7th.. Had our baby’s 1st bday party this weekend and then MY bday on Sunday. Needless to say I didn’t get a bday celebration yesterday as it could have been described as cats and dogs at our house this weekend. Happy bday to me. Sounds just like the forecast.

  5. Yup. Saturn & Mercury will be in the 12th house while Sun, Venus & Pluto are in the 1st house. I am grieving the passing of my beloved mother.😢 Wonder what area needs discipline …?

  6. I have a Natal Stellium with most of these planets in my 4th house. “Saturn, Venus, Sun” also Mercury, please tell me something good, 🙂

  7. The energy feels volatile to me. I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels this way. It’s a very powerful day though, astrologically, for sure. Mars/Jupiter in Scorpio sextile Pluto/Venus/Sun. Just a bit too much implosive/paranoia/shadow yuckiness potential going on.

  8. Well crap. It’s all happening in my 8th house and it’s been a crap storm in my head for a while now. Jealousy, paranoia, old relationship ghost. It’s happening. I know it because I’ve been here before. Obsessive thinking and hard to shift gears. Tuning in to intuition vs fears building up the most elaborate stories. There’s a gift in here somewhere.

  9. This is my H2 & H3 – on Wed 10 Jan, purchased a used car & when I went to transfer the registration, I collected my customised plates – they still had them on site waiting patiently for me to pick them up (I ordered & paid for them in 2006 as part of a pair!). When my ex abruptly walked out of the marriage/family home in 2010, he took my car with the other customised plates. This set were to go on a new car for him.
    What makes me chuckle is that I prefer these plates as they are the same as the domain name I created in 2004 & even though this car is the same colour & model, it is 2 yrs newer! The plates have risen from the dead 0:) Kids are happy & I’m happy to have wheels again.
    So that is H2 & H3 sorted, now to watch those houses that get effected.

  10. Hitting my 4th House, and a little bit of my 5th.

    Working very seriously to find a solid relationship to invest in with a woman. Effort seems to be paying off, been talking to a responsible Cappy lady.

    It’s also hitting a little bit in my 5th house, and I’ve been working on sharpening my own toolset of knowledge and skills. With Neptune in 5th house the Music aspect should be emphasized over the next few years.

  11. In my 7th/8th, a bumpy ride for sure. I’m feeling ‘purge’. Like- process, vomit, rinse, repeat. I have no desire to eat, massive ajita, tea and ramen only. (Gratis Scorp stellium in the 6th) That urge to purge is kinda my nature anyway, but right now it’s jumpy bordering on paranoia. Yay! I’m also a Cap Sun so this is the Final Exam of a hella yicky Saturn/Pluto transit. Even though I’m terribly well rehearsed and versed, have been torn down then rebuilt an arsenal, the monsters in the closet are scratching while the things under the bed cackle. And that’s with the lights on.

  12. i was home with a sick baby. all of us got sick, really. i lost my voice.
    got some things done though. had to cut back a whole lot.

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